January 25

We’re Back

After the release of our last video and accompanying article, our main website and sub-sites were deleted and destroyed by wordpress, including our backups.  (big surprise) We have been exposing the elite for some time, and it is expected that something would happen after such a release of information on such a sensitive topic (to the Elite and narrow-minded).  This is why we have always urged you to save our articles (the sources-the PROOF of FACT of our work) so it is not lost for good.  We know exactly why this site was deleted by them.

Thanks to this sudden deletion of our site and backup files, we have lost all information on the site from January 2019 back to February of 2017.  We have been able to salvage many articles done, up to mid-2018, with minimal loss of information (Now missing only 12 articles which can not be salvaged).  Ending 2018, we wrapped up our work exposing the agendas of the elite and hope the videos will still be enough to see them clearly, though again…we no longer have the sources and articles for the final agenda of the elite… However, most of you already know how to copy and paste information into google and are able to find the sources used regardless-as intended by the way we write our scripts and put out our info-making it as easy as possible for you to take almost any given line or fact and find all the info you wish to find on it.

We hope the information will help you, and that our future work will be enjoyed.

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