December 31

The Deception Exposed

Many are extremely deceived and are in danger.

Can you Handle the TRUTH? Even if you don’t like it?

The truth is the reason they must censor the internet and alter knowledge.  This is the first time everyone, across the earth, can access truth–Not just their published, edited and censored documents.

Please watch til the end.  NO RULERS NO RELIGION.




View PART ONE for more detail:

The symbol YAHUCHANAN (JOHN) saw was NOT just “666”!!!!

The symbol he saw The mark of the Beast is:

As you will see the “Mark of the Beast” is not a physical mark. It will not be a chip implant or any type of forced apparatus.   It is a spiritual mark.  It must be accepted openly and received freely.  This will happen through deception.  The masses will want the mark.  Just as the seal of the Creator is written on our DNA-in our minds by what we think and in our hands by what we do.  Do we obey the Creator or do we obey the Beast? The elite controlled by Lucifer rule the Vatican. The Creator has been very clear to give us every symbol and sign they use to be able to identify them with no doubt.   666 is the number of humanity.  John was shocked when he saw this because humanity (the man whose number is 666) was worshiping itself as god.  Humanity will believe we ourselves our gods.  We already worship the self above all others. We are consumed by facebooks and snapchats and selfies-the worship of self.  We must be ready and not obey the beast (which is the Vatican-the one world government).  We were told the symbols to look for that would represent and label the beast: idols of the crucifix with Christ (so we would not be led into another false religion).  Do not be deceived by the elite’s deceptions.  The fear that someone and something else can force you to lose your salvation.  This is a lie.  It is larger than a piece of plastic rfid.  That is already in place and the elite control our money and can cut it off at will as it is today. It is senseless to continue the fear on the implant.  Yes. There will be forced implant. Do not take it. It is wrong.  But it is not the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is YOU BELIEVING and OBEYING the BEAST.  You will carry the mark in your hand should you follow the mark (which are laws) of the beast (One World Government lead by the Vatican).   The mark in our hands is from our actions.  The mark in our heads, our minds, are our thoughts and beliefs. Obeying the laws-which will take worship away from the one Creator. Believing there is another god besides the Creator.  Denying the Creator is the mark of the beast. In the last times when the One world government is upon us, and we must all be under one law, or be outcast, then our ability to buy and sell will be determined.  The ability to trade with the NWO will be impossible for those outside of the NWO.  All those in the NWO will carry the mark of the beast.  We are all corrupted by the deception of the beast now, to the core. We are brainwashed and programmed into believing lies and rejecting truth.

THE RFID CHIP IS A HOAX.  -but it will still break the commands of the Creator.  It will be implemented in the currency agenda.  Do not allow yourself to be injected with a chip of any kind.  But if you are, this is not going to take away your Salvation.  That is impossible. However, the elite being who they are (and knowing the prophesies as well-in order to twist and use them against you) will use this chip for terrible and unimaginable things.

Again, WHAT is the REAL “Mark of the Beast?” The mark of the beast is obeying Lucifer. Accepting the antichrists mark-seal. Obeying one besides the Creator. Worshiping another besides your father who made and loves you. Keep the commandments and worship the creator on the sabbath, the day He set aside to enjoy and delight in YOU.  That is all we must do.  It is simple.  Religion is indoctrination-it is false.  Faith in the creator and salvation through Him is the ONLY way to be free. No Religions. No Rulers.


The Creator came to earth to offer himself as the only pure sacrifice to take away sin. After centuries of watching us all fail miserably trying to keep the laws and pay for our own salvation (which is impossible). Letting it go to our heads and making religion-rulers-ego, worshiping ourselves, pride, after He told us time and time again exactly what to do to not be led into the new world order.  We failed. So.  In His longing to see us be free and saved. He sent His son here.  He made Him into the perfect human-without the corruption of the elite that we all have today.  He was incorruptible.  He was pure. Only pure things can be sacrifices to cleanse from sin (evil in us).  So He gave Himself to the elite who tortured him and hung him on a tree to die.  He died on a cross which was set into a carved out footing in a mountain. When He died there was a strong earthquake, which split the mountain starting at the base of His crosses holding.  This crack went straight through the mountain and when He was stabbed with a spear (the Sword of Destiny kept by the upper elite families today after Hitler retrieved it) and His blood flowed through the crack in the mountain.  What was not known until the 1970s is that in this mountain was the Ark of the Covenant, which had been stolen around 500 years before Jesus (Yahushua-meaning Salvation) was born, had been stolen and buried deep in the side of the mountain.  The Ark of the Covenant was used in the sacrifices to pay for sin-by pouring the blood of pure lambs into the slit in the top of the Ark.  A few hundred years later the Romans who occupied the area used this mountain for their crucifixions.  The mountain Yahushua was sacrificed on, pouring His blood into the Ark of the Covenant to pay for our Salvation.  The Ark of the Covenant which was discovered in the 1970s, contains the blood of Yahushua, Salvation, proving once again He is the pure sacrifice, the Son of our Creator.

While He was dead, He once again fought Lucifer. As He did before, in Heaven, before Lucifer was banished to earth.  Once again, the Savior defeated Lucifer-this time it was on our behalf. So when we die, we do not have to suffer his fate in everlasting fires.  The Savior, after defeating Lucifer came back to earth-out of His tomb. He continued what He did here before His death.  He showed us how to live.  To be at peace. Love our neighbors and take care of each other. Be at peace and worship Him on the Sabbath-the day the Creator finished creating us and rested, enjoying us in all the glory we were once in.  He simply wishes us to do the same and delight in Him.  That is not too much to ask.  It is not difficult.

COME OUT OF BABYLON THAT IS THE CHURCH, ATHEISM, AND ALL RELIGIONS PERIOD! Being a follower of Christ-Truth is not a religion-which is why they have tried so hard to make it into one by renaming it Christianity after the Roman Catholic Church infected it with the Occult.

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Psalms 68:4
Psalms 119:142


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  1. By Barney Fife on

    So, those 54 men who sat at a round table for 7 years translating the original transcripts were mistaken? They cross checked their work and they had others to go to besides the 54 men. Was God not there to make certain every word in the KJV came out exactly as He wanted it? I will study this some more, but I find this interesting. I am going to pray about this and see what the Most High has to say about it. :0) God Bless.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      to be totally honest…I’m sort of shocked you trust 54 catholic freemason jesuits who are controlled by the elite, which you know, and were selected by the elite, to edit and censor the original texts-naming it after the king who ordered it altered in such a drastic way as it is… how do you not see it.. there is so much truth out there if you research. Freemasonry, in its present form, came into being through the Lodge system, established under King James VI of Scotland, (later King James I of England), the only son of Roman Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. At the age of 37, two years after becoming a Mason, James became the first Stuart king of England and immediately began to persecute the Puritans, rejecting their petition to reform the Church of England along biblical lines. This version of the bible was created because real Jesus followers were trying to break out of the catholic cult-you can see it happen through history from time to time…the KJV supports darwinism bc it “mis translated”….i do hope you research… KJV mistranslation of the Hebrew work yom meaning ‘day’ in Amos 4:4 to ‘year’. There is a perfectly good Hebrew word for year (Shanna) but the text does not say year. The only place the Old Testament text substitutes year for day is in Daniel 9:24-26 where the text syas a week is 7 years in a word play on the Hebrew term of week Shavua also meaning Seven. Day may be used metaphorically or hyperbolically in biblical metonymy or allegory such as in expressions like; ‘The Day of the Lord’ or by contrast as in ‘A Day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day’ but that is all. Day means day, not year. There are no formal grounds for the mistranslation in the KJV, here the KJV is a dynamic translation following exactly the same route and translation philosophy as NIV. This feeds Darwinism by stating it could have taken a year or a day or a thousand years to complete creation. Blasphemy. The KJV is filled with it. and yes..they left the last little line of caution in it. That is bc they are Evil and corrupt. they are satanists. they follow lucifer and use religion to indoctrinate people—keeping them closed into one book which they sponsor to keep people from the full truth..deception.. please look at other translations so you can see all of the differences and find the truth. words are important and when the bible is translated and edited and new versions made it only gets worse. it only makes sense.. we know how the elite work.. this is not new to our generation. this has been going on for ever. this is what they do. censor and brainwash. they twist the truth… KJV 1611 is dedicated to ‘The most high and mighty prince James by the grace of God King of Great Britain, France, Ireland and Defender of the Faith; King James I – a drunken sodomite who murdered Born Again Christians. The 1611 KJV contained not the ****66*** books of the published bible, but 80 books including the 14 Apocryphal books for the first 274 years of its publication. Still leaving out major Sacred Documents… So corrupted by the elite, the KJV calls the Resurrection Day ‘Easter’ which comes from Ishtar–A Satanic GODDESS. The Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer the KJV because the KJV reduces the Holy Spirit from “He” to an ‘it’, as well as taking out many mentions that would take authority away from the king. all the cults use the kjv-mormons, seventh day adventists, kabballists, homosexuals: since it is not anti-gay…on and on my friend… i was truly hoping you would do research. This is not hard to find..this does not mean there is no truth in the kjv-the beauty about the elite is they only twist the truth and take out the details. Jas 2:19 “tremble”; Greek: PHRISSO, indicates to be rough, to bristle. is a powerful word picture of how the demons are in such terror that their skin is rough with goose pimples. Also differences between “agape” and “phileo” love words. many more…words have meanings and unless we go back and study he time the documents were written in, the meaning of the words they used, we can be mislead-not entirely of course-but on details especially, it makes a huge difference. The changing of community to church-making a building, establishment- over our community-humanity. Only the Creator is over us, and as the Pharisees(jesuits of the day) were rebuked by Him for using the church for profit (it is specific money should not be dealt with on the sabbath) it is the same today. just bc we are told our whole lives to go to church and tithing money to the church on sunday doesnt make it true. This dishonors our Creator bc for many who say they are believers, they do not keep the sabbath. also incorrectly distinguishes between “Devil and Demons” (Mt 4:1-DIABOLOS and Jn 13:2-DAIMONIZOMAI) ; “hades and hell” (see Lk 16:23-HADES and Mt 5:22-GEENNA; Note: Hades is distinct from hell because hades is thrown into hell after judgement: Rev 20:14. the truth is still there..but i hope you dig deeper in this and not let your comfort level and knowledge hinder u from finding more.

      I hope these very few links help… this article is a bit aggressive but if you search it notes many of the greek-hebrew original texts-inspired by the Creator-and the differences in the kjv this also has some interesting history of the bible and all its translations:
      again, i urge you to use a tool where you can view all different translations and see the differences for yourself.
      keeping in mind of course that, you know the truth, in the end thats all that matters, every published version especially translations-whatever document it is-has been edited, censored, and controlled by the elite. this is the world we live in.. much love!


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