April 25

Operation Purge

   Well if you haven’t… Now you have.  Operation Purge has been engaged.

Every year on April the 25th soul less creatures called pedos celebrate raping children and destroying the minds and bodies of innocent people.  They celebrate this openly, because the complacent masses do nothing.  Well…Anonymous has never put up with pedos, but we are going to step up our game.  It is time.  It is time to take this to the next level.  To gather our forces and unite.  We have allowed the government operations to control us long enough. We have allowed the cyber agents to divide Anonymous long enough.  We have allowed ourselves to be distracted from our target: The elite.   Now we will refocus and we will unite.  We know the elite run this world in many ways.  We know the most destructive and profitable way is child trafficking.  So, we will find the child trafficking rings.  We will destroy the child trafficking rings.  We will rise-the time is now. May Day is coming up and Anonymous will take to the streets on that day.  This will also be an opportunity to gather forces for Op Purge as well as raise awareness.  Take advantage of it.

For this operation we are calling on any persons-with or without the mask- to join us.  We will need people of every skill.

Alice Day

A Pedo Database: Zip File

Pedo Sites Dump: OpPurge

A Pedo Dox: OpPedoHunt

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  2. By Subx_N8 on

    Please keep OpPurge at high priority always, i have no doubts that you do!
    To save a child is truly to save a life!!! I wish i could give everything,life too of course (in a blink of an eye!), just to make some family happy again! Im gonna make, create, potential to be valid help with potential i already own(up in my head😉)! Much success in future endeavours, crush the bloody evil!!! Much love brothers and sisters!!!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      you truly can make the difference. we are always working on the op. Thank you so much for all you so! if you want to help, just say so!


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