June 4

Family Aldobrandini

The papal bloodlines are the least researched and exposed (by others) of the bloodlines of EL.  We will discuss the Aldobrandini family here.
We must know our enemy so we are not deceived this time.

A great deception is coming and a prince of peace will come into the world spotlight.  Do not fall for this antichrist. Do not be deceived.

Be free.

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  1. By Candra Sifuentes on

    How do I know which group is the real anonymous I am not computer smart and I want to believe I am awake to the corruptness of the world

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      That is difficult to tell…it comes with knowledge. It is difficult but you will know those who hold the idea of Anonymous bc they will always speak in truth and fact. They will show well researched proofs and sources for the work they do-as we do here. they will not be taking donations, money of any kind. They will not have products for sale-Anonymous believe all knowledge-information is free and we do nothing for profit. Once you see fake anons, it is easier to see the real ones. Anonymous Official and Anonymous HQ are perfect examples of the infected CIA Anons. Official should give it away….there is no official because there is no leader, no head. There is no official and there is no headquarters. They can not exist in the idea of anonymous. We work as a collective. We all use the skills we have to achieve the end goal. We are all equal. No one smarter, better or higher than others. Respect and Loyalty and Trust are our rewards to eachother as Anonymous. Real Anonymous have earned these things and they are self evident in their actions. This makes none better than another as we all are learning and we all are teaching. I hope this helps a bit to explain Anonymous. If you know the idea of Anonymous then you will see who is true. Anonymous has no political or religious affiliations- we are against all systems of control and indoctrination that have been created by the elite. It is the elite we aim to expose so the world can be free. 🙂
      Much love! Thank you for coming!!

      1. By Patricia Wandell on

        How can I help your cause? How to do without putting family in jeopardy…if possible. Where to go to find other annon?

          1. By teo on

            if you are looking for more support , i like to see what i am able to do for your movement.

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