June 19

The Truth About Your Reality

Myron Fagan in 1967 exposing the Illuminati.  If only the world would start to listen.

Jesuit and Illuminati Rituals Explained:


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  1. By R3b on

    its nice to see you rise again.. Thanks to being here, that gimme a little hope
    Love you my Anon Family <3

  2. By x519MaLoNeYx on

    …even if it appears as though nobody is taking interest in these articles etc and nothing seems to click…KNOW that you’re here doing what’s quite literally saving souls and guiding something so profound it’s become legendary my dear friend 💚
    …imHo speaking and explaining the literal events of the fall in everyday speak all can understand is what’s needed for a great many thought trails…
    Lucifer was and is a literal military general…the general of all generals and beyond any usual assumptions…instead of hearing of his creation, works and banishment/fall from a “churchy” view, it’s extremely effective to just say it how it is..(his military might and social manipulation lead to a LITERAL WAR -not a fairy tale jousting match- which caused his being cast out of heaven to fall to earth (removed from his home planet in SPACE and segregated here on Earth where he and his angels/military/government have since deceived and manipulated an innocent species into becoming us here today)…
    ….it’s just very exciting to some who just believe it was really just a story…
    The details of his works here are interesting and priceless…
    Keep doing what you do and we’ll see soon how much we’ve all lost and forgotten

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      🙂 Thank you so much! That is indeed what we strive to do every day. Great comment! Thank you for reading and understanding 😉 It’s very refreshing to read such a perfectly worded summary. well said! Thank yous o much! Much love to you!


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