June 7

Clinton Trafficking Continues

Update:  Childrens Bones Found.

As we continue trudging through this world humanity has allowed to form, we have once again come across a child trafficking hot spot in the USA. Along I-19 in Tucson, Arizona lies the remains of a child trafficking camp site. The local authorities have done nothing with this case, or any other strange incidents which have happened in Tuscon in the past. There are over 11,200 immigrant children in the “care” of Heath and Human Services working with the Department of Justice and Defense which is FEMA. Children are taken and separated from their parents at the border when caught trying to cross into the US. The entire cause of this enormous influx of homeless children is due to a provision in the law regarding illegal immigrants signed by Trump. A provision that immediately separates children from their parents who are taken for prosecution. The parents are sent back and the children are held in detainment making it impossible to reunite families because of the border separation. Very easy trafficking market, as if they needed the help.

More Info Here and Here and Here.

This site is reminiscent of the child rape sites found in Afghanistan, Iraq and other middle eastern countries where pedophilia is legal and child trafficking is what children are there for, in the minds of the incurably perverted. Complete with what has been dubbed the rape tree, the fact that this site and the activities going on there have been hidden by the media helps strengthen the stories validity. This is a well known trafficking area. Only 500 yards, 457 meters, from the site, is an area the locals call Immigration Highway, as the river there is dry and used for easy crossing. Occasionally homeless travel through the area but the local population is well aware it is Cayote, or trafficking, territory. Already we see a steady flow of deaths to keep this silent and the site has been completely destroyed by Cemex bull dozers.

BlogTalkRadio: Cemex


As we know from our previous work with Operation Purge exposing child trafficking rings, Pizza gate, Operation Death Eaters, Operation Justice and others, these businesses are run by the only ones with money to do so, whom we call the elite. Hillary Clinton who is controlled by George Soros and the Rothschilds, has been completely exposed regarding her involvement in Luciferianism, child sacrifice rituals and child trafficking. Her trafficking rings in Haiti, funded through her money laundering front the Clinton Foundation, are still running at full speed even with years of exposure. The public simply does not care that children are kidnapped and tortured and murdered. Nothing gets done about it as all those involved are protected by the justice system in place to keep the businesses alive. Few are arrested or convicted because to the elite who are in charge of all of this, it is no crime. The trafficking routes are publicly available and it is all put right in your faces now, because they know you will do nothing about it. Those who investigate and get close to the truth are silenced. So let’s once again give you some information and see if that causes what is a normal human response, naturally resulting in action to stop it.

Other Anonymous Pedophilia Ops.

This recent site was found by Vets on Patrol, a homeless veteran advocacy group, located on a piece of private land in Tucson, Arizona owned by CEMEX. While the media will steer you away from further knowledge and likely attempt to turn this into another Bundy Stand off false flag event, we will continue with the facts that should be the foundation for this entire story. Though this story is a direct mirror of all past child trafficking rings, we hope it will not be redundant to you.

Cemex is an international building materials company, mainly concrete, headquartered in San Pedro, Mexico. As we know, the elite always use foundations, charities and organizations to funnel money through just as they use private land they own themselves and reservations to funnel children through. There are many, many tunnel systems used for trafficking that connect mexico to canada and some go directly through this location.

CEMEX is a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and a large donor to Clinton Foundation. Cemex has deep ties to the Clintons and Bill Clinton’s actions as special envoy to Haiti and directed the flow of so called aid to that country. Cemex Haiti received $7 million to rebuild homes. As always with the Clintons, Soros is not far behind. George Soros holds $41 million in Cemex stock. Cemex was owned by Stanford graduate, Lorenzo Hormisdas Zambrano Treviño who died in 2014. Lorenzo helped to globalize Mexico but also gave much funding to his city of Monterrey to combat the rival drug cartels. He died suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest in Madrid, Spain on business trip. Cemex is deeply involved in government positions as well, not just a concrete company.

Javier Trevino Cantu, who worked as Vice President of Senior Communication and Corporate Affairs of Cemex, became Governor Rodrigo Medinas Secretary General of Government. Javier was former President Ernesto Zedillo’s Deputy Secretary for Administration at the Treasury Department and Under-Secretary for International Cooperation in the Foreign Ministry among other things. In 2012 Governor Medina was suspected of embezzlement, breach of office and other crimes that cost the state $194 million. Another former Cemex employee involved in the drug war is Jorge Tello Peon, a former head of Mexico’s national intelligence agency as well as one of the chief architects of Mr. Calderon’s anti-drug strategy.

Lazard Investments handled the restructuring of CEMEX. Emiliano Salinas was the financial analyst for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City. Emiliano Salinas Ocelli, the son of the former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari. You can find his murderous past detailed in the links. We see clearly once again how politicians are always involved and working with international companies. We have before explained how these things work from the college clubs these people are selected from, to the careers they carry out. Though this may seem a bit involved and unimportant to you now, as we continue you will begin to see how the picture forms. The devil is always in the details.

Emiliano is a member of Executive Success Programs known as NXIVM, a recruiting platform for a cult called “DOS” or “The Vow”. Women in this star-filled cult are forced into sexual slavery and branded, and as always the cult focuses on Mind Control techniques including but not limited to secret handshakes, special hand claps, and wearing different-colored sashes according to rank. Founder Keith Raniere aka Vanguard and associate Actress Allison Mack were arrested and indicted on federal charges related to DOS, including sex trafficking. Allison Mack is also fan of Marina Abromovich whos pedophelia and Luciferian rituals including cannibalism, child sacrifice and golem creation with friends Hillary and Bill Clinton we have exposed before. The name Vanguard was assumed by Raniere as it came from his favorite arcade game in which the destruction of one’s enemies increased one’s own power. The occult leaders are the ones who traffic children. Cult practices dictate pure blood sacrifices and snuff rituals of the innocent and pure which are children in order to obtain powers.

As we follow this trail deeper we see Raniere, aka Vanguard even had a visit with the Dalai Lama, a leader of one of the most ancient child trafficking organizations and naturally, a pedophile. Naturally he was paid to visit, $1 million. In March 2018 Raniere was arrested in Mexico and shipped back to the US for bulk cash smuggling and tax evasion both in Mexico and the USA. NXIVM has outposts in Mexico City, Monterrey and Vancouver and the Mexican Affiliate group is run by none other than Harvard Graduate Emiliano Salinas. The group has operations in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco and Guanajuato. Emiliano is married to MK Ultra sex slave and actress Ludwika Paleta. Emiliano and his gay lover Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma will cede the rights of the NXIVM brand in Mexico.

More on Emiliano Here, and Here

In the early 2000s, Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, the daughters of Edgar Bronfman Sr., became involved in the cult taking out a loan of $2 million for NXIVM. According to NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato, Clare Bronfman is quote. among the most “ruthless” and “fanatical” Raniere devotees, who along with her sister Sara has sunk more than $100 million into Nxivm ventures. End quote. Together the sisters have been able to spearhead dozens of lawsuits. The elite are always protected. In 2003 NXIVM hired Interfor, a security consultancy firm headed by Juval Aviv, an ex-Mossad agent, to investigate the Ross family. Juval Aviv is the same Mossad agent claiming Trump will be impeached on the grounds of treason. On those grounds every American President would be impeached. Thankfully the US follows no human rights or international law set to protect them, so treason does not exist in the US. Clare, the families equestrian and winner of the 2002 Rome Grand Prix, was involved with the cults sect in Monterrey, Mexico for some time.

Top executives of NXIVM and their family members donated $29,000 to Clinton’s 2008 campaign including repeat donors Sara and Clare Bronfman as well as NXIVM partner, Nancy Salzman. All three of them are Clinton Global Initiative members. Clinton Membership is by invitation only and they require a pledge of $15,000 per person each year.

Sara’s husband, Abdul Basit Igtet was appointed as Special Envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council in 2011. Basit owns the Swiss International Management AG, providing services to Qatar and ran for president of Libya as he was the Clinton puppet to be put in place after Ghadaffi was assassinated. He also founded the Swiss Mideast Finance Group which became an advisor to Qatari Diar in 2006. Currently he finds himself occupied with his new company Athal Energy, a Libyan oil and gas company. His connections with the Clinton Gaddafi, Libyan event in 2011 through 2012 are also overwhelming. In August 2011, Igtet met with the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos at the Nariño Palace to lobby for official recognition of the Libyan National Transitional Council. It’s all connected, always is.

The Canadian Ashke-NAZI elite Bronfman family owns MSM media and is involved deeply in oil, alcohol, the DuPont corporations and Tropicana. The family name comes from the Yiddish, “Bronfman” meaning liquor-man and is the head family for the Canadian side of things. The family used the Bloomfield’s to do their dirty work in the JFK assassination. The Bronfman family took over the alcohol industry in Canada in 1924 and partnered with the Distillery Corporation of London which controlled more than half the world market in whiskey. The family then created Atlas Shipping company and soon took over yet another world market. The company was one of the first ties laid down in the money-drug underground railway between Canada and the Caribbean. From alcohol to opium, as their trafficking abilities grew, so did their family tree. As we would expect and always see in these families, they are deeply involved in many Vatican controlled groups, as well as creating their own cults. In the 1930s the family was brought into the National Jewish People’s Relief Committee in Canada and Baron de Hirsch’s Zionist Jewish Colonization Association. After this they were married into the Rothschild family. In 1969 Sam Bronfman, grandfather of the children we see today, was made Knight of Grace of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem. We all know what that means, and the oath he lived by. Bronfman E.L. Rothschild L.P. now owns 11,014 shares of Cemex stock worth $100,000 after buying an additional 333 shares. 333. Lynn de Rothschild, tied closely with Hillary Clinton money laundering schemes, is on the Board of the Bronfman Rothschild Company along with Matthew Bronfman. As the ties are all perfectly clear now, let us go back to Cemex.

CEMEX is under US DOJ and SEC Investigation. In December the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) asked Cemex in Mexico for information to determine whether it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the construction of a new plant in Colombia. Colombia is heavy with drug and child trafficking cartels. A subsidiary of CEMEX, Lime & Stone is in a partnership with Kfar Giladi Quarries which operates the Yatir quarry. The Yatir quarry is located in the south Hebron Hills in the Israeli illegally occupied West Bank. As the occupier, Israel is bound by the Hague Regulations of 1907 Article 55, UN General Assembly Resolution 1803, passed in 1962 and more. CEMEX and its subsidiary Lime and stone and its Israeli subsidiary Ready Mix have 3 plants in illegal Israeli settlements. Cemex helps to continue the Jerusalem Light Rail project, an operation to make Israel’s grip concrete, on the greater Jerusalem area, by connecting West Jerusalem with several settlements in or surrounding occupied East Jerusalem. We can see as this was 4 years ago now, how Israel has taken over. But more on that in another video. Now we see so far that this company is strongly tied to the elite’s Israel, owned by the Rothschilds who’s henchman is George Soros who has financial ties to Cemex along with Hillary Clinton and her Foundations. And we have come full circle.

Let us give one last bit of information, call it the final nail of facts for this coffin.

In case you have not guessed it by now, CEMEX is owned by the Bronfman and Rothschild families. To make it even better, Jonathan Rothschild is the mayor of Tucson, Arizona where this suspected child trafficking site was found and where this child trafficking route is located. We all know how these families work, how their front businesses work, and how the hierarchy works. All one need do is watch one of the thousands of mafia movies and tv series which are tributes to these, the real mob boss families. Though Local authorities naturally refuse to investigate, as one would expect, Anonymous and Veterans on Patrol have teamed up on location and are continuing to investigate. So far they have dug up much evidence which is waiting to be tested such as a bloody knife, underwear and a plane ticket from a potentially missing girl. As always these things only get looked into and exposed and made right when you get up off of your ass, go out of your door, and do something about it. Hopefully there will be an overwhelming amount of people showing up in Tuscon to uncover every stone and cement pad on Cemex property until this situation is made right and the children are found.

We know who the leaders of these operations are but the info we expose and that is told to you by these people themselves is ignored by the complacency, laziness and self centered-ness of the people today.

The elites agenda is to destroy the children by calculatingly dissecting and disintegrating their innocence. They hide behind their money, an illusion they made, to keep themselves out of your reach and you under their control. This is how the elite work. They make the laws that include the necessary loopholes so they are always protected, they pay off whoever they can and control politicians and police. The people you think are there to protect you are only there to hide the elites activities. Stories are spread in the media to not tell you facts but rather speculation and repeated slogans to brain wash and condition you. Your conditioning makes you react less and less over time, making it easier for them to do all they do right under your noses. They do this with the consent and protection of the Justice system and law enforcement agencies and the silence of you. They do this in your back yards but you do nothing about it. When your child is raped, and they will be if they haven’t been already, what will you do about it then? We will tell you. You will do nothing at all, if you even ever find out about it.

The children are always the target. The rest of us are supposed to protect them. That is your responsibility as part of the one and only human race. You make excuses to do nothing about It because it is happening in a different state, or country, or to people who do not speak your language, or live like you. Your ignorance allows these horrendous crimes to continue and spread. Little do you ever believe, or see, that it has always been in your country, in your language, and in your back yard.

By your silence and inaction you support and protect those who sell, abuse, rape and murder children. Prove us wrong.

Prove you are still human.

We keep expecting it.

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