September 16

American Government Corruption Continues!CihTnDxb!laSTkj6uGTskWJvCwuZDlA!T3wlRZrQ

Enjoy the Dump!

American Government Corruption Continues as these documents reveal international money laundering, trafficking, CIA plots using front companies such as US Mortgage and Trust, Five Star Trust and others. Using wars to ship in more drugs. Murdering tens of thousands of American citizens, not to mention the tens of thousands elsewhere.








Emperor Hirohito

Operation Eagle II

Project Hammer

Maurice Moore

Lindsay Pyne



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  1. By Mike Maloney on

    Hey Sai Anarchy, I’m a HUGE FAN and continuous reader of your work…I’m kind of confused with something and I quite honestly didn’t know who else to come to and tbh, didn’t know who else to trust…I started up an Anon account on Twitter about 2 weeks ago and the other day I got some weird warning from twitter stating that some unauthorized twitter staff had seen my account dealings…ever since then, even my personal twitter looks and behaves differently…idk what exactly happened and I thought you may possibly know…is there an Anon “help line”? Lol.
    I apologize for the weirdness of this post but I couldn’t for the life of me find a “contact” section…
    Thanks so much and HUGE props n respect to you for your works,
    Mike Maloney

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      hahaha well hey Mike, no worries there! Thanks for watching, reading and commenting! 😀 If you use the same browser for your personal stuff and your “anon” stuff then yes, they are linked and will be effected..and you’re unable to be default lol. Any Anon account on social media is heavily censored and attacked constantly. There are hundreds of ways they link your accounts etc: fingertyping recognition is one of the most common. They can tell all of the accounts you have. if you have an anon account you’re not anon if you have any personal accounts online. it voids itself out. If you want to be Anonymous then become Anonymous 😉 You will likely have a ton of clean up to do before you could be able to have any anon account securely. Then you will need to be secure (anonymous: have no identity) for example: use vpn and if you want social media accounts as an anon you need to use a linux os on your virtual box, with double ended vpn ofc, make sure there is no personal info about u online-at all. if you claim to be anonymous, you better be anonymous, bc by claiming to be anonymous–people will try to find you…and if its anonymous who find you you will be exposed as a fraud. if it’s agents who will find you-i’m sure not much needs to be spelled out on that front… just sayin 😉 then use different browsers so they dont communicate as much. 🙂 Hope it helps! if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to join the irc and chat or comment here again!! 😀 Much love to you!!! There is no Anonymous help line lmao-we learn ourselves, teach ourselves..everything u ever need to know u can find online. and as hackers…the interwebz is our home. 😀 <3 Stay safe!


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