October 26


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Welcome to our sub-site AKA blog for the continuing work regarding the elite bloodlines and their agendas.

Our Main site is here.

We are continuously expanding as our work continues so please check in regularly and use the SiteMap to find articles easily! (Keep in mind it is organized by Category and not Date.)


All new sections to the site and changes will be added to this page for future reference.

Enjoy our Library Archives and Anonymous Operations Archives.

And, if you have the skill, you’re welcome to visit our IRC.

*Tutorials section coming soon!

Everything on this site is free to download, share, upload, save, and distribute as you wish.


At the top of every page you will find you can translate any page by clicking on the appropriate flag at the top of the page. (The plugin will not translate some of our longer articles.)  You will also notice a play button as we now have the ability to give you audio versions of each page! By clicking the ‘Subscribe‘ button you can download the audio file of the article for easy sharing, to use, or to save for later. (The plugin will not let us change the label of the download button to ‘Download’…)

This site is heavily censored and taken down by DHS often.  If it is not up when you return, please wait a few days and try again.  It WILL always come back if we can help it.  Please download, print, email, copy and save anything you wish.  The truth must get out. They are going to only censor us more and more as times continues.  The ability to obtain truth is temporary.

Case and Point: After the release of our last video Dec. 25, 2018 and accompanying article, our main website and sub-sites were deleted and destroyed by wordpress, including our backups.  Thanks to this sudden deletion of our site and backup files, we lost all information on the site from February of 2017 to January 2019.  We have been able to salvage many articles done, up to mid-2018, with minimal loss of information. We are now only missing 12 articles which can not be salvaged.  Disappointingly these include some of the most valuable information we put out.  Thankfully, these articles were put into video and can be viewed in their respective posts-without the accompanying articles and sources, unfortunately.  Not to be alarmed… We have been exposing the elite for some time, and this has happened many times before, it won’t be the last. The information we put out, at times, exposes a heart of the elite, which they do everything to keep you from finding out. We hope the culmination of our works will help unfold it in such a way as to expose it once and for all, plainly.

Wake and See

Thank you for coming.

The elite claim to trace their families back to Cain.  We have simply taken that claim and proved it is true, and, in doing so…much, much more. There are very few books written with a time-line and history of the families and their genealogy. The most detailed book on the families only traces the bloodline back to 1500.

Please enjoy EL: The Bloodlines. A d0x of the Elite families back to 4400 BC.

The document below was released on Dec. 25, 2015 at 12:00am.  The contents of this document are solid fact, even though typos exist…  Irrefutable.  However, don’t take my word for it, prove it to yourself. Let the truth set you free.


First Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines

Second Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines