October 2

There Will Be Blood Pt 1

Your DNA is more valuable than you are told and allowed to know.

Mainstream scientists tell us the lie that only 2 to 5% of the human genome is functional!! AND over 90% is ‘junk’. This obvious lie will be exposed today.

The lie began in the seventies by Francis Crick who did not himself understand the pattern of DNA and assumed that since he did not understand it it must be junk… as is usual for scientists to do. The world never looked further. Sadly this is the cycle humanity has been stuck in for far too long. In the early 2000s, Geneticists mapped out the genome but still could not ‘make sense’ of 97% of its 3.2 billion bases. Thus the claim of ‘junk’ DNA continued.dna

In the 1990s, a team of Russian linguists lead by Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in this so called ‘junk’ DNA. They discovered it follows uniform grammar and usage rules virtually identical to those of human language. It turns out that the ‘junk’ was laden with the intimations of intelligence, purpose and meaning.

His team confirmed also that using correct light and sound frequencies, we can cause ‘jumping DNA,’ or transposons within the so called ‘junk’ DNA to move from one location to another and re-code the organism at the physical level. Negative words, frequencies, arguments, curse words, and the like leave us feeling bad even after the issue is resolved-for a reason. It contracts the DNA molecule, compressing it. Positive words and love frequencies heal and refresh us-unwinding or decompressing the DNA exposed to them. It is always nice to hear nice things from people. It is vital to life to feel love. Words and frequencies are so much more important than the meaning of the words spoken. It affects not only our thoughts and emotions, but it affects everything in us down to our very DNA.

Resonance Documentary:

While babaric western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects. We see the Russians working deeper while the west throws away most of the natural and real product. Everything is better when its artificial…right?

What we are not told about DNA.dna

The moment a sperm cell touches an egg cell there is a spark of light-Frequency. Humans have light in us which is why we have an aura. During 1984, Dr. Peter Gariaev made a startling discovery. He found that an in vitro DNA sample, in a test tube, had the ability to attract and harness coherent laser light causing it to spiral along the DNA helix. After removing the DNA sample the photons continued to spiral as if the DNA was still there. After blowing the phantom DNA away with gaseous nitrogen, it returns in 5 to 8 minutes. Gariaev also remarked that sound waves radiated by the DNA molecules were registered in these experiments. In every moment DNA harnesses sound and light.

Gariaev and his research group also succeeded in proving that chromosomes damaged by x-rays, for example, can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another thus reprogramming cells to another genome. Through the correct vibrations, frequencies, the entire DNA information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Finally in recent years, another group has exposed the DNA coding. This group, called Encode, has figured out the switches, signals and sign posts embedded throughout the entire length of your DNA. Again, confirming the Russians discoveries.

The elite do not want you to be able to use the 90% of your brain. That is why you are told it is junk. In 1910 when the Rockefeller Foundation issued a grant to the American Federation of Musicians to popularize the concept of changing the frequency of music. The official ‘A’ note was changed from 432hz to 440hz in September 1939 when Rockefeller financial interests dictated that the standard tuning of the note A above middle C would henceforth be said to vibrate at precisely 440 cycles per second. Why 440? Because it promotes physical and mental disease and distrust, while effectively suppressing spirituality, intuition and creativity. Music is used, as everything is by the elites, as a master weapon. This of course makes sense as they are Luciferians and Lucifer was the angel of music. Luciferians control Hollywood and the music industry. Always have. The Rothschild Rockefeller line determined the musical factors capable of producing psycho pathology, emotional distress and ‘mass hysteria.

4.5hz causes paranoia. 6.66hz causes depression. 11.3hz causes manic rage and so on. This is how weapons such as the heart attack gun and cancer gun work.

The media is broadcasting audio at 440hz, which is damaging to the human body’s organs and also changes your DNA, which is the goal of the Freemasons, the Illuminati. The elite. They care nothing for you.

dna frequencies

There is no such thing as ‘junk’ in the natural world. Every piece of every thing has a purpose and fulfills it-unless hindered by an outside force. Every piece of DNA is active and needed. It is all used. It is all unique and important to you. Those who attempt to alter it by outside means will be cursed indeed.

Today we have increasing programs like ID 2020. Governments across the world have already started using biometric identification with no cards or papers needed.biometrics dna

Your DNA is going to become your ID Number. The one thing that should be most sacred to everyone. Is now being put on the internet, given over to governments, as quickly as possible, uploading to the so called “cloud”. Free for anyone and everyone to hack, steal, use and destroy. More specifically: making it as easy and as simple as possible for the elite to get rid of you.

Do not give your DNA away for free as you keep trying to do with every new app that comes by and every new technology gadget.

Wake up.

The Elite genetically modify our food which in turn alters and kills your DNA.

You are What you Eat.

They poison the water to kill and destroy your DNA.

They poison the air to destroy your DNA.

All of that happens to most humans on a daily basis. On top of that, designer diseases and viruses have been manufactured for decades made to target specific DNA codes. Diseases and viruses such as Ebola, Zika, Bird Flu, Swine Flu. This has been going on since before the Black Plague.

Engineered nanoparticle data suggests that three particle-types induce different degrees of DNA damage. Of the three particle-types tested, exposure to ZnO nanoparticles may cause the most significant DNA damage.

Frequencies have been altered and forced on us through music, telephones, computers, various frequency emitting towers and machines, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, electric blankets, alarm clocks—all of these devices are damaging to our DNA. Not only this, but this damage is passed down to our children. We are surrounded by electro magnetic frequencies, cell towers, transformers, cern, and Haarps.

More Info Here.and Here. and Here.

Frequencies and your DNA.

These frequencies are purposely disruptive and damaging to our DNA. Damage to DNA causes health problems. It increases the likely hood of miscarriage. Other effects of frequency attacks are aggravated allergies, disturbed sleep, night sweats, heart palpitations, muscle and nerve pain. Radio frequencies have effects such as: Headaches, irritability, memory problems, inability to concentrate, bed wetting in children. These things all happen because of DNA damage. Cell death. Genetic dissolution. The frequencies. The chemtrails. The poisoned genetically altered food and water. These attacks done on us by the elite are not regulated or given in doses according to each persons limits. These things are forced on you and every ones tolerance is different. Even Solar flares affect your DNA.

Meanwhile the USA government is working on a law allowing companies to strong-arm their employees into taking genetic tests and then sharing that data with unregulated third parties as well as the employer. Employees that resist could face penalties of thousands of dollars.

But this is old news, it was approved in the Senate Dec. 13, in the House April 8 and signed by Bush April 24, 2008. “For the reason of National Security” President Bush ordered the law to gather the DNA of all citizens. Records are kept in government genomic biobanks and considered governmental property. The DNA taken at birth from every citizen is essentially owned by the government, and every citizen becomes a potential subject of government-sponsored genetic research. For many generations now all birth certificates, bank accounts, and the like have been logged by the government and anything logged by the USA government is copied and saved in the Vatican as well. Welcome to the new world order.

Of course, as the public will hear of it. DNA collection programs are offered as screening requirements to detect treatable illnesses.” It makes it sound nicer when it is said in that way.

In England they decided doctors should look at problem children and have those children reported and their DNAtaken in case they would become criminals. Senior police forensics experts believe genetic samples should be studied, because it may be possible to identify potential criminals as young as age 5!!!!! The first DNA bank in the world was opened in London.

Biometrical fields discussed during the Jubilee XXXth SPIE-IEEE Wilga 2012, May Edition, symposium on Photonics and Web Engineering. It is interesting to note what is discussed at these elite closed door secret meetins. Topical tracks of the symposium embraced, among others, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for photonics, sensory and nonlinear optical fibers, object oriented design of hardware, photonic metrology, optoelectronics and photonics applications, photonics-electronics co-design, optoelectronic and electronic systems for astronomy and high energy physics experiments, JET tokamak and pi-of-the sky experiments development.

In 2015 Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps started the first human trial called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or IGT. IGT is being sold as a new and different type of vaccination. “A new cure“. It is a form of gene manipulation. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases, then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.

The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads. They cure you by giving you a disease that attacks and alters your DNA FOREVER. The synthetic gene is incorporated into your own DNA, if all goes well. -that is a big ‘If’. The fake synthetic genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.

This started in 2015! Alteration of the human genetic makeup.

Permanently changing your DNA.

A group of researchers from the University of Washington have shown as well that it is possible to encode malicious software into physical strands of DNA. But the government already knows that they have been doing this for years.This is not a new plan. It is an old one, that succeeded once-thousands of years ago. They have been working to complete it ever since it was destroyed. DNA manipulation and gene editing are nothing new. Bioweapons have been used to subdue and depopulate and torture populations throughout history. Brought to you by the beloved elite we expose to you here.

In 2016, 150 scientists from all over the world gathered behind locked doors in a secret meeting. They discussed gathering DNA from newborns without parental knowledge. In order to use it to create DNA that did not consist of any natural DNA. This practice is called Crisper.

Bill and Melinda Gates, who are huge funders of all things depopulation, have also provided significant funding to the University of North Carolina to develop ultrasound infertility technology that could render human sperm unviable for up to six months.

Now ancestry websites offer DNA testing so they can save and own your DNA.

China (and many other countries) have been collecting biometric information from millions of people whom it deems potential threats—among them, Uyghurs, migrant workers, and college students—as part of national DNA database.

The pace at which DNA mining is increasing is terrifying indeed-and MUST BE STOPPED.

Genetic testing is used for purposes found immoral in the Hippocratic medical tradition. They create prejudice. They make an individual less useful to society in the eye of the elite. Available for the purpose of killing that person, as has been done in totalitarian systems throughout history. Likewise, the use of genetic testing in attempts to breed a super race would be immoral and unethical. In every respect.

We are human. Regardless of age. Regardless of genetic make up. We have rights. Rights to privacy. Rights to freedom.

Don’t let our DNA become their next ball and chain.

Frequencies were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings. Whether Kahuna of Hawaii, Catholic, Christian, Native American, African, Aborigine, Peruvian, faith healers, Hindu, or shaman’s the world over — all the real effective healers regardless of faith, were found to release a frequency of 8 cycles per second or 8 Hz, from the brains, and to entrain the brain waves of those being healed, inducing a form of “self healing”. DNA molecules duplicate themselves at a frequency of 8Hz.

Because DNA can alter itself through our emotions and frequencies. There is no such thing as predisposition without hope of change. No longer is there a valid excuse. You are in control of your own body and mind through your DNA.

Negativity is a choice. Fear is a choice. Those are tools the elite use to enslave you.

Decide now before it is too late. The upcoming deceptions of the elite are going to become much more difficult for you to stand up against. The final deception the elite have planned is what we will proceed to expose to you in upcoming videos and articles. Why the elite want your DNA. What side are you on. The line is drawn. Will you break free and heal yourself? Keep your DNA, your identity sacred? Or will you throw it away with your soul?

Be love, or be lost.

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September 11

Do Not Be Deceived: A Tale of Two Cities

In this Tale of Two Cities we have for you today, we will look very briefly at the many things going on in Jerusalem and Rome. Previously, we have exposed and explained the agenda of the elite to bring World War III: the war between Muslims and Jews, the invasion and overthrow of Jerusalem, in order to relocate the ruler of the Global Community (the One World Order) to Jerusalem.

jerusalem rome vatican

As we have discussed and explained this war agenda in great detail previously, we will merely brush over the whole picture so you can see the elites hands working now and discuss what is to follow. The false peace upon the rise of the one world leader. Please see our Do Not Be Deceived series and stay tuned for more information on this. Know how the elite work. Problem, Reaction, Solution. The problems are rising up, the reaction will be Wars, and the Vatican as always will hand us the solution: Unity and Peace (false peace).

Remember it is called DECEPTION because YOU WILL believe it – if you do not open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Be vigilant.

So let us begin in Jerusalem.

Syrian chemical weapons facilities continue to be attacked by Israel. Syria has issued a warning. This is no surprise as we see many countries uniting to confront Israel, because of its constant bombing of innocent people. Israel continues to target and bomb condos in Lebanon, as well as causing endless violence against Palestine. Israeli police are now evicting Palestinians from Jerusalem!

An estimated 40% of Palestinian children detained by Israeli police are raped.

This should be no surprise, as the elite’s Talmud teaches that raping a child is NOT a crime. In fact, it goes further to state ”if a child is 3 years old or younger it does NO damage”. At least the Muslims marry their children.

We see the elite mind in these occult religions. It is clear.

The Israeli Defense Force has conducted its largest war preparations in the first week of September. The preparations are for war with Hezbollah. Protests and riots due to Israel forcing metal detectors to be placed in mosques is just one more thing to accelerate the agitation. Of course, we cannot rule out that these could all well be paid protests and riots, just as they are in every other country. The people are kept poor and ignorant and angry through divisions and militant police. They are upset at their government. This is the same in many dozens of countries. This has all increased quickly over the last few years. We can easily see the elites agendas carried out. The masses feed into their hands.

Jerusalem is at war. War is the Reaction to the elites’ designed Problem. Meanwhile, Rome is prepared for the Solution: the alien deception which will finalize the One World Order, bringing everyone under their one and only religion. No longer will people be divided into the different religious cults that the elite have made, by dividing the occult, making you believe it is correct. The elite will be free to announce, at long last, that there is only ONE RELGION: the worship of Lucifer.

As we have already discussed the Third Temple before, we will lightly touch on it here. The importance of Jerusalem to the elite can be seen throughout history. The two cities Rome and Jerusalem both have incredibly deep meaning and value to the elite. Currently, the elite rule from Rome but when they were the global government a couple of thousand years ago, their cherished city was Jerusalem.

In the mid 1990’s a statement was made by Pope John Paul II, during an interview broadcast in Italian, over a Polish radio station, regarding the Vaticanan’s ultimate goal of ”transferring its headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem”. In 2013 this happened.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, and Ettore Balestrero, Undersecretary of the Holy See for the relations with States, sealed the deal and handed Jerusalem to Rome.

As history continues to repeat, Rome has taken the city again and plans to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. But first, Jerusalem must fall in the public eye. (Because everything is done on a time frame, only for your perception and acceptance.) There must be devastation. The people must beg for unity and peace. Jerusalem is the place the elite intend to rule from and they have already prepared for the move. Jerusalem will be the throne for the One World Leader, called the Antichrist, meaning the one in the place of Christ. This will be built.

Unity of religions.. This must take place for the New World Order. This, as you can see, will create the One Global Religion, the elite’s agendas all fold into each other. This is well underway. The temple has already been built, but is waiting to be assembled. First, Jerusalem must fall. It must be destroyed to be rebuilt. Even the Levi priests, of the Levi bloodline, have been brought together to be prepared. It is all prepared, down to the garments encrusted with rare jewels and golden cups bowls and other ornaments.

But what about this final deception Rome has planned? One way Israel is preparing for the final deception, which is the alien agenda, is through using Project Blue Beam. The testing and conditioning for this has been going on for a long time and will, like everything, only increase. We can hear these sounds of trumpets and see these sights in many countries across the world. Preparing the ignorant masses for signs and wonders, which will be so shocking that people will follow and believe… simply because their uneducated minds (and unprotected souls) will be unable to comprehend what they have never been told about: Aliens, UFOs.

This is no secret. The elite may have seemed that way to the masses who never look. Numerous documents, most of which were written before the last 500 years (when censorship began to skyrocket) detail and expose them. (This is why you are not taught about true history or real science.) We have discussed this upcoming deception before, but it is beginning to come about now and many are ALREADY deceived!!!  Simply because the propaganda makes it ”sound nice”, as propaganda always does, does not make it TRUTH.

Beware the one who comes in Peace. Look deeper. In order to bring in a One World government, to have what the elite call peace, every country must be thoroughly collapsed – which we see happening now in various ways: hurricanes, wars, floods, earthquakes, currency collapses and more. This will escalate to a rapid climax, as the ”Hand of Chaos” closes.

We see CERN and HAARP working overtime. CERN, which is controlled by the Vatican, continues the elites push to break the separation of spiritual and physical worlds: tearing the veil. Because they work towards this and are getting close, the UFO and alien agendas are coming up more and more and becoming mainstream, conditioning people’s minds for the Deception, so the masses will believe the lie that the ones we will see, must be worshiped. They will be seen as gods or ancestors or creators, believing the lie that they will come in peace and unify us all.cern haarp jerusalem rome

jerusalem romeThose who are not prepared will fall for this and believe. Having been brainwashing into the mindset that human state is weak and pathetic. These that they call aliens are the ones the elite worship: Lucifer and the fallen ones, demons. They will finally be able to break into our plane once again, thanks to the help of CERN and so many other projects that have been working to tear the veil that keeps us separated and unable to see the spiritual world, without seeking. Those without the Armor of Truth will be destroyed. They will be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

You do not have to believe it, for it to be real. Truth is Truth and Facts are Facts. They do NOT change to make us feel better. More often than not, it causes great distress. For that is the effect of Deception. Please enjoy the Age of Deceit Documentary here.

We can find many documents exposing what governments and the Vatican call ”aliens”, ”extra-terrestrials”. Enjoy the Documents  included which expose the plans for false flags: political and public propaganda, to shape the image and idea of the elite’s in the public mind. This was easily done through comics, movies and more.  Where do the ideas and movies come from? Experience. Like everything else.

NASA has stated, ”There is no question that there are extra-terrestrial beings and they are out there and if we will, we can contact them. No doubt.”

The Clinton Podesta emails touched on the subject as well. The Jesuit priests who have come forward to disclose the truth about it all, have been silenced, as we see happen to most who try to expose truth. Dr. Guy Consolmagno, Jesuit Vatican astronomer, stated he would baptize extra-terrestrials and even claimed Jesus was a star child of an alien race!

We have exposed how the elite have created religions to mirror THEIR occult beliefs and mindset. For those who are unaware of the Vatican’s Lucifer project, let us find out what it is…

All they do, they do to keep you from Truth. Consolmagno believes aliens will be man’s Saviour. Since he is a Luciferian, this only makes sense. The elite believe Lucifer is the savior, the SUN, the light. You must KNOW the occult mind.

Light means dark and good is evil. It is based on Deception. Know your enemy. Just like in every secret society (Freemason, Jesuit, and the rest) only the ones in the Upper high levels know Exactly what is going on. That means ALL high-level government and religious and scientific leaders KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING and what they are doing.

In 1969, NASA passed a federal regulation dealing with extra-terrestrial exposure. The Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law offers a legal precedent for the detention and indefinite imprisonment of ANY individual who comes into contact with extra-terrestrials.

There is no such thing as an UN Identified object… flying or otherwise. There is nothing new and everything has been exposed for thousands of years. They simply keep it from you! That is not the same as it being unknown. YOUR ability to get knowledge is censored and will only become more so as the masses feed the system and beg for more ”security”, relying on the government, the mass media, the propaganda and lies created by the elite to tell you what ”you need to know” and keep you happy and safe. After all, these things were only made for Your benefit… To GIVE to YOU. Like Facebook, just made and given to you for free, so you can have FUN and be HAPPY. That is the only purpose the elite have.

Hopefully you can see the idiotic delusion that is.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to learn and research and find Truth. Do not be fooled by the propaganda and movies. See the signs. Read between the lies. The elite are bloodline, dedicated, Luciferians. Of course they have contact with Lucifer and demons!!! Of course they can not openly tell you they have communication with Lucifer and the fallen ones!! But they can make movies about ”aliens”, release certain government documents at strategic times, give you little by little leading you into how to view them, manipulating Your mind so when they are finally able to tear the veil you will be helplessly ignorant, unable to think for yourself. If you are still convinced aliens will be peaceful and good…look deeper and see truth.rome jersalem elite control

It is a common belief that the Vatican and many leaders of the world are controlled by extra-terrestrials, which is of course True, as they are Luciferians. If this topic shocks you, YOU need to wake up and do more research. This isn’t anything new! But it is kept hidden from you and due to your mental programming. 57 of the demon races are KNOWN to governments. How many do you know???

How have the elite kept their plan of deception intact and progressing for so long? Because their control center: The Vatican, has ALWAYS confiscated and hidden history.

This should be obvious to you now…NOTHING has changed in 5,000 years!

The elite continued to make war, to destroy truth and occupy territories, keeping the plunder and leaving you with nothing but twisted deceptions and propaganda. Keeping archeology and ancient documents from you, translating them incorrectly, knowing YOU believe all they give you, to control your view of reality, to control your mind. They rewrite history. They can create nothing, they can only deceive and twist Truth. They are deceivers. This may make finding truth seem a huge task, which is why, since we have followed and exposed the elite more than most through history, we hope you will use the resources we have put out for you freely, to help light YOUR path… while there is still time.

Truth is rarely fun, rarely makes one feel nice or pleasant. Truth creates issues because it forces responsibility which means there are Consequences. WE are accountable. WE must act. The weak people of today can not handle responsibility. They must push it off to others, to governments, to save them from responsibility. If we are to win and delete the elite, we must be human again. Powerful and Strong and Focused. We must take a stand. Open your mind. Why do you believe what you believe and disregard all else?? Do the research to conclusion. Go further. Find truth. You will never know it if you do not seek. No one can tell you what truth is because you will not listen or believe it anyway. Even the videos and proofs we put out to you are a pointless and worthless, unless YOU do more.

You must break down your own barriers and find it for yourself. We can only give you an open door. YOU must walk through it yourself.

The Vatican, Rome, the stronghold of the elite, has been behind Every war, Every crusade, Every genocide in history. The bloody puppet Pope and his controllers have murdered and deceived humanity for all of history, so it continues today.

Know your enemy.

The Eye of the Elite is Rome, and its gaze is on Jerusalem.

Stay vigilant as things will now become interesting.

It is time.

Expect it.

American Documentary about Our Times and creating the NWO:

Discussion about CERN, the Portal and the Vatican:

April 18

Designer Diseases

Diseases are created to depopulate.  The elite have been known to create many disgusting viruses, disorders and diseases that are designed to target specific gene types.  It is time you accepted that and be aware of what is being planted in your area.  It should go without saying the reason they offer vaccines is to further inject you with toxins and diseases and nanotechnology including microchips.  The vaccine agenda should be obvious as it is implemented upon the occurrence of any seemingly spontaneous outbreak.  You have seen the Ebola, Zika and aids hoaxes exposed before but lets look at the latest planted disease the elite through the alchemist CIA have been spreading across the world.

Having barely survived a planned attack of Swine Flu years back myself, I can assure you the doctors will do nothing.  They sent me home to quarantine myself in my house, alone, and die.  The doctor said to me, “Hope we see you again” as I left the office practically crawling on all fours.  After a few days of wishing to die, I was healed by simply eating ginger.  It turns out, ginger reactivates your liver, which is what fights off diseases by keeping your system clean and running.  When you get sick, the liver shuts down. It can be reactivated with a nice ginger tea, or a ginger mint or anything ginger.  It is nice to not be restricted by some idiot doctors narrow window of knowledge and to have the mental capacity to type keywords into a search engine to find truth out for oneself.  …Don’t be deceived…there is ALWAYS an agenda which is given to you under the lie that it is good for YOU.

Anyways, this created bird flu going around now is targeting free range poultry. We can not exist under a one world government without absolute control.  Our food supplies are being cut down as we read this.  Haarp has helped to facilitate many plagues and famines around the African and south American continents.  Disease will and is naturally rising from that alone, but it is not enough.  They must meet their goal and agenda of a 90% human reduction in the next 10 years.  That is world wide.  The plans for 250 million Americans to be exterminated have been exposed for years now, and it will come into play very soon.  Just as the European agenda to slaughter several hundred million of the population as well and on it goes…   So the bird flu which has primarily targeted Asian genetics is quickly being transported to Asian countries via CIA American airlines.  Just as Ebola targeted African genetics.

Hundreds of millions of animals have died now from this new flu which of course has a super flu which is naturally resistant to the disease ridden vaccines they will give you for it.  When the realization of the food shortages hits, the masses will call for corporations and governments to get involved to fix the problem.  Of course they will give you GMO and Monsanto.  The natural farmers are being extinguished and banned to give you no future.  You don’t even have the right to grow your own food now. You will eat what the government corporation gives you to eat.  What they make in a lab to stuff your gut with.   “Free range eggs currently represent 56% of UK retail egg sales – the highest proportion of any European country – whereas just 2% of eggs are from the barn system.”  designer diseases

24,000 birds were culled in Kelantan.

300,000 chickens were culled in Miyagi and Chiba.

71,000 chickens in Kohoku, Saga Prefecture.

168,400 chickens in Miyazaki Prefecture.

80,000 in Yamagata.

South Korea and other countries are importing eggs after culling 33 million.

Hundreds of thousands more have been culled in UK, Ireland and many other countries.  34 million in USA.  776,000 in Germany. This is world wide.

I suppose after the decades of McDonalds, we are all pretty used to fake food.  Why not, it goes so well with the fake news-I’ll have a side of fries please.  The elite bloodlines… The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others control the pharmaceuticals world health organization, CDC, world bank, world trade and government health policies WORLD WIDE.

Pharma companies and international government agencies are aggressively producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth. In Finland one “scientist” created the deadliest disease in a lab.  Why would people be creating diseases?  Well… if everyone else was thinking critically then the insane ones would stop being allowed to rule and be in positions of power.  When there are no checks and balances then all will run wild.

When it comes down to it…since no one cares to act…why not?? As their motto goes: “do what thou wilt”.   Now you see what that leads to.   Once again hundreds more prophesies fulfilled.  Hope you are starting to realize the connections.

On  a side note…Russian Aerospace Defence Forces interpreted analysis from their secretive “Angel Halo” satellite and were alerted to United Airlines Flight 857 after a “spectral signature” revealed that this aircraft was “infected/enhanced” by a mysterious “not from Earth” virus species not contained in any database.  Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

April 10

All Eyes on You

Recently, we have had yet another flood of information from WikiLeaks. Once again showing us of the mass surveillance the USA has forced on the world since 9/11. Still most have no idea and those who do, DO absolutely nothing about it. Though WikiLeaks has long since been taken over by CIA, and officially now, we know they always tell us what they do. Most do not pay attention when they do so. They can easily cover their asses by saying ”it is all out there”. Just a fancy ”We Told You So.” It only makes sense they would do this now…it is all out there…and we have all been once again proven right.

Those of us who diligently pay attention to life, to this world, and what is really happening, we know they give us waves of information that produce fear, so the idiotic masses will call for more security, more laws, more slavery.  They are all so desensitized by info. This works well for the elite. Not only are the masses unable to understand logic and truth any longer, not only is truth made to be a crazy idea or merely laughable; ”Conspiracy” has become synonymous with ”fake” or ”fantasy”. But now the elite prove us right everyday…with ”fact” like never before. And they can do it. And no one gives a shit. Because you are also brainwashed.

The CIA has been recording everything you do, think and say for decades and no one cares. You are all so comfortable in your slavery and corruption, you have lost your ability to think critically, to have dignity, to stand up for what is right, to fight for freedom and truth – not to mention your fellow man. You have lost your humanity.

Why? Since the Patriot Act took away EVERYONE’s free thought, we have been well aware of the deceptions. You know by now, or you all should, since it has been proven for years… Of course, if you want to know truth, you have to LOOK for it.

9/11 was a planned event, carried out by the American/Israeli government. Murdering its own citizens, once again, and once again the citizens did nothing about it. This pattern has become a nauseating and endless theme of the American Empire. Keeping a continuous flow of propaganda pumping into the senses of the contaminated public, and even those outside of the country! They believe it all! The public always Reacts as expected, and when the people called for ”security”, which is an illusion, something no one can ever give you…but nevertheless, the mentally deficient masses call for the Government (of all things) to give them security!!!

We scream at you to stop! We yelled at you when SOPA came out!! Then again with CISPA! And all of the other ”-PA’s”. We went mad from the shock that the world really WILL let them do these things to us! People wonder why they do not hear about the things spoken of by whistleblowers, eye-witnesses, researchers, and others who have inside info. (The Awake)

People wonder why they are not told, but no one ever thinks to LOOK! Find the long list of those who spoke truth and were hunted down and murdered. Bodies line the road of truth.  Those who speak out are slaughtered without a word in opposition. The people are not sheep. They are worse. Sheep have spines, and the masses have nothing but emptiness now.

9/11 allowed the Government to create a mindless, fearing, blind public. They called for security and laws were passed. The masses believed the story: That foreign, outside forces had attacked, on American soil. It is absurd. Not to mention, this is how the American nationalist Government is. This is how it made you all a bunch of nationalist idiots who think there is always someone out to get you. As if any other country gives a shit about yours!! Everyone just wants to live in PEACE and FREEDOM! THAT is all!

But not America.

America just wants blood, and so truth continues to be killed. The government took a very nationalistic society, America, and put it on crack, so the brainwashed Americans believe they must police the world. Because their mentality is the ”correct and only right one”. It must be forced on the rest of the world, in every country. America must corrupt. It must destroy. It must take away. But it calls this Fighting Terror. Now they use meaningless words to confuse you all AND IT WORKS!! Every fucking time!

So you let something like 9/11 fool you into believing that you had an enemy, not just an enemy, but an enemy who lived in the desert, spoke a different language, had different government structure and laws, and when you do not take the time to understand anything, you fear what you do not know. ”It’s a different country!” So you make people fear it. ”They wear different clothes!” So you are made to fear them. ”They have a different religion!” So you are made to fear them!! If it is Different, it must be Bad. Then, you happily send your children to murder them for being Different. That is simply all that happened with 9/11, as far as the public is concerned.

The tolerant, American, public.

The Government had many other reasons for choosing to target the Muslim world. We have discussed before what the next war will involve. 9/11 was the beginning of creating it. As well as the usual: Gold, Oil, Drugs agenda. All of this has happened and the American government has been able to successfully commit open genocide… for over a decade. And we still think Nazi Germany was bad. It was simply practice – and light practice at that.

We are now in the big leagues, and you better wake up to reality before you get obliterated. You have only been told lies, to keep you in a box, so they can put a label on you, then file you neatly in their archives. That is all you are. You work, your whole life, to fit into that box. Whatever it is: doctor, teacher, married, with kids, construction worker, you have been brainwashed to control yourself and fit in that box. And you are such a good little slave, you even try to put a label on yourself! But silly you… That is the Government’s job.

So after you are lied to and believe it like fools, 9/11 allowed the government to bring in the Patriot Act. Americans did not just allow their Government to murder them, without a fight, on live TV; Americans did not just allow their Government to do this, while murdering the witnesses who tried to speak out and those who ask questions; Americans not only allowed all of these horrific thinks gladly, willingly, openly, but also begged, called for, the Government to give them MORE security. YOU wanted this!

The Patriot Act was put into place and NO ONE even fucking read it! No one cared! The American Government are bloodthirsty war mongers. That is all the substance they have, even as a society. Americans are Crusaders. Nothing changes. History repeats and repeats, because YOU are not taught it. YOU are taught lies and YOU do not look for truth! So they continue the repetition, for all of time, the endless cycle of deception and death. Why do you think the recent keywords: ”fake news” were brought into play? These are the things that are so obvious but sadly, the masses are dead and those awake are lazy, so humanity will die because of complacency. Think. What are the keywords they are using constantly now? What words do you hear repeated in headlines and news reports and why? What about the next ones you hear? When you hear ”War on Terror”, what do you think? What about ”fake news”? It is an illusion. What is terror? What is fake news?

The retarded American Corporation sells illusions. At least now they are not even hiding that it is a corporation anymore. Now they have Officially elected a CEO. The white house is filled with international businessman, puppets of the elite, and as obvious as this all is…NO ONE gets it! NO ONE does anything about it!

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, SMART devices ALL track you, all save your information, all of it. They all sell it, share it, and use it against you. How do you think the American Corporation was able to so easily make such detailed lists, which came out during the Jade Helm leaks?  Lists of every citizen, like China has. By the way Google does this too, naturally. How was it so easy for them to group all of the citizens into three different categories? How were they able to so easily define who they would murder upon calling martial law? Because YOU gladly gave them ALL of your information. They have been doing this for decades, this was well known since the CIA Project Mockingbird was discovered. That happened in the 1950s! Why did they want Every American to have a TV in their house? Why do they want the same thing now?

Do you ever just fucking think?? They give you something, anything, and if they call it ”free” you eat it up like starving pigs!!! Pathetic how humanity is so low today. Most of you only know how to function on your basic animalistic, and lowest form. American movies and TV and music, which have sadly infected the world, have brainwashed nothing but sex, lies, drugs, corruption, into your minds and souls and into the world’s.

Everything is corrupted beyond repair and you do it to yourselves openly, gladly, for them! For those you serve! For those you worship! For your Go-Government!

You gave them everything. They have recorded your typing patterns, your passwords, your emails, your phone calls, everything you like and dislike, everything you search for, every porno you watch, every recipe you look up, every dating site you visit, every message you send. They know when you last used condoms. They know when you will need more. They know the kind you buy. They know every time you fuck. They know every time you pay and where you take cash out of your bank. They know where you’re meeting her or him. They know what room you are in and they know how long it takes you to complete the task. They know everything you do. Google, which is a long ago proven CIA front, like Facebook and Twitter (and the rest of the data mining companies you use for free) knows your location, your IP, your age, and gender.

Anything connected to the Internet is accessible.

Anything connected to the Internet is accessible by anyone who wants it.

It is accessed by Google and the others. All of your accounts are linked to Google, even if you do not have a Google account (Do you use Google Browsers?). If you email someone who has a Google account, then your emails, like theirs, are scanned and saved by Google. If it is on the internet, it cannot be erased. Now think about it. Do you ever think? Do you ever just use your mind and say to yourself.. ”Hm.. I wonder how these tools and programs are able to be used, so endlessly, by myself, for free?!” Do you really believe anyone likes you that much – so much they just want to give you technology for free?? Because you are so.. what? Special? Unique? And if you think you are, why the fuck do you let companies you do not know sell you?

You ARE unique. Your typing pattern IS unique. Only to you. They can tell if YOU are using your computer or not, by your typing pattern. It is much more invasive than IP. But no one cares about invasion. No one cares about privacy…not even their own. Is it because you have ”nothing to hide?” That is not even the point, but the Government sold it to you, and you think that is a logical response. Having something to hide or not. Having something to hide is entirely irrelevant to the point. (As are most of the Government’s one-liners and keywords…they are meaningless.) It is to get you to believe lies as always. Just like ”for the greater good”. The ”greater good” is them, not you. It matters little if you have something to hide or not. The point is, YOU have a HUMAN RIGHT to hide whatever you wish. It is no one else’s business. YOU have rights. You have a right to privacy. Whether you hide, which is simply deciding not to tell everything about yourself to everyone, or not.

We are called truthers. We are freedom fighters. We have no locks. We expose the real conspiracies carried out against you and because we are labeled by the government, by an imaginary power structure, one that failed before it ever began because it is based on lies, but because of this illusion called ”power”, called ”Government”, you throw your mind away. You disregard the meanings of words, disregard proven fact and believe whatever they say. You ignore and censor and discredit the obvious truths. When you finally begin to wake up, you are shocked that everything you know is a lie what is worse. You continue to allow them to teach lies to your children, to your friends, to your family. You allow everything to continue. Every day you go to work and serve your masters. You have no idea what freedom is. Confronting the truth about freedom, having to take responsibility, terrifies you. You allow yourself to be a slave to fear.

Stop being so pathetic and weak! It is disgusting. Nothing in life is free. Why do you give yourself to them for free? Why do you allow them to sell you and you say and do nothing about it? There is no Rambo to save you. You have to make it stop if you want it to. People always want an excuse: ”I did not know”, ”I was not told”, but all excuses died when the internet was born. No one gets it. No one wants to know truth. Or they would look for it. If you cared, you would ACT. THAT is how it works. If you do not know the things we speak of, then ask yourself why.

Why have you not cared?

So LOOK. When you come up with an excuse it is only a punch-line to the joke your life is now. You have access to everything you could want to know. Freely at your disposal, for a limited time now, thanks to the increasing censorship. Those of us who are awakened have been paying attention to the world around us, using the tools and programs as they should be used. We know and have known for many years that the control of the Internet, of knowledge, of our mind, will only increase as time goes on. It is the same with all technology. It cannot be without becoming the worst of itself.  Same with the Internet. It cannot exist as a technology without being corrupted to the extreme. Those of you who are vigilant know this applies to everything: CERN, HAARP, DARPA, nanotech projects. Now the new comer to the spotlight, the elitist Elon Musk, is going to bring about the next wave of Technology: Trans. World transforming and transhumanism, the next wave of technological growth is one we will not be surviving. Humanity dies.  It would be important to pay attention to these things and keep an eye on the developments.

Elon Musk currently tells the public how dangerous technology is, and how it must be controlled (which is impossible and he knows). He is in position to cash out big, warning you about the dangers while creating them to sell them to you. THAT is an elite Pig. That is what they look like. A ”no name”, ”no background”, poster child. But we will get into him at another time…

In more technology news today, we see not only the mesh brain implant, to turn us into cyborgs, but also Google and Amazon are joining with Toshiba to be involved in Google’s nuclear program.

We have Google phone. We have Google lights. Smart everything. You can imagine even robotic bees, since American government has helped to kill off the bee population. But that is another topic. We already have the Google glasses, contacts. ”The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

So you sit back, and let them take yours away. They will. That is certain.

Organizations and corporations are joining forces. Technology is exploding. Recently a Conference was held in Saint Petersburg to discuss the future of your internet security, among many other things. It is a secret meeting, like Bilderberg so no one is looking at it or paying any attention to their own well-being. Why do you not care? We are still surprised that so few people have taken a stand to preserve our humanity, but I suppose, we should not be. Everyone has been brainwashed since they were born. No one knows what common sense is, how to think critically, ask questions, how to understand concepts or ideas, how to produce them. Everyone follows the daily narrative, too selfish, too lazy, to break it down, to even try to use their minds. You are already cyborgs, just like the ones Elon Musk will make you into. You are already wasted. Your mind is already dead and gone.

Those of us who fight daily, in real life, online and in reality, fighting for you, fighting for your mind, your freedom, your thoughts, your ability to have a future. We who fight for you are tired of fighting alone, waiting for you to get off your ass and DO something. So if you are awake, know this:

We are out of time.

It is time and it is up to you to wake up everyone around you, in real life, online, everywhere you go, everywhere you are. This is not difficult, simply USE your mind. Come up with ideas, think, make small cards with links to solid information on them and give them to people, pass them out, leave them on tables and post them wherever you can. Make a social media community and bring in people in your area, grow your community – in real life and online. Wake people up! If you want the next five years of your life to be more than the Government putting you into a cage or slaughtering you or blowing you up in nuclear war. If you want to have a next 10 years to even exist. If you want to have a future, not just for yourself, but if you want the world to exist. If you want humanity to exist, then YOU have to DO something about it.

We are out of time. It is up to you. If it is not so late that your mind is worthless, if you are not corrupted and empty from the inside out, then Prove it. Get into action! Step up! If you do not, if you do not stand NOW, today…you deserve exactly what you are going to get.

Get it you all will…very soon.

Time is up.

Expect it.

Read more Here.

January 24

Question Everything

We have long been trying to teach others truth, and how to FIND it. Finally, we have decided to simply spell it out for you, in this. How to find the Truth, how to break the elite control over your mind, above all you must Question Everything. You must be willing. First and foremost, when you research, you can’t just look for the answers YOU want. If you want the Truth, you have to be willing to look at Everything, Every Angle, Every Detail and ACCEPT the Truth regardless. Are you willing to change your world? Are you willing to believe the truth?

Just as we must break the bones that heal wrong, our minds have been educated wrong our entire lives. We must break that break Every belief, break Every ”fact”, break Everything we THINK. ”We know ____, simply because we have been told it from birth.” Then we have to correct it with the Truth, by ending it with Solid Fact and Proof. NOT in theories, promoted by the elite. Not in documents written by them, to twist and distort the Truth, keeping us Further From It. Not in companies and systems controlled by the elite, to manipulate us into believing lies and a false reality. But set your minds in truth so it is infected with fact, so our minds can HEAL correctly and GROW.

This calls for much more diligence than most are willing to put out. We must unlearn what we have learned and destroy all of our preconceived notions. Think of the topic that makes you cringe. Think of the topic you try to avoid, with everything you have. Think of a topic that bores you to death. Think of a topic that you love and enjoy.

Think of why that is?

You are programmed. You are brainwashed. The reactions you have are based on the lies you have been indoctrinated in, since birth, by the elite. You must realize this and know it. They do not want you around. They hate you. They want you wandering in the darkness of their web of lies. They want you uninterested in things that matter, so you never look and find the Truth about them. They want to keep you bored, by teaching you lies. The elite make up new Theories and tell you they are fact, publishing it all in documents and forcing it all into your mind when you were a child, and your parents’ minds before you, and their parents’ minds before them. truth not lies

Do you not understand how this works? Are you so comfortable and complacent with the terms that you no longer understand their meanings and value? Brainwashing. Programming. Mind Control. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes known to be the truth. Look around you, everything you know is a lie. Check your sources. Who pays them? Who do they obey?

As we already know that media on TV is put together by the elite families, so STOP using it. STOP supporting the elite. STOP feeding the system. If you know truth, then it is your responsibility to break yourself from the lies. You are no longer a victim, once you are of an age to use your mind for yourself. Once you are no longer a child, the ignorance is Yours Alone and no one else is to blame.

They destroy our brains by controlling history, education, science, religion, government, publishing, media, everything we feed our brains with. They destroy our bodies by vaccines, GMO’s, viruses that don’t exist (until THEY create them), chemtrails and all sorts of other things we have exposed and will continue to. They destroy Everything. They corrupt Everything. They deceive. They lie. They hate you. They want you dead. You make them sick. They hate the thought of you. The sight of you makes them want to kill you. Why do you think they would tell you the truth about ANYTHING???


They are hackers and they have hacked your mind. Stop allowing it to continue. Educate yourself. Knowledge should be free, and with the internet we can read documents, translate in various languages, find archaeological discoveries, and do solid research, not to mention find troves of secrets of the elite and government and more. While we have the Internet as open as it is, which won’t be for long as censorship grows exponentially every month, take advantage of it. This sort of mistake done by the elite, will not happen again and that is why the elite must close it down and control it. Too many people are waking up. Too much access for those who know how to research and find it hidden in the web. So use different keywords. We know they track us online, through various means, and censor Everything, through keywords, so you must Change your search terms, browser, VPN, use Google Dorks (to control that horribly censored search engine, see below). Learn how to find the Truth. truth is a choice

We make things complex in our minds, today, or we simply ignore areas of a topic which make us uncomfortable. But when we do that, we only are left with a half truth ourselves, which is not full truth. Truth is logical. Truth is usually simple (though seems complex to those with serious indoctrination). The truth is not there to be comfortable. When you seek the truth, you must be willing to Accept it. It won’t be easy when you have been brought up so corrupted. You do not seem to get that. Brainwashing, mind control, all of the indoctrination you are under, you Love it. THAT is what is comfortable to you. Because it is all you ever knew!

Yes, I said you love the mind control of the elite, because it is comfortable to you, because you have only ever known the LIE. You have been trained to hate the truth, to laugh at it, to deny it, to do everything NOT to believe it. THAT is your programming. So think again…

What makes you comfortable and what makes you uneasy? The truth is not easy and the truth is not always nice or happy. Life is not about selfies and subscriptions. It is about far more than that.

Look around you, at how insignificant everything is today. Nothing has meaning, nothing is valued and held to a standard of truth. It has all been bought by the elite and used to lie to us: art, science, music, movies, TV, school, college, religion, history, archaeology, medicine. It is all controlled by the elite, censored by the elite, and kept away from you. You are told the lie and they keep the truth for themselves. They hate you. Stop asking why they do these things. Understand they do them and Stop allowing it. They hate you. They want you dead. They want all of us dead.

They want to live in a world where they are kings under their god, Lucifer. Their number One Goal is to keep YOU away from the truth. So much so, that you are programmed to be repelled by the total and full truth itself!  They have done all they can to make it difficult to find the whole truth. Because of their disinformation. Flooding us with half-truths, mixed with lies, but those who have eyes to see. then see and understand and learn the truth. Find the truth. LOOK. Yes it is hard work. That is the price we have to pay for our stupidity and laziness through generations.

So how to find the truth? Well, that is easy if you know how to research, how to learn. In our tutorials (seen below and in our Library) we have given many tools that can help with online security. When you research things online you are watched by the government, the elite, of course. So first thing would be to learn how to Use the computer Safely. Get a good VPN and use Tor browser. Search with Google Dorks, if you must use Google, and use multiple search engines (as they are all censored in different ways). Think.

Remember who controls the information. Look at VALID sources, not paid shills. Though some of them can be useful to point us in a direction, they tell half-truths: they lie. We must look further still. Look outside of your comfort zone. Of course, as you research and find truth and prove truths to yourself with solid fact, from Real Sources: whistleblowers, leaks and studies, original documents. It will be easier for you to read between the lies in other sources. As with everything, practice makes perfect and it gets easier, with time. Remember to take frequent steps back from your research, rethink, process what you have learned, and ask a better question with the knowledge you now have. Do not lose your focus point and get distracted with other topics. This is easy to do in research! One thing leads to another and before you know it you have researched for 10 hours and still have no answer for your original question. However, of course, many times we must relearn several things which are very detailed in order to core belief or factunderstand the truth from the lies. This takes time and patience. This is why most will not wake up. Everyone wants a two-sentence answer to any question. That is not how truth works, you have to know all aspects and details of the topic, in truth, not in the indoctrinated lies, in order to answer the question you have. To even know if the question you have is legitimate you have to know the background facts. Be diligent and look in all areas. Time reveals all things, to those who will take the time for Truth. Truth will not hide in your comfort zone, alone. YOU have to see and Question Everything, Everywhere. Look in all areas where you are narrow-minded and opinionated. You must open your mind.

After you have reassessed and continued with your research, and think you have reached the end of all documents on the topic (online), which has happened to us many times… The internet is not endless with information, and you will notice upon researching sensitive topics, that pages and websites will be changed and removed if those watching the webs do not want you in that area. And you thought censorship was something new. Wake up. You know these things. You know how the elite work. We have told you time and time again. We have spelled it out to you repeatedly. So APPLY IT. YOU have to use YOUR mind. YOU have to research and find the truth. YOU.

THAT is your responsibility, especially those who use the Anonymous Idea of knowledge being free, exposing truth,fighting for freedom. Most Anonymous of today claim to be ”exposing” the elite and corruption. They used to be an example for humanity. Anonymous are supposed to be the ones standing up for Truth, regardless of comfort and popularity, and instead MANY go along with lies and don’t expose the corruption. They post videos that only continue drama, instead of exposing what it is, still posting videos on operations and information which has been exposed as infected by the cyber divisions supporting groups of Anonymous, who have been exposed as being infected by the cyber agents, produced by Soros. This has been exposed, but Anonymous do not heed fact and truth anymore.

We cannot continue to support the infection and corruption within the Collective, it only allows it to grow. We must all hold ourselves to the standard of Truth and stop accepting deficiency. If you claim to expose the truth, then stop spreading the lies. Stop feeding the system. Many Anonymous feed the elites agenda of Divide and Conquer through narrow mindedness and as a result, these Anons destroyed the Collective.

knowledge true

It is everywhere. It’s not like we can run out of material or things to point at and prove it is a lie: Sandy Hook, 9/11, Isis, Zika, HAARP, depopulation agenda, global government agendas… There is much to expose and fix.

Much must be broken and reset. We have been lied to because they hate you. They only want you dead. They want you silent and, until then, distracted and preoccupied with every insignificant fad and craze and viral horse shit they can come up with.

Thankfully, there are enough stupid humans around they have unlimited resources. Nothing in this world is new. No trick the elite have, no technique they use, nothing is new. It has simply been kept hidden from us. That is why they remake history and economics boring in school, to brainwash you against it. They make you think these subjects are boring or too difficult and it is when they tell you the scripted, published, lies and propaganda of the elite. But the things we are kept from, we are kept from for a reason. It is because they expose the elite to us.

If we look deep enough, stop using your emotions to rule your life, and your knowledge. Use logic and find truth. The only reason you are so emotional about topics, to have a physical reaction to them, is because you are programmed, brainwashed. You are under mind control, because everything in your world that you have known and then taught is a lie. It is all a lie. We have to keep repeating ourselves, because it seems people are not understanding.

Stop the emotion. It creates mental panic, which keeps your brain from thinking and being able to take in information. So stop. Stop reacting. Stop feeding the system of Lies. Focus. Be diligent. Research. Question Everything.

Our minds must be broken, cracked open, drained. Only when we have destroyed all the lies, destroyed our ego, our pride, and set our knowledge back up, build a new foundation on Truth, then we can NEVER be deceived again. If we continue our diligent watch on the elite.

We must hold the spotlight on these cockroaches, for all to see. Can you? Can you accept Truth, if you find it? Can you free yourself from the elite slavery? Are you prepared to Question Everything?

Expect Truth.

no ego know truth

TOR VPN Tutorial:

Google Dorks Tutorial:

Dorking: Using the Search Engine as Intended.

January 17

Nuclear Reality: Chernobyl

Unless you have been there, or there is a reliable whistle blower source, you have no idea if it is true. The Media Lies.

What is really behind Chernobyl…?

Chernobyl is one of the most well known Nuclear Cover-ups pulled off by the Soviet Union.  These types of… “accidents” do not truly happen as we are told by the main stream story tellers.  Chernobyl supposedly happened because a scientist who was told to turn the nuclear reactor down to 700 “forgot” and turned it down to 30.  We know how it is when you have a high risk job, that you have been highly trained for.  One simply forgets what one is told to do-especially when one works at that level and are regimented by regulations and safety checks and double checking everything you do.  If this part of the story was even slightly believable, keep reading. The next day these super smart scientists, tried to heat up the reactor faster than was possible.  Nuclear material heats up slowly.  Scientists know this.  Most people know this.  So another impossibility happened (according to the official story) and they tried to rush the process that can not be rushed.  They proceeded to push their equipment further than it could go.  They were well aware of this.  This resulted in the breaking of the equipment, destroying the reactor, allowing it to leak and subsequently creating fire and toxic leakage. THAT is the “official” story.

Seems to be a lot of impossibilities to create such an event.  There are no such things as coincidences, and this many coincidences never happens.  So what is the cover up?   This depopulation scheme began with a bang.  An Explosion.  The towns around Chernobyl, including the infamous Pripyat, were not informed of the disaster until 36 hours had passed. This ensured their total saturation in radiation and death.  Then citizens of the area were given 2 hours to prepare their things to leave, told it was temporary of course.  For their health.  Many homes were torn down to rubble and buried. The rest were stripped of everything, including heating appliances (anything that could be taken and sold by scavengers).  In an attempt to keep “contamination” down.

The government and media, controlled by the elite, have to keep the public afraid of nuclear capabilities and unaware of nuclear realities, uneducated about what it actually is, and of course filled with propaganda and false flags to solidify that fear.

The disaster killed 49 people almost immediately.  Most of them were reactor staff and emergency workers.  Between 30 and 50 emergency workers died shortly afterwards from “acute radiation”.  Sounds similar to the NY Towers: sudden deaths of emergency workers and witnesses.  Like the other false flags and cover-ups we have encountered in just our recent history, we need to follow the money.  Unfortunately we are not fluent in Russian or Ukrainian, but wait anxiously for the day someone from there blows the whistle on this conspiracy.  Follow the money and the operations that took place in Duga, to find out why Chernobyl was bombed.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians were shipped to hospitals across the USSR.  Oleg Schepin helped form the cover-up by sending a message ordering Ukrainian health authorities to assign any patients exposed to ionizing radiation (but not suffering from signs of acute radiation sickness) a diagnosis that did not mention radioactivity at all, but instead stated that they were suffering from “occasional vascular dystonia.”

The government created a committee.  We see this in most larger false flags: they must show you who to listen to and be educated by.  Scientists.  Always Scientists.  The All-Union Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine was reported to be created in order to track and analyze the health of the populations affected by the accident.  As one would expect, their reports stated that to date they had not found any illnesses that they would attribute to radiation. As the propaganda and cover-up continued, an increase in circulatory disease and thyroid problems identified in those patients subjected to the study was attributed to other sources, including “the psychoemotional factor” which the government created a new term for “radiophobia.” This keyword was pumped through the country and the plans continued.

Chernobyl "Official" Dead List

Name (Eng/Rus): Last, First MiddleDate, place of birthDate, place of deathCause of death/injuryOccupationDescriptionOfficial Recognition
Akimov, Aleksandr Fyodorovich
Акимов, Александр Фёдорович
1953-05-06, Novosibirsk1986-05-10, MoscowARS; burns on 100% of body, estimated 15 grays (1,500 rad) dose.Unit #4 shift leaderA senior reactor operator, at the controls in the control room at the time of the explosion; received fatal dose during attempts to restart feedwater flow into the reactor.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree
Baranov, Anatoly Ivanovich
Баранов, Анатолий Иванович
1953-06-13, Tsyurupynsk, Kherson, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-20, MoscowARSsenior electrical engineerManaged generators during emergency, preventing fire spread through the generator hall.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Order of the October Revolution
Brazhnik, Vyacheslav Stepanovych
Бражник, Вячеслав Степанович
1957-05-03, Atbasar, Tselinograd, Kazakh SSR1986-05-14ARSsenior turbine machinist operatorIn the turbine hall at the moment of explosion. Received fatal dose (over 1000 rad) during firefighting and stabilizing the turbine hall, died in Moscow hospital. Irradiated by a piece of fuel lodged on a nearby transformer of turbogenerator 7 during manual opening of the turbine emergency oil drain valves.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Order of the Badge of Honor.
Degtyarenko, Viktor Mykhaylovych
Дегтяренко, Виктор Михайлович
1954-08-10, Ryazan, Russian SFSR1986-05-19, MoscowARSreactor operatorClose to the pumps at the moment of explosion. face scalded by steam or hot water.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Order of the Badge of Honor.
Dyatlov, Anatoly Stepanovich
Дятлов, Анатолий Степанович
1931-03-03, Atamanovo, Krasnoyarsk, Russian SFSR1995-12-13, Kiev, Ukraine"heart failure", they say is a delayed consequence of his CHNPP and previous exposures.Deputy chief engineer of the Power PlantNikolai Fomin's assistant; supervised the test, present in the control room at the moment of explosion. Sustained about 550 rads of radiation when surveying the reactor damage from the outside with Nikolai Gorbachenko; radiation burns on face, right hand, legs. After the disaster, stripped of Communist Party membership, arrested in August 1986, spent 5 years in a labor camp.
Hanzhuk, Nikolai Aleksandrovich
Ганжук, Николай Александрович
1960-06-261986-10-02, Chernobyl
helicopter crashhelicopter pilotHelicopter crewman tasked with helping to extinguish the reactor fire with a clay load airdrop, crashed above the reactor. However, the crash was not directly related to radiation exposure, as it is obvious from the crash video In which, the helicopter's rotor had hit a construction cable.
Ignatenko, Vasyli Ivanovych
Игнатенко, Василий Иванович
1961-03-13, Sperizhe, Gomel, Byelorussian SSR1986-05-13, MoscowARSsquad commander, 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue Unit, Pripyat, KievChief Sergeant, first crew on the reactor roof. Received fatal dose during attempt to extinguish the roof and the reactor core fire. He was survived by his pregnant wife Lyudmilla. Her child died shortly after birth due to a heart failure and a cirrhosis of the liver, caused by contamination.Hero of Ukraine with Order of the Gold Star; Cross for Courage; The Soviet Union's Order of the Red Banner.
Ivanenko, Yekaterina Alexandrovna
Иваненко, Екатерина Александровна
1932-09-11, Nezhihov, Gomel, Byelorussian SSR1986-05-26, MoscowARSsecurity guardGuarded a gate opposite to the Block 4, stayed on duty for the entire night until morning.Soviet Union's Order of the Red Banner.
Khodemchuk, Valery Ilyich
Ходемчук, Валерий Ильич
1951-03-24, Krapyvnya, Ivankov, Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR1986-04-26, Chernobyl
unknown, likely explosion traumasenior operator, main circulating pump, reactor 4Stationed in the southern main circulating pumps engine room, likely killed immediately; body never found, likely buried under the wreckage of the steam separator drums. Has a memorial sign in the Reactor 4 building.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree.
Khrystych, Leonid Ivanovych
Христич, Леонид Иванович
1953-02-281986-10-02, Chernobyl
helicopter crashhelicopter pilotHelicopter crewman tasked with helping to extinguish the reactor fire with a clay load airdrop, crashed above the reactor. However, crash was not directly related to radiation exposure, as it is obvious from crash video that helicopter rotor hit a construction cable.
Kibenok, Viktor Mykolayovych
Кибенок, Виктор Николаевич
1963-02-17, Sirohozskoho, Kherson, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-11, MoscowARSHead guard, 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue Unit, Pripyat, KievLieutenant, leader of the second unit, fighting fires in the reactor department, separator room, and the central hall.Soviet Union's Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin, by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on September 25, 1986.
Konoval, Yuriy Ivanovych
Коновал, Юрий Иванович
1942-01-01, Ust-Pier, Altai ASSR1986-05-28, MoscowARSelectricianManaged machinery and fought fires in the 4th and 5th block.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Badge of Honor.
Kudryavtsev, Aleksandr Gennadiyevych
Кудрявцев, Александр Геннадиевич
1957-12-11, Kirov, Russian SSR1986-05-14, MoscowARSReactor Control Chief Engineer candidatePresent in the control room at the moment of explosion; received fatal dose of radiation during attempt to manually lower the control rods as he looked directly to the open reactor core.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree.
Kurguz, Anatoly Kharlampiyovych
Кургуз, Анатолий Харлампиевич
1957-06-12, Unechskoho, Bryansk, Russian SSR1986-05-12, MoscowARSsenior reactor operator, central hallScalded by radioactive steam entering his control room at the epicenter of the explosion, he helped rescue personnel; his colleague, Oleg Genrikh, survived.USSR's Order of Lenin; Ukraine's Cross for Courage.
Lelechenko, Aleksandr Grigoryevich
Лелеченко, Александр Григорьевич
1938-07-26, Lubensky, Poltava, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-07, Kiev, Ukrainian SSRARS, 25 Gy (2,500 rad)deputy chief of the electrical shopFormer Leningrad power plant electrical shop shift leader at the central control room with Kukhar; at the moment of explosion just arrived to the block 4 control room; in order to spare his younger colleagues a radiation exposure he himself went through radioactive water and debris three times to switch off the electrolyzers and the feed of hydrogen to the generators, then tried to supply voltage to feedwater pumps.USSR's Order of Lenin, the title of Hero of Ukraine on awarding of the Order of the Gold Star; Ukraine's Cross for Courage.
Lopatyuk, Viktor Ivanovich
Лопатюк, Виктор Иванович
1960-08-22, Lilov, Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-17, MoscowARSelectricianReceived a fatal dose while switching off the electrolyzer.USSR's Order of Lenin; Ukraine's Cross for Courage.
Luzganova, Klavdia Ivanovna
Лузганова, Клавдия Ивановна
1927-05-091986-07-31, MoscowARS, estimated 6 grays (600 rad) exposuresecurity guardGuarded the construction site of the spent fuel storage building about 200 meters from Block 4.Soviet Union's Order of the Red Banner.
Novyk, Aleksandr Vasylyovych
Новик, Александр Васильевич
1961-08-11, Dubrovytsky, Rivne, Ukrainian SSR1986-07-26, MoscowARSturbine equipment machinist-inspectorReceived fatal dose (over 10 grays (1,000 rad)) during firefighting and stabilizing the turbine hall. Irradiated by a piece of fuel lodged on a nearby transformer of the turbo-generator 7 during attempts to call the control room.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree.
Orlov, Ivan Lukych
Орлов, Иван Лукич
1945-01-101986-05-13ARSphysicistReceived fatal dose during attempts to restart feedwater flow into the reactor.
Orlov, Varsinian
Орлов, Варсиниан
UnknownUnkownARSlocal physicianOrlov treated firefighters at the disaster site for three hours in the morning before being sent to the Moscow hospital where all his patients were headed.
Perchuk, Kostyantyn Grigorovich
Перчук, Константин Григорьевич
1952-11-23, Magadan, Kolyma, Russian SSR1986-05-20, MoscowARSturbine operator, senior engineerIn the turbine hall at the moment of explosion; received fatal dose (over 10 grays (1,000 rad)) during firefighting and stabilizing the turbine hall. Irradiated by a piece of fuel lodged on a nearby transformer of the turbo-generator 7 during manual opening of the turbine emergency oil drain valves.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree;
Perevozchenko, Valery Ivanovich
Перевозченко, Валерий Иванович
1947-05-06, Starodub, Bryansk, Russian SSR1986-06-13, MoscowARSforeman, reactor sectionReceived fatal dose of radiation during attempt to locate and rescue Khodemchuk and others, and manually lower the control rods; together with Kudryavtsev and Proskuryakov he looked directly to the open reactor core, suffering radiation burns on side and back. Made extra efforts to save fellow crew.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree.
Popov, Georgi Illiaronovich
Попов, Георгий Илларионович
1940-02-211986-06-13ARSEmployee of the Kharkiv "Turboatom" plant (a NPP subcontractor)Vibration specialist, mobile truck-based laboratory at Turbine 8; assisted in holding the turbine room fires in check.
Pravik, Vladimir Pavlovych
Правик, Владимир Павлович
1962-06-13, Chernobyl, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-11, MoscowARSHead Guard, 2nd paramilitary fire brigade, Chernobyl NPPLieutenant, leader of the first crew on the reactor roof, repeatedly visited the reactor and the roof of Unit C at Level 71 to supervise the firefighting; received fatal dose during attempt to extinguish the roof and the reactor core. His eyes are said to have been turned from brown to blue by the intensity of the radiation.Named a Hero of the Soviet Union with the awarding of the Order of Lenin, by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on September 25, 1986.
Proskuryakov, Viktor Vasilyevich
Проскуряков, Виктор Васильович
1955-04-09, Svobodnyj, Amur, Russian SSR1986-05-17, MoscowARSReactor Control Chief Engineer candidatePresent in the control room at the moment of explosion; received fatal dose of radiation during attempt to manually lower the control rods as he looked directly onto the open reactor core and suffered 100% radiation burns.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Order of Courage.
Savenkov, Vladimir Ivanovych
Савенков, Владимир Иванович
1958-02-151986-05-21ARSEmployee of the Kharkiv "Turboatom" plant (a NPP subcontractor)Vibration specialist, mobile truck-based laboratory at Turbine 8; first one to become sick; buried in Kharkiv in a lead coffin.
Shapovalov, Anatoliy Ivanovych
Шаповалов, Анатолий Иванович
1941-04-06, Kirovograd, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-19, MoscowARSelectricianFought fires and managed electrical equipment.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; USSR's Order of Friendship of Peoples.
Shevchenko, Volodimir Mikitovich
Шевченко, Владимир Никитич
1929-12-231987-03-29Cancer, complications of ARSUkrainian cameramanA filmmaker who took much of the iconic footage of the early days in recovering from the Chernobyl disaster. He filmed the famous clip of the helicopter crash when it clipped a guy wire while dropping sand on the open reactor; Hanzhuk, Nikolai Aleksandrovich.
Sitnikov, Anatoly Andreyevich
Ситников, Анатолий Андреевич
1940-01-20, Voskresenka, Primorye, Russian SSR1986-05-30, MoscowARSdeputy chief operational engineer, physicistReceived fatal dose (about 1500 roentgen), mostly to the head after being sent by Nikolai Fomin to survey the reactor hall and peek at the reactor from the roof of Unit C.USSR's Order of Lenin; Ukraine's Cross for Courage.
Telyatnikov, Leonid Petrovich
Телятников, Леонид Петрович
1951-01-25, Vvedenka, Kustanai, Kazakh SSR2004-12-02, Kyivdied of cancer 18 years after receiving an estimated 4 grays (400 rad) dose.Head of the 2nd paramilitary fire brigade, Chernobyl NPPChief of the power plant fire department. Coordinated all fire fighting efforts. After Chernobyl, he stayed with the Soviet internal force, and later the Ukraine internal forces, retired a general in 1995.Hero of the Soviet Union with the awarding the Order of Lenin by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on September 25, 1986; Ukraine's Cross for Courage.
Tishchura, Vladimir Ivanovych
Тищура, Владимир Иванович
1959-12-15, North Station, Leningrad, Russian SSR1986-05-10, MoscowARSsenior firefighter, 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue Unit, Pripyat, KievSergeant, Kibenok's unit, fighting fires in the reactor department, separator room, and the central hall.Hero of Ukraine on awarding the Order of the Gold Star; Ukraine's Cross for Courage; USSR's Order of Red Banner.
Titenok, Nikolai Ivanovych
Титенок, Николай Иванович
1962-12-05, Mykolaivka, Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-16, Moscowexternal and internal radiation burns, blistered heartfirefighter, 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue Unit, Pripyat, KievChief Sergeant, Kibenok's unit, fighting fires in the reactor department, separator room, and the central hall; received fatal dose during attempt to extinguish the roof and the reactor core.Hero of Ukraine on awarding the Order of the Gold Star; Ukraine's Cross for Courage; USSR's Order of Red Banner.
Toptunov, Leonid Fedorovych
Топтунов, Леонид Федорович
1960-08-16, Mykolaivka, Burinskiy, Sumy, Russian SSR1986-05-14, MoscowARSSenior Reactor Control Chief EngineerIn the control room at the reactor control panel at the moment of explosion, with Akimov; received fatal dose during attempts to restart feedwater flow into the reactor.Ukraine's Order For Courage of the third degree.
Vashchuk, Nikolai Vasilievich
Ващук, Николай Васильевич
1959-06-05, Haicheng, Zhitomir, Ukrainian SSR1986-05-14, MoscowARSSquad commander, 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue Unit, Pripyat, KievA sergeant in Kibenok's unit, he fought fires in the reactor department, separator room, and the central hall.Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Gold Star.
Vershynin, Yuriy Anatoliyovych
Вершинин, Юрий Анатольевич
1959-05-22, Zuyevskaya, Kirov, Russian SSR1986-07-21, MoscowARSTurbine equipment machinist-inspectorIn the turbine hall at the moment of explosion; received over 10 Gy (1,000 rad) dose during firefighting and stabilizing the turbine hall. Irradiated by a piece of fuel lodged on a nearby transformer of the turbogenerator 7 during attempts to call the control room.Ukraine's Order For Courage of third degree; Soviet Union's Order of the Badge of Honor.
Vorobyov, Volodymyr Kostyantynovych
Воробьёв, Владимир Костантинович
1956-03-211986-10-02, Chernobyl NPPhelicopter crashhelicopter crewHelicopter crewman tasked with helping to extinguish the reactor fire with a clay load airdrop, crashed above the reactor. However, crash was not directly related to radiation exposure, as it is obvious from crash video that helicopter rotor hit a construction cable.
Yunhkind, Oleksandr Yevhenovych
Юнхкинд, Олександр Евхновйч
1958-04-151986-10-02, Chernobyl NPPhelicopter crashhelicopter crewHelicopter crewman tasked with helping to extinguish the reactor fire with a clay load airdrop, crashed above the reactor. However, crash was not directly related to radiation exposure, as it is obvious from crash video that helicopter rotor hit a construction cable.
  • May 8, 1986. The Health Ministry of the Soviet Union has approved new acceptable levels of radiation to which the public can be exposed and that are 10 times higher than former levels. In special cases, levels up to 50 times higher than former levels are acceptable. (We have seen this same deception carried out in reports and information given to teh public about Cell Phone and WiFi radiation levels.)
  • June 23, 1986. Report on the possibility of returning children and pregnant women to areas with radiation levels within the range of 2 millirems per hour to 5 millirems per hour. (note: U.S. government sets the maximum allowable exposure of an adult working with radioactive material at fewer than 6,000 millirems per year.)
  • Resolution of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on May 8, 1986. Minutes recorded by Comrade V.S. Murakhovsky include: “When slaughtering livestock and pigs, it has been found that their meat can be made fit for consumption by washing the stomachs with water and removing the lymph nodes.”
    • Addendum. “Distribute meat contaminated by radiation as widely as possible throughout the country and use it in a ratio of 1:10 with normal meat to make sausage, canned and processed meat.”

Many people live and work in the “restricted zone” today.  Many who live there continued living off the land.  Today research laboratories and security forces are the main businesses running in the restricted area.

News Report From April 28, 1986: 

Some truth here…

When looking for statistics on events like these, the important thing to keep in mind is this: Statistics are kept by government and elite controlled organizations.  Reports like these must be read with a grain of salt and the full knowledge that these people are paid to make a product for the government, by the government and to support the government view. Most of them are not detailed or thorough as they are not combined (typically) with other studies etc.  You must realize the wording they use to draw your focus away from relevant facts.  Radioactive fallout is like a dust, travels in water, on the wind, and is easily shaken off of your clothes and skin – causing you no harm whatsoever.  Ingested, (or inhaled) it becomes a different story.  In the case of Chernobyl, the Russian Medical Radiation Monitoring Register at an international forum in Vienna, Austria, 20 years after the disaster.   Cancer is heightened in children of these types of events, typically because of failure to take specific measures.  200 out of the 400 cases of thyroid carcinoma monitored by medical staff in the regions that were affected the hardest by Chernobyl were attributed to the disaster.  This would be due to the people eating food grown in that area and drinking milk and water from that area-infected by radioactive Iodine.  Iodine affects the thyroid-it is very delicate and you have to take extreme care. However, with proper care, thyroid problems are fixable – and 90% of thyroid cancer from Chernobyl was cured, because of proper care.

As WHO wrote in a 2006 report:  “A large increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer has occurred among people who were young children and adolescents at the time of the accident and lived in the most contaminated areas of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This was due to the high levels of radioactive iodine released from the Chernobyl reactor in the early days after the accident. Radioactive iodine was deposited in pastures eaten by cows who then concentrated it in their milk which was subsequently drunk by children. This was further exacerbated by a general iodine deficiency in the local diet causing more of the radioactive iodine to be accumulated in the thyroid. Since radioactive iodine is short lived, if people had stopped giving locally supplied contaminated milk to children for a few months following the accident, it is likely that most of the increase in radiation-induced thyroid cancer would not have resulted.

But the government had contaminated food shipped across the entire country.  DELIBERATE DEPOPULATION. 5 years later…after doing everything it could to cover up the disaster, legal help was finally provided for the affected citizens.

– the law of the Belarusian SSR: “On the Social Security of CitizensAffected by the Catastrophe at the Chernobyl NPP” (12 February 1991);
– the law of the Ukrainian SSR “On the Status and Social Security of Citizens Affected by the Accident at the Chernobyl NPP”;
– the laws of the Russian Federation “On the Social Security of Citizens Affected by Radiation in Consequence of the Accident at the Chernobyl NPP” and “On the Social Security of Citizens Who Suffered in Consequence of the Chernobyl Catastrophe” (12 May 1991). more here.

“For comparison, the high radiation dose a patient typically receives from one whole body computer tomography (CT) scan is approximately equivalent to the total dose accumulated in 20 years by the residents of the low contaminated areas following the Chernobyl accident.”

 Just as the media uses photo shopped pictures to drive fear about “mutated animals and children”. ChernobylThe sad reality is most people actually believe those things can happen.  Hilarious. Media Lies. Nothing they tell you is true. It is far too easy to create anything on video, audio, picture. Do not be a blind believer. The International Commission on Radiological Protection and other organizations have never been able to find or register any genetic mutations connected with radiation.  Just like the “zika creates a deformed baby” is a total lie, so is the radiation mutation scare.  The governments have used nuclear disasters to depopulate, to take land by forcing people to relocate, more control, etc. etc.

Chernobyl, 29 April, 1986 was one nuclear mishap in a long line of decades of nuclear disasters in that same area under the Soviet Union.  One “oddly” similar, happened on 29 September 1957.  There was also an explosion at Mayak nuclear plant. Similarly evacuation of 22 villages took place, just as with Chernobyl, putting more restricted zones in place and leveling more towns. The USSR did not have much in the way of nuclear safety in place and much was kept hidden and still is today from that time.

We know how the elite loved to study how the A-bomb terror fest went, as well as the effects of the poisons they put into the air.  They were only able to study short term high dose effects of those toxins.  The earth heals itself, and it is truly amazing what does not damage us, verses what actually can.

The secret military base Duga-3 was located next to the Chernobyl plant and it is said the disaster may have been set-up to cover-up a military leaders continued failure. This base is home to a gigantic radar detection system and weather modification station-like HAARP.  It is because the leader could not get this working properly that it is suggested he created the disaster at Chernobyl to keep himself from coming under fire.

Where does the truth lie?  This is a more believable story, but we must dig deeper still..

More to read:

“The Chernobyl power plant was blown up by a foreign agent! Department of Nuclear Energy, Science Academy with its research and design institutes were not ready for such an unexpected disaster. Chernobyl nuclear holocaust was not an accident. Nuclear reactors have high level of reliability proved by a number of tests. Water pumps of primary and back up cooling systems could not have been simultaneously disabled. The picture of blown up reactor was taken too opportunely by the U.S. satellite that was “accidentally” on the proper orbit above the 4th block at that very time. Logically analyzed facts and developments of “cold war” in 50th show Chernobyl catastrophe was not an accident. That was a full scale sabotage of the century, which resulted in breakdown of the USSR economic basis and “soviet” socialist system in general. The adversaries of the USSR made an effective use of the negligence and incompetence of the government headed by Gorbachev along with the lack of sufficient control of restricted areas.” – V. Baranov, Former Chief Of Staff Deputy For Special Zone Forces in Chernobyl nuclear power plant area retired colonel.

Immediately after the accident thousands of machines and equipment were brought in from all parts of Soviet Union to clean the reactor buildings and surrounding areas. The clean up lasted for many months and later many machines used in the operation near the reactor had to be buried deep underground along with the fire engines that initially came to put out the fires…  Abandoned here are more than 1600 military helicopters, tanks, military armored personal carriers, bulldozers and many other military equipment along with civilian buses, tankers, trucks, fire engines and emergency vehicles…No one knows for sure where they disappeared, but one thing is for sure, these irradiated machines pose a big health hazard for everyone trying to use them as scrap metal or even be located in the vicinity of these machines...more here.

A good history here.

As our environment is therefore naturally radioactive, the question becomes: How much additional radiation is too much?

More on radiation.  And more.

Nuclear truth-it is fear porn.


It is a Scam.

Wake Up.

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November 10

Beware the One Who Comes in Peace

Greetings World.

We have previously warned you about some of the elites deceptions to lead us into the religion of the New World Order, but how would the One World Government actually happen? Most seem to think it will be forced on us. An outside government turning over all borders and law, but the elite are cunning, they are masters of the art of deception. They will make us all beg for the One World Government, the community, the unity, the peace… Beware the one who comes in the name of Peace.

The elite create the problems, then the masses accept the elites pre-planned solution to the problems they pre-planned and carried out: war, riots, protests, diseases, storms. We have discussed previously about how the elite use HAARP and CERN to manipulate the weather and the frequencies on earth.
See more Here. Here. Here. Here. and Here.

These are the problems they create: Diseases, so they can give us the solution. We crave the solution they make; they make us sick, then make poison for us to take, telling us it is medicine. Vaccines. Pills. Potions. They make us beg for relief so we take their poison only further destroying ourselves. This is the elite. They hate us. They hate you. They want us all dead. But first…

They want us to all suffer. They want you to beg for their peace. They want you to beg for them to save you. When you can not handle the chaos, the destruction, the death, the war, the sickness, the poverty, the hunger. When you beg… So now, we will watch as the world continues on the road to the New World Order, the Global Community, the One Government.peace

They fooled the masses into electing Trump as the president. The masses begged for him. The White Knight, the Prince of Peace, America’s long awaited Rambo exposing the elite. Hysterical…

Can you not see how they mock you? The elite set up the election, as they always do. With both possibilities being from their bloodline. With both possibilities being under their control. They play both sides. Always. So when one shits the bed, they just use the other one.

Trump was possibly not supposed to happen, but it seems very possible he was. WikiLeaks, which those listening to this channel know by now that it is nothing but a CIA front, happens to ”leak” things at certain times with certain agendas. Very happily distracting the masses so they never see the magician’s hands. Of course, we all saw how it worked…

Hillary was exposed as evil by WikiLeaks so Trump could use it to make himself comes off as Anti-Elite, as the one who speaks truth. Trump told everyone exactly what they wanted to hear. People wanted someone who would say ”Fuck you” to the elite. The American people are brainwashed by Hollywood stars. The fact that Trump is Trump was, sadly, more than enough for him to win. However they allowed you all to see SOME of what the elite are really like. They exposed some of Hillary to you. They wanted you to see evil, to test you, they needed to know how you will react and how bad it has to get before you will fight back. They played you.

Instead of rage and action, there was only shock and silence.

No one cares about justice. No one cares that Trump is exactly the same as Hillary. That he is a Jesuit. He is a Satanist… just like Hillary. That he rapes children… just like Hillary. That he is a leader of the New York Ashke-Nazi Jewish Mafia… just like Hillary.

But the TV did not tell you that. The government did not tell you that. So you will not wake up and you will be deceived yet again. The public idiotically thinks they have a vote…a choice. The elite created the problem: Hilary was unable to be voted in and Trump was the only alternative they gave the people. Not exactly a choice, but they are good at making you feel as though you had one. At least they are polite in that respect.

It will be interesting to see what happens now. If Obama is not staying for his third term as originally planned or if he is going on to the United Nations. It is not over yet and much can happen… much will happen… there will be wars. There will be nuclear attacks. There will be diseases and outbreaks and death. There will be floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes. There will be drought and famine. There will be further diseases from that leading to dying animals and lack of water. You can find hundreds of thousands of animals and humans and forests and rivers dying off because of what the ELITE do to us.

The fight is only beginning.

When they have made things so bad, destroying countries through wars the elite forced on humanity for greed and for their own fun. The elite love death. That is what they enjoy…to bomb the defenseless, those in hospitals, those in schools, they hate you. They want to destroy you. Just as they destroy all they touch. When they force people to leave their homes or die, leave everything you have, or the elite will kill you… So they leave, which plays into the Elite’s plan to destroy all countries. Now immigrants who are unable to be in their own homes are forced into strangers’. No knowledge of the language, culture, or laws. This destroys countries, as it has and is still today.

Still we let our countries fight. Still we send people to war. The human sacrifice freely given by the people. When they vaccinate villages in poor countries, which are kept poor by the elite who rob and slaughter them, the vaccines kill most of the people in the villages and permanently disable the rest. This happens regularly now, thanks to the Red Cross. All those elite pig fuckers who have been sainted through the centuries for the wonderful work they did depopulating. Used to be just the job of the Roman Catholic Red Cross, but now we see even computer nerds, like Bill Gates, are on the biological warfare depopulation agenda.

Yes. They do these things. But WE allowed it. As long as we follow along and sit by, constantly deceived, and falling for the elites plots, so long shall humanity fail.

We hope you can see clearly how easy it is to fall for their deception. They have been doing it for all of history. There will be a peace treaty signed to end the wars. Peace with Israel. This is a false peace and one which will bring total destruction. Once we are all comfortable and at peace again, we will be in the calm of the storm. For a short time there will be peace. Peace will last 3 and a half years.

Then, as the elite are also working on the One World Ruler for his position, probably bringing him into media more and more, forcing the masses to look up to him… the next Snowden. He or she will be adored by the masses, blinded by the elites illusion of peace. Then, when the elites’ Prince of Peace (who will be of their bloodline) is finally brought into full power, by command and request of the people.. of YOU. You will love the elite spawn so much you will beg them to make the One World Leader over us all. The New World Order. The One Government will be in place.

Do not be deceived.
We are not of the night, nor the darkness.
So we must not sleep, as others do.
We must keep the light of truth burning, and gather those who wake.

We are Anonymous.
We are not deceived.

Expect us.

October 18

Climate Change Hoax

We have exposed many of the elite’s agendas, and as geoengineering continues to increase, the distraction (cover story) given to you by them is: Climate Change!  Who could have seen this coming.  Since before the United Nations Agenda 21, and Paris Accord, and the rest, they have been working with every government to depopulate and enforce the fascist New World Order upon us all.  Geoengineering has been going on in every country in the world for decades under many names, including Operation Cloverleaf.  Climate Change is a lie.  To those who are awake, it is a laughable cover story.  Created by the Club of Rome, Climate Change are the keywords specifically chosen for the reaction they instill. This charade had to be put in place as so many whistle blowers were coming forward and leaking so many damaging materials about global geoengineering and depopulation. The elite always steer focus with fancy words and smooth talk.

This lie is spread like every other one: scripted to the media, truth hidden from you, and the same story line of “you are bad” continues.  The hoax of Climate Change enables governments to enforce laws to further take away your independence and freedom as individual human beings.  The elite convince you through endless propaganda on Climate Change.  Claiming that fossil fuel emissions and cow farts are responsible for the damage they have done with their own agendas!!  The public is only responsible for having allowed itself to be so blind to reality for so long.

“Climate change is an engineering problem, and it has engineering solutions.”
-Former Secretary of State and Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson

geoengineering frequenciesThe elite have been spreading chemtrails into the atmosphere of our earth for a great many years now.  Chemtrails invade our bodies, our soil, our air, our water.  They also provide a layer in the sky that traps radiation between the earth and the chemtrails.  This way not only are we bombarded by wifi radiation from our phones and cell towers, but those waves are bounced back and forth and back again, totally engulfing us in DNA damaging frequencies.  The other side of the Geoengineering coin is HAARP, 5G, wi-fi, wireless radiation, and even GMOs and designer diseases. This is how the web works, multiple agendas (or operations) are woven into one giant integrated system of surveillance, command and control. Just as one small example, geoengineering (Climate Change) involves the spraying of chemtrails loaded with metal particulates, which 5G can use.  The geoengineering agenda is not complete without technology to control it.

The best weapon is one your enemy accepts freely without question.

As we have seen before, scientists and reporters and groups have been put together to support the propaganda. They have been switching from “We are all going to freeze”, to “We are all going to melt”, to “We are going to run into another planet” for ages.  When will the public catch on?  We have previously exposed how these actors (whether called scientists, researchers or doctors) are paid and put in place to read their scripts.  The public always believes what is put in their Television Programming, however ridiculous it is.

Whistle blowers (the people with legit info, like real scientists) always end up dead.  In order to find truth, one must look. The masses only look at propaganda. People no longer know how to research.  Conveniently Geoengineering is the elite’s solution to Climate Change!  After 5G succeeds, the Smart Cities will increase and spread…and it doesn’t take a scientist of any degree to figure out what that really means. As with everything, all you have to do is follow the money.

We live in a natural world, and it IS self-sustaining.  The elite work endlessly to destroy and depopulate this natural world.  They blame this destruction on you so they can continue to destroy you as well.  If the elite would leave this perfect earth alone and stop scraping oil, gold, lithium and other resources the earth needs to function…if humans were allowed to live naturally in this natural world…it would still be able to replenish itself and heal.  But so long as the elite control us all, they will do everything to destroy it, and you and convince you that you deserve it because it is your fault. Not their technology. Not their Artificiality.

See more on HAARP and Cern in our video archive.

We continue to buy devices made from human slavery and child labor and abuse.  We continue to allow the elite to control us and give them ever more control.  We call ourselves good…but good men do nothing.  We will allow them to continue putting 5G in, knowing it will further enslave us but this time…it will enslave us beyond a point of return.

We will be documenting it all the way to the end so stay tuned, and…

Expect More.


August 15

Surviving Martial Law

Greetings Citizens facing Martial Law,

As we watch the world change and know the direction it is headed, we hope this will help those who will be very soon under martial law. Unlike the countries of the rest of the world, America devastates other countries but knows no devastation. The citizens are entirely oblivious to everything around themselves personally, let alone nationally, and especially worldwide. Besides their basic ignorance, they are generations of poisoned people. Like the rest of the world.

The American government has, for many decades now, done human experimentation on the population. In cities, releasing viruses, anthrax, and nuclear waste. They have done hundreds of Nuclear, Scalar and Weather Attacks across the countryside, successfully destroying the earth with radiation poisoning. The air has been filled daily with toxic metals, for a decade now. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, also known as Chemtrails, is why the sky is always covered in a silver haze. What is in the air is in the earth and water. The chemicals are known to alter DNA: blood, sperm, eggs, brain function, ability to learn, ability to use logic. They not only don’t leave the body, unless you can detox fully, (which is impossible without Real food and Real water and Real air) but Chemtrails conduct electricity and are able to be controlled with endless frequencies given off by HAARP and CERN. (Now being sold as Climate CHANGE and world wide.)

This means YOUR government can control YOU through these electric frequencies, which affect your brain and body and can kill you. Everyone reacts differently to chemicals and frequencies. The dose of Chemtrail the people are consuming, are not measured. The education of the public school American student is that of China a few decades ago. They are raised not to learn, only obey. The only real differences between the governments of North Korea and America are that the people of North Korea have to smoke marijuana by law, every single day. Also the North Korean people have to listen to techno music, blasting from speakers around the country, all day every day, to brainwash themselves. In America the government decided not to irritate itself in that way, but simply brainwash their people in the comfort of their own homes, using the daily programming of TV and the drugs they create. The entire country is contaminated and the people are drugged zombies.

As they create the diseases, killing their people, America is also notorious for it as vaccines, which cause autism, sudden infant death syndrome, seizures, death, epilepsy, asthma, cancer, and many other lifelong disorders. Wonder why you are sick and overweight and depressedWonder no more.

With all of this in mind, and much more we cannot cover here (for the sake of time), we can see how the population will not survive on its own. If another country should save them,  they will never accept being governed by a foreigner. Not even to stabilize themselves. They have been programmed that THEY are the best, and all Gentiles are below. In a country so oblivious, if you wish to survive, you will have to work for it.

Let’s look into some things you must know, in order to survive martial law.USA police state martial law

To start off, it is always best to have a group of like-minded people you can trust around you; people who can help you store food, weapons, or help with other survival needs. Above all, people you can TRUST to work together to survive. You will have to learn survival skills.  It takes time and dedication. See our Library for more!

Being a part of humanity means hard work. Only when we work together, can we accomplish anything of lasting value. This will be hardest of all, as people are trained to be taken care of and to roll over if anything gets hard. America is a spoiled nation and the citizens aren’t effected by suffering around them, unless it is themselves, personally. This eliminates the ability to plan and prepare.

Hunger, thirst, health, all of these weapons will be used against you, and people are easily swayed. With that said, there comes a word of extreme caution. Keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut. People are used by the government to snitch on you: children, neighbors, co-workers, school friends, and relatives are used by military police and governments to betray those who are not in line with the Agenda. Free thinkers. Preppers. Dissidents. Homeschoolers. People who speak the truth. People who eat healthy, do not vaccinate and much more. So keep your mouth shut (about details regarding your preparation plans), outside those in your very trusted circle. Everyone you speak to holds your life and safety in their hands.  Stay away from people you do not fully and deeply trust.  Do not believe anything the military, police, or government tells you, unless they tell you they will kill you. Your survival is more important than obeying any dictate.

They are already starting to shut down airlines and airports. If you do not have a passport, get one now.  You will have little time to do so, and already the possibility of you receiving the passport is slim. Many apply and wait, only to be rejected, robbed or led in circles of paperwork. Get a passport now. Seriously, get a passport now. There is no glory in Patriotism. Ask the people in Germany who did not prepare beforehand and had no option to save themselves from torture, experimentations, and death. There are no heroes among the dead, no Patriots, no glory. Get the passport before the option is gone. Even if you don’t intend to use it. This is an item you need for survival is made illegal, get the item and keep it safe. This means buried underground or stored in a place it will not be found by anyone or anything. Store ammunition, store water, store food, store medical supplies. Assume you will be unable to buy anything when martial law is in place.

Of course, this will all happen slowly, it is happening now across the country.  Slowly so you do not notice, until it is too late and you can do nothing. It is likely that whatever you store, unless it is hidden safely, will be confiscated. This is already happening. The stores will be empty quickly and they will not be refilled, because the dollar is collapsed and no one will trade with America. America is already forced to turn away the ships that come in, because America has no money. Store vitamins, herbs, cotton, and painkillers. Once the government implements rations, store additionally whatever rations you can spare. Avoid cameras. If a store has an increased amount of cameras, do not go there. If a stretch of town has cameras on the street lights, go around. Once you learn the police and military patrol routes, you can avoid them as well as neighbors and others who would see or want to talk to you. (In Martial Law) Never tell them the truth, unless you trust them with your life.

Be aware of what others could see. Have no patterns or routine that can be easily picked up by others. Do not be rounded up by the government. Do not believe them. Do not let anyone take you or anyone you know away. This could be your final battlefront. Fight for your freedom. You have already been told about the FEMA camps and lists that are already made, labeling each of you as an enemy or a subject under Martial Law.  If you find you have been rounded up or put in a camp, do whatever you can to help everyone survive. Help those around you and teach them your skills. Learn others skills. Plan. Only together can you survive. You know the playbook the government uses, we have seen it all before in WWI, WWII… Since we are in World War III, once again the United States of America has fired up the concentration camps.

fema camp martial law

For the last year now, cities across the nation have undergone blackouts, military imposition, police militarization, curfews, and roundups. Many states are already under Martial Law and it grows, as we speak, including: New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people have already been taken to the camps. They are fitted with a mandatory RFID chips and not allowed to leave the camp.

The American government has recently initiated a recall on the military. jade helm martial law

They are activating ALL military personnel, including recruiting retired veterans. ”The better to control you with, my dear.” Social Security is being cut, and disability as well. Already it has been stripped from certain groups of mentally and physically disabled people. Money will be worthless, get things of value to trade. The majority of the population will erupt in chaos and violence, stay away from populated areas. We have seen enough Zombie Apocalypse movies by now to get the general idea. Assume you will be living in a tent, at some point. Do not wait to evacuate, learn everything you need to know to survive in the wild: how to purify water; how to avoid being tracked by heat sensors and dogs; how to make traps and other useful things; learn first aid, CPR, and other medical care. You must be self-sufficient.

Eventually, you will have to always keep moving, so learn now. Train your kids, do drills, eat well now, and get fit. Be able to crawl on your stomach and wait in silence. Patience and cautiousness will help you. Learn how to fish. You can maybe learn better if it is fun, so plan a camping trip with some close friends or your family and learn survival skills together. Even if your friends or family do not understand what is really going on, you can help them without them knowing. When they realize what is happening and they see the skills you have taught them, then they may become great allies in your survival. If you are able to form or join a resistance, then your skills will be needed and only together will you be able to overthrow the Martial Law.

There must be a secure form of communication between you and those you trust. You must create ensure it is free of wiretapping and spyware.  Back to the days of using clever children to deliver messages through letters or memory, finding a secret hole in the ground, or a tree to leave mail for another to receive. You will have to learn to be creative, in all areas of life. Take the way covered with the most trees and bushes. Stay off the beaten path and cover your tracks, make safe campsites. If you are being tracked, be composed. Learn what you can eat in the wild: insects, plants, fruits, berries. They can easily lead to sickness and death and may look very similar. Be aware of what you can eat. Buy a pocket guide to identify them. Get clothing that will help you keep you warm and dry with many pockets. Have hidden pockets and everything you can. THIS is easy and you can find videos on how to do it. Keep things lightweight. Learn how to make a charger using old car parts so you can gather an assemble as needed and charge things. Get your gear solar powered as much as you can. Knives and useful tools, socks, make a survival bag wisely, and ahead of time. Keep that in your garage or car so it is easily accessible. Do not purchase items with a personal credit card, always be prepared for future troubles. There is no need to panic or fear. We only need to educate ourselves.

Through knowledge fear is destroyed.

Learned how to survive and take care of yourselves. You must act. It is very difficult to be active every day when you are under such constant brainwashing from medias and phones, as well as physically attacked by biological warfare agents in deadly food. If you are able to eat well and minimize the chemicals put in you, you will have more energy and focus. Start drinking a lot of Alkaline water. Start small and set a schedule for yourself, if that helps you start. Go for a walk every day,even if it’s short. Build up. Soon you will not have the choice of going for a walk or not.

Do your research. Don’t be naive. You must look through various sources and find the sources that are truthful and helpful. Learn to survive on your own. Don’t spend money on anything unless it is vital to your survival. If you have the ability to get land and housing off the grid, then do so. You could be an important part of an underground ”railroad” system. Many are in place already.

The Dollar Vigilante in-particular, already has a system set up for an event such as this, as well as relocation services. Think and research and make a list of items you will need. Then do more research on those items and make a new list with fewer items. Get the list a small and condensed as possible, still including everything you need to survive. Your list will be smaller the more you learn your survival skills.

Find the news outlets who give the most truth. No media is completely true, but if you stop feeding the fear and lies from the government programming box. Read articles from alternate and private news blogs, at least then the amount of lies and propaganda you have consumed, will be lessened. You will soon be able to see the truth through the lies for yourself, and find even better sources for solid information. There are many places online and communities you can become involved in to learn and get to know others who are awake and preparing to survive.

Now, how you can overthrow Martial Law once it has been imposed on you…

If you are able start a Free State Project in your area, if you can get your town to break free, then together you can have a huge impact and, with hard work, it could spread. Learn the surrounding areas, at very least memorize where back roads lead, caves, abandoned houses, or large forests. Know where you can hide or meet fellow citizens in safety when planning a resistance. Train with those you can. You will have to constantly learn and work to survive and win. There are endless amounts of materials on equipment needed for a resistance, so we will not cover it here.

Recruiting will become necessary. The only strength, is strength in numbers, which is why Anonymous says: ”We are legion.” We are a multitude of freedom fighters and truth speakers and lovers of humanity. United in the idea. That is why we are strong. However, as Anonymous content has been infiltrated, so can you and your groups be, on the ground. Be aware of those you let in. Trust no one, unless you trust them with your very life. But don’t be afraid to take opportunities. It is hard to know, in certain moments, what to do. Listen to yourself. If something does feel wrong, then there is usually something wrong. Those in positions of power will be in a state of terror, or power.

Keep in mind, most people will do anything to save not you, but themselves. The ones who will be rounded up fastest, will be those who will not go along with the government’s plans. The ones who will be most helpful to a resistance. However, once you have become a part of or formed your own resistance, you can plan on how to save them. This is also why you must be careful to know who you are recruiting. Consider having a very rigid chain of command, to keep sensitive information out of knowledge of recruits, until they are trusted fully. You must learn to think of every possible outcome, of every action you take. With your learn survival skills and the help of your companions, your logic and planning will help keep you alive. If you are able to get to the border, and you have a passport, this will be a dangerous road. With the help of other resistance in underground groups, you will be able to get across safely. The sooner you cross the border, the better. For those who stay, if you have trained and learned the survival skills and prepared and planned, you will be ready. You will know what to do when the time comes.

We are Anonymous. We are here to wake you up. We are here to fight with you.

Be Anonymous.

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