October 26


Here we will post updates and further details and answer questions we receive from people, about the NWO and what is happening today!

Everything on this site is free to download, share, upload, save, and distribute as you wish.


This site is heavily censored and taken down by DHS often.  We have also had all of our social media accounts closed.  If it is not up when you return, please wait a few days and try again.  It WILL always come back if we can help it.  Please download, print, email, copy and save anything you wish.  The truth must get out. They are going to only censor more and more as times continues.  The ability to obtain truth is temporary.  Thank you for coming.

The elite use terms to confuse us.  They us many different terms to mean one thing. We have discussed much of this in the document below and as it is expected you know what the contents of that are before continuing on this site, we will not be explaining it all over and over again in every post.  It is assumed you understand the NWO, the elite and their beliefs and the way they operate.  There are many many sources to help people wake up to a degree.  This site will not be understood by those who are not awake.

That said. I am no writer. I am no preacher. I am no philosopher.  At best I am a seeker and speaker of truth.  I relay the truth I find here, for you all. You should always search for your truth and use many sources.  Sources you have also validated. I hope if nothing else, that this site will help open your mind and break free from the brain washing and control the elite who rule us do to us from birth.


Full Document in Video Form, Please see Document Below.

First Half:

Second Half: