October 7

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Date Title
2019/11/26Ready for the New World?
2019/10/07Puppets on Strings Give Demons Wings: The Making of Greta Thunberg
2019/09/20Extradition Cases
2019/09/08   De Birds, De Bees and De Bauchery
2019/08/21ADD Manufactured Disorders
2019/08/21 Designer Diseases
2019/08/01Realization of Gamification
2019/07/28 Facebook and Google: Agents of Cyber Deception
2019/05/10A New World Order Documentary
2019/05/04DeComposing Humanity
2019/04/29 Pedo Files: Jimmy Wales
2019/04/27A Scam Called Reality
2019/04/26 Notre Dame in Flames
2019/04/13Dead List Argentina
2019/04/10   Pedo Files: Argentina
2019/03/30 Dying for the Truth II: Luis Medina
2019/03/16 Age of Deceit
2019/03/12Dying for Truth I: Natacha Jaitt
2019/03/09Sharing is Caring
2019/03/03 New World Order Update

It was at this point our website had been deleted, and our backups corrupted by those who don’t like to be exposed, a frequent side effect of our work. The entire site had to be redone after the New Year attack of 2018.

Thankfully we were able to salvage all but 4 articles. Though we are unable to list the dates of the following articles, they have been listed in rough chronological order.

Identity Crisis II
Identity Crisis I
Point of No Return
Idiot America Attempts to Attack Denmark
Whispers From the Grave
The Choice is Yours
Mueller Exposed
Kingdom Come
War on All Fronts
Rulers of New World Orders Past
The Quantum Experience
Reprogramming Initiated
Waves of Intelligence Series
There Will Be Blood Part 3
There Will Be Blood Pt 2
There Will Be Blood Pt 1
Raping Reality
India and the Elites Agenda
Million Mask March 2018
The Truth About Your Reality
Why do We do What We do?
George Soros’ Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF loans
North Korea False Flag
Pedo Files: James Comey
Have I now become your enemy by telling you the Truth?
EL: The Bloodlines...All in the Family
Social Engineered Searches
Social Engineered Social Medias
Nuclear Reality: Chernobyl
Warning to Humanity
The UN Revealed
Nuclear Reality: Bombs are Fake
The GreenBaum Speech: Ritual Abuse
The CIA and Human Experimentation, Trafficking, Satanism
The Dollar is Dead
Pedo Files: The Pope
The Developing Mind Under Kontrol Pt. 2
Climate Change Hoax
The Developing Mind Under Kontrol Pt. 1
Escaping America
Jade Helm
Signs and Symbols Rule the World, not Words nor Laws
Who is Trump?
Intelligence and Security
Mind Kontrol
Who is Obama, Really?
Snowden Assange Revealed

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