May 10

A New World Order Documentary

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We hope you enjoy this documentary, a review on the basics of the New World Order, as much as we did.  Keep in mind this is from 2011, so much more information is now available, and it focuses on the formation of the active secret societies of today, however, the information is valid and important to know, if you are to wake up.  You can update yourself on the current, present and future agendas, with our past work.  Much of our work discusses agendas and events which will come in 3-8 years.  While we are constantly discussing true history, it is only so you can see how the future events will take place-and already are.  Wake up, before it’s too late. All the information you need to know all about the elite (Pharisees now calling themselves Jews NOT to be confused with Isrealites (bloodline NOT citizens of the fake country of Israel), their master, their fears, the future, their agendas, and your purpose, has always been kept in one book, hidden in layers of deception and censorship…yet the truth always remains…for those with eyes to see it.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake Up.

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