October 8

There Will Be Blood Pt 2

What is the elite’s ultimate goal? What is the real reason for all of their agendas? Why do they control music, media, hollywood, education, your work environment, family and social standards, religion, governments, food, water, oil, gold, air… Everything they do is for their ultimate goal. The reason they do these things is because of their DNA. This is what we have exposed in our document EL: The Bloodlines which can be found in the about section of this site.

So let us continue where we left off in part one of There Will be Blood.

We understand now the basics of blood, of DNA-how every piece of our own natural and perfect DNA has a specific and defined purpose. We understand that altering the DNA affects it and us permanently and can never be undone. We now understand some of the basic types of things the elite do and use to damage and alter our DNA in order to slowly kill us.

Already we have selective breeding in animals and plants. Everything is being genetically modified. Next up is you. 

Inside GMO Transgenics and Cloning:

They have been doing this for thousands of years.  Granted, after the last time they did this humanity was all but destroyed entirely, it has taken them a few thousand years to get back to the level of technology and expertise they once were.  This is nothing new. The elite just keep everything hidden from you. It has come so far now that the product they are engineering is you.

Dr. Thierry Vrain stated: “When you engineer a plant, you put a gene in the plant. That gene is going to make a protein, and that gene can go anywhere in the plant because you have no control. It goes anywhere in the genome, anywhere in the chromosome. Biotech companies and government agencies are ignoring the science that refutes GMO arguments. It is about the money. It becomes very important for the biotech companies to push aside the studies that are not confirming the corporate line or questioning safety. But it’s simpler. Most investors in the biotech companies just want to make money. It is the bottom line. They may think if they can get away with selling it then why not?”

They cover up vaccines and the damage they do. They cover up natural medicine. They cover up everything they can to keep you from the truth. They use you like lab rats.


Every human is different but Human DNA is specific to its species. If we simplified it extremely: every species has a sort of base DNA specific to that species- in addition to our individual unique DNA. Every species has it’s own genetic makeup that can not be naturally combined with another. Humans can not mate with a bird and produce offspring because the species are incompatible. They are not the same. Different Species can not procreate together. They can not inter-breed.

Blood does not mix.

DNA is specific to the species.

A dog can not mate with a goat it will produce nothing because the DNA does not fit together. Hybrids can not procreate. Mules which are a genetically modified doney and horse combination, can not reproduce. Their DNA is too damaged.

By altering, “modifying” your perfect DNA, something completely unnatural is produced. Something that goes against nature. Just look at GMO food: It is void of nutrients, it is void of flavor, it is void of everything that makes it what it is supposed to be-because it is not what it is supposed to be. Its DNA has been altered. It is no longer what it was. Whether it is corn, tomatoes, oranges, the DNA has been altered and changed by an outside force and is therefore dead. It is nothing. Has no value or worth. So the elite wish to do this to you by altering your DNA and making you the next GMO product, erasing what it is to be human.

Employees have been forced to take DNA tests for fear of losing their jobs. Naturally all records are kept by the government and automatically added to the dna data bank. Now your genes, which expose your families genes, your medical history and future, become a product of the government. The story was made to look like a comedy in main stream media and the gravity of what just happened was dismissed, laughed off, while the freedom of those who were forced to participate was lost forever. The only thing you do own is your DNA.

Giving them your DNA will not make anyone safer it will only make you a target. The same applies to implants they are putting in people now. You will not be told the truth of what it is they will be infecting you with. The impact nano technology of today has is mind boggling. Hopefully you will, as always, continue looking deeper into the topics we bring up here.

Your DNA will be in the data banks which are used to convict people of crimes. Your DNA will be used for whatever they need. DNA matching is not reliable as everything has DNA in it. A pair of underwear shows over 3,000 different humans DNA because that underwear has been made in a factory, it has been transfered and packaged, it has been put out on a shelf, it has much DNA on it. This leads to fantastically huge DNA matching failures. Now YOU TOO can be the next patsy for a mass shooting, assassination, out of control protest. You can be the next Electromagnetic and V2K Voice to Skull mind-control technology target, or simply the recipient of a designer disease, specifically made for your DNA!! All based on the target’s DNA resonance. The list of possibilities is truly endless but rest assured, the elite know exactly what to do with your DNA.

The FBI has stated that the DNA community has cautioned that match probabilities should be viewed as varying by a factor of 10. “Though these discrepancies are within the internationally accepted range, the FBI is committed to correcting the inaccurate values in a transparent manner.” So now you see there is a degree of failure they are pleased to accept.  Do not be so quick to assume the flaws are accidental. They are much smarter than that.

Errors in the DNA profiles that the FBI analyzed to generate the population statistics data has been used in hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide in the past 15 years. The FBI’s population stats are built into the software programs used by 9 in 10 US labs and include many clerical mistakes in transcriptions of the genotypes and to limitations of the old technology and software.  They are more concerned with funding military and bombs than to keep anything on their computers and in their databases safe. You let them get away with it…not even trying to fight back.

DNA is not secure but it will be used as the new gold standard.  Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes states, “DNA is perceived to be the gold standard when it comes to forensic evidence. The public has such a faith in findings or results of DNA. It can be very hard to challenge it. They put on their blinders and turn a blind eye to questionable evidence. They are hell bent on getting a conviction. and if that means questionable evidence is used, they move for it.”

How do you honestly think your DNA is going to be handled by the elite?? By turning your DNA into currency it gives them the instant access they want, by crashing all economies as they are currently doing causing the need for a new currency. We have covered this topic before.

As usual we see the UN has also misuse DNA. Francis Gurry directed security officers to steal DNA samples from staff members in order to identify anonymous letter writers he suspected of criticizing him. This is another example of how your DNA is going to be used in reality, by anyone and for any ridiculous reason. Exposing all of your information based on suspicion NOT FACT. As the government says. “We should be collecting it from everybody,” agrees New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir. “The only ones who have anything to worry about from DNA testing are criminals.”

Privacy is discarded. There are no ethics or morals. Welcome to the New World Order.

There is a secret world wide database filing the DNA and medical information of a large percentage of the world. FBI agent Murphy begins, “It began in the 1960’s in America and slowly more doctors were bought off. It would be fair to say at least 92% of doctors worldwide have been paid for this information. Then they started paying off other medical professionals as well. It started off as an easier way to solve crimes like murder but it has gotten out of hand. If you have had a blood test your DNA is put into this file as well as the results of all the blood tests you have had. Key people in police agencies around the world can access the database for whatever they deem fit. No warrant needed. It is simple.”

We hope you understand the seriousness of this.

Of course, most ask why they do this? Why alter our DNA? Why Terraform the planet and make this world inhospitable to us -to humans, animals, plants?

They are Modifying our DNA for the Grid

Not only that but they are tracking and logging every species on earth! They will be recording DNA of every species – a list of every animal and human in the world.

They are slowly killing humanity.  They have all but destroyed the ability to have a decent IQ, common sense, logic, or deep focused thought. They have lowered humans to a point lower than animals thanks to repeated music, movies and TV shows convincing you that all there is to life is sex. That you, a human, are no different than animals-good for nothing more than basic animal functions: eat, reproduce, die. Most of you believe it. Ask questions. Look deeper.

When your enemy is larger than you are, as the human population is to the elite, you subdue them. Make them believe they are less through propaganda and fear. When you conquer the mind none will stand. That is what will happen. In this final goal of the elite. People will be simply overwhelmed, they will accept the enemy perceived as a higher species-even if it is out of fear. The easiest way to defeat your enemy is to do it without them realizing. Everyone accepts the technology of the day stuffing their faces with it without knowing what it is and does-it will destroy you-because you are deceived. Why do you think they never do safety or health tests on technology they put in every home, in every hand?


The transhumanist puppets used to bring in this next and final goal of the elite, are continuing to brainwash you with terms to make you accept what is to come. Decreasing value of DNA and elevate transhumanism: Combining human with machine, Genetic Modification, making the elite as gods.

But in a world where mental illness is not treated but encouraged, what can we really expect?

An appeal was made to the UN in 2013 regarding the global future. The key topics these so called scientists and researchers are working on are as follows:

They are working on creating artificial bodies to transfer peoples DNA data into. This is called a golem in the real world. This is called possession of an inanimate object. They are also working on all that aspects that go into the live human to fake body transfer.

The elite want control of everything in order to hack and infect everything. The one thing they can not get to without your consent is your DNA. That is the target. So they feed you lies so you will give it to them.

They have been developing life extending technologies, attempting to make fully artificial organs like the brain. The UN has decided instead of the term trans-human they are using Neo Human. Boy that sounds so… Smart. Neo Human. Well, Neo, it’s time to wake up.

One can test their own DNA for various things now for as little as 200 USD. Soon it will be the next form of selfie… Upload and Share your DNA now!

They are now able to mimic the embryo itself- though normal embryos don’t keep growing more than about a week in a lab.

“People simply don’t understand just how technologically advanced the NWO is compared to the civilian sector. We aren’t talking about fifty years ahead, we’re talking about one thousand years ahead. Cloning, total mind control, invisibility, anti-gravity, free energy, age regression, soul transfers, extended life spans, time travel, space portals, ability to cure any disease, time machines, etc. are already in the hands of the NWO and their military lap dogs. We are living in a make-believe world of pretend democracy while being lied to by pretend representatives, pretend media, and pretend leaders, of which a large percentage are working on behalf of the NWO to destroy this country and usher in the satanic One World government.”

Declassified Government documents state soviet union had mind control methods using strobe light weapons, mind reading, hypnosis technologies mastered in the 1970’s. Psycho optics cause behavioral changes. This is not the only country to use and have such technologies then. It is nothing new-only kept from you.

This is all part of the elites plan. Their goal, Project Blue Beam, has exposed much of the agenda as well.  We will only briefly break this project down as we are well into the program here. They are almost ready for the final stage.

  • STAGE  1 – The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Perhaps man  made  earthquakes would unearth “evidence” that would call into question  the  veracity of the worlds major religions. With everything that may or  may  not be going on in Antarctica right now, could we be looking at  stage 1  of Blue Beam in motion?
  • STAGE  2 – The second step involves a gigantic “space show” with   three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of   multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each   receiving a different image according to predominating regional  national  religious faith.
  • STAGE 3 – The third step in the NASA Blue Beam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication. This   has also been referred to in research as “the voice of God”  technology,  or its more technical term V2K (Voice to Skull  communications).
  • STAGE 4 – The fourth step concerns the universal supernatural manifestation with electronic means.   Imagine a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves  used  at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through  optical  fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order  to  penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded  chips  will already be in place. The goal of this deals with global  Satanic  ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all  populations  to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a  wave of  suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders.
USA’s “security specialists” who use microwave satellite technology to control and torture people Interview:

The masses will be overwhelmed. People will accept whatever solution the elite give.

History will continue to repeat. This has all happened before. In the days of Noah around 7,000 years ago. The elite and their handlers overtook the world, altered every plant, every animal, and almost every single human. So history repeats because the blind masses do not learn from it.

Humanity is so twisted. Is it even worth saving at this point?  If you believe it is…prove it. The choice is yours to make: Either to be part of the resistance, the remnant, those who are love, fighting for truth, or be consumed by the elite.


August 4

Raping Reality


Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality is targeted for the next generation-the children of today. The mind of a child which is not developed will now develop in augmented (changed, altered) reality. They will be unable to distinguish from true reality.

We are born into a controlled and augmented society keeping us from truth, degrading us and enslaving us. This is the elites lie. The constant rape of what humanity really is.

Tactical Augmented Reality is made for soldiers  and will not need an independent GPS device. Instead soldiers will simply see a map overlaid on the terrain in front of them through a helmet mounted eyepiece. Just like they do in the movies.

Studies have shown that people inside Immersive Virtual Reality behave realistically when presented with complex situations. As a result a new generation of social and behavioral scientists are turning into VR to design experiments including moral dilemmas. Through multisensory stimulation healthy humans can experience what they call agency illusions over an avatar. It is as if your real body is perceptually substituted by a virtual one. This allows for manipulations beyond what would be possible in reality of course. The effects and traces of such body substitution can be measured using subjective reporting. behavioral and objective physiological measures.

All one has to do is look very briefly into how the human mind works and can so easily be manipulated and altered by senses and experiences. There will soon be no division from dreams and real life. The elite have been studying social engineering, mind manipulation, for thousands of years, so it would be important for you to catch up on this fundamental topic.  See more Here. Here. And Here.

When you Cant tell the difference between reality and games-when People think because they are watching through a screen it must not be real- our nightmares are allowed to happen. It is desensitizing to view things through a lense.  The ability to enslave you just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to your smart devices and the geotagging and info gathering they do for the government. AR uses this information and allows everyone else to see it. What you put on the internet can not be taken off. Everything that goes on the internet or on a device connected to the internet is tracked. Think about what is connected to wi-fi. Everything on that device is on the internet. Everything on the internet can be hacked. Thanks to this smart technology now people with AR Apps can see it all. Nothing is free. You are the product.

Meanwhile little is said or done about the gigantic security risks this opens up.

“Geotags” are GPS coordinates that associate pictures, videos, documents, notes, tweets, etc. with a physical location.  Your physical location. Geotagging is similar to what happens when a picture is date-stamped by a camera. The risk at the personal level, is extremely high. Smartphones automatically geotag pictures taken with the phone’s camera. This “perk” is usually turned on by default.

So sit back in your smart car and drive through your smart city. If I may, I will just point your smart phone camera at the stop and Civic Augmented Reality can deliver up your personalized schedule by using your location data along with the camera to detect points of interest. CAR can deliver in real-time any data a city chooses to make available: Transit schedules and traffic reports, information about local events, emergency service facilities, available parking spots, and more. A visual search feature allows users to scan city assets like subway stations, restaurants, signs and even trees for information.

Apples new tool called AR Kit was given to its 17 million developers to build augmented reality features into their apps. The system can place virtual 3D objects inside the phone camera’s field of view. Artificial intelligence software for facial recognition, barcode detection and language understanding.

A Couple of Leading AR Developers:

Valve Corporation is lead by Gabe Newell. As one would guess he is a Harvard Graduate with 13 years at Microsoft. Mike Harrington is another Microsoft pawn. He worked there for 9 years before he worked for Google. Scott Lynch worked for LinkedIn which is a sub company of Microsoft. So Valve Corp is Microsoft. As we will find most of the AR and VR developers are.

42 Entertainment is another leading AR developing company. Seems it is also a Microsoft subcompany. Lead by Bob Fagan from Microsoft, Elan Lee from Industrial Light and Magic which was started by George Lucas. (After which he went to Microsoft.) Sean Stewart from Microsoft, and Jordan Weisman graduate of a marine academy who worked for Microsoft. We see without going through the entire leadership of this company that it too is a Microsoft company.

As always the elite have the monopoly on everything you get to use and see.

Microsoft announced at GDC 2017 plans to bring mixed reality to the Xbox in 2018. The goal with AR and MR, unlike with VR, is to blend digital objects with environments from the real world. More Here.


Over the last couple years cyber security firms have been migrating to Israel. Israel is home to cyber security R&D centers for many leading American companies, including RSA, IBM, Microsoft, Akamai, Intel McAffe, Palantir, Intuit, AVG, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks and PayPal. More recently groups such as Germany’s Frauhofer Institute and Lockheed Martin have announced intentions to set up large R&D centers in Israel. Microsoft bought Hexadite israeli cyber security firm for 100 million dollars this June. Lockheed Martin has invested 25 million with Israeli cyber security firm Cybereason. More on Government Infiltration of AR Here.  More on Watson Involvement here.

The Global virtual reality association Members are Google, Samsung, Oculus, Vive, PlayStation, Star VR.

Dr. Josiah Dykstra of the NSA envisions an augmented reality application that could assist in task processing. Wearing an augmented reality device like Google Glass. The worker would be presented with the most pertinent cybersecurity alerts and information immediately and like every educated asshole Dykstra has no hard data that this is possible. He gets “anecdotal proof” of the concept from those who work in the field. Typical.

People already believe deception is better than reality and truth. The elite have drained everything good in life out of us. Our intelligence is stunted by chemicals and lack of education. Even the most highly sought education is controlled and censored keeping people blind and lost because of the conditioning and indoctrination. The elite force on us to keep us from ever being able to find the truth. That is the point. Many look for the truth only to be deceived by half truths-keeping them at arms length from the full knowledge and truth they need. Augmented reality is the perfect way to completely destroy humanity by stripping us of all that makes us human: our minds, our hearts and our souls.

Tech Insider Warns of AI:

For more videos please see our Playlists on the YouTube Channel.

To Address the issue of Parallel Universes, which you will find in excess should you research technology today, we know how the elite work. They rewrite history after they destroy the proof they can and create time lapses and gaps. This is what wars and battles accomplish. This is nothing new. The Mandela Effect was created by the elite to hide the last time they rewrote mass history. Separation and ignorance allows history to repeat. Research exposes the truth. In the world of technology you will hear many times the concept of parallel universes. This is one of the deception distractions you will find.

Every government including the Vatican is planning for such an event and conditioning you to be unphased by it when the technology deception happens-when they tear the veil and our world is invaded. So they tell you there are parallel universes; this leads the mind to slowly care less than it already does for this reality. (The only one that we live in.) No consequences in reality for the actions done in the game. With the children growing up in this augmented mindset, things quickly become dangerous.

This conditioning about parallel universes is only going to be used to deceive the masses and prepare them for what they will call an alien invasion, which we know the truth about and have discussed before. We already live in the matrix, in augmented reality. We who are awake know the difference between the elites games and what is truly the dark real world we are in today. The awakened remnant are the ones who can see it. The sheeple live in the simulation. We must unplug them.

The Human mind longs for dimensions because we know there is more. There is something in all of us, some feel an empty hole they try to fill by shopping, eating, sex, drugs, work, facebook. Whatever the warning you receive, it is for a reason. It is because there is more. You are MORE. That is what it means to have a soul. The elite know this too and there in lies the problem. So they will make their lies so good you can not tell the difference between them and real life. They will strip you of reality as they have already stripped you of knowledge and life. They have already stripped you of good Health. They have stripped you of good food. They have stripped you of good water. They have stripped you of good air. They have stripped you of good education. They have stripped you of good leaders. Will you let them take the final blow? Will you let them take your soul? The souls of those you love?


Stop letting your brain washing and programming hold you back in your meaning less and purpose less life. Stop asking someone else the questions and find the answers. Advance. Prepare. Be human again.  Technology will eventually be used to take your soul. That is the elites end goal and though not achievable this year, that is what they will pursue until it is accomplished.

Stop playing the game and hack the system.

July 29

Waves of Intelligence

Quantum computers are the secret KEY to unlocking all encrypted files. Privacy is now an illusion of the past.
DWAVE:  Funded by InQTel (a branch of the CIA that started Google and Facebook). 
Google, NASA, CERN and other companies have been using DWave for a few years already.  
Quantum Computing is the reality of the minority report: precrime. All of your data they have been gathering from your social media accounts and phone apps and every single thing you do online.  All of your data in your file and now finally able to be analyzed and sorted thanks to Quantum Computing.  Now it will be no problem to make more detailed lists of citizens. Those who will rise up and those who will go along with the plans.  Social Engineering just got a lot more interesting. Computers can now predict humans actions before they happen based on their past and present data. This is happening today in China. 
Google has this  technology: to psychologically profile and predict the behavior of  human consumers so  that high-value ads can be delivered to them across  Google’s search engine and content networks as the main stream story line goes. We know from the PRISM program that this will enable Google to funnel psych profile meta-data on internet users to the NSA.

Quantum   computers can be used to search large databases in a  fraction of  the  time that it would take a conventional computer. Other  applications  could include using quantum computers to study quantum  mechanics, or even to design other quantum computers. Teaching machines how to learn and think for themselves.
Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web searches and more. All under the guise of convenience. 
Google’s algorithm recognizes that you searched for something a  couple of seconds after searching something else, and it logs and saves this for future users who make a similar typing mistake. As a result, Google ‘learns’ to correct it for you.
In 2013, a D-Wave Two  system was installed at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, a  collaboration among Google, NASA and the Universities Space Research  Association (USRA). The lab is housed at the NASA Ames Research Center  in California. In September 2015 the system was upgraded to a 1000+  qubit D-Wave 2X quantum computer. 
Eric Ladizinksy (Founder of Dwave) has told us Dwave first doubled every couple years, then every year, then every six months and now every 3 months! 
Rose’s Law is a relatively new observation that states that the computational power of quantum computers doubles every 12 months, as opposed to the 18 month doubling of Moore’s Law.  
As  D Wave advanced they made hardware upgrades. Also were able to tune the  machine into the frequency of the universe which seems to make it sound like a “heart beat.” 
We are all made up of and affected by frequency- people, planets, solar systems; we  are now connected to an AI machine that scientifically proven, travels/computes in multiple dimensions at once!
“So the enabler for AI is machine learning,” Intel’s Nidhi Chappell,  “AI has become so pervasive in our lives we don’t come to recognize that it’s powering a lot of things. You probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it.”
3 types of learning:
Reinforcement  learning: This type of  learning concentrates on how an AI ‘agent’   should behave in order to get  the most out of its work. The machine picks an action or a sequence of  actions, and gets a reward. This is used when teaching machines to play  and win games but needs a large number of trials to learn even simple tasks.
Supervised learning: This is when researchers tell the machine what the correct answer is for a particular input. For example, they show it an image of a car and tell it the correct answer is “car.” It is the most common technique for training  neural networks and other machine learning architectures.
Unsupervised learning/predictive learning: Humans and  animals learn, typically, in an unsupervised manner by watching how the world works and by observing  our parents. Basic concepts such as: objects don’t disappear spontaneously and objects that are not supported fall.  Researchers don’t know how to do this with machines at the moment, at least not at the level that humans and animals can.
In 2018:  Google turns over its search engine algorithm to a massive  network of  self-learning machines. Soon thereafter, a voice interface is  added to  Google, achieving the “Star Trek computer” goal that Google  first  outlined in the 1990’s.
Ray  Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, also claims that the   biological parts of our body will be replaced with mechanical parts and   this could happen as early as 2100. Kurweil made the claims during his  conference speech at the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in   New York at the weekend. His goal is to merge with the machines in order to be immortal.
Kurtzweil also states 2000 and 8000 qubit systems are coming in 2 years and 4 years that will speed up solving nearly all machine learning optimization problems in one second after they are formulated properly for the Dwave system. In a few years, Kurzweil will have the classical computer power of Google’s data centers and quantum computer power that could be beyond  the power of all classical computers to drive his solution of greater than human intelligence: “artificial intelligence”.
Singularity University describes itself as “a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges  is the creation of Ray Kurzweil who is Google’s Director of Engineering.
With the rapid growth of AI technology will inevitably take over our lives.  AI will do our jobs faster and cheaper.  AI will drive our cars safer and more efficiently.  AI will control our bodies frequencies and mental processes.
In the UK, a report  released by thinktank Reform says roughly 250,000 public servants could  lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years. Meanwhile, other  governments such as those in Hong Kong and Singapore are increasingly  turning to AI to take over various administrative functions.
News  is that AI is even creeping up into freedom of speech and press – Google’s  Digital Journalism Initiative is spearheading an AI software called  JUICE which claims to “help” (CENSOR) reporters write more “accurate and engaging  pieces” meaning what fits the elites agenda of propaganda as we have already seen in internet censorship today.
Microsoft is already cutting its workforce and jobs to “move towards cloud tech.”  Keyword meaning Artificial Intelligence.
AI can be used to address child abduction issues and prevent traffic congestion, according to the Chinese version of Li’s non-binding proposal. Instead of being better humans we will make machines to do it for us.
“In  the future, robotics may be combined with AI, neurology, mechanical  engineering and many other fields to deeply influence our life and  work,” Ma said at a press conference in Beijing on Friday evening.
AI is also receiving a  big push from Facebook and Google as they invest billions of dollars  through OpenAI and DeepMind to democratize the technology – not to  mention countless acquisitions of AI talent. But the corporate activity  merely proves that big-business has plans for AI, whereas AlphaGo  beating Lee Sedol signals the possibility that AI could indeed be more  capable than humans.
You  can consider corporate activity like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Baidu  as a signal of trust. You can also trust the direction of car companies  like GM, Mercedes-Benz, Uber, and Tesla towards autonomous cars. And you  can trust academics, the White House and other longitudinal thinkers  when they say past academic research, computational power and large  accessible data sets will together create a perfect storm for AI  impacting our lives Asia will be big in AI. If you look at the data trends, there is a tonne of  AI research done in China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. In fact  there are more cited publications in China than in the United States.
AI is naturally receiving large contributions from Facebook and Google as they invest billions of dollars through OpenAI and DeepMind to democratize the technology – not to  mention countless acquisitions of AI talent. But the corporate activity merely proves that big-business has plans for AI, whereas AlphaGo beating Lee Sedol signals the possibility that AI could indeed be more capable than humans.

An interesting reddit feed

Jordan Novet May 16, 2013 Posted:  
“It’s  been almost two decades since Peter Shor came up with a a breakthrough  algorithm for finding the prime factors of a number with a quantum  computer, sparking great interest in quantum computing. But commercial  adoption has been pretty much nonexistent. On Thursday, though, Google came forward with news that it’s launching a Quantum Artificial  Intelligence Lab that will include a quantum computer, apparently  making it the second company to pay for a quantum computer. The development suggests that quantum computing could finally be taking off.”
Earlier  this year Lockheed Martin shared details of its implementation of a D-Wave Systems quantum computer, which reportedly cost $10 million: The contractor is using the computer to develop new aircraft, radar and  space systems. 
“Following  a recent upgrade, the USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computing Center  based at the USC Information Sciences Institutes now the leader in  quantum processing capacity.
With   the upgrade — to 1,098 qubits from 512 — the D-Wave 2X™ processor is   enabling QCC researchers to continue their efforts to close the gap   between academic research in quantum computation and real-world  critical  problems. The  new processor will be used to study how and  whether quantum effects can  speed up the solution of tough  optimization, machine learning and  sampling problems. Machine-learning  algorithms are widely used in  artificial intelligence tasks.”  Read the  entire article here.
Now  Google is taking steps at incorporating more quantum computing into its operations with the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, which will be  located at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.  Researchers from the Universities Space Research Association will be  able to use the machine 20 percent of the time, Forbes reports. That  could lead to lots of interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration.
For Google, though, the goal of the initiative is to make strides in  machine learning, according to a Thursday Google Research blog post. The  best results could trickle down to end users, perhaps in search results  and speech-recognition applications.
Google  has already assembled machine-learning algorithms that involve quantum  elements. The  applications might have arisen after Google’s earlier partnership with  D-Wave, which came to light in a different blog post from Neven in 2009.
Google  has already used machine learning to recognize faces and other things  in photos and videos. New technology Google executives talked about at  the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday also  appears to use machine learning to stitch together photos and clean them  up.
What  Google has learned so far is the best results come from blending  regular binary computing using ones and zeros with quantum style  computing. Quantum computing accommodates the space between a one and a  zero with quantum bits of information, or qubits. It can express  likelihood as well as take shortcuts by approximating when handling  certain kinds of workloads. Given what Google has observed thus far, it  could decide to build hardware combining quantum and classical computing  capabilities.
In  any case, quantum computing has a long way to go before reaching commercial viability. But  because the organization at the helm of the quantum research is Google and not IBM or Bell Labs, regular people could start seeing much more of the advantages in just a few years’ time, which in turn could drive commercialization.
Lets look at some very small points and you can follow the links for more indepth explanations. 
Richard Feynman once famously stated that nobody un-derstands quantum mechanics. 
Extensive  testing and interviews demonstrate that a significant fraction of  advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, even after one  or two full years of instruction  in quantum mechanics, still are not proficient at those functional  skills. They often possess deep-rooted mis-conceptions about such  features as the meaning and significance  of stationary states, the  meaning of an expectation value, properties  of wave functions, and quantum dynamics. Even students who  excel at  solving technically difficult questions are often unable to  answer  qualitative versions of the same questions. 
Quantum Mechanics: where the rules of the world you experience don’t apply.
The property of entanglement: where particles can take on related properties if they end up in an equation together. If you separate these particles, they remain entangled with these properties until you observe one of them—then the other particle assumes its corresponding value. (A 1 or a 0) It’s as if the fact that you observed the first particle immediately transmits information to the other particle about how it should look. 
Schrödinger’s equation:  Tiny particles,  such as electrons or photons,  can simultaneously take on states that we  would normally deem mutually exclusive. They can be  in several places  at once, for example, and in  the case of photons  simultaneously  exhibit two kinds of polarization. We  never see this  superposition of  different states in ordinary life  because it somehow  disappears once a system is observed:   when you  measure the location of an electron or the polarization of a   photon,  all but one of the possible alternatives are eliminated and  you  will see  just one. Nobody knows how that happens, but it does
“The prowess of quantum computing comes from the “ghost-angel” state of a quantum system. The uncertainty of the state applied to quantum mechanics is only true for a linear superposition of coherent quantum states, which I term the ghost-angel state.  This state has not been found to exist for macroscopic objects.”  
In March 2000, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory announced the development of a 7-qubit quantum computer within a single drop of liquid.   The quantum computer uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to  manipulate particles in the atomic nuclei of molecules of trans-crotonic  acid, a simple fluid consisting of molecules made up of six hydrogen  and four carbon atoms. The NMR is used to apply electromagnetic pulses,  which force the particles to line up. These particles in positions  parallel or counter to the magnetic field allow the quantum computer to  mimic the information-encoding of bits in digital computers.
Some Quantum Physics:
It is still unclear why the observer of an experiment determines  behavior  of the system and causes it to favor one state over another. When  light is introduced to atoms, it recharges them. You cannot observe the system or measure its properties without  interacting with it. And where there is interaction, there will be modification of properties.
Basic logic of physics is incorrect and the entire underlying structure of  physics is unable to be used in quantum physics because the core logic is entirely different. Not to mention basic physics is mostly lacking because much is based off the work of Albert Einstein who’s theories were based on incorrect assumptions.  By default everything built on this foundation is built on lies. Theories-Assumptions and guesses.
We  have to choose between the two evils. But remember, now scientists  are  increasingly convinced that the basis of our mental processes is created by these notorious quantum effects. So, where the observation ends and reality begins, is up to each of us.
  • Theoretical  physics is a branch of physics which employs  mathematical models and  abstractions of physical objects and systems to  rationalize, explain  and predict natural phenomena. This is in contrast  to experimental  physics, which uses experimental tools to probe these  phenomena.
  • The advancement of science depends in general on the interplay between experimental studies and theory.
  • D-Wave  starts off with a set of noninteracting qubits—a collection of   supercomputing loops kept at their lowest energy state, called the   ground state—and then slowly, or “adiabatically,” transforms this  system  into a set of qubits whose interactions at its ground state  represent  the correct answer for the specific problem 

More Here.  Here.  And Here. 

According  to Forbes, when  the world’s first digital computer was completed in  1946 it opened up  new vast new worlds of possibility. Still, early  computers were only  used for limited applications because they could  only be programmed in  machine code. It took so long to set up problems  that they were only  practical for massive calculations.
John  Backus created the first programming language, FORTRAN, at IBM in 1957.  For the first time, real world problems could  be quickly and  efficiently transformed into machine language, which made  them far more  practical and useful. In the 1960’s, the market for  computers soared.
Like   the first digital computers, quantum computing offers the possibility   of technology millions of times more powerful than current systems, but   the key to its success will be translating real world problems into   quantum language.
Quantum  computers aren’t limited to two states. They encode information as  quantum bits, or qubits. Qubits represent atoms, ions, photons or  electrons and their respective control  devices that are working  together to act as computer memory and a processor. Because a quantum  computer can contain these multiple states at the same time. It has the  potential to be millions of times more  powerful than today’s most  powerful supercomputers.
This superposition of qubits is what gives quantum computers their inherent parallelism. According to physicist David Deutsch, this parallelism allows a quantum computer to work on a million computations at once, while your desktop PC works on one.
One problem with the idea of quantum computers is that if you try to look at the subatomic particles, you could bump them, and thereby change their value. If you look at a qubit in superposition to determine its value, the qubit will assume the value of either 0 or 1, but not both. To make a practical quantum computer, scientists have to devise ways of making  measurements indirectly to preserve the system’s integrity. Entanglement provides a potential answer. In quantum physics, if you apply an outside force to two atoms, it can cause them to become entangled, and the second atom can take on the properties of the first atom. So if  left  alone, an atom will spin in all directions. The instant it is  disturbed  it chooses one spin, or one value; and at the same time, the  second entangled atom will choose an opposite spin, or value. This allows scientists to know the value of the qubits without actually looking at them.
Dario Borghino October 6, 2015 
In  what is likely a major  breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers  from the University of  New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have  managed for the first time to  build the fundamental blocks of a quantum  computer in silicon. The  device was created using standard  manufacturing techniques, by modifying  current-generation silicon  transistors, and the technology could scale  up to include thousands,  even millions of entangled quantum bits on a  single chip.
The  real power of this  breakthrough is not in a slightly higher  operational temperature, but in  the fact that these basic building  blocks of quantum computers were  built by doing simple modifications to  current-generation silicon  transistors. The researchers say they have  worked out a way to extend  this technique to a much larger number of  qubits, even numbering in the  thousands of millions, all reported to be  fully entangled.
Patent Notice
Intellectual Property Notices
D-Wave  Systems Inc. (“D-Wave”) has marked various products, and documents  describing various products and services, with a universal resource  locator that resolves to this document.  Notices applicable to D-Wave’s  intellectual property rights associated with D-Wave’s products and  services including the marked products and services are listed below.   The intellectual property rights include: copyright, trade-mark, patent,  and other intellectual property rights.
No  part of any computer software, or associated documentation, included in  D-Wave’s products and services may be reproduced, stored, or  transmitted in any form, or by any means, without the written permission  from D-Wave.
No  part of any D-Wave’s documentation or website may be reproduced,  stored, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, without the written  permission from D-Wave.
D-Wave,  D-Wave One, D-Wave Two, D-Wave 2X, Bare Metal, Chimera, D-Wave  Blackbox, D-Wave QSage, D-Wave Butterfly, Vesuvius and the associated  logos are trade-marks or registered trade-marks of D-Wave Systems Inc.  in the United States and/or other countries.
D-Wave’s  chips and portions or components thereof are covered by, or for use  under, one or more of U.S. Patents: 7,135,701; 7,418,283; 7,619,437;  7,639,035; 7,687,938; 7,876,248; 7,880,529; 7,898,282; 7,899,852;  7,984,012; 8,018,244; 8,098,179; 8,169,231; 8,195,596; 8,247,799,  8,421,053; and/or one or more pending U.S. patent applications,  maskworks, as well as patents and pending patent applications in other  countries.
The  D-Wave One™; computer and portions or components thereof are covered  by, or for use under, one or more of U.S. Patents: 7,135,701; 7,418,283;  7,619,437; 7,639,035; 7,687,938; 7,843,209; 7,844,656; 7,870,087;  7,876,248; 7,880,529; 7,898,282; 7,899,852; 7,984,012; 8,008,942;  8,008,991; 8,018,244; 8,032,474; 8,035,540; 8,073,808; 8,098,179;  8,169,231; 8,174,305; 8,175,995; 8,190,548; 8,195,596; 8,195,726;  8,228,688; 8,229,863; 8,244,650; 8,244,662; 8,247,799; 8,279,022;  8,283,943; and/or one or more pending U.S. patent applications,  maskworks, as well as patents and pending patent applications in other  countries.
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The  D-Wave 2X™; computer and portions or components thereof are covered by,  or for use under, one or more of U.S. Patents: 7,135,701; 7,418,283;  7,619,437; 7,639,035; 7,687,938; 7,843,209; 7,844,656; 7,870,087;  7,876,248; 7,880,529; 7,898,282; 7,899,852; 7,984,012; 8,008,942;  8,008,991; 8,018,244; 8,032,474; 8,035,540; 8,073,808; 8,098,179;  8,169,231; 8,174,305; 8,175,995; 8,190,548; 8,195,596; 8,195,726;  8,228,688; 8,229,863; 8,244,650; 8,244,662; 8,247,799; 8,279,022;  8,283,943; 8,355,765; 8,386,554; 8,421,053; 8,441,329; 8,441,330;  8,464,542; 8,494,993; 8,504,497; 8,536,566; 8,560,282; 8,536,566;  8,611,974; 8,536,566; 8,536,566; 8,700,689; 8,738,105; 8,772,759;  8,786,476; 8,812,066; 8,854,074; 8,874,629; 8,951,808; 8,977,576;  9,015,215; 9,026,574; 9,069,928; and/or one or more pending U.S. patent  applications, maskworks, as well as patents and pending patent  applications in other countries.
Other Intellectual Property Rights:
D-Wave’s  products may be covered by maskworks, design patent or registered  industrial design, or other registered intellectual property rights.
July 16

George Soros’ Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF loans

This article we have copied from https://cyber-berkut.org/en/ as many articles and websites of this sort tend to go missing online. Much love to Cyber Berkut and all of the hard work that went into this.  We love you very much.

Please see their site for more interesting news and enjoy a small portion of our Clinton email archive here!

We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did!

We will not forget.

We will not forgive.

12.07.2017 г. Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF loans

The Ukrainian investigation case connected to commercial banks that laundered IMF’s money from the National Bank of Ukraine is still going on. According to the investigation, such banks as Tavrika, Pivdenkom Bank, Avtokraz Bank, CityCommerce Bank, Finrost Bank, Terra Bank, Kyivska Rus Bank, Vernum Bank, Credit Dnepr Bank, Delta Bank were involved in the criminal scheme. Funds were transferred through Austrian Meinl Bank AG.

We, CyberBerkut, decided to contribute to the investigation.

Having examined the materials published on the Internet we focused on two financial organizations named Credit Dnepr Bank and Delta Bank. In comparison with other banks these two financial organizations offshored much more money. These banks are closely related to Victor Pinchuk – one of the richest Ukrainian bankers. He is also a son-in-law of former Ukraine’s President Leonid Kuchma. As it turns out, the offshore organizations that received IMF’s money such as Melfa Group LTD (Belize), Tandice Limited (Cyprus), Tosalan Traiding Limited (Cyprus), Agalusko Investment Limited (Cyprus), Winten Trading LTD (Cyprus), Silisten Trading Limited, Nasterno Commercial Limited, are also connected to this gentleman. Moreover, most of money went to the account of his main money-laundering machine – the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

So, we decided to track down the stolen funds.

We’ve hacked Thomas Weihe’s email. This man is the Head of the Board of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. As you can see from his correspondence the oligarch’s foundation is closely cooperating with the Clinton Foundation. And it is worth to mention that Pinchuk and his wife often meet with former American president’s family members. Mr. Weihe regularly communicates with the Clinton Foundation representatives and constantly arranges meetings between the Pinchuks and the Clintons. Here are some Mr Weihe’s emails.






Full emails archives can be found by clicking the link.

In addition, over the past 5 years the Victor Pinchuk Foundation transferred to the Clinton Foundation from 10 to 25 million dollars. The largest tranches from the Pinchuk Foundation to the Clinton Foundation were held in 2015 and 2016. And by a “fortune chance”, Hillary Clinton fought for the Oval at the exact same time.

Below you can see the financing scheme of H. Clinton’s election campaign using IMF’s loans that were intended for Ukraine.

We would also like to remind you that the former Ukrainian Finance Minister N.Yaresko was an American businesswoman, the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine N.Gontareva worked in foreign banks for a long time. Coming back to the Credit Dnepr Bank which belongs to V.Pinchuk it is worth to mention that his supervisory board includes former IMF managing director D.Strauss-Kahn who probably still has influence on the international credit organization.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

13.01.2017 The United States to Manufacture False Evidence of Russian Involvement in Cyber Attacks

Our whistleblowers gave us information that Russia was going to face great provocation. The Americans intend to manufacture false evidence of the Russian security services’ involvement in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential elections 2016.

We cover the names of the provocation facilitators in order not to expose our sources. It is worth saying, a famous American politician and major financier took part in the plot.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.11.2016     Department of State Secret Operation in Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, keep our activity in closed computer networks of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Today, we gained access to some internal documents of the Presidential Administration related to the visit of its former leader Boris Lozhkin to the USA in June 2016.

Among other documents we paid attention to the collection of damaging documents concerning Paul Manafort, the American political consultant, who was an adviser on the Ukrainian presidential campaign of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions.










The results of our investigation on the basis of the received documents surprised us by its extent of national betrayal of the Kiev junta. As it turns out, now the whole state machine and the entire administrative system of Ukraine are working for its overseas bosses and patrons.

As we have discovered, the documents were handed over to Boris Lozhkin during his meeting with Evan Ryan, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, in Washington. They were only a part of a larger campaign of the US State Department to discredit Manafort who held at that time the post of Donald Trump’s campaign chief.

Taking into consideration nearly a decade of Manafort’s work as the political adviser in Ukraine, supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Department of State decided to use their power. They set a task to the Ukrainian leadership to find some dirt on Manafort and make it public.

The wishes of their bosses were transmitted to Kiev via Valery Chaly, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Washington who previously was the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

At that time, the SBU had already had the records of Party of Regions at their disposal. Paul Manafort, the adviser of Yanukovych, and many other well-known Ukrainian politicians were mentioned there.

The whole operation was designed to leak this information to the media. Viktor Trepak, the former first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, while leaving the intelligence agency incidentally picked up a pack of documents and somehow miraculously escaped prosecution. Then he gave these documents for the analysis both to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Serhiy Leshchenko, the Ukrainian MP, who had long been known as an American agent of influence.

At the same time, the Department of State sent instructions to the US Embassy in Ukraine and personally to the ambassador Jeffrey Payette to supervise the operation. Shari Bistransky, the US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer, became responsible for the communication with the chief “investigator” Sergei Leshchenko as usual.

The scheme of the Manafort campaign is as follows:

Moreover, in order to dispel any doubt we attach a kind of profile on the notorious traitor Serhiy Leshchenko that describes his activities for the benefit of Washington in detail. Download a profile

As a result, the leaks led to the Manafort resignation from the post of Trump election campaign chief in mid-August.

Anyway, we see that the authorities in Kiev are ready to perform any deeds at Washington’s whistle. And it does not matter for them that their obedience can backfire their own people. The main idea is to please the overseas bosses.

It should be noted that this information operation was the final chord for Payette, who moved to Greece at the end of August and Lozhkina who triumphantly left the Presidential Administration in late August. As for Leshchenko, who bought a luxury apartment in the center of Kiev in the late August as well, this campaign became a kind of a career promotion. In October 2016, he had the honor to personally meet Victoria Nuland.

Finally, we publish other Presidential Administration documents related to Lozhkin’s trip to the United States.

In addition to official meetings and events, the Head of the Presidential Administration was trying to arrange meetings with giants of the IT-market Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, as well as popular film director Steven Spielberg.








Apart from that, Boris Lozhkin’s visit to the United States coincided with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. Ukraine received an invitation to participate from the U.S. National Security Council, but the government didn’t find a suitable candidate.



At the same time during the Lozhkin’s trip the U.S. Congress sent a formal letter to President Obama urging him to visit Ukraine in July 2016. However, this wish remained unfulfilled.




We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

22.10.2016 г.     CyberBerkut hacked NED: US is preparing a color revolution in Russia

according to Ukrainian model

We, CyberBerkut, gained access to closed messages of National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

In 2013 in Ukraine started revolution, which cracked the country, divided families and ignited civil war. As known, one of the main sponsors of that bloody show was National Endowment for Democracy financed by US Congress. “Thanks” to its money many young Ukrainians came to the streets and started riots.

Then Americans used a common plan: first heated up the population by materials in the media they financed and then started to openly “pump” money into street riots. Now, the same focus they are trying to do with Russia. And one of the main role here belongs to journalist David Satter.

According to our information, Satter works for American special services and has close ties with international fraudster William Browder. Satter lived in Moscow for quite a long period of time and cooperated with such editions as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Radio Liberty. But in 2013 he was refused to prolong his Russian visa. Since then he started to actively support Russian oppositional media.

As it became known from NED materials, Mr. Satter provides quite a wide range of services. If you study all the reports it will become clear that almost each anti-Russian propaganda material published by Radio Liberty and a number of Russian “liberal” media is prepared under Satter’s supervision.

In just 10 months of 2016 Mr. Satter ordered 24 articles and investigations in such media as RBC, Vedomosti and Radio Liberty. For example, Sergei Dibrov’s “A Black Day in the History of Odessa” which insults the memory of people who were killed in Odessa trade union building. Another six articles are being in the “pipeline” or are ready to be published.

The main goal of this “journalism” is to discredit the Russian Federation’s heads, members of their families and close friends. Most often materials ordered by Satter are about Vladimir Putin, Sergei Chemezov, Dmitry Rogozin, Sergei Shoigu, Vorobiev father and son, Rotenberg brothers and other famous Russians.

Another report sent by Mr. Satter to NED

It should be noticed that invoices with detailed description of his services Mr. Satter sends to NED. In one of them, “our” consultant even noticed that he spent $11.50 on telephone.

According to reports we’ve got David Satter is a chain-link between NED, Radio Liberty and Russian oppositional media. NED materials show that Washington is ready to do everything to shatter political situation in Russia and organize the same chaos that we witnessed here in Ukraine in 2013.

To prevent this, we publish this and a number of other NED documents and hope they will somehow help some people see the real world.



Download all documents

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

June 4

Family Aldobrandini

The papal bloodlines are the least researched and exposed (by others) of the bloodlines of EL.  We will discuss the Aldobrandini family here.
We must know our enemy so we are not deceived this time.

A great deception is coming and a prince of peace will come into the world spotlight.  Do not fall for this antichrist. Do not be deceived.

Be free.

May 6

PizzaGate Update

Many people worked very hard on this information.  We are glad we found it so we could preserve it here. Enjoy!


In this sectionyou will find 2 links per Part.  They lead to the same information.  One link is to the original source and the other is an archive of the original.

Part 1) Background of the Trust   EveryChild is a Trafficking Front

Part 2) An End to the Orphanage System   The Soros Foundation-Moldova

Part 3) “Hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged in the [formerly communist] region to address the problem of abandoned and homeless children. In some countries, such as Romania, there are over 60 NGO programs in the city of Bucharest focusing on this issue. In other countries where civil society is less prevalent, such as Bulgaria, there are fewer NGOs.”

Part 4)  By 1999, European and American forces (under Bill Clinton) bombed the ever living shit out of Kosovo with the KLA doing the ground work. 

Part 5) Trafficking: An overview  Once all of the marketable healthy babies are sold at a high price, the foreign heads of these “charities” then wine and dine corrupt, low-salaried local officials with who are dying to make extra money, and both parties squander a shit-ton of aid money, (little of which ultimately goes to the kids). 

Part 6) In Moldova, the Trust pays foster parents a monthly amount to look after a child. Human traffickers also pay monthly amounts to families for possession of their child.

Part 7) The Europeans–particularly the British and Americans–created the Romanian Mafia’s trafficking business. To create a legitimate front, the Trust used their “street children” program to traffick kids for begging/petty crimes in Italy (hence the proliferation of Romanian beggars in Italy, all of which are mafia controlled… now you know), a “group homes” program to create brothels, and “foster/adoption” programs to buy/steal/traffick women and children abroad. 

Part 8) The Molserv project  Romanians began claiming that the shoddily constructed mansions peppering the area were “built on the back of gang crime in Britain” involving child trafficking.

Part 9)  “The operational arm of the trust is Pentru Copiii Nostri (For Our Children).  “Romanian transport minister Ioan Rus was forced to quit after he said men working abroad could earn 1,000 pound sterling a month, which would “turn children back home into thugs and wives into whores.”

Part 10) Tavistock Portman Clinic. John Margarson, the Romanian Orphanage Trust officer, also sits aboard Tavistock.

Part 11)  “Their story is always the same: They come from extremely dysfunctional families where they have suffered all kinds of violence and emotional abuse.”

Part 12) Romania does not have laws against the creation of child porn, stating that an adult’s behavior is “grooming” only if it involves penetration. 

Part 13) **Western and European power brokers–especially Tony Bair, Bill Clinton and even John Podesta–were supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Part 14) So what’s going on between the power brokers and the Kosovo Liberation Army? 

Part 15) Mark Tavlarides: Clinton’s legislative director for Clinton’s National Security Council

Part 16) The KLA’s top officials control the sex trafficking industry, with support from the West’s top officials.

Part 17) The West ran children’s charities to help the KLA’s trafficking operations.

Part 18) In terms of the “Human Dimensions,”, the place that brutally sold women and girls into sex slavery in a “free market” system known as the Arizona Market. 

Part 19) The Trust had operations in Tirana, Shkoder, and Peshkopi by 2000. The highest incidences of trafficking children happened in Tirana and Shkoder.


==========================PART 1========================================

(bear with me, this is 30,000 words long so I have to format this post slowly… and I’ve reached my post limit. Let me work around this.)

The PizzaGate investigation got me wondering about who’s behind these children’s organizations. When I noticed the CEO of the Rand Corporation (Tavistock’s biggest subsidiary and defacto wing of the US military) on the board of one called EveryChild, I started to do some digging… and found a terrifying reality that reminds me of the phrase, “once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” Names here includes Bill and Hillary Clinton, Podesta (I now know who Brietbart was talking about), Tavistock, Italy, and a whole lot more. It goes to the highest levels.

This explanation only takes us to 2000 so everyone can learn how these pedos establish said rings…. which means I didn’t get to its merger into EveryChild… but hint: Clinton’s campaign manager, Cheryl Saban, is on this board and I believe she was part of the pizza fundraiser. Shit’s there, people.

It turns out, everything we know about the world’s children-based charities is a lie. I’ve uncovered this one called EveryChild, but based on my research I see that this extends to other major players, like Save the Children, Christian Children’s Fund, CARITAS, and SERA. This is one strand of a massive spider web.

In fact, Save the Children is another big fish: It ties in more with the American establishment… but given its size, there was too much “noise” in the data despite running identical objectives and missions as Everychild. But if you believe anything of what I write here, this is THE next place to look—it’s who Clinton tied up with for their children-related work in Haiti, which we all know stole tons of money (and I argue, children).

These “children’s” organizations are used for corruption, money laundering, medical testing on babies and children, child trafficking, and often sex trafficking, all with women and kids working in the cruelest conditions. They do it by keeping an arm’s distance by getting the transnational, brutal mafias to do the dirty work, yet these are the SAME mafias that were funded and put into power by incredibly powerful American and European organizations… who also run these charities. It’s one giant circle. Politicians have ties to these mafia groups even today, and they left clear and obvious tracks that I’m going to talk about.

More specifically, the shadow government consisting of Soros and his many entities then created the Romanian mafia to create/distribute child porn networks, and the Albanian mafia to traffick kids everywhere in the world using an “open borders” system that facilitated in the business’s expansion to parts all over the world. The Albanian mafia has since merged in part with the Italian mafia to make arguably the word’s biggest crime network that presently accounts for a quarter of the world’s child trafficking.

All the while, these “charities” get funded on the tax payer dime, coupled with heaps of international aid. The charity operates by hiring known criminals who will track, hand over, and monetize the kids for export. As there is with corporations and the government, the charity world is a revolving door between themselves and aid organizations like UNICEF, the EU Commission, USAID DFiD, etc. Because these organizations are filled with judges, politicians, and power brokers, they rarely, if ever, get prosecuted unless it’s for political gain to the establishment. The same is true with many stings, busts and clampdowns.

The slave trade didn’t disappear; it just went underground. The world’s elite used every tool of globalization as a way to usurp this incredibly lucrative market (like they do for all of the earth’s resources). Since trafficking activity can’t be don’t out in the open anymore, however, they’re using children’s charities, like EveryChild and so many others to do it. These operations are meticulously tracked, measured, and studied by knowing (and unassuming) academics in order to run with efficiency rivaling a Fortune 500 company.

Part I goes into the background of this Trust, their work, and the geopolitics of each country. This section is super long and probably the least interesting, but you have to read it anyway to understand the next sections.. Part II: overview of trafficking. Part III: the creation of the Romanian mafia Part IV: the creation of the Albanian mafia Part V: miscellaneous extra threads (McCann, satanic rituals, Sandusky, womb of Artemis, Gotthard Tunnel, Satanic symbolism, Haiti, etc: read this and these things become crystal clear)

==========================PART 2=======================================

Continued from here

Part I: Background of the Trust To start, the charity EveryChild has had three separate names over the decades: The Romanian Orphanage Trust (1990-1997), The European Children’s Trust (1997-2001), and EveryChild (2001-Present).

There’s also a company that runs in parallel to the Trust: “The Object for Which the Company is established is to carry on any trade or business…that can be carried on in connection with or ancillary to the charitable work of the Romanian Orphanage Trust.” In the articles of incorporation it claims this is for investment activities but I think the company name itself is more indicative of its actual purpose: “EveryChild Trading Ltd.” For fun, look at the creepy street art outside the London office building, filled with the huddled naked kid with a single eye on her shoulder, kids with cubes placed over their heads… good stuff.

Anyway, so let’s start this story with a guy named Donald McCready: he began the Trust’s company. It’s nearly impossible to find out who this guy is (trust me, I’ve looked), but he is a member of the European-Atlantic Group.

If you’ve never heard of this group, as most people haven’t, these are the people who run the world–no joke.

The EA-G exists so that all of these power brokers can get together, share info among each other, collaborate with the politicians, and then profit mightily (at everyone else’s expense). If this sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not. From its Wikipedia page:

The European-Atlantic Group was founded in London in 1954 by Michael John Layton, 2nd Baron Layton (1912–1989) (then a Vice-President of the Council of Europe), together with other members of both Houses of Parliament, Industrialists, Bankers, Economists, and Journalists and Elma Dangerfield. Its main object was to promote closer relations between the European and Atlantic countries by providing a regular forum in Britain for informed discussion of their problems and possibilities for better economic and political co-operation.

The Founders stated that their purpose was to disseminate authoritative information concerning the work of International Organizations such as the Council of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Western European Union, the European Coal and Steel Community, Euratom, the European Economic Community, as well as the European Free Trade Association, the Association for General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, and the Economic Commission for Europe.

Each of these committees have their own sub-committees that, in total, affect citizens at the local and global level.

So yeah. The founder of this organization, McCready, is buddies with all of these guys.

In the early 90s, he attended a few meetings that gave important briefings about the state of Europe. In 98, he attended one called “Overseas Development Aid.” It was filled with ambassadors, public policy advisors, law makers, judges, journalists, marketers, and transportation execs (think on that one for a sec).

In 99, he went to another gathering called “US Policy and International Security.” It’s curious he attended this meeting when he went under the banner head of being from a Children’s Trust, but this makes sense in Part IV.

In 2000, he went to another event called “Security Problems of Central and Eastern Europe.”

I point out McCready’s connections so y’all can keep in mind that this guy knows exactly what’s coming down the pipeline, how to exploit it, and who to work with to make it happen.

The other people on the board of the Trust circa 1990-2000 are also major powerhouses, who I’ll be referencing later as well. Here’s an overview -Major General Jeapes, former commander of the 22 SAS (Vice Chairman) Archive Link -Lord Viscount Younger of Leckie (Chairman): House of Lords, also Director of many educational trusts and banks, including Royal Bank of Scotland. Archive Link -Donald Hood Brydon: business tycoon who oversaw privatization of the post office, top guy at Barclay’s, CEO of AXA Investment managers, Director for London Metal Exchange, etc.  -David John Peryer: Chair for Mind: National Association of Mental Health and the Retreat: York-John Margarson (Company Officer): Involved in real estate, Investec Bank (which grossed 1.7 billion in 2015), and was secretary of Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Now that we’re briefly acquainted with the people of the organization, I’ll go over the origin of the Trust, the regions in which they work, and the economic conditions at the time. I don’t care how boring you find this section, you gotta read it anyway to understand exactly how this went down. Also notice the parallels between the shit that’s happening in this country, with the student protests, immigration push, etc.

Romania The advent of the Romanian Orphanage Children’s Trust coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall. By 1990, the country’s communist government was given the boot thanks to a violent civil uprising. This bloody overthrow–ending in the execution of the president–was very likely due to George Soros using his many think tanks, media connections and “pro-democracy” organization to foment dissent… all coupled with funding from USAID. It’s also likely the US was supplying the arms and acting as the covert military wing of the operation (as it so often does).

Having studied lots of uprisings at this point, what I’ve noticed is that “pro Democracy” think tanks funded by Soros (such as Podesta’s) shape the political climate to foment dissent, the US provides the brute force, and Europe provides the rebuilding aid. US/EU share in intelligence and arms. Everyone splits in the proceeds, but the US generally gets the drugs…and Europe? They get the humans, if the conflict happens in their borders.


Once the communist supporters were ousted from Romania and its president was executed in public, the International Monetary Fund (a subsidiary of the UN) then played its usual role of thwacking the economy in the knees. The IMF’s prescribed “shock therapy” crippled the economy and made for a desperate, weakened population… and this in turn made for golden opportunities among multinationals to swoop in and loot the country for its valuable goods and services. The country then had to sign off on these privatization measures in order to receive bailout packages from the same consortium of institutions that authorized the hit job in the first place.

(Side note: if you want to learn more about this pattern, then read “Shock Doctrine” or “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”).

This was the European-Atlantic Group’s way of telling Romania to bend over and pull down their pants. From the book, “Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery:”

First, the IMF mandated fiscal austerity measures [in Romania], such as cutting government expenditures on health care, education, unemployment benefits, and other social services. The logic was to promote efficiency, though the net result was to worsen the destitution of those who depended on such government programs. Second, the IMF advocated that the prices of products, services, and commodities should be dictated by market forces rather than a central authority, as had occurred under socialism… third, the IMF pushed for rapid market liberalization, opening local markets to foreign commercial and financial interests.”

Sex Trafficking Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

This “remove from the government, privatize, and give to foreign commercial and financial interests” model was also applied to another lucrative industry: the baby market.

There’s the running joke that the difference between communism and capitalism is that in communism, humans are seen as the producer. In capitalism, the human is the consumer. This phrase, I’ve found, it literal. The same is true with the person who posted the Harvard lecturer who said, “we sacrifice our children on the altar of capitalism.”

In Romania’s former communist government, women who didn’t want their babies did one of two things: they dropped them off in government-run institutions, or they sold them to people directly. The number of babies available for foreign adoptions was quite small: in 1990, for example, just 63 foreign parents finally received their babies that were otherwise caught up in red tape (Denechere, Scutaru 2010). Nicolae Ceausecu wanted to increase the population by 20 million–a threat to EU/NATO–so he banned contraceptives and abortions. He kept a very tight rein on adoptions. Bureaucrats also had job security if institutions were full. All in all, this led to a lot of unwanted, state-controlled babies that in a better planned economy, could lead to a decent military.

But hey, NATO/EU just overthrew the leader, so that problem went out the window. Even now, any materials related to child welfare and Romania will claim that Ceausescu was the devil incarnate. The asset of the country’s population was also theirs for the take now, too. Indeed, the open economy led to a renovated, new market… in babies. The thinking was this: take the taxpayer money that was going to the government to run the institutions (because hey, “foreign companies can do it better and cheaper”), and become the new middleman by being the one to sell the babies instead of the mothers.

==========================PART 3=======================================

Continued from: Overview  Part 1)   The main goal, per the Return, was “An End to the Orphanage System.” In it, “The Centres for Family Support and Child Protection supported by the Trust have pioneered family based care for vulnerable Romanian children… in ’96, the Trust said their objective was to begin its push towards this final goal: an end to the orphanage system. This will involve…lobbying for legislative change and a pilot project in Bacau.” Now, lobbying costs big money. So much, that the report estimates allocating 200k pounds to achieve what they deemed was a crucial goal. With aid money drying up, though, the incentive was clearly for a different reason.

In 1996-97, conditions in the country were worse than ever. Unsurprisingly, the intense budget cuts imposed by the EU/IMF didn’t help, because now the state had no money left to put in these institutions and the foreign recipients of aid money had since cannibalized it among themselves and corrupt officials.

Journalist Nick Davies cites that British charities closed up shop, many severed ties with their on-the-ground partners at the homes, and any work that was achieved was left to languish. Like many other NGOs, The Romanian Orphanage Trust mentioned its attention was going to be focused on “technical assistance,” which Davies describes as “drawing up programs, setting up experiments, and conducting studies.” Just two years later, a UK minister visiting a separate site of the Trust shared to the Parliament, “I should like to mention that the [Trust]…has been working in Romania since the problems there began, and it is now closing orphanages because it has found good foster homes for the children.”


By 1997 the foreign trusts got one step closer to their wish of shutting down those big bad orphanages and developing privatized, locally managed homes. Per a Guardian article: “Things began to change in 1997, when Emil Constantinescu replaced Iliescu… Constantinescu ushered in a period of greater reform. His government established a new Child Protection Authority, promoted the “family-type” apartments and introduced foster care, which had never existed in Romania.” Constantinescu was also known for another feat: accepting more IMF reforms, opening the country to foreign direct investment and liberalizing the banking sector (surprise!)


So now a lot of questions should come to mind: Why did the Trust spend so much money on government officials? If you’re running a Trust, and you’re the ones setting up the group homes for these kids as a way of getting tax dollars… then why is there the need to “collaborate” so much with the leaders of these counties at great personal expense? Why send them on lavish trips to Italy? Why create such a wide network?

They were laying the groundwork for a much more lucrative gig: trafficking and pedophilia material collection/distribution (discussed in Part II). The notion of “keeping children outside of a government-run institution” sounds like a good idea, but in fact, it led to the creation of a trafficking network that operates with impressive corporate efficiency.

By 1997, the Trust had expanded into other markets countries: Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Albania. They had also shed their name of the Romanian Orphanage Trust and took on a new name: the European Children’s Trust.

Moldova Moldova is a carbon copy of what happened in Romania, economically, legally, and the work carried out by this trust and all prominent ones in the European NGO sphere.

Moldova’s economy got f’ed harder than most, all by the same machinations as what happened in Romania: per the book Sex Trafficking—“Moldova suffered the steepest decline, as its economy shrank to 35% its size in 1990… in 1990, Moldova had no external debt. By the end of 2006, Moldova’s debt had escalated to $2.1 billion, almost the same size as the entire Moldovan economy. Much of this debt took the form of structural adjustment loans from the IMF, which mandated the sharp cutbacks in government spending above.”

Oh, Soros also set up “The Soros Foundation-Moldova” in 1992, the same year as they received a spot in the UN. It should go without saying that where Soros went, so too did these children’s charities. And, like these Trusts, he too made sure he bought government cooperation: Here he is buying off staff members of the Prime Minister in 2014.

Also, Soros’s group communicates with Stratfor, the UK intelligence agency. Thus, democracy is only promoted if it benefits his brand of it, and no one else’s. Archive Link

Like so many post-Communist states, Moldova had big problems with organized criminals being indistinguishable from politicians. According to the book, “Conflict, Crime, and the State of Post-Communist Eurasia,”:

Organized crime in Moldova, particularly in the Transnistrian region, can be roughly divided in two main categories. Criminal networks that have evolved from the Soviet “thieves in law” tradition represent the first category. The second category is organized criminal activity controlled by political and economic elites…”

Trust Activities in Moldova A lot of what the Trust did in Moldova has the same blueprint as Romania: state how deplorable the government conditions are, express the desire to totally abolish orphanages, “decentralize social services” (and put it in their hands), make best buddies with the authorities, and use those connections to develop “cross links” between Italy, Greece, and Romania. In Moldova, they worked in the regions of Chisinad, Cricova, and with the Tiraspol Town Council. Important fact: they made an alliance of sorts between Moldova and Romania. The Trust also reached into Transnistria, which is a Russia-dominated, lawless faction of Moldova.

The easy PR-based money grabs kept on, too, with captivating, gruesome imagery used as the bait. In one appeal to donors a “staff member” Peter Bailey (who I can’t find anywhere, other than being a Romanian writer frequenting in the same circles as Soros) claimed, “last winter was the worst I’ve ever witnessed. In Casa de Coppii some of the girls froze to their beds and several died in agony. This orphanage needs 1,600,000 Moldovan lei (around pounds 40,000) a year to keep it running… unless funds are raised elsewhere in Europe, many of these children will be dead by Christmas.” Also, before anyone believes that this could actually happen, the EU Commission would sooner step in and offer emergency humanitarian support–EU Commissioner Roesli describes hearing several such hyperbolic claims, only to call those with boots on the ground to learn of no such catastrophe. Such PR also came with a classic “appeal to authority” by mentioning the Trust was run by “The Rt Hon Lord Younger of Prestwick, KT, KCVO, TD, DL,” “…chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Romanian Orphanage Trust – the agency which successfully led Britain’s response to the orphanage situation in Romania 1990.”

The European Children’s Trust’s on-the-ground work entailed the usual meetings and buy-ins of local officials. . Below is a copy and paste of their work here, taken from the archive links.

“Social work services in Moldova have greatly benefited from both the previous project inherited by North Lanarkshire Council, and from the study visit to the area undertaken earlier this year. The members and officers involved in the study group have subsequently reshaped their child care services, drawing heavily on the models they observed in North Lanarkshire, and particularly on the decentralised social work structure.”

Highland Council, Piemonte Region in Italy, the European Childrens’ Trust, Bacau County Council in Romania, ChisinadCricova Municipality of Moldova, and the Tiraspol Town Council in Moldova. The earliest documented intervention by ECT in Moldova is the 1995 Protocol of Collaboration concluded between the Mayor of Chişinău and ECT. The document outlines agreement under the Ouverture Programme to link the Strathclyde Regional Council in Scotland, the Regional Government of Piedmont in Italy and Bacău County Council in Romania to support the Chişinău Municipality in establishing a child protection working group with the guidance of ECT. This four-way collaboration had the following objectives: _ To identify cases of abandoned children and achieve their family reintegration _ To organize joint actions of the actors involved in child protection _ To process and provide information to the administration of the Chişinău Municipality and other authorities involved in child protection decision-making

4.1 Innovative Direct Service Models In Hîncești, ECT assessed all the girls and made recommendations for deinstitutionalisation, as well as working to prevent new admissions. At the time these were new and innovative service models, which were virtually non-existent in Moldova prior to the assessment. In the early years, ECT focused on developing innovative approaches based solidly in modern social work and case management practice which targeted the most vulnerable families and children at risk of being placed in institutions…The first foster care service pilot was launched in Chişinău in collaboration with the Municipal Directorate of Child Rights Protection.

Conflict, Crime, and the State in Postcommunist Eurasia Book


Rinse, wash and repeat.

==========================PART 4=======================================

Continued from: Overview

Bulgaria Bulgaria faced similar economic conditions as the others: an economic crash, political turmoil, and decimating poverty. However, by 2000 few child “welfare” organizations had managed to make inroads in a country where the government largely wanted to shape their own policies and maintain large, government-run institutions. According to Nations in Transit: “Hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged in the [formerly communist] region to address the problem of abandoned and homeless children. In some countries, such as Romania, there are over 60 NGO programs in the city of Bucharest focusing on this issue. In other countries where civil society is less prevalent, such as Bulgaria, there are fewer NGOs.” The report goes on pressing for a decentralized system akin to the other countries.

As to the work in Bulgaria, the European Children’s Trust was, in 1997, still in the lobbying phase of social reform. Per a RadioFree Europe article: “It will train Bulgarian orphanage staff so that improved care will help children who cannot return home in the foreseeable future. In the long term, the program will replace state orphanages with day-care centers, fostering services, outreach social-work programs, and parent group networks… the European Children’s Trust is pressing the Sofia government to adopt legal reforms aimed at promoting family-based care.”

From 1998-1999, Project Manager Glenn Gentry reports his work of the “management and reform of child protection programs in Plovdiv and Haskovo Municipalities, training and mentoring municipal social work managers and staff, technical support and capacity building with local NGOs and Municipal Social Work Departments, and reconstruction of a derelict day centre for children with learning disabilities.”

In 2001, the UK and Japan offered Bulgaria a 5-year loan of 8.8 million euros contingent on serious reform of their child welfare and child protection sector. Such reforms were the same as all of the other countries: reduce institutionalization, allow NGOs to assist with local municipalities, relinquish oversight to localized rather than centralized authority figures, and “deepen bank partnerships with the EU, foreign and domestic foundations, private business and the NGO community.” Spoiler alert: By 2009, just one out of nine Bulgarians felt they were better off as a result of the transition to capitalism. Just 16% said they felt the government was run for the benefit of the people.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be the European Children’s Trust (or any bloated foreign Trust) if it didn’t involve a pathetic plea to “save the kids” to rake in the big bucks. Here they are appealing to British viewers using the same sensationalist language… and the exact same “freezing winter”-line: “The squalid state of Bulgaria’s orphanages was highlighted by a BBC television team who filmed the conditions in these institutions last October. Two news documentaries were shown on British national television, prompting offers of cash and practical support… this crisis prevention program by the Christian Children’s Fund and the European Children’s Trust will aim at helping vulnerable children in the orphanages and their families to survive this winter.” This netted the groups at least half a million pounds, even though the script likely came from some outsourced “charity advertising” group.



Albania What happened in Albania is one of the most crucial pieces of this puzzle, and is discussed in greater detail in Part III. But one thing to know about Albania (and Kosovo) is that post-Communism, the appointed politicians were very corrupt.

In the 1970s and 80s, Albania was under a Communist rule with a Constitution that didn’t permit trade with the outside world, nor foreign investing/financing. This didn’t sit well with globalists who wanted in on the market, along with access to other valuable commodities available only in this country.

Cue the influx of radicalized Albanian Muslims (“ethnic Albanians,” as they’re technically called) arriving by boat from Italy. Per the Wikipedia article: “On 22 March 1992, the Communists were trumped by the Democratic National Party in national elections.” From 1992-1996, there was supposed to be “reform” (ie, what I read as privatization) but that didn’t happen. At least, not in the way that it was supposed to. While Albania did take foreign money, they promptly used that to screw over the people by creating elaborate ponzi schemes and then bankrupt the country. Now, rumor has it some of this money was being siphoned off to support a Kosovo militant group that was ideally going to help establish a separate Kosovo for ethnic Albanians. But with the country bankrupt and the people pissed off, the previous golden child, Berisha, had served his purpose and was slated to be given the boot.

As a side note, Berisha was a big fan of John Podesta and said of him, “Mr. Podesta [working as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, at the time] is a very very good man… I am very happy with him. He is a very serious partner. I work with (his group) with a great deal of confidence. We are thinking to work harder in public-private partnership in our country and we must invite expertise.” A Stratfor email titled, “What the hell is going on in Albania” later elucidated that “Dude… Berisha was president before the 1997 anarchy. He is the Don of the Albanian mafia.”


The problem was, he was the Don of a mafia in favor with the US, but not that of Europe. They had a different thug in mind. So… Cue Soros-funded media, and angry protests denouncing corruption, coupled with ethnic/Muslim Albanians from a different group. Berisha knew what was going on immediately, and recognized a coup was afoot..He blocked foreign volunteers, hosed protestors, etc. This manufactured group had all the same hallmarks of other uprisings: student protests, university “high level” discussions, claims of the government becoming fascists and stifling free speech, etc. Then Berisha was labeled by the media as someone who suppresses human rights (does all of this sound familiar?). According to his personal military advisor, “This is a rebellion of ordinary and political criminals who are trying to topple legitimate power. This is an armed insurgency against the government.” His Albanian overseas financier living in Germany, Buyar Bukosi, was PISSED. He developed his own army, FARK, using millions in Albanian diaspora funds he’d been stashing in an effort to protect the ousting. It didn’t work, though.

Berisha finally got ousted from power. “Democratically,” of course. As if on cue, foreign banks between Italy, Greece, and the US were open for business: “In August 1997, the Albanian American Bank opens up for business in Albania and starts officially in August 1998. The following period is characterized by rapid developments in the Albanian banking system focused on acquisitions and privatizations.” Cha-ching. 1997-1998 brought a game of musical chairs with the politicians until the “correct” one got picked and finally, Ilir Meta took the prized spot.

Now, lurking behind the scenes of all of this power play is the Albanian mafia. These are some of the biggest baddest guys on the block. They’d mostly been lurking in Italy or in-fighting within Albania, but by 97 the Albanian mafia became a unified front with the Kosovo Liberation Army (the non-Berisha faction, at least).

Regarding the work done by the European Children’s Trust, the mayor of Albania appeared before Parliament and asked them to do work in three very specific places: Tirana (the capital), Shkoder (a small lakeside town), and Peshkopi (a tiny little nothing army town near the border). In Tirana and Shkoder, they did more foster care work, government networking, etc. After the 99 bombings, they did work in the refugee camps in Kosovo and Macedonia, bringing displaced people back into Albania.

==========================PART 5=======================================

Kosovo So, remember that in the early 90s, Yugoslavia was getting sliced and diced into many little countries. Here’s a map for those who don’t remember their 8th grade geography class.

One chunk of the land was being fought over between the Serbs (who the Russians preferred), and the Kosovar Albanians. Now, the Kosovar Albanians had a wide diaspora and all were pitching into the accounts of Bukoshi. But making things slightly complicated, there were actually TWO factions within the same group of Kosovar Albanians. One was the Kosovo Liberation Army team, Gashi/Thaci. The other team was headed by Bukoshi. Both factions were nagging the top dogs at the EU/US to pleeeeaaaase pay attention to Kosovo and help them get the land away from the Russian-supported Serbs. These factions didn’t necessarily agree with one another, and traditionally they’ve been feuding clans, but they did on the importance of claiming the land. In that mission they united. Once this mission was accomplished in 1999, however, they went back to bickering.


Homeland Calling: Exile Patriotism & the Balkan Wars Book

As to the Gashi/Thaci Kosovo Liberation Army, The US State Dept at the time listed them as a terrorist group–they had tons of drugs, weaponry, you name it. The US was more partial to the Berisha/Bukoshi team, and wasn’t too interested in getting involved. But European power brokers nagged the US to change their mind and support team KLA instead. The US accepted, for reasons that I assumed had to do with a quid-pro-quo in the Middle East conflict that would begin just two years later. In 1998, the KLA became best buddies with the US. By 1999, European and American forces (under Bill Clinton) bombed the ever living shit out of Kosovo with the KLA doing the ground work.

The whole 1999 bombing campaign resulted in a hand-off of land to the Kosovar Albanians (hence getting a place called Kosovo–they got there fast and then they’ll take it slooooow, that’s where they want to go… way down in Kosovoooo).

The European Children’s Trust did more work in the refugee camps here.  History of Albania

Other countries of work:

Russia: I couldn’t find much in the way of work in Russia around this time. Partnership for EveryChild–the “advocacy and research” wing for the organization, claims it had partners (ie, programs but maybe not in this country) “for over 20 years” which would mean since at least 1996. It wants to achieve more of the same, which is foster care, deinstitutionalization, and helping with disabilities.

Partnership for EveryChild points to their Russian website, which only gives returns beginning in 2012. It’s clear they have strong hooks in St Petersburg and Leningrad, given a mention of “working as a team with experts in child protection, specialists in social work, judges, prosecutors, police, doctors, teachers and other professionals in the field of social security and protection of the rights of children.”

Georgia: By around the beginning of 2000, the Trust began doing preliminary work in this region as well.

Macedonia: They worked in refugee camps here.

Who we are  Archive Link


==========================PART 6=======================================

Continued from Overview

Part II: Trafficking: An overview

The TL;DR of Part I is this: Communist countries get overthrown by Soros-backed globalists that install puppet heads of state. The IMF blackmails these now-broke countries into accepting many laws, namely privatizing and decentralizing every sector (including child care). The puppet president accepts this aid which is akin to a payday loan scam. This action promptly sends the economy into a downward spiral and people become poor. These same globalists (many of whom are likely pedos) sit aboard “charities,” who then accept tons of aid money to overhaul the local laws. Once all of the marketable healthy babies are sold at a high price, the foreign heads of these “charities” then wine and dine corrupt, low-salaried local officials with who are dying to make extra money, and both parties squander a shit-ton of aid money, (little of which ultimately goes to the kids). They also send local government officials on lavish trips to Italy, and invite “businessmen” from the community to “come and spend time with the kids.” In tandem with said local officials, they develop a “de-institutionalization scheme,” which really means introducing a foster care program and building small “family-centric” homes where one person watches 10 or so kids. In conflict regions, the Trusts manages reallocating the refugees.

That about catches us up to speed.

For those unfamiliar with the history of human trafficking (which was me until this project), I share what I’ve learned here so everyone can understand the next part better.

Prior to 1992 when these countries were still under Communist rule, child trafficking in Romania, Moldova, Albania, Albania, Ukraine, Kosovo and Macedonia didn’t really exist. In fact, author of the trafficking-themed book, The Natashas explains that the breakup of the Soviet Union brought in what was called “the fourth wave” of trafficking. The book, which confirms what other reputable sources say too, explains that “just a decade ago, these women didn’t even enter on the radar screen. Nowhere in Europe did, for that matter. People who wanted to exploit kids or engage in prostitution usually did so in their own back yard or go on vacation for it. Kid smuggling of course happened but it wasn’t with such organized efficiency as what emerged in Europe around this time. And in case you’re curious, the first wave of trafficking was Thai and Philippino; second, Ghana and Nigeria; third, Columbia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. European countries are noticeably absent up until the early/mid-90s.

And today, the “fourth wave” countries mentioned above represent more than 25% of the trade. The industry is huge.

Trafficking routes: From 1990-2000, Trafficking was controlled by three different organized criminal factions: The Albanians, Romanians, and Serbians. The Albanians and Romanians controlled the route in their own countries, and picked up women/kids in Bulgaria and Ukraine. If they’re delivering kids/women to the end consumer, they distributed them up to their headquarters of Northern Italy, and then onto France, Belgium, or the UK.

Sometimes, Albanian and Romanian criminal sex traffickers stopped in two existing markets to sell the women to other traffickers (primarily the Serbs who were just as vicious in their own right. I haven’t dug into connections between them and the Russian mafia or factions of Southern Italy’s mafias). As to these two sale markets, there’s the Transnistria strip of Moldova which to this day is this lawless, closely-guarded fugitive criminal region. All three sides are welcome to do business. The second market was through Kosovo to get to what used to be called the Arizona Market: a “free trade” zone where “Serbs and Albanians and everyone comes together in a spirit of true humanity” (blah). This got shut down later when non-corrupt people with two eyes noticed the obvious problems here. However, the contacts were still made. The Serbians picked up women from these “for sale” markets dominated by the two other factions, and then they distributed the women/children to Poland, Germany, and Hungary. The Albanian mafia had ties to several European countries including France, Spain, Germany, Brussels,and Italy. Today, the Albanian mafia has a foothold throughout Western Europe, both in the heroin and trafficking market (sauce is in Part IV for all this shit).

I explain this route because I don’t want anyone to yell at me and say, “But Romanian and Moldovan women ended up in Germany so your entire premise about only going to Italy because of what the trust did is full of shit.” No. It’s about markets, logistics, and turf wars. Things have obviously changed between factions since the time of writing, but this was the overall correct landscape/situation.

So now let’s look the “coincidences” surrounding the Trust, trafficking, child porn, and the conditions that led to such a strong link between the two.

–) The rise of trafficking correlates with the exact timeframe as when these foreign NGOs arrive in these countries. The European Children’s Trust (and from cursory glance, Save the Children) all commenced work here in the exact timeframe as a huuuuge spike in trafficking. And yet, “banning all orphanages” does not have any immediate, instinctive relationship to sex trafficking.

–) The Trust commenced work in childcare in the exact same countries that became the “fourth wave” of trafficking. I was surprised to find that the Trust wasn’t doing work in any other countries, except the ones that became such hotspots for trafficking. While researching I remember wondering, why couldn’t they have been in Poland, or Slovenia?

As to the destination for where the women ultimately went, the Fourth Wave children/women’s road led to one place: Italy. Okay, the road also went to Greece, and Bosnia Herzegovina. This was because kids were peddled for cheap labor and prostitution in Greence. In Bosnia, it’s where a black market existed called The Arizona market, where international workers and international mafia members bought and sold prostitutes. This later got shut down post-2001, but they could still sell/trade women in the newly-established Kosovo and the Transidstir strip in Moldova (lawless faction). Italy was a huge hub for traffickers, as the Romanian and Albanian factions delivered women up to here, then distributed them out to the rest of Europe.

As to the reason for the meteoric spike, every source I found points to crippling poverty and few employment opportunities. While I agree that poverty is definitely a contributing factor (though it’s a condition I allege was induced quite deliberately), that to me only tells half the story. After all, El Salvador is poor–arguably poorer–but has no reputation for being a global trafficking hot spot. Similarly, the “communist as producers/capitalists as consumers”-outlook does play a role but is also inadequate as a holistic explanation for this incredible rise.

–) Criminals trafficking minors seem to have strong ties to orpahanges: In the book, The Natashas: “No doubt the most appalling aspects of the trade is the targeting of orphans throughout Eastern Europe. In March 2003, for example, the US State Department reported a “pattern of trafficking” involving orphans in Moldova… “traffickers often know precisely when these girls are to be turned out of the institutions (“some orphanage directors sold information… to traffickers”) and are waiting for them.”

–) The first push of lobbying done by these Trusts was to remove children from govt oversight and place them with families… and a decade after such reform, statistics reflect that parents or “guardians” are the ones handing off their children to the traffickers (as opposed to in the Communist era, which trended towards parents dropping off their children in state-run homes).

For example: In Bulgaria, the European Children’s Trust promotes “pressing the Sofia government to adopt legal reforms aimed at promoting family-based care.” These objectives were pushed in every country.

Bulgaria: British Drive To Rescue Abandoned Children

According to a 2007 Wikileaks-released document, “Trafficking in Persons” report, “Victims are most often recruited by someone they know, such as a relative… typically, traffickers/exploiters are known or related to the victim… in most cases, parents or guardians are aware of the exploitation.”

Per to the book, Sex Trafficking, “the same conditions of poverty, desperation, and displacement lead many families to sell a child into slavery… slave traders sniff out the most despondent individuals and make job offers for a child in exchange for a payment that might be as little as twenty or thirty dollars.”

Romania has the fastest internet speeds in all of Europe due to decentralized, neighborhood LAN networks prolific throughout the countryside. One of the largest child porn busts, Project Spade, depicted “videos including naked boys from Germany, Romania, and Ukraine, which it marketed as naturist movies.”

Ryan Loskarn, chief of staff to US Senator Lamar Alexander, was one such individual in possession of these videos. Archive Link Another Archive Link

==========================PART 7=======================================

In Moldova, the Trust pays foster parents a monthly amount to look after a child. Human traffickers also pay monthly amounts to families for possession of their child. Per the Trust: “foster family” means the family approved by the local authority and according to an agreement looks after the child or children for a temporary period and is remunerated.

Back to the book, Sex Trafficking: “A jittery young woman named Bridgette, who was pressured to remain in sex slavery for years because of remittances sent to her parents told me, “we are like slot machines to our families… In some parts of the world, this sum [20 or 30 dollars] represents one or two months’ income, in addition to the monthly remittances the job is meant to provide… these parents become accustomed to the remittances sent back by slave owners, who use these paltry payments to entice more families to sell their children.” (pg 86)

By 1995, the Trust developed a partnership in MOLSERV between Moldova, Romania, and Italy. The Trust also had links in Ukraine. Statistics show that by 1999, Italy was the highest receiving country for trafficking victims that came from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

The Trust had four objectives in Moldova: identify cases of abandoned kids and achieve “reintegration,” organize joint actions of the actors involved in child protection, and process and provide information to the administrations of the Chisinau Municipality.

Per the report, “Victims trafficking in the Balkans,” “Data collected from sources in Italy illustrate significantly higher numbers of trafficking victims than in other receiving countries… other significant countries of origin include Moldova, Albania and Ukraine.”

Note: the report shows Albania as the highest country of origin to Italy, but that’s for a reason I’ll get to later.

In Romania, the IMF stripped funding from the Romanian government. The Trust lobbied for de-centralization and took the aid. The ministry then has no funds for programs. When the article mentioned the government wanting to step in (admittedly to try and create the same programs which I argue are totally destructive), what happened was this: “But on his first day in office, the Minister of Finance told him, “Congratulations on your new job. Unfortunately there is no budget for your programme.” Translation = by 1997 (time of article) the status of the children’s home was entirely de-centralized, and the organizations responsible for its reform and care had “mysteriously” vanished.


==========================PART 8=======================================

Continued from: Overview

**After doing so much research about Romania’s economy, reading about trafficking, and studying the mafia… I finally put it all together. It was staring me right in the face.

The Europeans–particularly the British and Americans–created the Romanian Mafia’s trafficking business. They did so by placing these criminals directly in charge of the children’s charities, which gave them unlimited power and business. They first developed branches in Moldova which in short order became a country renowned for trafficking children. While I can’t be certain about this next part, the CARITAS situation (discussed in Part I and here), shows it’s highly possible that the same mafia branch associated with the Vatican was the one training these guys in crime.

The European founders in turn got a steady supply of child porn, reliable access to children at home and abroad, and easy aid money raked in by using their position of authority and sterling reputation. The local mafia, in turn, went from being petty criminals to becoming filthy rich “made men” in an otherwise impoverished and employment-limited environment due to the economic crisis orchestrated by the same players running these organizations.

To create a legitimate front, the Trust used their “street children” program to traffick kids for begging/petty crimes in Italy (hence the proliferation of Romanian beggars in Italy, all of which are mafia controlled… now you know), a “group homes” program to create brothels, and “foster/adoption” programs to buy/steal/traffick women and children abroad. These were often with the parents, who went with them to Italy. Sometimes, European founders provided seemingly legitimate job opportunities from their recruiting firms. This allows the criminal traffickers to lure women into slavery under the pretense of a job.

The police officers and top government officials are bought off, made rich by other charity schemes that turned out to be a well-orchestrated pyramid scheme.

Once the aid money dries up, they leave the business to the “local partner” (criminals), who then run the “sister home.” The foreign NGOs now have plausible deniability in wrongdoings should they occur, because they “pulled out” a long time ago “due to lack of ongoing funding.” All problems get blamed on local “corruption” and “lack of funding.” The Board then claims they are still involved, but only in “technical assistance.”

I’m 100% confident in this interpretation. With this said, I’m going to go through a brief history of the mafia and 16 facts to make the above claim really ridiculously obvious. Then I’ll give some first-hand accounts of trafficked/exploited women and children, so it can tie all of these activities together. ** A brief history of the Romanian mafia: Romania never had an organized crime group of international proportions until the 1990s. One of the earliest leaders of the child trafficking/prostitution rings is the Camataru clan. Prior to the Romanian Revolution, the now-mafia head Ion Balint was in prison for petty crimes of burglary. It was Ion Ilescu–the guy who performed the Western-backed coup against the former ruler–who released prisoners out onto the streets as an act of pardon. This release made it exceptionally easy to figure out who exactly to put in charge of a bourgeoning trafficking enterprise. In addition, Ilescu’s 1990 decree to release these prisoners freakishly coincided with the French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas’s meeting to discuss a “development bank” and “health related programs”, on which he failed to elaborate when asked by the press.

Thus, I’m pretty sure these operations were devised and carried out by supremely powerful people in Romania and the high-ranking officials in places like France, the UK, and Germany. With the prison population newly-released, and a new president who could write history how he saw fit, several of these criminals were likely put in charge to manage important positions in the country.


If you think I’m cherry-picking selective facts, read the articles yourself. Study Romania, study the trafficking history here, read the annual reports. Study the directors and the politicians. It’s all there. I’m picking out the most relevant facts for easier digestion, and for the sake of brevity, not because I ignored all which didn’t support my conclusion.

So now I’ll give the 18 main facts to support this narrative. Unless specifically noted, I’ve kept the time lines congruent.

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust (and other aid organizations) developed working partnerships in the same countries as the Mafia’s. This occurred along an identical timeline and in identical cities. Trust activities: the Trust began a partnership between their UK cities for know-how, and between Moldova and Romania for a “partnership” in 1995 related to the children’s homes in Moldova. Mafia activities: “Since the 1990s the Camataru clan had been building up an extensive prostitution operation. The clan’s prostitutes, many from Moldavia, were packaged off in flats all over Bucharest.” The article states that under the communist regime, these guys were only involved in petty theft. Analysis: Again, “flats all over Bucharest” can easily be disguised as the “decentralized group home”-plan promoted by the Trust.

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust expanded its employees’ ties to Piemonte, Italy starting in the mid-90s… which is the same place (Turin) and timeframe (mid-90s) as the Romanian mafia’s inception. Italian prosecutors describe the mafia’s presence as unexpected and inorganic. Trust Activities: The Ecos-Ouverture programme consists of a network to assist the local, regional, and city authorities in the EU to establish contact and to develop co-operation with their counterparts in Central and Eastern Europe. Mafia Activities: (Italian prosecutor speaking regarding the Romanian mafia’s unexpected presence in Piemonte) “Due to the language and cultural barriers, the local authorities are, at first, baffled by what is going on.” Analysis: the Northern Italian mafia was okay with their presence and training them in crimes because, as this article says, “The Italian criminal organizations allowed these foreigners to do certain activities in which they have no further interest.” Archive Link

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust expanded its employees’ ties to Greece as well. This is the same time and place as the Romanian mafia’s foray into trafficking Moldovans to Greece. Trust Activities: “A unique feature of this Trust’s UK organization is the partnership with European NGOs and local authorities which supports our Specialist program.Under this arrangement, experienced mid-career professionals are given a leave of absence for up to a year to work as a Specialist in Romania. This program started in ’93 with Strathclyde Regional Council and has been extended to the County Council of Devon, the region of Piedmonte in Italy, and the National Welfare Organization of Greece.” (95-96 audit) Mafia Activities: Project echo Greece report states, “Areas of Action” (related to drugs and trafficking)–“Romanian: thefts and trafficking in human beings. Important to point out: Moldovans about human trafficking aimed to sexual exploitation.” *Note: At this point in history circa 2000, the Romanian mafia nor the Trust had significant cross-partnerships anywhere else other than Italy and Greece. However, other foreign NGOs may have had them “collaborating” in countries like France and Spain.

Archive Link

==========================PART 9=======================================


Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust’s technical assistance in organizational development correlates with the Romanian mafia’s “quantum leap” in organizational development. Trust Activities: The Molserv project (aided by Piemonte county), which took place in Chisinau, Moldova, was a vocational training and regional development project…funding is available for transational partnerships concerning activities such as exchange of experience, training officers and elected members and seminars. (95-96 annual report) Mafia Activities: In the Turin (Piemonte county) example, he says there is a full tree of a military organization with a figurehead and second line in command… “this is a quantum leap” in the development of such a group,” says Nicoli.

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust’s financial activities during this time overlap with the mafia’s financial activities during this time. Trust activities: “I tried to tell them [the Trust] there was too much money being spent on entertaining.” Article goes on, “The level of spending is exemplified by an invoice for a two-day party for staff and contacts in October 1994 at the Golden Blitz restaurant [featuring live entertainment] in Bucharest.” The claim was, “the bill was not ‘excessive,’ adding, ‘it was part of an international conference over five days, three of which were in Bucharest.” Mafia activities: “Under conditions similar to slavery, they were then sent from these flats to well-known entertainment venues and hotels–such as Hotel Intercontinental, Athenee Hotel Hilton and Victoria Casino–to meet clients.”

1M spent on Orphanages?

“I don’t eat people”

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust misallocated money that went “missing” at the exact same time that the sex trafficking mafia was rolling in it. Trust activities: “Young viewers raised [pounds sterling] 6.5 million, the highest amount ever collected by the television show’s Christmas appeal. But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a mere [pounds sterling] 300,000 of Blue Peter donations has been spent on constructing houses.” Mafia activities: The Balint brothers lived in the lap of luxury…the empty lion’s cage is still there, behind the white walls that surround Ion Balint’s mansion.”

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust’s lavish expenditures matches the mafia’s lavish expenditures, down to the very assets. Trust activities: “Pin 2 [lottery winners, of which the Trust was one of them] With a total amount of 2 million euro…announced that it had accomplished construction activities and acquired cars (without mentioning the number and trademark of these cars).” Mafia activities: “When ordinary Romanians would be lucky to afford a Dacia, the members of the Camataru clan were seen driving around in armoured military jeeps to and from the white washed country estate in Ferentari – where Ion Balint had already acquired his own private zoo, complete with a racehorse.” Analysis: Keep in mind that these guys were petty burglars before, who could never have afforded zoos and racehorses absent a serious infusion of cash from… well, foreigners..

Fact: In areas where foreign NGOs worked, Romanians began claiming that the shoddily constructed mansions peppering the area were “built on the back of gang crime in Britain” involving child trafficking. Trust activities: Misspent funds on overpriced “construction” and “cars,” did not specify on what kind. Mafia activities: “When some of them made vast amounts earned from everything from begging and pickpocketing, child trafficking and prostitution, through to scrap metal theft, the slums were dismantled to make way for yet more palatial homes.” Analysis: This article is worth reading. Pictures of these homes include expensive cars with British license plates, and roofs with an Eiffel tower or Statue of Liberty on top. Locals also commented that such wealth did not exist before the early 90s.

Archive Link

Millions of Euros at Stake

Fact: The Trust developed a “social exchange” partnership, which enabled “professionals” to go on “study tours.” Similarly, locals report the mafia members engaging in trafficking are gone for many months at a time doing business in the UK and France. In addition, an ex-orphanage worker runs sex tours for Westerners to come and enjoy little boys. Trust Activities: “The Trust’s “technical assistance” programme forms a separate division, Social Exchange, which consists of a partnership between European NGOs and local authorities in support of the program in Romania.”(click on the 22-Jan-97 return) Mafia activities: (interviewed local) “I know they work in England, Germany, and France. For months they are gone and they send money back to their families here in the village. As you can see, a lot of money, that is what keeps the wealth growing here.” Ex-orphanage worker (see story 10): Tom runs sex tours for Westerners and advertises them on his website. “I think Tom sends pictures of them and says, “we’ll send you this one for this day. If you come here every week you can have a different one for this day.” “Technically it’s not legal if you introduce them for money, money is not legal. So you give them presents. They are your friends and you give them presents.”

Gypsy Palaces

Fact: Mark Richard Owen-Ward sat on the board of the Trust’s “Trading” branch until 1995. In 1997 until 2004 he served as a director of Reed Recruitment Services. Traffickers frequently use promotional material of recruitment companies to lure women into sex slavery. (From the book, The Natashas): “Many of the ads are placed by seemingly legitimate employment agencies that have hung out shingles in Romania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Some agencies have gone so far as to set up “career day” booths at universities in Russia, promising profitable work abroad. Most of these firms, or intermediaries, are nothing more than hunting grounds for criminal networks involved in the lucrative sex industry. For more than a decade, unscrupulous recruiters have snared upwards of 175,000 a year from the former Soviet Republics and delivered them as sacrificial lambs to traffickers, pumps and brothel owners in foreign lands. Reed activities: Based on a cursory glance, Reed does in fact have recruiting branches in Romania today. I do not, however, know when they commenced work. Complicating this matter is that these directors have a spider’s web of subsidiaries. James Andrew Reed, for example, is the director of a whopping 63 recruitment-related organizations and trusts. I spent maybe 30 minutes looking into this before I realized “recruiting women/teenagers as a tool for sex slavery” was ancillary to the “running children’s homes to traffick them,” and to not go down this massive rabbit hole.

Fact: The Trust emphasized hiring local Romanians to manage orphans. The Romanian mafia uses orphans for their criminal enterprises. Trust activities: “The Romanian Orphanage Trust is one of the major British agencies active in the child care field [in Romania]. One of its priorities is training local people so that the necessary skills and ‘know-how’ are developed within Romania.” Mafia activities: “The crime bosses recruited their members from Romanian orphanages. According to the prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo, the ‘orphans’ were trained in robbery at an “academy of crime.” (From The Natashas): “Traffickers often know precisely when these girls are to be turned out of the institutions (“some orphanage directors sold information… to traffickers”) and are waiting for them, job offers in hand. The State Department also notes that throughout Russia, there are reports of children being kidnapped or purchased from…orphanages for sexual abuse and child pornography” and that child prostituion is “widespread” in orphanages in Ukraine. And in Romania, “many orphanages are complicit in letting girls fall victim to trafficking networks.”

Note: The ECT has done work in all of these countries.

==========================PART 10======================================


Fact: The Trust established its main organization, Pentru Copiii Nostri, in Bucharest. The mayor of Bucharest during this time (1997) has since been a suspected participant of the city’s prostitution rings. Trust Activities: “The operational arm of the trust is Pentru Copiii Nostri (For Our Children). The Trust also supports programs implemented by the County Councils of [insert 7 counties here, including Bucharest’s], and the National Committee for the Protection of Children and the National Adoption Committee.” (annual report) Government/Mafia activities: “According to the tabloid press, Viorel Lis is suspected to be part of a network of prostitution, in one of its apartments being found more women practicing the oldest profession.” Government: One transport minister resigns for what I perceive was coming too close to the truth and pissing off the establishment (this article jumps in time to 2015, which is when the UK opened its borders to a vast inflow of Romanian refugees. Assuming the premise that the UK and other Western countries created the mafia responsible for child trafficking, the ones picked for immigration were very likely the selected criminals of the country for business expansion: “Romanian transport minister Ioan Rus was forced to quit after he said men working abroad could earn 1,000 pound sterling a month, which would “turn children back home into thugs and wives into whores.”

Viorel Lis, scandal cu prima prostituată!

Fact: The Trust misallocated money to send government officials on lavish trips… to Italy. Reporters indicate the mafia head (who went to Italy as well) had to bribe officials frequently. Trust Activities: “She [former Trust worker] alleges she was asked to arrange a holiday in Italy for a local councillor in return for help setting up projects in Romania.” In addition, “There were lots of illegal financial transactions and they spent a lot of money on parties, on gifts.” Mafia/Government: “But the full story of the Camataru brothers is lined with tales of how they’ve wormed their way out of prison and bribed officials.” [in 2004] “They were convicted in the first court instance, but there was no new trial. The case documents had been stolen from the court building and disappeared. The brothers had escaped a prison sentence once again.”

Fact: Employees tried warning the Charity Commission and government authorities about the Trust’s activities with no effect. The mafia states that the government is a criminal enterprise. Trust Activities: “… the Commission admitted last week its ‘evaluation’ in 1997 of a 15-page dossier provided by the British childcare specialist Georgette Mulheir – amounted to a meeting with the charity without any further investigation.” (ie, she tried reporting them to zero effect). Mafia Activities: “The political organization in Romania is the real face of organized crime. You live in a Democratic country so you don’t know what things are like here. Here, you need contacts and if you don’t pay, you don’t survive.” Analysis: The guy got deposed from his throne for reasons unbeknownst to me (he says earlier in the article that he lost a turf war), which is why he’s being prosecuted. Now he’s pointing fingers. He’s not wrong, but he’s likely no saint, either.

Fact: The previous head of the mafia on trial for forced prostitution used the alibi of innocence by claiming he was “involved with charity” and mentions kids. Mafia Activities: “Papacostea has been representing the brothers since 2013. He doesn’t try to explain the criminal past of the Camataru clan–he categorically denies it. Instead of crime, clan leader Ion Balint has been involved in charity work, according to Papacostea. “Everybody loves him! He does a lot for charity. There are people who come to him asking for money for their children who need emergency operations.”

Fact: The CARITAS charity scheme that ripped off $1.5-5 billion in aid money and citizen deposits–all in the name of “charity” and “building homes for children”–was first devised where?… In Italy. In fact, today it’s listed as a subsidiary of sorts to the mother-fucking- Vatican, complete with a username/password protected page. (look to “Council Vatican II documents”) “About the establishment of Caritas, Helene said that John [Ioan] Stoica said nothing. “I had a friend with whom he consulted, he developed a pyramid scheme in Brasov. But the original idea came from Stoica in Italy, where he stayed for a while, there he had heard of a Ponzi scheme and thought that was going to work here.”

Fact: The 1998 return of the European Children’s Trust showed the formation of a relationship with Barnardo’s. This partner organization already had a history of sexually abusing children and sending them abroad to awaiting pedophiles. Trust: The Trust formed a strong relationship with Barnardos this year, whereby they provide our programmes with expertise from their architects department. Barnardo’s: “Some were from broken homes or simply placed in care by their parents until they could get back on their feet. Mothers were frequently told that their children were being adopted in Britain…in reality, they were often used as slave labor and endured physical and sexual abuse… [and] suggested that the child migrants who alleged sexual abuse were already sexually active when they arrived in Australia because they were products of British child care institutions.

Fact: The Romanian Orphanage Trust’s officer was also with Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (became Tavistock Portman Clinic). They specialize in “infant observation” and “attachment theory.” In Scotland, police uncovered videos of infants in Romania’s Save the Children being subjected to masochism, neglect, and extreme sensory deprivation. Trust: Trust: Per the Trust’s name change paperwork in 1996, John Margarson is a company officer who sat as secretary on the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. The paperwork for the Romanian Orphanage Childrent’s Trust was to be sent to his address. Save the Children: “Sohail Ayaz, a leading member of an international child abuse network, came to the UK on a two-year visa after molesting and photographing a 14-year-old boy. He got a job at Save the Children headquarters in London. Ayaz… is wanted in Italy in connection with a Romanian child sex ring. A search of his home…recovered images of thousands of children being abused. Some depicted 6-month-old babies, and several fell into the most serious, level 5 category, showing “distressed” youngsters struggling against sensory deprivation,’ as they were “tied up, blindfolded, suspended” and subjected to sadomasochistic acts.” Tavistock Portman Clinic: “Our commitment to developing new knowledge, methods, and techniques through research and clinical innovation has continued to influence the evidence base and clinical practice. In some cases this influence has been international including: Attachment theory; systemic family therapy; child, adult and forensic psychotherapy; infant observation; organizational and group dynamics; the developmental origins of mental health difficulties. The Tavistock Institute also has what’s called the “Tavistock Method of Infant Observation.” In the book is a study from 1992 called, “Disorganized/Disoriented infant behaviour in the Strange Situation: lapses in the monitoring of reason and discourse during the parents’ Adult Attachment Interview and Disassociated States.” I wonder if the methodology was similar to what these babies went through. Note: Sensory deprivation and this level of torture is what Tavistock’s subsidiary, RAND corporation, did as part of its CIA-backed MK Ultra program decades ago. This work is still being done today, but on kids in orphanages where getting caught is less likely. Tavistock’s sister org, APA, also did studies on child neglect…researched in Romania. The CEO of Rand, Michael Rich, sits on board of EveryChild presently. Read what this Voat user wrote about their experience and a lot of it overlaps with what’s going on with these Romanian babies whose torture was being recorded by Save the Children employees.

Developments in Infant Observation: The Tavistock Model Book


==========================PART 11======================================


Fact: The Trust’s officer is also director of the Tavistock Portman Clinic. This clinic offers help for those who adopted children who have been sexually abused. One of the Scottish pedophile rings uncovered live streaming of sex acts being carried out on infants all across the world. Trust: Per the Trust’s name change paperwork in 1996, John Margarson is a company officer who sat as secretary on the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. The paperwork for the Romanian Orphanage Childrent’s Trust was to be sent to his address. Tavistock Portman: “Fostering, adoption and kinship care provides help to looked-after children and young people with emotional and behavioral problems…support for [those] with children presenting challenging behavior, sexualized behavior, problems in relationships… Pedophile bust: “We are not talking about teens sending pictures of each other. We are talking about, in some cases, infants and babies being sexually abused.” Mr Graham revealed “the force had uncovered images and evidence of child sexual abuse from victims all around the world, including the live streaming of sexual acts being carried out on the children.” Note: Tavistock Portman also offers care to refugees. Which means, they probably traffick in the children test on them there, using the pretense of them getting “help.”

Fact: John Margarson, the Romanian Orphanage Trust officer, also sits aboard Tavistock. On the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations sits a man named Sir Louis Bom-Cooper. He was in charge of the immigration holding cells for the UK until 1999. Anthony Jeapes, another trustee for the European Children’s Trust, was in charge of cases related to motor transport. Another was John David Peryer, who had a clinic out in York.

Meaning? If Tavistock wanted to smuggle kids to the UK for their sadistic “cutting edge research,” they had all of the players and facilities to do it.

Fact: The Trust has a Social Exchange program that sends senior members of the Scottish authorities to visit Romania throughout the year. Scotland is the place of many high-level pedophile rings, some of which prey on homeless boys. Trust (1998 return): “A full programme of technical assistance to Romania this year has enabled many local authority partners to participate in the reform process. Once again, Scottish authorities have been particularly helpful, and a new formula has been devised with one particular authority whereby they will second members of their senior management team on a regular basis throughout the year. The first edition of the Social Exchange newsletter was produced and distributed to all authorities in the UK. (2000 return): “Experienced mid-career professionals are given absence for up to a year to work as Specialists in the region. In addition, study tours in participating countries by social sector professionals are supported.” Pedo ring: Nelson told the newspaper, “I have heard longstanding claims that very vulnerable boys and young men were not only sexually abused by Tam Paton but also that there was a paedophile ring in existence. I heard allegations that some homeless boys were placed in flats in Edinburgh for the purpose of prostitution.

When The Screaming Stops: The Dark History Of The Bay City Rollers

Fact: Lord Viscount Younger of Leckie sat as Chairman of the Romanian Orphanage Trust, and was Margaret Thatcher’s Secretary of State for Defense. Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet was documented for covering up its own pedophile ring that included MPs and House of Lords. Trust: (1998 report and financial statements): Council of Management, Directors: Rt Hon Viscount Younger of Leckie KT KCVO TD DL (Chairman) News: “A newspaper editor was handed startling evidence that Britain’s top law enforcement official knew there was a VIP pedophile network in Westminster, at the heart of the British government… he couldn’t repeat allegations included in the Home Office papers about 16 MPs and members of the House of Lords, and 30 high-profile figures from the Church of England, private schools, and big business, were members of, and advocates for, the Pedophile Information Exchange [which I think was likely the Trust’s “Social Exchange” newsletter that circulated around the UK]. The shadowy group, which operated partly in the open, campaigned for the age of consent to be abolished and incest to be legalized. It also allowed pedophiles to send each other secure mail and meet in person.”

Okay, so now I’ll add some testimonies of trafficked victims/prostitutes in Romania, and provide additional notes or background details if necessary.

Story 1: The two of them remembered the officials who were running the home stealing the meat that the children were supposed to eat and taking the clothes that their mother sometimes bought for them. They remembered the endless slappings and beadings, the fat and potatoes they were given for meals and how, sometimes, they would slip out on the streets to beg for food.

“I hate those people who ran the homes. I know how many bad things they did for us. I think they have no hearts. They work just to take their money. I dreamed about finding my parents so they could give me love and teach me good things and protect me and help me.”

It was when they came to talk about their lives after they left the orphanages that the other bitter secret emerged. Both of them have now become prostitutes. And they say that almost all of the other girls who they know from the children’s home have done the same.” “Ion Predescu [note: same guy who was working for Save the Children and the European Children’s Trust] has seen the same pattern. “I would say at least 80% of the girls from the Bucharest homes end up as prostitutes.”

Addendum: I can’t say if this home is that of Save the Children or The Romanian Orphanage Trust, but the previous employees described picking up clothes and shoes only for the staff to steal them.

Story 2: (per the book, “The Natashas”) “Human Rights Watch uncovered a particularly disturbing example of benign indifference during a 2001 investigation of the trafficking trade in Greece. They learned that Romanian police had received a frantic call from a terrified mother in October 2000. Her daughter had just phoned, pleading to be rescued from the Tutti Frutti bar on the Greek Island of Kos where she was being held as a sex slave. The police immediately contacted the International Organization for Migration Office in Bucharest. IOM staff fured off an urgent fax to Daniel Esdras, their counterpart in Athens. This communication was no vague missive–it listed the name of the island, the town, the bar where the young woman was being held, the trafficker’s name, his home and cell numbers, as well as the victim’s name, description, and place of residence in Romania. The fax also included the name and numbers of a top official with the Greek Ministry of Public Order who had represented Greece at a recent UN-sponsored conference on trafficking human beings. With a contact like that, action was certain…then he waited…and never received a reply. A month later during the Human Rights Watch fact-finding mission, Esdras recounted the incident of the Romanian woman. HRW placed a call to the ministry to find out what they learned. Little had been done. The police paid what amounted to a courtest visit to the alleged trafficker, who said he had sent the woman back to Romania. The cops accepted the bar owner’s statement and left. That was the extent of the entire investigation.

So whatever happened to the young Romanian woman? Did she end up returning home? In a response to the email sent 2002, Cristian Ionescu, an information officer at the IOM Bucharest office, wrote: “I regret to inform you that we have not been able to track this victim of human trafficking since then.” Addendum: Remember that “partnership” the Trust established between Athens and Bucharest? Yup.

==========================PART 12======================================


Story 3: “In my village, girls are called names. Old women are gossipping that we make porn films in the shelter…”

“Their story is always the same: They come from extremely dysfunctional families where they have suffered all kinds of violence and emotional abuse.”

“The girl in our care [legit traffick rescuing org] would call the victim [residing in a brothel/home] first and tell her she’s in a safe place. Then I [the rescue org head] would talk to the girl and find out as many details about her situation as I could, to see when there would be a possibility for me to come ‘kidnap’ her [to safety].” [upon arriving to a shelter intended to help women, this is how the girls would react]: “Whenever I kidnap one of their girls, they are in shock. They always think I am a ‘madam’ [brothel owner] who steals their girls to exploit them in her own business. Some of the girls even think I am a madam initially. They are so used to people exploiting them.” Analysis: Exploited girls are living in homes that are supposed to be intended for a child wefare home, but are in fact doubling as a brothel. So, when they arrive at a legitimate child welfare home, they can’t help but think it too must be for prostitution.

Story 4: Reporter doing a story on trafficking. When we came here I was expecting that there was this man, or gang, or someone who was stealing girls off the street. That it was just a couple girls. But when we got here it wasn’t that at all. It was the mom that would sell her kid, it was the dad that would get rid of his daughter because it was the best way to make money.”

“We have a girl here in the shelter who was sold for 4 cigarettes. Not packs. And then when she was 13 she ran away from the first trafficker, she sold her again for a bottle of vodka and one pack of cigarettes. These children come from dysfunctional families, they don’t know what love means, so when they grow up, they look for love in all the wrong places. In Romania many times they say it’s trafficking of living flesh.

“When they [victims] first got there [at the site] they say, ‘no I don’t want to do this’ and then they beat them. We’ve had girls that are electrocuted, put in bath tubs and electrocuted. We have girls that have been shot. They bury their faces for thirty seconds, then uncover them, then they ask, “are you going to run away again?” And then they’d do the process you know, again, 10 times. Or whatever it takes.” (note: remember how the charities all stress the importance of “keeping kids off of the streets” which is nice, but takes a much darker turn in light of stories like these.)

“You can see police cars 500 meters from where the girls are standing on the street. And everyone knows at the end of the day that the police goes and takes money from the trafficker for keeping an eye on the girls…these, we’re talking about 14, 15-year-old children.”

Story 5: (read between the lines on this one) “Like some of those youngsters (living on the streets), he is a victim of foreign pedophiles drawn to Romania in recent years by its reputation as a place where it’s easy to find sex with children… Authorities long ignored or were unaware of the problem. Col. Ioneta Vintileanu, a police official, says the government does not even keep statistics on pedophile arrests… George Roman, who works for the Romanian branch of the international humanitarian group Save the Children [here we go again], has spent years tracking and helping police catch pedophiles. He spends hours surfing the Internet scouring for pedophiles. He says, “Foreigners come here because they hear that Romania is the Thailand of Eastern Europe.” Recently, Roman found pictures (convenient) of young boys on one of the pedophilia sites on the Internet [which means he was browsing them himself] that he recognized as children from Bucharest. Analysis: Who spends hours looking at child porn and communicating with pedophiles to “help the police”? Nobody investigating Pizzagate did these things!

Story 6: Mr. Rossi, a naturally recognized teacher [Massachusettes], was arrested Feb 4 2009, at his home in Milford after an Int’l child porn sting. US [officials] found 101 videos depicting child pornography downloaded from a website in Romania. They also found 40 images of child pornography involving boys ages 8 to 12… Mr. Rossi admitted to evaluators at St. Vincent Hospital, however, that he has a sexual interest in adolescent boys and that he masturbated while looking at some of the child pornography found at his home. Two experts in on deviant sexual disorders who interviewed Mr. Rossi after his arrest said Mr. Rossi is not a pedophile… they said Mr. Rossi would continue to get better treatment if he were not incarcerated.

Story 7: [Keep in mind that Everychild was the merger between Christian Children’s Fund of GB and The European Children’s Trust in 2001]

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier’s connection to the University’s football related sex scandal was not his first brush with a scandal involving a major organization under his watch. In 1994 while he was the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska [which oh… same area/people as the Franklin scandal] Spanier was also chairman of the board of the Christian Children’s Fund, the largest child sponsorship organization in the world, located in Richmond, Virginia. After serving on the CCF board myself for two years, in March 1994, I was kicked off the board for whistleblowing. Subsequently, I went public with my charges of corruption against the $112 million organization, which claimed to support 400,000 children in 40 countries, whose board Spanier chaired.

The article goes on to describe the EXACT SAME behavior as European Children’s Trust: spending all the money on “fundraising,” lavish trips overseas, and fudged financial accounts. The countries of origin for malfeasance he noted were Brazil, Haiti, India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

Story 8:* This is related to one of the largest global child porn stings, Project Spade. It is the one where the US Senator’s aid, Loskarn, was found with so much porn that it was likely with the intention to distribute.

“Officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst they have ever viewed. Police allege Brian Way, 42, had been running an “exploitation movie, production and distribution company” called Azov Films since 2005, and has made more than $4 million from the business. Through his company, the man would allegedly contract people to create child porn videos involving kids, largely boys, between the ages of 5 and 12. Many of these videos were shot in Ukraine and Romania in apartments, saunas, and backyards.”

The Star’s investigation located and interviewed several boys and their families in their Northern Romanian homes who allege Way’s partner, Markus Roth, exploited them… Roth, a convicted pedophile in Germany, who fled to Romania following his imprisonment, supplied dozens of original films to Azovfilms.com. He has not been charged in this case. A Romanian police video of a bust of Roth’s Romanian apartment, obtained by the Star, shows hundreds of videotapes, wigs and toy swords, as well as lubricant.

Child Porn or Fine Art

[Analysis: Most web cam studios and production houses are mafia controlled.]

==========================PART 13======================================


In addition, Romania does not have laws against the creation of child porn, stating that an adult’s behavior is “grooming” only if it involves penetration. The country criminalizes child porn if it is stored on computer systems… but not transmission. The country also does not keep a central database tracking offences and persons, despite the report also stating, “Romania is a well-established destination country for child sex tourists.”

Oh. One more thing. Romania’s law enforcement officials training is “conducted in collaboration with European and International partners.”

Story 9: From the documentary, “Cutting Edge: Child Sex Trade,” year 2002

YouTube Playlist on Child Trafficking:

“Laurencio says he started going with boys at the age of 12, just before he tried to set himself on fire. He says there are dozens of Western pedophiles in Bucharest. American, German, Dutch, and British. Like Tom. My plan is to track them down and identify them. And to find what happens to the kids who have been trafficked abroad.” “These kids [beggar kids who sniff glue in the metro station] have many stories of the foreigners. “There are many pedophiles in Bucharest. Not only English but also Romanian. I’ve heard of foreigners who took two kids and transported them abroad [girls too]. Italy France America Spain. They say the foreigners come at night and pick them up in cars. The crews in their area are above ground, just off University Square. [describes foreigner driving up, saying his friend told him about the fact he’s a prostitute, and that they, foreigners, “all know each other.” One day, there’s a new face among the gang. He’s called George. I’ve been told he knows Tom the English man. Surprisingly, George speaks English. “I learned a lot with Tom. (Made pictures for this site).” “What’s on this site?” “Pictures. Pictures with young boys. Naked. Jerking. There are pictures of me also.” Tom picked up George two years ago (2005), when he was 17 and paid him. Tom runs sex tours for Westerners and advertises them on his website. “I think Tom sends pictures of them and says, “we’ll send you this one for this day. If you come here every week you can have a different one for this day.” [(2000 return of European Children’s Trust): “Experienced mid-career professionals are given absence for up to a year to work as Specialists in the region. In addition, study tours in participating countries by social sector professionals are supported.”] “I spend weeks with the kids now. They’ve told me many stories of child sex trafficking. Lots of kids are being taken abroad, not just by foreigners but by Romanians. Christina is 18 now. When she was 14, she was trafficked to Italy… She was promised a proper job but when she arrived she was forced into prostitution.” “There were many girls who were minors. 14,15,16. If they refused to do it the pimps threatened them, saying if you don’t do it now we’ll kill you tomorrow. And the girls stayed, out of fear.” “I decide to pursue the route that so many of them take, West, to Italy. Milan. The center is full of Romanians. Locals say child prostution goes on here but they can’t tell me where. (He picks up a girl no older than 15 to talk to). Him: “Have you talked to small kids? Are they prostituted in this area?” “No, not in this area. They have their own area… but yes, there are people who prostitute kids.” She says there’s a camp full of Romanians in the city. I should ask there. (Asking kids at camp) “Have you heard of underage prostitution?” He’s told to “come back in the night. Search on that street. In the evening.” He picks up a 13-year-old who says to “talk to his father” about the exchange. (Father comes over, says he rented his son out to a Moroccan who slipped him sleeping pill… lost trust. Needs to eat. But no problem, take the son). “In all the years I never thought I’d find a man prostituting his own son. He shows me his son’s card, issued by a local charity.” “Is this when he’s born? 23.10.88? And he’s just 14. I get the impression that Dragosh worships his father and would do anything to please him. I want to know if there are other families pimping their children. One night, I’m offered a 16-year-old. “He’s my cousin.” Another night I find a boy of 10 with a gang of men. “He is my brother.” The police come. They’re not interested in pimps. They’re looking for illegal immigrants. Of all the boys I met in Majore (Piemonte), they’ve all been pimped by their own family. [Remember that an accountant for the Trust said they wanted petrol bills to be illegally reimbursed for many “unauthorized trips” and that collaboration with Piemonte] I’ve been to see a local family that deals with underage prostitution. They can only help those who want to be helped. And the truth is, none of the kids I’ve met have said they wanted to leave their families. Back to Bucharest to meet Tom. “We have a rich English man now, he can throw all of his money around.” “How old is he?” “He’s 16. I love him. Boys like that you can only dream about in England.” Tom reveals how he first came here. As a charity worker. In an orphanage. “Remember all these orphanages, with all these kids in a really bad way? I met this Romanian boy in this village, God, he was the most beautiful thing I’d seen in my life.” He gets down to business… “Technically it’s not legal if you introduce them for money, money is not legal. So you give them presents. They are your friends and you give them presents. So if the law stops you, plead ignorance. Tom opens up about his business. He’s sending Florin abroad, to his rich Western clients. “He’s going to Holland first, then straight to Germany.” Tom describes some of his Western clients: “German friends, one’s an architect. Detlef is his name. The other is a judge. A fucking judge. A top judge.” (back with Florin, asking about how he’ll get to Germany) Children abroad can’t travel without their parents’ consent. “You have passports, tickets?” Yes, “Detlef paid. My mother. He has helped mother. Give me money for everything. Because not have much money, mother.” They [parents] have signed an agreement allowing him to sign an agreement allowing him to travel abroad. “Now in the summer there are even more sex tourists. Lorenzo points one out. Children are still for sale in University square. Tom is now available in Britain. We give all of our evidence to the police. (note: no news of arrest to date)

==========================PART 14======================================


The creation and destruction wreaked by the Albanian mafia makes the Romanian mafia look like child’s play (bad pun). It’s interesting that few of us were really taught about the Kosovo conflict in school–it’s glossed over in the history books. I now think that’s for good reason.

Here’s the summary: **Western and European power brokers–especially Tony Bair, Bill Clinton and even John Podesta–were supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army. To raise money for the conflict, the KLA established itself in selling drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. Now, 20 years out from this conflict, it’s already been well- documented that the West was helping the KLA with weapons trafficking and drug smuggling. I will now show that Western power brokers were helping the KLA with human trafficking of the worst kind… and they were doing it by giving the Albanian mafia/KLA a front to do it through children’s welfare charities like EveryChild. **

This is exactly what they did in Romania–as discussed in the previous part–but it’s in this section that we really get to the meat of the story and the smoking guns that add even more credibility to the prior section.

Again, though, I specifically have to go into the military history of Albania and the KLA, because that’s where our European Children’s Trust really takes center stage.

Let’s break this down into three parts: 1) The West helped KLA’s rise to power. 2) The KLA doubly operates as the traffickers/mafia and 3) The West ran children’s charities to help the KLA’s trafficking operations. 4) Their sex trafficking industry explodes, much to the benefit of high level pedos and power brokers raking in funds.

1) The West helped KLA’s rise to power As early as 1992, the European and US power brokers agreed to elevate a specific group of Muslim/ethnic Albanians into power and give them Kosovo.

To recap the Albania/Kosovo issue from Part I, there are two factions of this Muslim ethnic group hold relevance (there are other clans, but these two are the important ones in this story): Bukoshi/Berisha, and Gashi/Thaci (later Xhakaj since Gashi got murdered in 99). They all belong to a group called the LDK, which is the political party that wanted an independent Kosovo wrested from the Serbs.

Remember that the Bukoshi/Berisha Team consisted of the first overthrown president from 92-96 (Berisha) and his “Germany-residing, super rich banker presiding over the 3% fund collected from the many elite Muslim Albanian diasporans.” Based on the Wikileaks Stratfor emails, Berisha was “the DON” of the Albanian mafia and–based on future events described later–had mild ties working with a Southern Italian faction of the mob there. The second LDK group was the Gashi/Thaci team. Just like Bukoshi was enjoying life in Bonn, Germany while Berisha was getting his hands dirty (but rich) on the ground as president, a similar arrangement existed where Gashi was sitting in Milan while Thaci was on the ground bickering with Berisha. The Gashi/Thaci team wasn’t as rich, but they had something of greater value to the power brokers: they were willing to earn money by doing the shady activities.

These teams lobbied as a unified front to the State Dept in 1992 (per the book, “Liberating Kosovo”): In August 1992, Gashi, Bukoshi, and Tahiri met at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva to map out their strategy…US Support was essential to the LKD’s efforts in Geneva. They got support from a US (Republican) Representative, Ken Blackwell, and that gave them some cred. Then, they worked with other European diplomats. When the Kosovo group went to negotiate with Russia, they replied (in colorful language that I’ll paraphrase), “Screw you, we agree with Serbia on this one. Sorry, go away.” Negotiations between Europe, the US, and Russia tended not to go very well on the Kosovo front, and “negotiations” were disastrous due to significant disagreements.

Well, shortly thereafter (still 1992) the UN came out with a report claiming the ethnic Albanians were being persecuted. The UN claimed that Serbia–and Yugoslavia as a whole–were trying to commit massive hate crimes against this group. The Western media went to work painting them as racist, intolerant, bigoted, violent Serbians… which is how the historical narrative still goes today.

Well suffice it to say, this group of “poor, downtrodden ethnic Albanians” living it large overseas and ruling the country were thrilled with this UN narrative shaped by their friends in the US and Brussels. Yeah, the Serbs were probably dicks to Albanians. Yeah, they fought. But to whose benefit? These guys. They NEEDED this conflict to exist to further their goals of a separate Kosovo. It’s like their Israel. So, in 1995, the Bosnian conflict emerged with NATO fighting by the side of the Bosnian Muslims, which weakened Serbia further and wiped out lots of the genuinely poor and legitimately downtrodden citizes of ALL groups. War sucks.

So behind the scenes around 1994, the Albanians on both teams were priming the war chest for the upcoming fight. It’s rumored that Berisha, (then president of Albania) was siphoning off the funds from the great pyramid scheme that ultimately led to his downfall: as mentioned, he was doing so in order to build funds and send them to Bukosi, who was manning the bank accounts of Kosovo diasporans. President Berisha’s pyramid scheme–which was perhaps orchestrated with help from the Italian mafia like it was in Romania (but I speculate)–was ultimately used against the president because it fell apart and he was ousted. Gashi/Thaci were ALSO raising money during this time through criminal activities.

Thaci was one of the chief guys heading up the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was being covertly trained by quite a few European groups under the radar. Again, the BB Team didn’t like this and they created FARK as a way to say, “our army CAN help yours… but we’re also creating it to make sure you don’t use your own bourgeoning military faction, the KLA, to fuck with us.” (spoiler: both teams fucked each other over at different points thereafter).

The main problem between these two was a disagreement over how the money should be spent. Bukoshi was more idealistic and principled, unwilling to play as dirty as team Thaci/Gashi wanted. When both parties met at the Waldorf in the US, Bukoshi didn’t want to give the disapora funds in his possession to Thaci’s KLA on their terms. He parted with $4 million, but Bukoshi cited, “They told us that they [KLA] had always wanted the war option, so keep your mouth shut and give us the money [his collected Diaspora funds sitting in his Swiss bank] to wage war. I rejected this logic… I will organize our country’s self defense through Kosovo’s legitimate institutions. We have to respect the rules in war time, not go about it as this gang [KLA] would.” The book then says, “Bukoshi maintained that he was not about to hand over the Kosovar taxpayers’ money to a bunch of gangsters.” So idealistic and principled. Granted, Berisha was obviously corrupt in his own way (and Bukoshi likely was too), but the KLA clearly took it up a notch–there’s a reason they were branded a terrorist group by the US.

Homeland Calling: Exile Patriotism & the Balkan Wars Book

So at this point in my research I decided to try and figure out which team Soros was promoting, because let’s face it: he always backs who he knows will be the winner. Well, Soros–who was funding the local Albanian media at the time–was getting journalists at home and abroad to cover some pretty bad things about Berisha before he was ousted from power (likely done by design). What I also noticed was that Soros controlled/extensively financed the media in both Romania and Albania, and both committed awful pyramid schemes–likely after consulting with the Vatican–that nearly brought down the country. Interestingly, the Romanian president was shielded from bad press regarding his own country’s pyramid scheme (which I absolutely think Soros knew about). In fact, the president of Romania said the scheme was kept under wraps because he didn’t want the citizenry overthrowing his ass. Contrast this with Albania: the citizens did overthrow his ass over the pyramid scheme. Right before getting kicked out of office, Berisha notes Soros’s involvement with the Albanian media as a coup attempt to bring him down over the scandal (which Soros clearly knew about). This makes me believe that Soros was fine with Romania’s president, but that he wanted another Albanian faction in power. Other thing: Once the pyramid scheme was exposed and announced, guess what happened? “Organized crime” (ie, Team Thaci) raided the State and got a metric shit-ton of weaponry that magically disappeared from the Albanian state… probably so he could use it in the upcoming Kosovo conflict. Absent exposing the pyramid conflict, this wouldn’t have happened even though it gave Thaci a massive leg up.

==========================PART 15======================================


–But back to the story—

So what’s going on between the power brokers and the Kosovo Liberation Army? Why are the world’s most powerful forces helping this particular group of Albanians come to power? What do they bring to the table? I’ve thought about this for a while and I’m not positive of the answers–I think it’d become clear researching activities post-2000, which I haven’t done exhaustively as I’d like. But these are the cursory answers I can think of:

1) Gashi/Thaci team was willing to do the more corrupt, but highly lucrative activities of trafficking weapons to get them through from Europe out to the Middle East. The arms industry (which arguably controls many French and US politicians) liked this part. I can’t conclude it yet and it’s a conspiracy unto itself, but it absolutely wouldn’t surprise me if–assuming the US began a fake war in the Midd East to dominate the heroin trade–the Western arms were delivered to Al Qaida/Middle Eastern forces through the Albanian mafia (who were trained by Al Qaida)–the arms would start from France, then Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, then onwards and out.

2) This group was willing to become the new face of heroin trafficking. The heroin industry EXPLODED after the Iraq/Afghanistan war in early 2000. In fact I’ll detour a bit into the history of this one. In 1992, poppy production was being controlled by the Taliba in Afghanistan. Al Qaida (who is… sort of friends?… with the Taliban) was on the ground helping the Kosovo Liberation Army (the future heroin sellers). Now the US just needed to ensure control over the Afghan poppy production. But how? 911 made a really flippin convenient excuse, I’ll tell you that: They invaded Afghanistan and put in Hamid Karzai, a puppet president representing US interests. He most certainly WAS willing to oversee the growing and selling of heroin… and the US’s CIA was most certainly willing to traffick the heroin out of there through Kosovo’s Camp Bondsteel . Irony of ironies (for reasons mentioned in point 3), one of the CIA agents who blew the lid on this was arrested on child porn charges that he contends was a set-up. I believe the poor SOB.

So now everyone needs to remember that in Afghanistan, just less than 5 years after the Albanian conflict, poppy production–which offers the crucial ingredient of opiod for heroin–became this hugely lucrative business. It magically took off once the CIA got involved both in Albania (the sellers/movers) and Afghanistan (growers). This made the pharmaceutical industries (who often control US politicians) very happy since they got a great supply of opium. The invasion of Afghanistan/heroin production happens to correlate along a very neat timeline as when the prescription pain killer abuse of opiod-based drugs like Oxycontin, Fentanyl, etc, started to kick in. This created the epidemic of heroin users. As one would figure, the DEA came down hard NOT on the CIA’s source of heroin deriving from the US-controlled region in Afghanistan… but the Mexican drug group, the Nayarits (perhaps cartel-controlled). The book, Dream Land, outlines how this group of Mexican villagers managed to do it cheaper and more efficiently in the US. As another slight tangent, with the Netherland’s ban on cannabis coffee shops, guess what boomed? Albanian mafia production of marijuana. The government, then, completely shut down citizen middle men who were otherwise profiting…all so the mafia (which was created/controlled by European shadow government factions) could monopolize it instead.

3) The Gashi/Thaci team were willing to set up the human trafficking industry. I’m going to explore this exhaustively in the next section, but first, it’s imperative to understand this next part:

The Albanian mafia was an extension of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Thus, if I mention someone “supporting the KLA,” this is the same thing as saying “supporting the Albanian mafia.” And vice-versa. Going forward, I might say KLA/mafia for the sake of clarity on this point.

This symbiosis is no conspiracy and has already been well documented by others. For basic proof/further studying of this alliance, I present the following:

From the book, “Terrorist Financing: The Failure of Counter Measures:” Undoubtedly, funds from the criminal activities of the Albanian Kosovo organized crime groups in Europe passed to and directly financed the KLA during activities as a terrorist group. One criminologist and Balkans expert of the 1990s definitively stated that there was no difference between the Albanian militant groups of the KLA and the Albanian mafia, they were one in the same.

The issue of the KLA between 1990-1990 (and its activities thereafter) has been the subject of intense scrutiny by academics and law enforcement thus resulting in initial debate, much research, and then definitive conclusion that the KLA, as a terrorist liberation organization, was directly funded by organized crime activities.

The book lists Table 2.1: Terrorist groups and their fund-raising modus operandi. KLA: International drug trafficking, human trafficking and organized prostitution in United Kingdom and France, …

Terrorist Financing: The Failure of Counter Measures Book

Okay. Let’s pause. The picture’s getting clearer.

Now we know by now that the West’s power brokers funded the KLA’s weaponry. We know they helped create the KLA’s heroin trade. And I’m now going to point out how the West helped create their human trafficking trade… by creating child welfare organizations for them to exploit, just as they did with the Romanian mafia.

But first: which Americans specifically helped the KLA?

Bill Clinton: The guy was president at the time. Known lothario. The guy has a statue of himself in Kosovo right now.

Hillary Clinton: Accepted 2016 campaign donations from KLA leader, Thaci, which was being conveniently funneled through Tony and John Podesta’s lobbying group. http://archive.is/JgdJx Also, she–H. Clinton– sent a memo from the Embassy during her time as Sec of State that cleared Sali Berisha (and several Gashis) for “law enforcement” and “border patrol” of Kosovo in 2009, despite being known for child trafficking. Not only did her husband create the rise of the trafficking gang, KLA, but H Clinton and the US State Dept continued it during her tenure. *Sali Berisha (former president and whose clan trafficked women out of Vlore with help from Lul Berisha and the Sicilian mafia faction) now working as “police officer” and “border police.” Hilariously, sha added the disclaimer to the cable, “if Post subsequently becomes aware of possible human rights violations by the individuals listed above, Post should inform the dept and not proceed with training. (How stupid does she think we are?) By the way, here are the links I used to establish connections of Sali Berisha with Lul Berisha (same party, friends), Vlore, Sicily, Durres, etc..  Embassy Cable

Madeleine Albright: Commander of the KLA, Thaci, was known as “Madeleine’s boy toy” (something to keep in mind when members of her cabinet were shielded from a pedo investigation of epic proportion). Her group, Albright Capital Management, put in several bids for control of Kosovo’s telecomms industry later in 2012. This much is established and I’m including some rumors about other stuff that you can believe as you wish.  [Note: granted, one source comes from slobodan-milosevic.org but hell, I believe it]

==========================PART 16======================================


Mark Tavlarides: Clinton’s legislative director for Clinton’s National Security Council (and thus lobbied for Kosovo), then lobbied for Bechtel to get the 2012 telecomscontract, who did so by working as a lobbyist for the Podesta brothers.

John Podesta: Lobbyist for Thaci, who paid him like, 50,000 a month at one point. Here’s Podesta, writing an opinion piece in 2007 for the Washington Post recalling his time as Clinton’s Chief of Staff . “Standing with Kosovo again.” Who runs Kosovo today? Thaci. Who operated a child trafficking ring? Thaci. Podesta is pushing for the international community to press for an “independent Kosovo,” and citing his “recent visits there.” Between this and the next section it makes sense why Breitbart accused him of covering up a child trafficking ring with his Media Matters firm. “Fuck you, John Podesta” indeed.

Also note: Remember the double heart-organ transplant for Pam Fleischaker, Podesta friend/Clinton ally? And we were all surprised how someone so old got off the organ donor list? One call to Thaci for a favor and BOOM: Instant organs for transfer.

Dennis Hastert: Podesta’s good buddy arrested for pedophilia. He was Speaker of the House during this time who lobbied hard to ensure the KLA got a steady supply of US weaponry…probably because the sick fuck got a steady supply of kids. In fact, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmunds (who was intercepting Turkish intelligence in 2001, shortly after Kosovo ended) said the Turkish business groups were bribing him with kids, and was getting heroin money on the side… and Turkey was getting these things through Albania. So, the KLA likely fueled Hastert’s pedo activities.

Joe Biden: “Thaci received strong support from the United States. He visited Vice President Joe Biden at the White House in July and has hosted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Kosovo.” In fact, even in 2016, Biden went to meet with Thaci and was commemorated at “Camp Bondsteel,” which is a military base to help the US transport out the things it wants delivered… like heroin… and maybe kids. Anyway, Biden lobbies HARD for Kosovo and went there often. http://www.pri.org/stories/2011-03-27/kosovos-mafia-hotbed-human-trafficking

Kosovo’s Mafia State

Obama: He keeps in touch with Thaci. They’re buds. There are all of the rumors that Obama is actually Bin Laden or a double-agent with Al Qaida, which I don’t know is true and absent more research I really doubt it is. But if it happened to be true and you want to investigate, then Obama would’ve been a guerilla soldier on the ground training alongside Thaci during the 90s… alongside Clinton. Mayor Rahm Emanuel (kingpin of all politics in Chicago, elevated Obama, father in Israeli intelligence) was super-keen on making besties with Kosovo and making sure the group had a stronghold in Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel: If you want to follow some breadcrumbs, look up Kosovo-organ harvesting-Israel-Chicago. My spidey senses tell me something’s there.

Moving on to step 2:

2) The KLA doubly operates as the mafia/traffickers Ok, so the Albanian mafia/KLA is reputed to be one of the most vicious gangs. They’re well organized, well trained, and have vast networks in other European countries owing to their wide diaspora. Starting from the mid to late-90s, There became a fast growing symbiosis between the Western military on the ground and the country’s trafficking trade. When did the Albanians begin child trafficking? Well, right around the same time as foreign involvement, and it turns out, they provided the market.

I’m just going to quote directly from sources on this one. I have countless other links corroborating this material, and the research anyone else does will support what’s written here.

Story 1: Troops are feeding Albania’s sex slavery from Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania. “The presence of NATO-led troops in Kosovo is supporting a new and sinister white slave trade market, in which women from impoverished parts of Eastern Europe are being bought and sold into prostitution. The women, some as young as 16, are held captive by gangsters, often Albanian, and sell sexual favours to troops and businessmen in the seedy nightclubs springing up around Kosovo. Others smiggled into the region from Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania [representing 85% of European Children’s Trust countries of operation, with only Russia left off] and beyond are moved further on, into Albania, across the Adriatic into Italy and from there to brothels in Western Europe, all the time under the “ownership” of organized crime. Even children are following similar routes, sold for adoption or some say, for body parts.

http://www.friends-partners.org/lists/stop-traffic/1999/0643.html Story 2: Refugees were a potent source of child sex slaves, especially ones from Romania Indeed, “The eruption of war and genocide in the Balkan region was also directly responsible for a category of exploitation even more insidious than the rampant trafficking of women into brothels and forced prostitution. That category is child trafficking. The influx to Albania of over 600,000 refugees from Kosovo meant that traffickers could easily procure new victims, many of whom were orphaned children. The acquisition and exploitation of thousands of child refugees in multiple slave industries across Europe remain one of the bleakest results of the Kosovo refugee crisis… in fact, almost seven out of 10 trafficking victims were minors at the time they were trafficked, a greater ratio than any country I visitied. Thousands of Roma children have been trafficked to Tirana or abroad, where they are forced to beg or traffic drugs, are sold for adoption, exploited for commercial sex, or sold for organ harvesting.

Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery Book

Story 3: Parents knowingly trafficked their kids, even for organ harvesting “He explained that the majority of children trafficked to Greece were sold or sent willfully by parents who knew they were trading a child’s life for cash.” … he received a warning from a judge on the International Criminal Court: “work on child trafficking for sexual exploitation, begging, what have you.” Work on child trafficking for organ harvesting and you’re dead.” Despite the risks, efforts to combat child organ harvesting must be escalated. There is no crime more disgraceful than murdering innocent children, profiting from the removal of their hearts, livers, kidneys, and eyes.

==========================PART 17======================================


Story 4: The KLA’s top officials control the sex trafficking industry, with support from the West’s top officials. (Absolutely worth reading in its entirety, though a lot of it’s written here) “The big guys don’t take a cut in the business, they run it,” said the man, who gave his name as Luan and acknowledged that he previously made his living from trafficking women and girls into Kosovo against their will so they could have sex with paying customers. “The system is highly organized and there’s no police or anything to stop it. Everything is corruption from top to bottom.” In the aftermath of the US-led war in Kosovo in 1999, this nascent democracy … has become a hub of global trade in human beings… this industry, which operates in the shadowy underworld where former members of armed militias have turned turned into muderous enforcers in a criminal enterprise, nets an estimaged $32 billion globally every year… [is considered] to be the fastest growing criminal activity in the world.

…Their statements combined with several intelligence sources reports and findings of ongoing investigations in Kosovo reveal how the syndicate that carries out this trafficking does so with the complicity–and in some cases direct involvement–of the very highest levels of Kosovo’s political leadership. The United States and its NATO allies, and the United Nations have publicly said for years that corrupt officials within Kosovo’s government and police have at times taken part in the illegal trade of women and girls for sex.

…foreign trafficking victims often arrive in Kosovo with valid documents and employment contracts stamped by Kosovo officials who may be aware that the document holders are trafficking victims.

But the privately discussed rumors… are much worse: the corruption goes low level officials, all the way to high level politicians. No senior Kosovar official has ever been charged in relation to human trafficking in Kosovo… during the course of a wider investigation into allegations of broad criminality by former senior Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders and their ties to the United States and other Western countries, interviewed three men involved in sex trafficking in Kosovo… all three men insisted that some senior political figures, specifically former KLA commanders, were indeed involved in the trafficking of women and girls. [Reports from NATO/intelligence services] say, senior former KLA commanders have been involved in the sex slavery business.

Further bolstering claims, various well-informed people, including a NATO intelligence official who worked in Kosovo and a Western diplomat with experience in the region, all say that it has been common knowledge in America, NATO, and UN circles that former guerilla commanders–many of them now in positions of great power in Kosovo–are believed to be linked to sex trafficking. Luan said that officials in the parties of two former KLA commanders [Gashi/Thaci, Bukosi/Berisha] are closely tied up in the trade.

“The whole thing, as well as any other illegal business, is controlled by the state both in Kosovo, Albania, and all of former Yugoslavia… no one can [smuggle drugs, women, cigarettes, or anything without blessing from above. I mean, you can try, but you’ll be found in a ditch somewhere after many days already half-eaten by worms and dogs, which has happened to some.”

Intelligence reports finger Thaci: NATO intelligence reports… Western intelligence reports… links Thaci and other former KLA commanders to a broad array of criminal activities…. close associate of Thaci is involved in sex trafficking: Prostitution: arrival of women mostly from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia is under [redacted, strangely] indirect control and receives its profit.

NATO official added, “A lot of women entered Kosovo without any hurdle. The people behind the brothels and sex slavery were all with the government, [Kosovo Protection Corps, the PDK, and the AAK. No one outside these structures had even a remote chance to run it on such a large scale.

In spite of criticism and people knowing about this, Thaci has received strong support from the United States. He visited VP Joe Biden at the White House in July and has hosted Sec of State Clinton in Kosovo.

Describing himself as the “Balkan version of DHL and Fed Ex” for trafficked women and illicit goods, the second Albanian trafficker, who gave his name as Gjon, said he had worked for and with Kosovar organized crime groups headed by former senior KLA commanders. During the 1999 war, in which KLA blessed Albania, its intelligence service, SHIK, was involved in sex trafficking. Groups of trafficked women were arriving in Durres and Fushe Kruja that were almost exclusively for the KLA, who were there during and after the war… in spite of his pride fighting with the KLA during the war he still acknowledged that SHIK and former KLA officials were involved in the sex trafficking trade. Is the KLA involved? Are you kidding me? It’s all the KLA or those who contributed to the war. All the big money flows are directly controlled by SHIK and without their blessing you better not start anything if you mean well to yourself and your family.

Global post made repeated attempts to interview the American ambassador to Kosovo, Chris Dell, about US relations with senior former KLA figures and allegations of criminality, but he declined to accept interview requests. State Dept officials declined, as did Thaci.

Catering to the expat community: All three (trafficking) men said that NATO troops, UN officials, and other internationals working in Kosovo made up a large portion of the clientele for trafficked women, something repeatedly confirmed by anti-trafficking organizations.

To meet that demand, the three men and their colleagues in the organized crime world looked beyond Kosovo’s borders. We were mostly bringing in girls from Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia. But sometimes we also had girls from Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic.

[Note: Why are girls from Serbia and the Czech Republic, where the European Children’s Trust had no presence? Well, The US was involved in Serbia and the Czech Republic during the Bosnian war and Europe wasn’t. Hence, the American charities, like Save the Children, brought them in from these former Yugoslavian nations. Additionally, remember that the US was behind president Berisha, who had a different trafficking operation with the Southern Italian mafia through the coastal port of Vlore. It’s possible that he had the corner on this market].]


==========================PART 18======================================


3) The West ran children’s charities to help the KLA’s trafficking operations. Alright, let’s get back to the European Children’s Trust. I’ll present the two people on the charity who would have been in direct contact with the KLA, and the Trust’s activities that overlap with the KLA’s known trafficking activities.

Who on here were in positions to be assisting the KLA? Were there any military people (which, by the way, means the military IS involved in major pedophilia rings because they’re helping the NGOs on the ground)? Turns out there are two smoking guns here with the European Children’s Trust.

First smoking gun: Anthony Jeapes: “retired” commander, 22 SAS, director of the European Children’s Trust from . When I saw that he was on the board I immediately wondered what 22 SAS was doing in this region around the time that he happens to be on the board of a children’s charity. One was “escorting orphan workers and kids from Elbasan to Tirana.” The second was “Operation Picnic.” Per eliteforces.info: “Operation Picnic involved UK/US special forces operating inside Kosovo to gather much needed intelligence… they also scouted out potential invasion routes for use by NATO forces… The SAS also reportedly trained and worked alongside specially-selected Kosovo Liberation Army… the efforts to train and equip the KLA were a joint US-UK operation and involved the US DIA, and UK MI6 as well as serving the former UKSF personnel.

Now, “Tony” Jeapes claims to be retired in 1990 by the time he filed for directorship around 1993. But, the 1998 return shows he was on the “Lord Chancellor’s panel of Independent Inspectors.” This position deals with “trunk, road, and motorway cases.” Well that’s a convenient job to have, being able to review any and all cases concerning transport. It must have also been nice having an ear to the ground by still being inside the government.

I might believe that Jeapes had nothing to do with 22 SAS’s involvement in Albania if there wasn’t a teeny tiny detail: Someone roughly his daughter’s age named Esther Shobhan Jeapes was a director for the Premier Oil Albania (Holdings) Ltd. I’m guessing Jeapes pulled a Podesta/Joule switcheroo here. What’s also suspicious is that he stepped down as a director from European Children’s Trust the same year as the conflict ended–if he was retired, then the Kosovo mission should have had zero influence on his decision to stay or go.


So… Jeapes was most certainly interested in what was happening in Albania while “retired” from the same military fleet bombing it while securing the oil pipeline.

Second smoking gun: Trefor Williams, OSCE for Bosnia and Kosovo mission (Human Dimension department), COO of Diligence, and Head of Albania for European Children’s Trust


I have a lot to unpackage for this one so I’ll go slow. In true double-speak, OSCE stands for Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe. Its role in Kosovo was doing everything that would make it very easy to establish a corrupt network that could enable human trafficking on the level that the KLA accomplished. “Europa World Year” describes the OSCE mission in Kosovo as the following: “…patrol the region…police units, and to oversee the safe return of refugees. It was also to monitor border control activities and accompany police units in Kosovo, when necessary, to assist them to perform their normal police roles.” From Oct 98-99, they got to set up elections, register voters and “supervise” elections, send police to European/US training academies and oversee the human rights issues. This was essentially the same role for the Bosnia mission. Given the overlap between what’s needed to traffick women/kids and the role of the OSCE…there’s absolutely no way the KLA could’ve been trafficking people so easily and efficiently WITHOUT the involvement of the OSCE. Not a chance.


In fact, according to childtrafficking.com: “…about 11 out of the 125 trafficked women (who were trafficked via Montenegro to Albania) said that police escorted them along the way. One trafficked woman said she stayed in a policeman’s house.

Oh, and of course the OSCE has ties to Soros. This organization often partners with the “Open Society Foundation” to do things like cross-share information. There is a revolving door between the OSCE and the Foundation employees.

Before anyone thinks the OSCE might be “one of the good guys,” I’ll share the following (in the book, The Natashas): “The level of psychological violence and psychological intimidation used to control these women is deliberate and extreme. It’s meant to instill fear–to crush them, destroy their will, force them to comply. There are reports of women being mutilated and murdered for as punishment for refusing to engage in the sex trade. Women have been killed as examples to other women for daring to resist. …in 2000, the bodies of two Moldovan women were found floating in a river near the Arizona market [a “free trade” zone on the Bosnia border, known for its black market in weapons and women/child prostitutes]. Their hands were tied behind their backs, their feet attached to concrete blocks and their mouth taped shut–all marks of execution-style killings. On the tape over their mouths, their killers had scrawled the words, “Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe [OSCE].

Now, Trefor claims on his resume that his work with the OSCE only began in 2003, and his experience prior to this was with the Head of Programmes for the European Children’s Trust, Mercy Corps, and being the Chief Executive of a super-scandalous, likely ponzi-scheme company called the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Local Mafia/Freemasonic Cabal and the Links

But he also joined a firm called Diligence, which has the headline “we acquire by reading, listening, watching, and following covertly.” His resume here says he is “a former member of the UK’s Special Forces.” To give you an idea of this firm’s prestige, one of the chairmen is Judge William Webster, who used to be the former director of the CIA and FBI (not during these conflicts, though… I checked). Trefor is also in this group with Nick Day, who Wikispooks said was doing SBS ops in Kosovo.

Thus, I’m gonna bet money Trefor was also on the ground during the Kosovo conflict for reasons other than directing programs for a kids charity, and was involved with the KLA using the kid’s charity as a front to help them.

==========================PART 19======================================

I now have to take a small detour to impart the international community’s role in trafficking during this time.

In terms of the “Human Dimensions,”, the place that brutally sold women and girls into sex slavery in a “free market” system known as the Arizona Market. This place was developed by the “international community.” Ie… the OSCE, NATO, EU, KFOR, IFOR, NGOs, etc. The bullshit premise was for everyone to “put aside their differences” and engage in trading everything from bootleg DVDs, shoes, food, and booze during the day…and girls/women at night. The Pentagon spent 40k getting it in operation. Human rights were non-existent in a place full of people who were supposed to be honoring them. “For quite some time, the IC (international community) ignored the fact that women were sold in the marketplace, like slaves at auction, to be sent to brothels all over the region and beyond. The international community turned a blind eye to trafficking, even though (or perhaps because) some of its members were purchasing and selling women for sex and other indentured services.” Oh, and the place was tax free, making the perfect base to sell anything without detection or scrutiny.

“There are no nice human trafficking stories, but at the Arizona Market, human trafficking was particularly grim and came closest to matching the monicker, “modern day slavery.” At the Arizona Market, women, and often girls, were ‘ordered to take off all their clothes and stand in the road naked like cattle… these women were bought and sold like chattels… the women, who came primarily from Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania… more than 10,000 women and girls (and possibly some men and boys) were trafficked through the Arizona Market in the year 2000 alone. Traffickers used Arizona Market as a hub for women trafficked into the rest of former Yugoslavia and on to Western Europe, Israel, and Turkey.”

Bonus: remember how H Clinton was notified about DynCorp having improper relations with Afghani boys? Yeah, in Bosnia, DynCorp pulled the same shit with their participation in sex trafficking. Other NATO soldiers were suspected of raping 12 and 14-year-old girls. This toxic culture among aid workers makes me believe that engaging in these immoral actions is a form of Omerta. They’ll also be more likely to keep their mouth shut, and continue to pay for the rise of the faction the power brokers are trying to promite (ie, financially supporting the KLA).

Lessons from Bosnian market

Now that I’ve indentified the two guys who had clear and obvious connections to the KLA during this time, let’s see how the Trust (under their supervision) engaged in activities that overlapped with the KLA’s trafficking. I’ll also touch upon likely medical testing that was going on.

The Trust emphasized the same “foster care/keep families together” line for their work in Albania… and as was the case in Romania, Albanian families sold their kids to middle men.
Trust: Just read the annual returns and save my poor fingers from typing more than I have to. Child trafficking: (Wikileaks Tirana Albania cable): Victims are most often recruited by someone they know, such as a relative…typically, traffickers/exploiters are known or related to the victim… in most cases, parents or guardians are aware of the exploitation. Child trafficking 1: “In January 2001, a man from Libofshe sold his wife, sister in law, and 6 year old… the wife went to Greece and the sister went to Italy. No one knows what happened to the child.” Child trafficking 2: “For Albanians, it’s come to this: a son for a TV: In Albania most documented cases of child trafficking have involved older children who are sold [adopted] or rented [foster] by their families to minders, or pimps, who take them to Greece and Italy, where they work as beggars or child prostitutes.” “Ms. Mitstifer showed a school photograph of 12 children from 2000…seven, she said, had already been sent abroad or their families were involved in the trade… three quarters of them Roma.” “Lila’s younger sister was married at 14 to a man from the next town who later took her to France and made her work as a prostitute. Nine years ago, Ms. Shuli said, her mother sent Lila’s 6-year-old son, Armandor, to work in Greece. He has not been heard from since. [She] denied that she sold the boy but admitted to hiring him out for $80.” “Mrs. Bonjaku denied receiving anything beyond the television. She said she and her husband were working as street cleaners when they were first approached by a local man, Gjergj Shkembi, on Mr. Borelli’s behalf.” Note: We can start to see the Albanian and Romanian mafias working together here, both factions working in Italy with the mafia there, too.


The UK-based Trust had operations in Albania, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria, with partners in Greece and Italy. The KLA trafficked women into Albania from Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria, with the origin country as Greece or Italy. By 2000 the UK received an influx of trafficked women from Kosovo and Albania. Trust (per its 2000 return filed 14 Feb 01): “Albania: The trust has continued to work in Tirana and Shkodra to support national and local authorities…[foster care, drafting legislation, etc] Romania: “Specialist technical assistance to 12 counties, family-type residential work, fostering, re-integration, maternal assistants for 167 children” Bulgaria: …partnership with DFID, Christian Children’s Fund of GB, winter feeding program…BBC proganda…Plovdiv and Haskovo region. Moldova: “family support and alternatives to institutionalized care…supported over 150 families (330 children)…provide support to Hincestri orphanage… lobby government for change… small group homes in Chisinau.” Ukraine: “…collect valuable statistics on about 1,000 most vulnerable families in Oblast…Winter program to support 120 families in Lviv…5 regions for foster care… new legislation in 2000 will broaden foster care…partner with Hope and Homes for children for two family-type homes in Lviv…[MOLSERV docs mention Greece and Italy connections] Mafia: (childtrafficking.org) “Bulgaria, Romania and Albania are key countries of origin of women trafficked to Greece…The main sending countries from the BNC are: Moldova, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria… Albanian women are primarily trafficked to Italy…From Bulgaria, women are trafficked to Greece (where they are the largest group of trafficked women, together with Romanian women… Moldovan women are primarily trafficked to Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina, but within Western Europe are trafficked to Italy, Belgium, and Greece… UK Connection: (childtrafficking.org): “At least 300 women are believed to have been trafficked to the UK…those trafficked to London are believed to have originated from Albania and Kosovo… trafficking is likely to be more significant than official figures suggest given the existence of 75 known brothels of SOHO… in which 80 percent of employees are foreigners, the majority of whom are believed to be Albanians and Kosovars. There are fears the victims are getting younger.

Note: the Trust makes inroads in Kygystan, Russia, Georgia as well. In Kosovo, they begin targeting “preschoolers” and the next phase of privatizing the education sector.

==========================PART 20======================================



The Trust had operations in Tirana, Shkoder, and Peshkopi by 2000. The highest incidences of trafficking children happened in Tirana and Shkoder (used as a waypoint for other countries) by 2000. In Peshkopi, the KLA used it as a torture camp waypoint for harvesting organs at yellow houses during the conflict. Trust (minutes of Parliament, 1999): “The Trust will concentrate its work in three areas of the country, where there is a critical need for the basic of life… Tirana, where the Trust has its head offices. Shkoder–where it has a base and effective programme using local personnel and resources; and Peshkopi–where the Minister for Labour and Social Protection has specifically asked us to work.”
Mafia: (childtrafficking.org): Albania is the most important transit country from the Balkans to Italy because of the ports Vlore and Durres…93% of the 125 trafficked women have identified the Shkodra road that runs from former Republic of Yugoslavia to Albania as the road they travelled with their traffickers. Mafia: (childtrafficking.org): Ukrainians… to reach Albania, the majority of known victims crossed Lake Shkodra. Romanians…who crossed into Albania from Montenegro crossed Lake Shkodra. Moldovans have been known to transit via Romania…crossing into Albania near Lake Shkodra. Onwards from Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, trafficking follows these routes…into Albania across Lake Shkodra and then onto Italy… from Kosovo, primarily from FYROM into Albania… or into Greece by land, or directly into Albania and then into Italy across the Adriatic Sea. Mafia 2: (childtrafficking.org): “In the southern Shkodra area, participants estimated that 90% of the girls do not attend school. “Most people don’t send their girls to school after the age of 13 years.” “Even if the girl is the best student, she can only go to school if she is accompanied by her father or a brother.” “I want to send my child to school, but I am very frightened of the dangers of trafficking.” “The school is just 15 minutes away, but I will not let my girl go. It is too dangerous.” [Note 1: Vlore was a common trafficking point for those from Bosnia Herzegovina. Again, this was the American charity’s turf and was overseen by Berisha’s mafia clan which wasn’t on good terms with Thaci (whose trafficking operations were in tandem with the European Children’s Trust here)] [Note 2: Shkodra is clearly an important hub for trafficking. And yet, it makes little sense to do only child welfare work when the town is not particularly large or significant. All research indicates this town only became a point of interest for trafficking during the 1990s] KLA Organ Harvesting: (thebloodyellowhouse.wordpress.com): This KLA member…who is responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders committed in 1999, testified that he drove two waste disposal trucks from Kosovo to Pastrik… the second [truck] he transported the kidnapped Serbs who were still alive. They were first tortured and then killed in the KLA death camps in Tropoje and Peshkope, in Albania… according to these witnesses, in organ harvesting and trade, KLA was also being helped by some mujahedeen [read: Al Qaida that was training the KLA] with “good connections” in the Middle East hospitals… soon after the war, it was discovered…organs were harvested for the benefit of the rich buyers from Western Europe and Middle East states. KLA Organ Harvesting 2: Marty’s report named Thaci as the leader of organized criminal enterprises that flourished in Kosovo and Albania in 1999, and implicated him in kidnappings, murders, and organ-trafficking operations that claimed the lives of Serbs, Roma, Albanians, and persons from other ethnic groups…some of whom were abducted in Kosovo, transported across the border to secret detention camps in Albania, and eventually killed. Wikileaks also reveals an intelligence report indicating the UN knew about this and they banked upwards of 45k per organ. . Note: Peshkopi is a tiny-nothing village which has no other association but with the military. This is a huge red flag that this “charity” was serving a dual purpose for the KLA’s benefit. *As for trafficking today, look at the “donor countries” in Europe: they overlap with the regions discussed here–Romania, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine… *Here’s a link where an Israeli “adoption agency” preyed on Romanian orphans for organ sale: “The Romanian officials are trying to ascertain if all such children arrived in Israel with all organs in their bodies.” Gee, how could that happen… *Oh look, here’s a 2008 article showing that people are still organ harvesting in Kosovo. Israel seems to be a common thread here. Rahm Emanual fingerprints? He’s big in the “organ donation awareness” scheme in Chicago.


The trust worked in a rural area, Schkoder, and Tirana, an urban center. They had ties to Italy. Shkoder became a well known high-trafficked area with people then moved into Tirana, and then onward to Italy. Trust: (see UK Parliament reference above) Mafia: (per childslavery.org’s report): Each country or territory is, to varying degrees, a country of origin, transit or destination. Some countries, such as Albania, which is equally a country of transit [Tirana] and origin [Schkoder], have more than one primary role. Mafia: (per the book, Sex trafficking) One of the most recent trends I observed [in Europe] was a two-step process of movement from a rural area [Schkoder] to an urban center in the same country [Tirana], followed by the international transportation of a select number of slaves for exploitation internationally [Italy/Greece].

The Trust emphasized working closely with local officials in every country of operation. Corrupt local officials are the biggest problems to stemming human trafficking. Trust: “The Trust’s social worker took up the Head of Social Welfare in Tirana Municipality and they worked closely with the Ministry of Justice to draft legislation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the General Administration of Social Service. Traffickers report collusion between the mafia and all levels of government.” (see 1999 annual return regarding other country ties) Mafia: (wikileaks Tirana cable) “The illegal activities of the traffickers went on under the noses of corrupt officials in the Vlora district [former President Berisha’s area]. In some instances there was evidence of official involvement in human trafficking… in general, a lack of coopertion from other ministries, particularly the Ministries of Labor and Justice [yup, ECT worked with both of those divisions] to implement anti-trafficking efforts hampers the efforts… occasional resistance still also occurs at the regional or municipal government level… corruption is widespread and endemic at all levels and all sectors of Albanian society, and this is a major barrier to reducing human trafficking.

Save the Children has a boat linked with the Italian coast guard that makes several off-the-record trips from Africa up through Italy. The trafficking prosecutor of Italy emphasizes that a lack of cooperation between countries is the biggest hurdle. Save the Children: (Great zerohedge article posted here) During the two months of our operation, we have monitored at least 39,000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities. The Vos Hestia search and rescue ship, chartered by the charity, Save the Children, like many of the NGO vessels it is under the supervision of the Italian coastguard. Mafia:(book, Sex Trafficking) Bianconi, a top trafficking prosecutor in Italy, told me that the single largest hurdle she faces in prosecuting sex traffickers is the paucity of cooperation between Italy and origin countries such as Albania, Moldova, and Romania, where attempts to gather information are met with jurisdictional wrangling and policial delays. [Note: What’s the link between Save the Children going from Africa to Italy? According to childtrafficking.org: “IOM data show that primary countries of origin [for Italy’s sex trade] include Romania and Moldova, followed by Albania, Nigeria, and Ukraine.” I remember being really confused why Nigeria showed up randomly in the sex trafficking stats for Italy… turns out it’s Save the Children’s sex trafficking work. Makes sense now].


April 25

Operation Purge

   Well if you haven’t… Now you have.  Operation Purge has been engaged.

Every year on April the 25th soul less creatures called pedos celebrate raping children and destroying the minds and bodies of innocent people.  They celebrate this openly, because the complacent masses do nothing.  Well…Anonymous has never put up with pedos, but we are going to step up our game.  It is time.  It is time to take this to the next level.  To gather our forces and unite.  We have allowed the government operations to control us long enough. We have allowed the cyber agents to divide Anonymous long enough.  We have allowed ourselves to be distracted from our target: The elite.   Now we will refocus and we will unite.  We know the elite run this world in many ways.  We know the most destructive and profitable way is child trafficking.  So, we will find the child trafficking rings.  We will destroy the child trafficking rings.  We will rise-the time is now. May Day is coming up and Anonymous will take to the streets on that day.  This will also be an opportunity to gather forces for Op Purge as well as raise awareness.  Take advantage of it.

For this operation we are calling on any persons-with or without the mask- to join us.  We will need people of every skill.

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