September 1

Idiot America


As most of you know, when Anonymous became infected by American government agents, Anons in Denmark split from the Anonymous Official, HQ and other US government sects. While the collective died, the idea remains. We uphold the idea, nothing less. Anon DK created this youtube channel in an attempt to help the world wake up, since defeating the elite is so very simple. Most of our viewers are Americans, as it is the viewing society of the world. This is alright as the elites military stronghold is America and therefore America is a target for us. When one is awake one is compelled, forced, to act, as that is what awake means: Action. If the American public were capable of waking up, of caring, of being human, they could easily end the elites destruction on the world. After explaining in great detail what should be common knowledge to everyone with a working brain, still America sleeps. All we have exposed to you here is well known by any lawyer, senator, mayor, governor, doctor or professor. This is not news, simply facts idiot America does not see because it does not wish to see. We thought perhaps if the people were told, shown and could understand the elite that they would be unable to remain complacent. Ignorance is bliss and those who are truly awake have no time for the luxury of dreams. We had hoped that by shining light on the elite to those in the viewer consumed society, it would awaken many. Still it seams Americans believe everything the elite tell them, regardless of how many times it is explained and broken down by this and a great many other channels, websites and stations. So once again, today we are here to address idiot America. We would like our American subscribers to know that we do not lump them into the mass American population discussed today, as you have all proven by subscribing to this channel, that your brains are intact and functioning. We commend you and are honored to have our subscribers. However today we will discuss Americas attempts to libel and once again make profit by fabricating news to deface the Kingdom of Danmark.

Like everyone else in the world, we in Denmark are exhausted by American propaganda and wonder how it is possible anyone still listens to it. We are astonished and shocked by the ignorant masses who believe everything they are told. Though one would think we’d be used to it by now. America. A society who loves to boast of its freedom of speech which they have perverted to mean speaking without need for intelligence, thought, responsibility or above all, accountability. Freedom of speech was a special gift like the right to bear arms. These rights were put in place by the non Freemen the non Freemasons who wrote your Constitution in order to give your government limits and you the ability to be free from the elite. Your only enemy. By the time America established a government the elite already ruled or controlled every other government. Of the 39 men who signed the American Constitution, 13 or 33% were Freemasons. Since those conditions were put into place the elite have made certain to be the majority in Senate, Congress and naturally they always own the kingpin, the President. We have already exposed extensively how the American Continent was invaded by those who called themselves free men. How they slaughtered the inhabitants of the land, as they do everywhere, claiming the land for themselves and all quote Free Men. We have spelled it out for you all what the American Dream really is and what Land of the Free truly means. Amazing Americans still don’t get it.

Freedom of speech meant that you had the right to bring alternate ideas and different viewpoints publicly without being killed or jailed, as happens in other countries. Now America rates in the top five countries that jail for speaking against them. America even goes so far as to extradite people from other countries on false charges, just to keep their fingers in everyone else’s business. The country is given the illusion of riches and freedoms because it is mind controlled by the elite Freemason controlled media which is the only media allowed. Churches controlled and scripted by the Freemason elite. Educational systems and books allowed in the country all censored and controlled. It is a closed society only able to view it’s internet, it’s news, its radios all pre-programmed and censored to fit the American Agenda. Political parties created and controlled by the Freemason elite giving you all the illusion of choice which has always been enough to keep you entertained so you have no need to use your own mind. Filling the public with fear and propaganda so the ignorant population agrees and even believes in the wars they create. The public is so brain-dead it stands silent when their own government slaughters them, in what it tells the public are terrorist attacks, mass shootings, bombs, so why are we surprised they are less moved by the horror they push on the rest of us. America was born in Jihad, and Jihad is all it knows. America has been so rightly nicknamed, the great Satan. But I digress.

America has long since changed the meanings of words so much so that now nothing makes sense or has any value to the society. No longer does anything have to have any fact or truth whatsoever, and what truth speakers now receive in that fascist country is censorship, by death, exile, or jail. Remember they only make bombs because they fear our words. We have all the power. You have simply forgotten, locked in your cage across the sea. Be more before it is too late.

These same mindless masses hold onto their guns to protect themselves from their invisible enemies while ignoring the fact that the only reason for their guns in the first place was to ensure tyranny would not rule them. That the freemen, the Freemasons could not take control of the government. hypocrisy rules and convenience which is laziness is the driving force of the Alexithymic and Narcissistic American society. The two most important keys put into place by the few non Freemason forefathers to save the country from becoming another elite cesspool were Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms. Both have been corrupted and twisted and are no longer recognizable or understood.

America does not run on Dunkin. America runs on Existentialism and Greed. Flouride and GMOs. There are more chemicals than plasma in the blood of the yanks. The world no longer wonders why they are the way they are. After the last election circus Americas colors were crystal clear to everyone. Any doubts of the Hollywood advertised American dream is now seen as what is it. Nothing but a dream, another lie of illusion and deceit. One that as usual only the Americans believe in, for they lack the ability to see clearly or use logic, reason, or thought. Not only are Americans kept cut off from the world, brainwashed into believing their country is best so why bother going elsewhere, kept in a constant stream of chemicals which alter not only their mentality but their ability for emotion, mental processes such as logic, problem solving, responsibility and more. They are raised in the mentality that every other country, being less than them, deserves the devastation the Almighty Americans bring on them without cause. They believe they are the World Police and all countries must obey. They have no respect for life, society, privacy, sovereignty, or least of all honor. They are fed nothing but propaganda: ie. lies. They are kept under high stress, poor and uneducated and sick. Given the pursuit of happiness instead of the achievement of it. Happiness is a right in Denmark, one given to every human equally. Denmark is founded on the law of Jenta. Every human life regardless of age is considered equal and protected equally and treated equally. Whereas in America everyone must compete to prove they are better than the one next to them, Danes are equals and no one is better than anyone else. Ego has no place here. Pride comes from being part of a wonderful and strong society. American’s do not understand such things, for they do not understand what it means to be a society, a collective, a united anything.

The American founding fathers as usual were correct when they stated America can not be destroyed by outside forces. Not because it is impossible, quite the contrary, but no other country is as longing for constant bloodshed as the great USA has always been. Therefore America is left unchecked. We have exposed before that it is only a matter of time before America falls, like Rome and Babylon before it. When corruption reaches such a monumental proportion, it is inevitable. The country will be defeated from the inside. When a population is divided on every level in every possible way, there is no society; and America has been kept the most divided. A house divided can not stand.

The American propaganda says North Korea is bad, keeping Americans from looking. Because if they looked they would see North Korea is exactly like the USA. Apart from playing techno music for the population and the mandatory use of marijuana, those are the only differences.

When Bernie Sanders pointed focus on Denmark we knew it was only a matter of time before they had to control Americans view of it. Because if Americans looked into or visited or learned anything at all about Denmark, they would see a truly equal, peaceful, happy and wealthy society. Where everyone is able to have life. Everyone is educated. Everyone has a higher degree because everyone goes to University. Everyone who wishes to have a job can have a well paying job. That job will allow you paid time off whenever you are sick and especially if you have a baby. Both parents are given paid time off because the most important time of a child’s life is when they are born and both parents should be equally involved in that child’s life. So in Denmark, these basic rights to live a human life is secure. Because a job is not your life, just like a boss is not your owner, it is simply a job. Everyone is able to spend time with family, friends, afford clothes, food and shelter without worry or stress because those things are human rights, that is what every human should expect. Being able to live a life.

South Park and the Simpsons have also jumped on the slander Denmark train. But that is no big surprise as it is their jobs to make fun of everything. Denmark has never had a problem with humor, unlike America. If the shoe was on the other foot and it was Denmark making fun of America, you could rest assured before the show ended America would have launched bombs on Denmark.

Now fabulist fox news has hopped on to spread more lies about Denmark without using any true facts. Trish Regan compared Denmark to Venezuela, which is currently collapsed. The people in Venezuela have no food or money or government and are eating zoo animals to survive. The rest of the world knows truth and facts but it’s the Americans who are murdering the world because of their lies. Denmark is a Socialist Democracy which means that it is based on personal freedom. Capitalist Fascism which is America is based on greed, everyone crawling their way up the ladder regardless of the lives they have to destroy to get to the top. Fame and fortune. Danes pay one tax which comes automatically. The money they get is their own. Americans pay taxes on every dollar seven times over, taxes taken from federal, state and after the pre-taxed money comes in there are further taxes when they purchase items and those taxes vary depending on location within the country. Danes are happy to pay 50% in taxes because the money they see in their bank accounts is theirs to spend. Their homes are paid for already, their schools and hospital bills and medications are paid for already and the money they receive is theirs. Roads, bridges, buildings, schools, hospitals are all kept updated and in working order. In America bridges are falling down and buildings go to waste and decay. In Denmark children can walk free where ever they please, in the park or in town, at any time of day. Babies are typically left outside in their carriages while mothers go in grocery stores to shop. It is an honest society, because there is no greed and no need for greed. Everyone has everything they need. Danes do not understand fear or suspicion of others, especially of other Danes. It’s called a peaceful humane society.

So lets look at some true facts. Denmark is the happiest country in the world. The reason why being because in a world ruled by the elite, Denmark society has been able to balance itself out of reach of the elite in critical areas, keeping the majority Freemason politicians on a tight leash. Since its formation is was a society of farmers. The land is extremely fertile and desirable. The Danes were often occupied by Norway, Gotland and others before it became a kingdom of it’s own. In World War two it was occupied by Germany. Thankfully it was able to get it’s Jewish population to safety beforehand and the government once again did its duty to protect its citizens. Today Denmark is not a full Scandinavian or EU member, and therefore is not controlled by either of these elite government controllers. The people are actively involved in their society from birth and actively aware and involved in their government so it is not able to get too out of hand. Laws can not be passed and food, medicines and technologies can not be made or put into place if they in any way damage humans or the ecosystem. Denmark is number one in the world for being a green society. No GMOs allowed. Nothing fake or harmful allowed in food. Health is a human right. It is upheld as are all human rights here. Denmark uses wind energy. It uses water fresh from the ground, purified by hundreds of meters of sand filtration. Since the water here is clean, because the society has been responsible with its land and water, you can drink all you want from the tap in any home. Most people in Denmark use bicycles as their form of transportation. It is energy efficient, stimulating, helps raise natural body chemistry, keeping the body and the mind healthy. This is one reason it is said Danes are among the most beautiful people in the world.

Denmark has been technologically, educationally and ecologically more advanced than every other country excluding only Norway and Switzerland. Economically it has remained free of debt to the elite. The kingdom of Denmark has been run very wisely for a great many centuries.

When every single person in a society regardless of age has equal human rights which are upheld. When every single person in a society is highly educated, able to use their own minds and produce independent ad logical thought. When every single person in a society is healthy and well taken care of regarding any medical needs. When living standards are a standard that no one is below. Poverty line doesn’t exist. Homelessness doesn’t exist. Untreated illness, costly medication, starvation, and child abandonment or kidnapping do not exist at all. When it is not possible for a child to go missing because once that child is reported the entire society goes out to search for that child until it is found. People are able to have what we call life. Free from fear. Free from worry. Free from stress. Every citizen has a home. For life. Every citizen has a job if they choose. Every citizen has time for family as that is the focus of the society, life, everything Americans say they have but really never did. That is Denmark. So look away. Be sure to believe the lie that your country is great, or that it was great at one time, and has the possibility of being great in the future.

If you open your eyes and look past your walls, you might find yourself seeing that there is more than one country in the world than the piece of shit you call a united state. There are more far better than the terrorist corporation of America. Therein lies the danger. The danger that the dream, illusion the American lie would be exposed to the masses who inhabit it. When one is awake, there are no dreams. There is no such thing as making America great again because it would have had to be great at some point in its history.

We would challenge all of you Americans to find one moment, no matter how brief, where America was actually great. One moment that was not a product of hate, fear, lies and murder.

Will you continue to be silent while you slaughter the rest of the world? Will you continue to be silent while your government poisons and kills even you? Do you not think that the countries with the ability to keep America in check should continue to hold fire? Why should a country that hungers for war and bloodshed so greatly, be deprived of first hand contact with it? Why should a country that defames all others, be allowed to continue to speak lies? Why should a country that is so corrupted to its very core that human life has no value at all, be allowed to dictate other countries affairs? Why does a country that has no moral code or ethical value be allowed to continue to survive? We all are aware the USA is falling, but we do wish it would speed up a bit. Our popcorn is getting cold and we would like to get on with the rest of our lives in peace. Free from tyranny and oppression. We did not realize soon enough that when America stated to give her it’s tired and huddled masses that it meant the masses huddled under its American bombs. Why do you think America deserves to be left unbombed, unburned, and unaccountable? Why should America be the only country allowed to say whatever flies into its ridiculously retarded head? There are hundreds of millions of you idiots running around with your guns spouting your propaganda and creating your movements. Following every CIA agent that pops up and tells you something you think is a secret or new. Yet in little Denmark of under 6 million total, an ancient country which has been able to establish itself into one of the most morally and ethically elevated societies in history, and in the world must be destroyed. The migrant invasion didn’t work to destroy us. So perhaps the propaganda war will. One way or another America will tear down any country it decides to because destruction is all it knows. Anyone who is able to find peace in the world, let alone happiness, must be discredited and dissolved.

So Americans. As you stand on the precipice looking down on the filth that is your country, staring your empires downfall in the face. Would you now, or ever, stand up to tyranny and state as your forefathers did: Give me liberty, or give me death. Or is it not worth the effort?

We expect nothing from you.

We know you will not disappoint.

NOTE: American soldiers are raping, pillaging pigs.