September 30

America Continues it’s Attacks on Denmark

See Video Here:!8iZj3Ygb!ZKDhVl9zpkPeNcEVPoq-0jPMG5AeN0oAy_32qspMpVs

As American domination continues with its agenda to destroy Denmark, the war path has finally reached the Danish banks. Since the US is the military arm of the elite, it has had a mission since it’s birth to wage war and destroy everything the elite wish to control.

As we have discussed before, the agenda is to dissolve all borders and currencies, which will result in collapsing all countries and the formation of the next New World Order. We have previously addressed America’s recent focus to destroy Denmark, and will continue with what America is doing this week, to destroy one of the few countries in the world with a solid society and sustainable economy.

Since the release of the Panama Papers, the countries who’s currencies stood in the way of American dominance, such as Russia and China, have been attacked through propaganda and ever increasing economic stresses. We have already exposed how through history America has forced devastation on all who do not accept the Centralized Banking System. The Panama Papers, written by Bill Browder, detailed for us the exact targets America will attack and destroy to collapse the global economy. As usual, American interests are no where to be found in this so called leak, as they selectively bring the information to the public domain that doesn’t hurt the US in any shape or form. Like every other term, the US uses the term leak for any papers it writes up for the public to read. The brain dead masses believe everything they are told and swallow up the CIA scripted bullshit, just like they worship the CIA scripted Snowden and Q.  We have already well exposed dozens of CIA agents called Whistle blowers and leakers who have never given new, secret, or important information but rather simply spammed out old, tired, programming. Every time a new US government commissioned Whistle blower pops up it is the exact same crap and every single time the American public worships them as if they have something worth listening to. This slap in the face, to all those who literally risk their lives and most of whom get murdered because of their real leaks, is so nauseatingly obvious we will not continue to repeat it. It will continue until You Americans stop feeding it. And that won’t happen because eating and shooting is all you know. Since the Panama Papers release, we have seen all banks not compliant with American control being attacked and dismantled, one by one. Whether by coup, assassination, false flag war or by writing and releasing scripts such as the Panama Papers, the American warmongers never rest.

America is the self proclaimed world Police and without American dictatorship we would all be running around in freedom and peace, something the elite can not have.

But who is this Bill Browder? CIA Agent Solomon, also known by his other code name Freedom Agent A Belt. Yes. Freedom fucking agent. You can always spot an idiot American. At any rate, Agent Solomons name and passport were changed to British William Felix Browder, and he was relocated to Russia. Browder was assigned to Russia by the CIA as a hedge fund manager. From 1995 to 2005 he was the largest foreign investor in Russia. He was used by the CIA as financier and infector of Russian political movements until he was expelled in 2006. After he was expelled, he created the Magnitsky Act, sanctions against Russia, passed by Congress in 2012. He has been instrumental in the war against Russia and Europe. Now with his Panama Papers, Bill Browder is the hammer the elite are using to break the banks.

The Panama Papers were scripted to destroy the EU and Russia. Since the release, a domino effect has taken place with the EU banks. First the Deutsche bank was tackled, as we discussed in our previous currency videos. In March, the Latvian bank, ABLV, was destroyed in a similar manner, accused of laundering money. Within a week the ECB moved in to take control of the bank even though it wasn’t in danger of failing. Allegations, big talk, loud mouths, forked tongues. America has never needed or used evidence. As anyone who lives there knows, America hides behind this saying that you are innocent until proven guilty. This lie is obvious to many inside and everyone outside of that country and as we all know, once you become a target of America you are guilty until you die. No evidence or proof will convince the American Government otherwise. Liquidation of Spain’s Banco Popular happened in 2017 as well. Now America is doing the same to Danske Bank in Estonia. Browder has tried and failed in the past to persuade authorities in Denmark and Estonia to prosecute Danske, though in previous years the amounts thought to have been laundered were considerably smaller. Danske is the biggest bank in Denmark and one of the oldest in Europe. The message here being, if Danske Bank can be taken down by this mans fact-less allegations, any bank can.

The Danske Bank location which has been attacked first, is not in Denmark, but is an individually run branch in the country of Estonia. It is the weakest link, the one loose domino. The branch operated as an independent unit, the only piece outside of Denmark that is still able, purely by default, to destroy the whole system. It is the only one America could slander with no proof, accuse of money laundering simply because it deals with Russian transactions, like every bank in Europe, because America must destroy. When this bank is collapsed Denmark will be forced to accept the Euro, and will be destroyed. The Danish people, whom America couldn’t care less about, are not rich people and what little savings they have managed to procure, will be wiped out. The system of care Denmark has always had for its people will be destroyed. Thousands of Danes who are in group homes whether for medical needs or because of age, will be unable to continue their lives. All of the students in university, all of the elderly and sick on pension will be left with nothing. Schools will be closed, Businesses will be closed, parents will be unable to work to support their children and this small country which has worked so diligently to thrive, will be cut down and ripped out, like an unwanted rose bush. Our only hope is that we can scrape and tear as much flesh off of the fat American hands as is possible with our tiny thorns. The Euro is collapsing and every country using the Euro is already leaking heavily. You see, the Danes have refused time and time again, to take the Euro as their currency. This has left them strong, having their own currency, since they are their own country. In order to fall, it must accept the European Central Bank. Danes are much smarter than that, so it must be forced. The allegations, which are nothing more than that, will do what they have done to the other non central owned banking systems. As usual the amounts of money supposedly laundered keeps changing, but the CIA always knows exactly who was involved. Always amusing, what details they claim they do and do not know. Same BS.

Though Denmark does not have much gold, it is not in debt to anyone and has worked diligently to be thus. Sadly it sold it’s oil to Norway a while ago leaving them with no source of steady profit. Because Denmark was self sustainable, the migrants were sent to Denmark. The migrants were told by American and British soldiers and agents, that they would be rich here, so they came in floods. Denmark closed its borders to save itself, though not soon enough for comfort. Sweden and Germany, who’s invaders were told the same lie, have been destroyed because they opened their homes to them. Lies destroy us all. Since Denmark is able to recover from the overwhelming influx, America must bite again. This Danske bank attack will successfully begin the collapse of Denmark and consequently, the Euro, rolling into the collapse of Russia, the Yuan, and the entire worlds economy will be dead.

Denmark is under attack by American propaganda to destabilize the country and undermine the government of Denmark by turning people yet again to fear and hate a country they have never known or tried to know. Still Americans do nothing, no great patriotic uprising, no fearless brave and free American revolt against tyranny as they boast about and as is written in their Constitution. Amazing the selective nature of Americans understanding and action. They want a Rambo. Always waiting for someone else to do it, while they sit, stuffing their faces with GMOs and pulling the trigger on us all.

To those in the Danish Government watching this now, we will warn you again here. Danske Bank should not trust any US law firms they hire. Such law firms are involved with the US government, and will work to sabotage Danish interests. The lawyers themselves are typically bribed or threatened to cooperate. We have experienced this in every court case we have been involved in against the American injustice system. The level of corruption in the US justice system is limited only to the amount of money they can print out. These people who control the American government will stop at nothing once they have you in their cross-hairs.

‘Justice’ cannot be expected here, rather this must be faced on the highest political levels for what it is: an attack on Denmark itself, and on the financial security of Danish citizens. This is an act of war. Denmark. Remember who your true allies are and return to Russia’s safety. Everyone in the world knows full well that any ally of America is expendable. Russia has always been fair and wise and has given security to strategic Denmark in the past, whereas America has only ever forced Denmark to pay more money and to give more military, whether Denmark was involved or not. The forces that control the US targeted Denmark for termination many years ago, but Denmark did not accept the Euro, Denmark closed it’s borders to the migrant invasion, and now the US will use this method, along with it’s propaganda war which began in 2017, against Denmark. This will achieve the dissolution of the Danish currency and government. What will fundamentally protect the interests of Denmark against this kind of vicious, devious, and manipulative attack? The answer is not necessarily comfortable or easy, but allowing this attack to continue will destroy Denmark, as intended.

We know where this is going. We know every step along the way, for we have seen it all before, and explained it to you in great detail.

The American objective is Denmarks termination.

Denmark will be destroyed by America, just like your country.


April 18

Welcome to WWIII

We see yet another false flag attack by the USA in the middle east.  We were not going to do an article about it because it is so obvious…but it seems it is not obvious to far too many, which is only more depressing.  The late Syrian chemical attack the american government planned and carried out on the civilians of a non-violent country should come as no surprise…though no less devastating.

How long will we allow it?  Now we are all at war as Trump calls to increase NATO-calling on every country occupied by NATO to produce special forces units which will break most of the member countries economies.   As planned, and as we exposed to you last year, the currency collapse is right on schedule and Trump (as expected) will be the tool.  NATO will be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone, shall we say.  1. Financial collapse worldwide  2. War with Russia leading to a call for peace and a “savior”.


We have seen how NATO has created the war in Ukraine.  Since that attempt has not worked to get Russia into war they increased the middle east genocide with ISIS.  ISIS, as many of you know, is an arm of the CIA and around to keep the middle east in turmoil.  ISIS is there to help the elite destroy and cover up history.  That is why they always attack historically significant and valuable locations, not to mention schools, and primarily christians.  This is why the real attacks that happen in smaller cities in Syria like Mosul, which are majority christian, are not mentioned in news and are attacked the heaviest.

This is how the elite have done this through history.  They send the crusaders in to destroy history so they can once again rewrite it with lies.  They control the media so they can tell you what they want you to think and feel and never look to find truth.  The House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) was created by the CIA.  The family is allowed to rule as long as they keep the surrounding countries under constant attack.  Yemen, one of the least reported on countries attacked constantly by Saud and the CIA, is rich with…you guessed it…oil!  Not to mention a more direct route to much more oil…and so on.. Well Yemen will not be taken over by the US so it is resigned to its population being slaughtered by the dozens each day, children and adults unable to go to school, if one were still standing, unable to get food or housing, unable to do anything but simply survive.

Lybia was taken the same way and controlled by the CIA through Gaddafi.  When he stopped playing along he was extinguished.  Now the eye is on Syria and once again the CIA is at war with Assad, but this time the son of the previous Assad the US bombed to shit a decade or so ago.

So as the CIA has created every war America has ever been involved in…using this same script…Gold Oil Drugs. we will see history repeat yet again. But I digress…

NATOs failure to bring Russia to war, the bombings in Syria increased and now the propaganda is so obvious it is a wonder why military personnel are still wearing the uniform?  Of course we would wonder that, if we did not already know full well they care not for human life and are more heavily brainwashed and controlled than even the masses. They care nothing for you…or your freedom.

The video and pictures of the attack should be enough for even a blind man to see how fake it all is… wearing dust masks in a chemical emergency? No gloves? The same fake body dummies?!  Why can’t they at least use a camera from this century when they fake the news reports?   It’s so exhausting to point these things out every single time… but we must apparently. 

Oh…and then there is this:

Anti-Assad “reporter” Feras Karam tweeted about the gas attack in Syria 24 hours before it happened.
Tweet says: “Tomorrow a media campaign will begin to cover intense air raids on the Hama countryside and use of chlorine against civilians.”

The UN has been called out in Russian news and others, to bring in experts to assess the truth of the situation.  I suppose they forgot, the UN is only there to ensure the New World Order and one of the steps to this is the death of the middle east and especially Syria.  It only takes a look into history to see why Syria is so important.  Besides being the place Yahushua was conceived, Paul and others performed miracles of healing, prophesy and raising people from the dead.  The records of this still exist and the proof and archaeological evidences, not to mention the countless documents which the Syrians have always kept away from the elites destructive hands.  The middle east countries including Syria will have to be taken over, as we discussed previously as well, the elite will create the old land of Canaan: the promised land.  That is a large area and Syria stands in the center.  After the war destroys what is left of it, the elite will take it over entirely, build the third temple (whatever they will call it) and crown the prince of peace, the false king of the world who will bring more devastation than one can easily imagine.

But that would prove something most people are brainwashed to reject-the truth.  SO we will move on, nothing to see here.

So the CIA who work for the Vatican have been planning this for a very long time…the Vatican has been planning it since before CIA was created. The elite do not mind waiting, even generations if needed, to fulfill the agenda.

The UN which has already been discredited as well as its white helmets who rape, murder and traffic children and women from the middle east, fight with ISIS and other gangs and much more…some would call these the hounds of hell.  Perhaps it’s just all of the constant mentions of demons said by the mainstream news and politicians now that is conditioning you more to the reality: they are conditioning you for what will come next, after the peace.

The White Helmets have filmed propaganda videos in places like Egypt and Morocco using actors, smoke machines, fake blood and bodies.

What should give you all a huge tip of their fraudulence is that George Clooney did a documentary on the White Helmets which of course was awarded a Hollywood Oscar.  As we know, being an elite, his pre-arranged wife Amal Clooney, is strongly tied to not only the Muslim Brotherhood and various political groups in the middle east, but also connected with Israeli intelligence.  Nothing…NOTHING is coincidence or accident.  It is ALL planned and played out according to the script.

For more of the history of Syria today go here.

Russia has continuously pointed out the lies of the west, given proofs and challenged them for facts which are never given.  So Trump decided over a piece of delicious chocolate cake that he would drop 59 bombs on Syria, targeting an abandoned airfield.  The bombs don’t even make holes in the ground, only small black spots.  23 of the bombs were dropped.  Not 59.  But it was likely another arms swap for ISIS.  Surely they will turn up in the middle east somewhere before too long.   Trump enjoyed his cake while people were slaughtered and the American military and brainwashed public cheered for another ritual killing.  Even MSNBC’s Brian Williams disgustingly squealing that Trump’s cruise missile strike was “beautifulTrump the totalitarian is here.

Since the attack, the Russian Federation and US Aerospace Forces in Syria are now operating under rules of engagement allowing them to “attack at will” any American and/or NATO air or ground target they “feel/decide” threatens them without their first having to submit to higher command authority.

So the latest Syrian false flag and the constant and blatant lies of the American government and media has lead to Russia to concede to war. The USA got what it asked for.  It provoked and provoked and now Russia will strike and strike hard.  We have already seen the creation of Russias sky terror Lucifer, Son of Satan, and the newly revealed “Father of all Bombs” in response to American instigation. There are many more advanced and sophisticated weapons on Russias side.

Could Putin be the false prince of peace we have warned you about?   He will have to be someone with military power, well liked, well spoken…someone the masses will love. He will take control of the middle east and bring in peace.  He will be made the world ruler.  Time will tell…