October 26


Below you will see our document: EL: The Bloodlines, as well as a video version.  This document covers all manners of the elite’s goings-on including: corruption, perversion, espionage, propagandabio-warfare, mind control and more.

The Site Directory will help you find articles put out since EL, easily! Keep in mind all articles build off of each other, continuing from the end of EL, in a timeline manner. If you start with the most recent posts, you will be lost. Feel free to browse our Library for more!

In these articles we have gone deeper and provided in greater detail to individual objectives of the elite families, their beliefs, rituals, and every aspect of how they control and destroy the world and you. We have exposed every major agenda the elite have, as well as many minor ones.  We have exposed every future agenda and event the elite will carry out over you. There is nothing new under the sun.

Please download or save everything you can!

Unfortunately with the death of the Information Age, most sources can no longer be found online which is why the 245 pages of “most important” sources used in EL, no longer exists and those left have been censored away by now.  Naturally the original document was far larger and more detailed but people do not read, and people do not care.  There was a time we could say, “do you’re own research” and it was possible to find truth online. That time is long gone.

Those who seek Truth: be diligent and understand the elite, how they work and you will see through any deception. All proofs provided on this website merely confirm what has been written for centuries. Thanks to elite indoctrination against the One document that has always provided a clear view of Truth and history, as well as exposing the elite bloodlines to the world, you are kept blind. If you can’t understand the one, you won’t understand EL.

Since the end of the Information Age, we have been in the time of Great Deception.  There is a blanket over the minds of majority, causing stunted abilities to process and understand the information here. This is why the attitude of bigotry and non-caring is as thick as it is today. People do not care about Anything but the Self.  Programming is complete. The eyes of the masses have been blinded by the elite, so they can no longer see Truth, can no longer love and therefore can no longer be free. Without love, there is only fear.   Today fear controls all aspects of mentality and action. Those who are allowed to understand already know, we will not be able to reach the people during this time.  As we know:

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. The one who fears has not been perfected in love.”

For those Allowed to Understand: Until the veil is lifted, we must stand firm in patience and love. Because of this, we will not be continuing to write articles.  To continue would only be for personal enjoyment, which is not the purpose of life or the work we have done.  The purpose was to expose the elite’s agendas past, present and future, and save humanity. We have done the first, you must do the second.  This website will remain online as long as censorship allows, to be activated again at a later time if needed. Those who find this information will find not only the answers to their deepest questions and fears, but also the WAY to Truth, and eternity.  ALL agendas of the elite can be deciphered with the knowledge and sources in this website.  Those Allowed to understand will be helped by it, and it is they we are messengers to.

“Many miseries will afflict those who inhabit the world in the last times because they will Walk in great Pride. But think of yourself and ask about the glory of those like you. For you, paradise is opened, the tree of life is planted, the future time is prepared, abundance is made ready, the city is built, rest is appointed, goodness is perfected, and wisdom is perfected in advance. The root of evil is sealed off from you, weakness is abolished from you, and death is hidden; the netherworld and decay have fled into oblivion. Sorrows have passed, and the treasure of immortality is displayed to the end. Therefore, don’t continue to ask about the great many who perish. They also received freedom, but they despised the Most High, spoke ill of his Law, and abandoned his ways. Moreover, they also trampled his righteous ones. They said in their heart that there is no God, even though they knew that they would have to die. Just as the things that are predicted will receive you, so also the thirst and torment that are prepared will receive them. The Most High didn’t intend for human beings to be destroyed, but those who were themselves created defiled the name of their creator and were ungrateful to him who prepared life for them. Therefore, my judgment draws close, which I haven’t disclosed to all, except to you and to a few like you.” II Esdras 8:50-62

During this time we must strengthen ourselves, for the coming Event. We will have to be at our strongest, spiritually and mentally, to withstand the coming Age and at the end of it fight the Great War. Therefore, we wish you all GodSpeed on your path and courage to do what is right.

Arm yourselves.

Remember:  There are but 10 laws for a peaceful and healthy humanity. All are kept through love.  To be part of humanity, one must be worthy of it.  To obtain salvation, one must simply ask. Everything the elite do they do to destroy love. That is why every law besides those above, is merely put out by the elite over you in order to control you and strip you of free thought and free will. The elite fear you, and now that their time is coming, all that we have exposed will increase. Deceptions will only increase, and ignorance will only expand (if it is possible for it to expand more than it already has). The best path for anyone to take is to stop listening to and watching them. Turn off your computer, TV and phone. Be free.  Enjoy the time you have LIVING.


See you on the flip side.


EL: The Bloodlines

The elite claim to trace their families back to Cain. We have taken that claim and proved it is true, and, in doing so…much, much more. There are very few books written with a time-line and history of the families and their genealogy, and the most detailed book on the families only traces the bloodline back to 1500.

Please enjoy EL: The Bloodlines in video and pdf form (see below). A d0x of the Elite families back to 4400 BC.

The document below was released on Dec. 25, 2015 at 12:00am. The contents of this document are proven fact, even though typos exist… However, don’t take our word for it, prove it to yourself. Research! Learn! live! Let the truth set you free.



First Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines


Second Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines


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