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Exposing the ELite Bloodlines who control this world, and the agendas with which they do it.

For this blog, use the Site Directory to find articles easily! Keep in mind all articles build off of each other in a timeline manner. For new visitors it will be necessary to start at the beginning, with our document EL:The Bloodlines (see below), which started all of this.

Please download or save everything you can! All articles are able to be downloaded into PDF’s. The information we put out exposes the heart of the elite, which they do everything to keep you from finding out. We hope the culmination of our works will help unfold it in such a way as to expose it once and for all, plainly.

Wake and See


EL: The Bloodlines

The elite claim to trace their families back to Cain. We have taken that claim and proved it is true, and, in doing so…much, much more. There are very few books written with a time-line and history of the families and their genealogy, and the most detailed book on the families only traces the bloodline back to 1500.

Please enjoy EL: The Bloodlines in video and pdf form (see below). A d0x of the Elite families back to 4400 BC.

The document below was released on Dec. 25, 2015 at 12:00am. The contents of this document are proven fact, even though typos exist… However, don’t take our word for it, prove it to yourself. Research! Learn! live! Let the truth set you free.


First Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines

Second Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines

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