September 11

Do Not Be Deceived: A Tale of Two Cities

In this Tale of Two Cities we have for you today, we will look very briefly at the many things going on in Jerusalem and Rome. Previously, we have exposed and explained the agenda of the elite to bring World War III: the war between Muslims and Jews, the invasion and overthrow of Jerusalem, in order to relocate the ruler of the Global Community (the One World Order) to Jerusalem.

jerusalem rome vatican

As we have discussed and explained this war agenda in great detail previously, we will merely brush over the whole picture so you can see the elites hands working now and discuss what is to follow. The false peace upon the rise of the one world leader. Please see our Do Not Be Deceived series and stay tuned for more information on this. Know how the elite work. Problem, Reaction, Solution. The problems are rising up, the reaction will be Wars, and the Vatican as always will hand us the solution: Unity and Peace (false peace).

Remember it is called DECEPTION because YOU WILL believe it – if you do not open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Be vigilant.

So let us begin in Jerusalem.

Syrian chemical weapons facilities continue to be attacked by Israel. Syria has issued a warning. This is no surprise as we see many countries uniting to confront Israel, because of its constant bombing of innocent people. Israel continues to target and bomb condos in Lebanon, as well as causing endless violence against Palestine. Israeli police are now evicting Palestinians from Jerusalem!

An estimated 40% of Palestinian children detained by Israeli police are raped.

This should be no surprise, as the elite’s Talmud teaches that raping a child is NOT a crime. In fact, it goes further to state ”if a child is 3 years old or younger it does NO damage”. At least the Muslims marry their children.

We see the elite mind in these occult religions. It is clear.

The Israeli Defense Force has conducted its largest war preparations in the first week of September. The preparations are for war with Hezbollah. Protests and riots due to Israel forcing metal detectors to be placed in mosques is just one more thing to accelerate the agitation. Of course, we cannot rule out that these could all well be paid protests and riots, just as they are in every other country. The people are kept poor and ignorant and angry through divisions and militant police. They are upset at their government. This is the same in many dozens of countries. This has all increased quickly over the last few years. We can easily see the elites agendas carried out. The masses feed into their hands.

Jerusalem is at war. War is the Reaction to the elites’ designed Problem. Meanwhile, Rome is prepared for the Solution: the alien deception which will finalize the One World Order, bringing everyone under their one and only religion. No longer will people be divided into the different religious cults that the elite have made, by dividing the occult, making you believe it is correct. The elite will be free to announce, at long last, that there is only ONE RELGION: the worship of Lucifer.

As we have already discussed the Third Temple before, we will lightly touch on it here. The importance of Jerusalem to the elite can be seen throughout history. The two cities Rome and Jerusalem both have incredibly deep meaning and value to the elite. Currently, the elite rule from Rome but when they were the global government a couple of thousand years ago, their cherished city was Jerusalem.

In the mid 1990’s a statement was made by Pope John Paul II, during an interview broadcast in Italian, over a Polish radio station, regarding the Vaticanan’s ultimate goal of ”transferring its headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem”. In 2013 this happened.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, and Ettore Balestrero, Undersecretary of the Holy See for the relations with States, sealed the deal and handed Jerusalem to Rome.

As history continues to repeat, Rome has taken the city again and plans to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. But first, Jerusalem must fall in the public eye. (Because everything is done on a time frame, only for your perception and acceptance.) There must be devastation. The people must beg for unity and peace. Jerusalem is the place the elite intend to rule from and they have already prepared for the move. Jerusalem will be the throne for the One World Leader, called the Antichrist, meaning the one in the place of Christ. This will be built.

Unity of religions.. This must take place for the New World Order. This, as you can see, will create the One Global Religion, the elite’s agendas all fold into each other. This is well underway. The temple has already been built, but is waiting to be assembled. First, Jerusalem must fall. It must be destroyed to be rebuilt. Even the Levi priests, of the Levi bloodline, have been brought together to be prepared. It is all prepared, down to the garments encrusted with rare jewels and golden cups bowls and other ornaments.

But what about this final deception Rome has planned? One way Israel is preparing for the final deception, which is the alien agenda, is through using Project Blue Beam. The testing and conditioning for this has been going on for a long time and will, like everything, only increase. We can hear these sounds of trumpets and see these sights in many countries across the world. Preparing the ignorant masses for signs and wonders, which will be so shocking that people will follow and believe… simply because their uneducated minds (and unprotected souls) will be unable to comprehend what they have never been told about: Aliens, UFOs.

This is no secret. The elite may have seemed that way to the masses who never look. Numerous documents, most of which were written before the last 500 years (when censorship began to skyrocket) detail and expose them. (This is why you are not taught about true history or real science.) We have discussed this upcoming deception before, but it is beginning to come about now and many are ALREADY deceived!!!  Simply because the propaganda makes it ”sound nice”, as propaganda always does, does not make it TRUTH.

Beware the one who comes in Peace. Look deeper. In order to bring in a One World government, to have what the elite call peace, every country must be thoroughly collapsed – which we see happening now in various ways: hurricanes, wars, floods, earthquakes, currency collapses and more. This will escalate to a rapid climax, as the ”Hand of Chaos” closes.

We see CERN and HAARP working overtime. CERN, which is controlled by the Vatican, continues the elites push to break the separation of spiritual and physical worlds: tearing the veil. Because they work towards this and are getting close, the UFO and alien agendas are coming up more and more and becoming mainstream, conditioning people’s minds for the Deception, so the masses will believe the lie that the ones we will see, must be worshiped. They will be seen as gods or ancestors or creators, believing the lie that they will come in peace and unify us haarp jerusalem rome

jerusalem romeThose who are not prepared will fall for this and believe. Having been brainwashing into the mindset that human state is weak and pathetic. These that they call aliens are the ones the elite worship: Lucifer and the fallen ones, demons. They will finally be able to break into our plane once again, thanks to the help of CERN and so many other projects that have been working to tear the veil that keeps us separated and unable to see the spiritual world, without seeking. Those without the Armor of Truth will be destroyed. They will be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

You do not have to believe it, for it to be real. Truth is Truth and Facts are Facts. They do NOT change to make us feel better. More often than not, it causes great distress. For that is the effect of Deception. Please enjoy the Age of Deceit Documentary here.

We can find many documents exposing what governments and the Vatican call ”aliens”, ”extra-terrestrials”. Enjoy the Documents  included which expose the plans for false flags: political and public propaganda, to shape the image and idea of the elite’s in the public mind. This was easily done through comics, movies and more.  Where do the ideas and movies come from? Experience. Like everything else.

NASA has stated, ”There is no question that there are extra-terrestrial beings and they are out there and if we will, we can contact them. No doubt.”

The Clinton Podesta emails touched on the subject as well. The Jesuit priests who have come forward to disclose the truth about it all, have been silenced, as we see happen to most who try to expose truth. Dr. Guy Consolmagno, Jesuit Vatican astronomer, stated he would baptize extra-terrestrials and even claimed Jesus was a star child of an alien race!

We have exposed how the elite have created religions to mirror THEIR occult beliefs and mindset. For those who are unaware of the Vatican’s Lucifer project, let us find out what it is…

All they do, they do to keep you from Truth. Consolmagno believes aliens will be man’s Saviour. Since he is a Luciferian, this only makes sense. The elite believe Lucifer is the savior, the SUN, the light. You must KNOW the occult mind.

Light means dark and good is evil. It is based on Deception. Know your enemy. Just like in every secret society (Freemason, Jesuit, and the rest) only the ones in the Upper high levels know Exactly what is going on. That means ALL high-level government and religious and scientific leaders KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING and what they are doing.

In 1969, NASA passed a federal regulation dealing with extra-terrestrial exposure. The Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law offers a legal precedent for the detention and indefinite imprisonment of ANY individual who comes into contact with extra-terrestrials.

There is no such thing as an UN Identified object… flying or otherwise. There is nothing new and everything has been exposed for thousands of years. They simply keep it from you! That is not the same as it being unknown. YOUR ability to get knowledge is censored and will only become more so as the masses feed the system and beg for more ”security”, relying on the government, the mass media, the propaganda and lies created by the elite to tell you what ”you need to know” and keep you happy and safe. After all, these things were only made for Your benefit… To GIVE to YOU. Like Facebook, just made and given to you for free, so you can have FUN and be HAPPY. That is the only purpose the elite have.

Hopefully you can see the idiotic delusion that is.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to learn and research and find Truth. Do not be fooled by the propaganda and movies. See the signs. Read between the lies. The elite are bloodline, dedicated, Luciferians. Of course they have contact with Lucifer and demons!!! Of course they can not openly tell you they have communication with Lucifer and the fallen ones!! But they can make movies about ”aliens”, release certain government documents at strategic times, give you little by little leading you into how to view them, manipulating Your mind so when they are finally able to tear the veil you will be helplessly ignorant, unable to think for yourself. If you are still convinced aliens will be peaceful and good…look deeper and see truth.rome jersalem elite control

It is a common belief that the Vatican and many leaders of the world are controlled by extra-terrestrials, which is of course True, as they are Luciferians. If this topic shocks you, YOU need to wake up and do more research. This isn’t anything new! But it is kept hidden from you and due to your mental programming. 57 of the demon races are KNOWN to governments. How many do you know???

How have the elite kept their plan of deception intact and progressing for so long? Because their control center: The Vatican, has ALWAYS confiscated and hidden history.

This should be obvious to you now…NOTHING has changed in 5,000 years!

The elite continued to make war, to destroy truth and occupy territories, keeping the plunder and leaving you with nothing but twisted deceptions and propaganda. Keeping archeology and ancient documents from you, translating them incorrectly, knowing YOU believe all they give you, to control your view of reality, to control your mind. They rewrite history. They can create nothing, they can only deceive and twist Truth. They are deceivers. This may make finding truth seem a huge task, which is why, since we have followed and exposed the elite more than most through history, we hope you will use the resources we have put out for you freely, to help light YOUR path… while there is still time.

Truth is rarely fun, rarely makes one feel nice or pleasant. Truth creates issues because it forces responsibility which means there are Consequences. WE are accountable. WE must act. The weak people of today can not handle responsibility. They must push it off to others, to governments, to save them from responsibility. If we are to win and delete the elite, we must be human again. Powerful and Strong and Focused. We must take a stand. Open your mind. Why do you believe what you believe and disregard all else?? Do the research to conclusion. Go further. Find truth. You will never know it if you do not seek. No one can tell you what truth is because you will not listen or believe it anyway. Even the videos and proofs we put out to you are a pointless and worthless, unless YOU do more.

You must break down your own barriers and find it for yourself. We can only give you an open door. YOU must walk through it yourself.

The Vatican, Rome, the stronghold of the elite, has been behind Every war, Every crusade, Every genocide in history. The bloody puppet Pope and his controllers have murdered and deceived humanity for all of history, so it continues today.

Know your enemy.

The Eye of the Elite is Rome, and its gaze is on Jerusalem.

Stay vigilant as things will now become interesting.

It is time.

Expect it.

American Documentary about Our Times and creating the NWO:

Discussion about CERN, the Portal and the Vatican:

August 4

Do Not Be Deceived: Raping Reality

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality is targeted for the next generation-the children of today. The mind of a child which is not developed will now develop in augmented (changed, altered) reality. They will be unable to distinguish from true reality.artificial intelligence

We are born into a controlled and augmented society keeping us from truth, degrading us and enslaving us. This is the elites lie. The constant rape of what humanity really is.

Tactical Augmented Reality is made for soldiers and will not need an independent GPS device. Instead soldiers will simply see a map overlaid on the terrain in front of them through a helmet mounted eyepiece. Just like they do in the movies. VR AR artificial intelligence

Studies have shown that people inside Immersive Virtual Reality behave realistically when presented with complex situations. As a result a new generation of social and behavioral scientists are turning into VR to design experiments including moral dilemmas. Through multisensory stimulation healthy humans can experience what they call agency illusions over an avatar. It is as if your real body is perceptually substituted by a virtual one. This allows for manipulations beyond what would be possible in reality of course. The effects and traces of such body substitution can be measured using subjective reporting. behavioral and objective physiological measures.

All one has to do is look very briefly into how the human mind works and can so easily be manipulated and altered by senses and experiences. There will soon be no division from dreams and real life. The elite have been studying social engineering, mind manipulation, for thousands of years, so it would be important for you to catch up on this fundamental topic.

See more Here. HereHere. Here. And Here.

Just as the first generation of the Internet later brought us services like Facebook and YouTube and, VR will eventually influence and integrate into most areas of life.

black mirror tech reality your reality

When you Cant tell the difference between reality and games-when People think because they are watching through a screen it must not be rea l- our nightmares are allowed to happen. It is desensitizing to view things through a lense. The ability to enslave you just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to your smart devices and the geotagging and info gathering they do for the government. AR uses this information and allows everyone else to see it. What you put on the internet can not be taken off. Everything that goes on the internet or on a device connected to the internet is tracked. Think about what is connected to wi-fi. Everything on that device is on the internet. Everything on the internet can be hacked. Thanks to this smart technology now people with AR Apps can see it all. Nothing is free. You are the product.

Meanwhile little is said or done about the gigantic security risks this opens up.

“Geotags” are GPS coordinates that associate pictures, videos, documents, notes, tweets, etc. with a physical location. Your physical location. Geotagging is similar to what happens when a picture is date-stamped by a camera. The risk at the personal level, is extremely high. Smartphones automatically geotag pictures taken with the phone’s camera. This “perk” is usually turned on by default.artificial intelligence aritficial reality

Here are some tracking requirements for AR. Here are some more security risks.reality replaced

So sit back in your smart car and drive through your smart city. If I may, I will just point your smart phone camera at the stop and Civic Augmented Reality can deliver up your personalized schedule by using your location data along with the camera to detect points of interest. CAR can deliver in real-time any data a city chooses to make available: Transit schedules and traffic reports, information about local events, emergency service facilities, available parking spots, and more. A visual search feature allows users to scan city assets like subway stations, restaurants, signs and even trees for information.

Apples new tool called AR Kit was given to its 17 million developers to build augmented reality features into their apps. The system can place virtual 3D objects inside the phone camera’s field of view. Artificial intelligence software for facial recognition, barcode detection and language understanding.

A Couple of Leading AR Developers:

Valve Corporation is lead by Gabe Newell. As one would guess he is a Harvard Graduate with 13 years at Microsoft. Mike Harrington is another Microsoft pawn. He worked there for 9 years before he worked for Google. Scott Lynch worked for LinkedIn which is a sub company of Microsoft. So Valve Corp is Microsoft. As we will find most of the AR and VR developers are.

42 Entertainment is another leading AR developing company. Seems it is also a Microsoft subcompany. Lead by Bob Fagan from Microsoft, Elan Lee from Industrial Light and Magic which was started by George Lucas. (After which he went to Microsoft.) Sean Stewart from Microsoft, and Jordan Weisman graduate of a marine academy who worked for Microsoft. We see without going through the entire leadership of this company that it too is a Microsoft company.

As always the elite have the monopoly on everything you get to use and see.

Microsoft announced at GDC 2017 plans to bring mixed reality to the Xbox in 2018. The goal with AR and MR, unlike with VR, is to blend digital objects with environments from the real world. More Here.

Over the last couple years cyber security firms have been migrating to Israel. Israel is home to cyber security R&D centers for many leading American companies, including RSA, IBM, Microsoft, Akamai, Intel McAffe, Palantir, Intuit, AVG, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks and PayPal. More recently groups such as Germany’s Frauhofer Institute and Lockheed Martin have announced intentions to set up large R&D centers in Israel. Microsoft bought Hexadite israeli cyber security firm for 100 million dollars this June. Lockheed Martin has invested 25 million with Israeli cyber security firm Cybereason. More on Government Infiltration of AR Here. More on Watson Involvement here.

The Global virtual reality association Members are Google, Samsung, Oculus, Vive, PlayStation, Star VR.

Dr. Josiah Dykstra of the NSA envisions an augmented reality application that could assist in task processing. Wearing an augmented reality device like Google Glass. The worker would be presented with the most pertinent cybersecurity alerts and information immediately and like every educated asshole Dykstra has no hard data that this is possible. He gets “anecdotal proof” of the concept from those who work in the field. Typical.

People already believe deception is better than reality and truth. The elite have drained everything good in life out of us. Our intelligence is stunted by chemicals and lack of education. Even the most highly sought education is controlled and censored keeping people blind and lost because of the conditioning and indoctrination. The elite force on us to keep us from ever being able to find the truth. That is the point. Many look for the truth only to be deceived by half truths-keeping them at arms length from the full knowledge and truth they need. Augmented reality is the perfect way to completely destroy humanity by stripping us of all that makes us human: our minds, our hearts and our souls.

Tech Insider Warns of AI:


For more videos please see our Video Archives.

To Address the issue of Parallel Universes, which you will find in excess should you research technology today, we know how the elite work. They rewrite history after they destroy the proof they can and create time lapses and gaps. This is what wars and battles accomplish. This is nothing new. The Mandela Effect was created by the elite to hide the last time they rewrote mass history. Separation and ignorance allows history to repeat. Research exposes the truth. In the world of technology you will hear many times the concept of parallel universes. This is one of the deception distractions you will find.augmented reality

Every government including the Vatican is planning for such an event and conditioning you to be unphased by it when the technology deception happens-when they tear the veil and our world is invaded. So they tell you there are parallel universes; this leads the mind to slowly care less than it already does for this reality. (The only one that we live in.) No consequences in reality for the actions done in the game. With the children growing up in this augmented mindset, things quickly become dangerous.augmented reality and aliens

This conditioning about parallel universes is only going to be used to deceive the masses and prepare them for what they will call an alien invasion, which we know the truth about and have discussed before. We already live in the matrix, in augmented reality. We who are awake know the difference between the elites games and what is truly the dark real world we are in today. The awakened remnant are the ones who can see it. The sheeple live in the simulation. We must unplug them.

The Human mind longs for dimensions because we know there is more. There is something in all of us, some feel an empty hole they try to fill by shopping, eating, sex, drugs, work, facebook. Whatever the warning you receive, it is for a reason. It is because there is more. You are MORE. That is what it means to have a soul. The elite know this too and there in lies the problem. So they will make their lies so good you can not tell the difference between them and real life. They will strip you of reality as they have already stripped you of knowledge and life. They have already stripped you of good Health. They have stripped you of good food. They have stripped you of good water. They have stripped you of good air. They have stripped you of good education. They have stripped you of good leaders. Will you let them take the final blow? Will you let them take your soul? The souls of those you love?


Stop letting your brain washing and programming hold you back in your meaning less and purpose less life. Stop asking someone else the questions and find the answers. Advance. Prepare. Be human again. Technology will eventually be used to take your soul. That is the elites end goal and though not achievable this year, that is what they will pursue until it is accomplished.

Stop playing the game and hack the system.

December 17

Do Not Be Deceived: The Kings of the East are Rising

As we have done before, so we come to you again with a message of Warning, to help you see what you may be missing. The elite who rule us play both sides, and in recent videos and articles, we have been exposing this to you (as well as their future plans). There is a plan, nearly are fulfilled today, the Alliance of the Kings of the East. Those who will rise against Israel in the next war. So let us take a look briefly at some past events, regarding China and the USA.

China has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition of various kinds for years now, buying them from Russia. With the world’s largest population that will be a force to be reckoned with. Currently, it is securing the Spratly Islands. These strategically placed islands are a control point for all the oil trade in the area, as well as 50% of the world’s population. The trade from Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore can be controlled at this point. Not to mention the oil pockets under and around those islands…

China gained that land during World War II and the USA is trying to take it from them now. In 1997 China leased the vacant US Navy Pier, in California, to help speed their enormous imports into the USA. The balance of US payments with China shows a growing deficit of 50 billion dollars, which is expected to be 100 billion shortly. China is also attempting to gain the Panama Canal area, through long-term leases at each end. This would give them control of the shipping through the canal, another major trade route. This would easily lead to USA having to divide its military. However, that is assuming USA will still be a country.

In 2014, China became the dominant buyer of American investment green cards, as well as land purchases, in America. With America’s gigantic debt crisis, it has no choice but to be divided up and sold.  This has been happening in small amounts for many years, under the table of course. It is easy to keep many things silent when the media is entirely controlled. In small towns across the country, such as, Thomas, Alabama, they are literally giving land away to China for free. So they may ”build businesses” there so ”the citizens of America will have jobs”. The land this town gave away was worth 1.5 million dollars. One large company, Smithfield Foods, which holds 460 farms and contracts 2,100 others, holds facilities in 26 states, was bought by China for 4.7 billion dollars. war won through money

Since the American dollar is valueless, it is easy to print off any amount. Numbers. When it comes to dollar, amounts do not have a meaning, since the dollar has no value. So the 4.7 billion pieces of paper that China had to print off was a small price to pay, if that. As the USA tries to hide its currency and economic catastrophe, it will be divided and sold to China and other countries it owes an enormous debt to, because of its greed and selfishness. Americans will have to let go of their brainwashed mentalities, when they receive their Chinese owners. It would likely be better for the American people, as communist countries are known to at least give their citizens shelter and work and some food – that basic necessity not even the American fascists will allow. However, China is not likely to forget the rape, murder, and drugs the Western Military flooded them with, during the 20th century, destroying their preserved culture of thousands of years.

But keep in mind these countries are simply the elites other hand, they are also just as controlled mentally, educationally, financially, and militaristically, as the USA. The kings of the East are gathering.

elite always tell us their plans. war

We see Philippines currently pulling away from USA, and will move into alliance with the rest of Asia. North Korea, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, and Iran among many other countries, are forming an Alliance currently which will bring back the empires of over 3,000 years ago. They have already created the necessary currency changes, trade agreements, military alliances, and more with the other countries around the world. They require nothing from the outside world that has shut them out for so long. It is those outside of it who will need from them.

Really all that is needed now, to start the domino effect, to solidify the old empires is for Turkey to remove itself from NATO, officially. This will cause all of the other, old Soviet, countries to do the same and be able to return to the ancient Empire Rosh,  Russia, again.

empire rosh, war 3

One reason the USA has forced itself into Ukraine and has been occupying and controlling it for the last few years, is to prevent these countries from leaving the EU that has destroyed their economies and government structures. Since Turkey has now allied with Russia, and removed many NATO leaders, and other CIA/MOSSAD infections, Russia has managed to survive, through the numerous and heavy sanctions placed on it by the UN and America. ”Because it was once an enemy, in a previous government and ruling system.” But that’s just details, right? Let alone, the now constant USA government and media, blaming every event on Russia.

I suppose if it’s not Isis and it must be Russia. Russia is to blame, because it points out the idiocy of America and the blood lust, and corruption therein. Obama has put out several hits on Putin and, as we saw in the news, was almost successful once. The USA has declared war on Russia multiple times, in the last few months alone. Russia remains the logical and sober giant. When it attacks, it is well-planned and no one will know until they move.

The Russian territory and Chinese territories have been allies, for the most part, through history. In the BC years, there were many tribes (like the Khazars, Pannonians, and Mongols, Huns, the Thracians, all types of interwoven tribes) have filled the area for thousands of years. This territory was constantly invaded by the Roman Empire. The tribes were raped and murdered and made into slaves. The history is rich with blood, and alliances lost and gained, from both northern and southern regions. And China and Russia continue to have extensive military trade and other strong ties. Now including Iran in their military contracts. Russia just started more negotiations, to align with Japan, if only in trade. Russia has already obtained some surrounding Japanese seas.

Japan seems to have little choice, however, with the scripted politics that we have today, things take time. We see Russia’s economy rising now and prosperity returning, slowly but surely through the country, as it arms the world for war against the Elite Controlled Nations of Israel and America. Just recently, Russia has said it has ”had enough”. so what is the importance of this? Not only are these specific alliances and many other events fulfilling multiple prophecies thousands of years old and happening before our eyes, but the next part of the prophecy (which is yet to come – perhaps in a couple years) is interesting indeed.

After the alliances of the Kings of the East, they will all rise against Israel: the Middle East, Persian Empire, (Turkey, Russia, and all the previous Soviet countries) China, and all allies, will be ”like a cloud coming over Israel”. This is the warning. Should this happen, many terrors await us all.zion muslim world war

It will be a time of utter devastation, Jerusalem will fall, only to rise again with the force of the New World Order behind it. When Israel returns, it will rebuild its third temple: the temple they mean to make the Throne of the New World Leader, who will come forth claiming Peace. After the next war, when they bring back Peace, then all hell breaks loose.

Know the Signs and Symbols and Do Not be Deceived.

Do Not be Deceived by the Other Hand.

Do Not be Deceived by False Peace. 

Expect it.

United States of China:

Gog and Magog: Prophecy