April 29

Pedo Files: Jimmy Wales


Dr Les Sachs
Saturday, April 27, 2019 12:20 AM


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You people at Newsguard – and in particular you, Mr Danish ex-Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen – need to be fully aware of the child rape crime history involving your seemingly well-connected Jimmy Wales, whose close aides and lawyer, are proven to have sent hate mail in an international child-rape, extortion, race-hate, and terrorism scheme, with what seems to be Wales’ personal encouragement.

It seems that when Wales was selling p-rnography, he showed his willingness to help rape and harm children and totally destroy innocent victims, which is why he was selected by the intel people to run this long-standing scam.

The Wales operations face criminal indictment, and as well a new sanctions programme for the necessary defence of EU citizens, who have been frequently harmed by the Wales network of liars and child-rape criminals whom Wales has been fostering.

The crimes of the Wales team are well-known to staff at the EU Commission and Parliament, and right now I am working with EU staff on a much-needed proposal, to totally terminate anonymity on so-called ‘encyclopaedias’ and ‘internet reference sources’, which of course at times turn out to be run by child-rape and intel-agency manipulators, such as those of Wales.

Every page of a site like Wikpedia, needs to be signed by a real verified individual who can then be subject to EU arrest warrants, and face the consequences of her or his lying. As it stands now, child rape criminals protected by Wales, enjoy arrogant abuse of their victims and taunt victims they are helping threaten to murder, regarding their apparent helplessness under Wiki’s dominance, in violation of EU and other key human rights protocols.

Anonymity on the internet is fine, but not in a ‘reference’ source … otherwise it becomes a tool for intel manipulators and child-rape gangs with political connections, i.e., with people like Jimmy Wales.

As a curiosity, the Wales crimes were in a recent US Justice Dept file, which was a key item in shutting down the impeachment attempts at US President Trump by the corrupt Mueller, who received profits from the same child-rape gang Wales allowed for years to operate on his site.

You all are of course a group with your own strong political and intel-agency connections … but you are on the wrong side of history here by having on your team, the oily creator of child-rape tools Jimmy Wales, helping paedophiles and racists and terrorists to be ‘anonymous’ whilst committing their crimes.

Inform yourselves with some of the material in the hands of European Commission staff:

‘Report to EU Police Agencies and Prosecutors on Wikipedia Fraud Against European Citizens’

‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents …’ with a section on Wikipedia’s ugly role in these terrorist felonies.

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More Pedos Here. Here. Here. Here.

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April 10

Pedo Files: Argentina

Greetings World,

Today we continue digging into the work Natacha Jaitt died exposing to you. Though we mentioned this in Natacha Jaitt’s article here, there is still much work to be done, so let’s jump right in!

An estimated 152 million children around the world are forced to work due to poverty.  In Argentina many children live in poverty. It is popular for those children to be sent to clubs (in this case football clubs and tv shows) with the hope that they will become famous. These children are then given promises by men or children who pretend to be their friends (baiters), to bring them into groups and organizations or charities used to traffic. They are in the total care of the organizers (handlers), who arrange the sex trafficking by telling the child if they come to a party, or if they come meet these people (customers), they will be paid, given gifts, etc. Since these children are considered disposable property they are raped and worse. Because those in power and popular positions are unable to be touched by law in Argentina (like most other countries), these children are taken advantage of without remorse by an endless river of Pedophiles.


Remember, it is extremely uncommon for children to speak out about these things, for a great many reasons, mainly because ADULTS are supposed to be the ones PROTECTING them, and when one is betrayed to such an extreme extent by those they would go to for help, they stay silent. Others who do speak up are ignored or silenced, because adults today think so little of children. Because adults lie constantly, children are assumed to as well. Yet another lie adults tell themselves to forfeit the responsibilities of life. It is amazing that so many children have come forward, but this only gives us a small peek at the darkness that is Argentina.

We have discussed before many times how the mafia works: aka the elite, governments, religions, schools, camps, and all other forms of their organized crime. We have previously exposed that whatever the club or company, whether it is cement or CPS or boarding school, they can and many are used for the elites main business: child trafficking. This is the business the elites live off of, the rest is a consequence. Because the elite must have your children, they must have many ways of getting them, keeping them, safely and secretly. So schools and camps are made, children are flooded in by parents who rather give their duty to others than be parents themselves. Backgrounds are checked, thanks to application processes, and children are conditioned, baited, taken and used (sometimes they are given back and kept for future use) or sold (if the situation is selling). Children are the product the elite will always want. In order to take your children from yo openly they create “protective services” and “police” to do it by force, and keep everything about it silent. The put a plastic star on a guy and say he is here to show you what justice and law are, and you believe them and allow them to control you and steal your children and rip them apart. To keep the police grunts in line with the agenda, they are watched by the ever continuing hierarchy the elites have formed: government, then military, then secret ops etc. etc. etc. Until children are treated as they should be: as the future of humanity, our hope, our dream, ourselves., they will never be safe. Until adults grow up for a change and start treating their futures, and dreams and hopes, their children, with the respect and protection and love they deserve, it will continue to be all of our faults. Every adult is responsible for this unforgivable infection. The only way to have justice is to destroy the ones who betray it. The only way to have peace is to annihilate all of those who try to take it away, and once we have it, to finally protect it. Peace does not come by giving up or giving in, as the elite have trained you. That is why their peace is always false. Their peace only comes from you being in a hive-mind with them. Real peace must be fought for, fiercely and unrelentingly. To have peace, we must be fearless.

So let us break down this ring. Keeping in mind this is only a fraction of the ring, as Natacha Jaitt’s testimony and evidences given to the court were sealed, and as she was murdered they will most likely be “forgotten”. This is the fragment of one of Pope Francis’ Pedophile rings:

pope argentina trafficking

Gustavo Vera and his La Alameda Foundation (The main ring leaders-Popes Right hand man whom we discussed in teh previous article and will not repeat in this one.)

  • Enrique Pinti (a famous comedian, close friend of Gustavo and customer)
  • Carlos Pérez (possible ring leader-Jaitt followed both Perez and Vera for a year)

Grunts of Gustavo Vera:

  • Matías Farías (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Juan Pablo Offidani (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Alejandro Maciel (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Pablo Yotich (drugged and raped Natacha Jaitt)
  • Maximiliano Giusto (drugged and raped Natacha Jaitt)
  • Luana Micaela Monsalvo (also at Jaitt’s murder, high-end escort-Gustavos girl)

Media Personalities:


Some Companies Involved:

big brother argentina pedo

Big Brother

  • Juan Cruz (panelist)
  • Liliana Parodi (involved directly with Gustavo Vera, who gets kids for Big Brother upon her request.)
  • Vera and Brian Lanzelotta (Big Brother Contestant-customer)

futebol pedos argentina

Club Atlético Independiente and River Plate (Former youth players reported a child prostitution ring, and others, went to Natacha Jaitt for help which is how she got started in exposing this ring.)

  • An estimated 152 million children around the world are forced to work due to poverty. (Baits children and pays them to have sexual relations with adults)
  • Alejandro Carlos Dal Cin player representative (arrested for raping a child)
  • Juan Manuel Díaz Vallone tournament organizer (mostly operates in the southern region of the Buenos Aires, but has a long reach.)
  • Diego Latorre Football player and journalist (Natacha Jaitt was momentarily intimate with-most likely to get info as she knew he was involved) Media is forbidden to discuss Latorre.
  • Leo Cohen Arazi Public relations manager and owns a bar used for transactions. (gay and HIV positive, his butt-buddy is Delgado. Middleman for baiting children into sex with adults)

Children often live in closed circuit in the club, far from their relatives, in the hope that professional football will be the break they need to save them from poverty. One youth player exposed that he had been abused, that he had had sex with men in exchange for money and that players were recruited to the prostitution ring by another club member. He exposed that he knew of 19 other students who were victims of this pedophile ring.

“There is another witness whose testimony is under analysis. At present, it has 20 proven facts and 23 to check. Abused players amount to ten, of which half remain in Independiente.”

There were 19 players investigated about abuse, among them, the first mentioned soccer players. The ramifications reach other institutions: there are reported cases in All Boys (five), Lanús (3), Boca Juniors (1) and Barracas Central (1). Contacts with minors were made through social networks including Whatsapp, which Jaitt also used to track the ring. Even though these children didn’t have money for anything, they had a phone. One WhatsApp group where the contacts of the abusers, were associated under the name of “los topus”.

Red Infacia Robada / Stolen Childhood Network

Red Infancia Robada Email: red@infanciarobada.org (see here for more emails)

Social Media: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn

Network of Social Forums and contacts here.

Sister Marta Pelloni, has acused obstetrician Dante Binner, brother of the national deputy and former governor Hermes Binner, “to being part of the mafia group selling babies,” who kidnapped Liliana Montenegro’s twins. According to Montenegro at least ten times he went to a house of Dante Brinner, brother of the former governor, to perform the medical check-ups of a pregnancy and specified that, during that time.

“At the heart of the Vatican in the 16th century Casina Pio IV, home to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Voices of Faith’s first edition on 8 March 2014 was held. Sister Marta Pelloni told the audience how they fight against domestic violence, the trafficking of women and children, and organized corruption.

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The Latin American antitrata meeting organized in Buenos Aires by the Santa Marta (GSM) group, brings together bishops, religious, laity, experts and police chiefs from around the world. It was created Jorge Bergoglio in 2014 for “Finding solutions to the serious criminal problem” which raises human trafficking.  Participants included: the bishop of San Juan, Jorge Lozano; Sisters Valmí Bohn (Brazil), Lidia Cruz (Guatemala), Conchi Burgos (Peru) and Rosita Milesi (Brazil); Néstor Roncaglia, Chief of the Argentine Federal Police; Alicia Peresutti, from the NGO Vínculos en Red, and Martha Pelloni, from Red Infacia Robada.”

“The owner of Red Infacia Robada, Sister Marta Pelloni and Gustavo Vera of the La Alameda Foundation, arrived in Río Gallegos to seek the adhesion of institutions to the National Anti-Mafia Network. They met with the former federal judge of Río Gallegos, Ana Cecilia Alvarez, While still a Buenos Aires archbishop, Pope Francis participated in the organization of the anti-Mafia congress and provided names for the inter-religious table. From this experience emerged the National Anti-Mafia Network. The National Anti-Mafia Network is claimed to fight in common against the mafias of trafficking, labor slave, drug trafficking, corruption and money laundering. ”

Red Solidaria /The Solidarity Network

  • Juan Carr owns Red Solidaria and is a friend of Pope Francis, having grown up and worked with the Catholic Church his entire life. The Red Solidaria movement has 800 volunteers and 38 offices up and down the country. His education is in veterinary services. When he was 33, Red Solidaria was created with 3 friends and his wife.

Red Solidaria Email: hola@redsolidaria.org.ar

Social Media: LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram

Pope Francis, was a major supporter both of devout Catholic, Juan Carr, and of the concern for the poor he espouses with Red Solidaria. In 2011 Juan Carr also created Mundo Invisible with 3 friends. Carr was nominated by UNESCO for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. He was elected Social Innovator in 1997 by the Ashoka Entrepreneurs Association of Washington, USA. In 2014 he was declared an Illustrious Citizen of the city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic.

What is Ashoka? Beginning in India in 1981, Ashoka started identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs (posterboys…the elite always need a decent public face to hide behind. who have ideas for far-reaching social change. Ashoka became official in 1987, inspired by the Sanskrit word Ashoka that means the “active absence of sorrow,” and by the Indian Emperor Ashoka, one of the world’s earliest great social entrepreneurs. After unifying India in the 3rd Century BC, Emperor Ashoka renounced violence and became one of history’s most tolerant, global-minded, and creative leaders, pioneering innovations in economic development and social welfare.

carr argentina pedo ringJuan Carr in a conversation about his friend, Pope Francis aka Jorge Bergoglio: “Bergoglio has been the one who brought these two dimensions of the faith together – the spiritual and the social. I’m from the diocese of San Isidro, not Buenos Aires, but even from a distance I knew that Bergoglio was important, not just for his social commitment but also in the political arena. The most important for me was when I was invited to present the biography of Bergoglio, titled El Jesuita, here in Buenos Aires. That night, I said that I was honored to present Jorge Bergoglio to the audience, someone I believe will one day be a saint. The next day, Bergoglio called me to thank me for what I said about him. I told him I’d like to trade in the speech to get him to help me achieve zero hunger in Latin America, because that’s really my obsession. He agreed immediately: “Of course,” he said. A couple of months later he becomes the pope! My main goal now is to “Bergoglioize” Latin America! We need to turn the message of this Jesuit, his ideas and his work, into a broad Latin American message.”

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And now we have come to the man of the hour, the leader of this ring, Jorge Bergoglio himself.

Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) we all know is a raging pedophile and has worked tirelessly to bring pedophilia into the mainstream, where it is today. He has protected pedophiles across the world, stating clearly to the world that these “untouchable” pedophile priests, are doing their masters work.

  • “Father” Grassi now works at Don Basco School in Solis and Moreno, after being relocated there once he was found out to be a violent pedophile.
  • Argentinian Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta found to have inappropriate behavior with seminarians and had homosexual, pedophilic, pornography on his cellphone, yet he was allowed to stay on as bishop of the northern Argentine diocese of Oran on until 2017, when he resigned suddenly, only to be given a top job at the Vatican by Francis, his confessor.
  • Corradi, leader of the pedophile infested Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, where dozens of pedophiles had full access to dozens more children in their care. Even with the mountain of evidence, nothing was done.

More Here and here and here and here.


We continue our work to expose the elite, and especially their trafficking rings, we hope this and all other works we do, will help you to further expose and destroy these people. Without action, nothing matters. We place the information before you. Will you continue to sit silent? When will humans wake up? When will humans begin to act like humans?

We expect it not.

Prove us wrong.

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May 16

Pedo Files: James Comey

As Anonymous continues exposing child trafficking rings with #OpPurge, we will also continue to expose the pedos we find. James Comey is one of the members of the Clinton Pedophile Ring. Comey played his part well, helping shield Hillary Clinton from the spot light as much as possible. One can guess how she thanked him. The Pizzagate ordeal is NOT FAKE. However, it IS A DISTRACTION. It is made to keep you from finding the kingpin of the child trafficking ring the Clintons are so deeply involved in. It is easy to distract the masses with a pizza shop and a false flag shooting played out using a DynCorp associate. DynCorp is well known for its involvement not only in the Clinton Mafia but specifically in their trafficking schemes. Be distracted no longer. Pizzagate is real, as we have exposed in many previous articles. The emails from Clintons servers prove all of this as well. That is how it all began.  Do you not find it interesting that a nobody like John Podesta was kept in the spotlight along with the main stream hollywood-ized satanist poster child Marina Abramovic? Of course the ones who run this show want you to be conditioned to what they do by calling it art and throwing it in your faces-notice how quickly even musicians have begun to plaster this bullshit all over their music videos. Wake up… THAT was the point.

  1. Get you used to it all-pedophelia, satanism, and the truth of what they do.
  2. Keep you distracted and entertained enough NOT to CARE.
  3. Keep you from seeing the magicians hand-how the trick is played and the illusion carried out.

james comey

So who did you all look away from when Alephantis came into the spotlight, or Abramovic, or Huma Abedin, or Weiner? You looked away from the kingpin. You looked away from the point. The Clinton-Podesta Pedophile ring and trafficking emails point to another, who tries so desperately to have the privacy he takes from us all. The man who has more “power” than any government and more “power” than the lower elite families such as Rothschilds, Windsors, DuPonts. Don’t worry… We won’t make you wait for the name. That man, mentioned in the Clinton Emails but kept protected from the spotlight…as Andrew Breitbart knew and was murdered because of…is Eric Emerson Schmidt. We will do more on him in future posts as we continue our research on his child trafficking ring. Until that time, we hope this insider information on the Pedophile FreeMason James Comey Former FBI Director will enlighten you.


DOJ Dossier Memo – James Comey hid crimes of paedophile law firms defrauding client millions



Dismissal of FBI Director James Comey escalates concern at large paedophile law firms defrauding millions in client funds, whom Comey was protecting, in donor blackmail schemes tying into Hillary Clinton family and also Bush family ‘foundations’; threats to FBI agents, DOJ staff, US lawyers if they challenge crimes indulged by Comey

Media campaign against President Trump over Comey firing, heavily led by media who earned paedophile bribery cash, now fearing criminal indictment under new US Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III … US Dept of Justice files show paedophile and terrorism cash buying ‘Fake News’ at New York Times, UK Guardian; pro-Comey, anti-Trump attacks from rogue US intel tied to Edward Snowden hoaxes

FBI Comey role re bribing 2 federal judges; channelling funds from foreign child rape and terrorist groups; ‘pay us or we kill you’ extortion; selling ‘comfort letters’ to paedophiles; false evidence and perjury in USA federal courts; fraudulent documents claiming that witness journalist ‘agreed’ to lifelong ban of his own freedom of speech and press; Comey indulging racist hate of ‘n-ggers’ and dissident ‘kike Jew f-ckers’; paedophile, bribery and terrorist acts violating laws in at least six countries

Paedophile-supporting top lawyer of Google, David Drummond, aiding paedophile criminals at Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, in scheme centred in office of Joan Ann Lukey in Boston … Paedophile teams dominated Wikipedia / Google, helping paedophiles and terrorists in marketing and defaming witnesses to their crimes

Comey’s allies at Google mask his misconduct

It is significantly due to James Comey’s own malfeasance in office, that Comey’s involvement in major international criminal acts is not better known, given that Comey’s paedophile network whom he supported, included above all, the key internet control figure of David Drummond of Google Inc / Alphabet, making bribery payments to US federal judge Norman Moon, who issued ‘court orders to Google’ to hide from Google search the crimes of the whole paedophile group, including crimes of Google and Judge Moon themselves.

Blackmail of political donors at law firms where Comey can cash his earned bribes

It is long understood amongst the oligarchy of US politics, that major political donors reap some ‘tickets’ to avoid prosecution, and that US law firms and judges assist in punching those tickets. However, much to the horror of higher-integrity FBI agents, Comey indulged a radical extension of ‘political donors’ privilege’ by some corrupt large ‘high-powered’ law firms, such as Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, which involved blackmailing those political donors themselves after lawyers advised and recommended and pushed clients into committing major criminal acts, including terrorism, paedophile-related extortion, and more. After the political donor to Clinton or Bush joins in the criminal acts advised by the lawyers, the donor is in a life-long blackmail trap where they must forever pay legal fees, Clinton donations, etc., to avoid prosecution.

The success of these blackmail-trap crimes by US law firms, was based on two supports, both indulged by Comey – (1) The fact that the in-effect blackmailed political donor, was also advised to escalate ‘donations’ of millions to Clinton or Bush and their ‘foundations’, making the Clinton – Bush – Obama governments likely to grant non-prosecution favours; and (2) The fact that the paedophile law firms also bribed USA federal judges as part of the crime process, enabling the law firms to trade on the traditional US Dept of Justice reluctance to expose that US judges are being bribed.

In the eyes of some at FBI and DOJ, over-whelmed by the politically-dominant Comey and others, this whole law-firm game of tricking and inducing major felonies by political donors, then extorting millions of legal fees from those donors for years, marketed as ‘protection’ of these wealthy felons, with a pyramid of profits on a base of ongoing US federal judge bribery, was too much. In the eyes of more honest FBI and DOJ staff, this is out of control, becoming a major assault on the Constitution of the United States, and causing increasing harm to the leverage of the US legal system as the Comey-protected crimes become increasingly known to world governments and corporations.

There has been significant fear at the paedophile law firms of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale since President Trump’s victory, fear that increased with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, an AG who seems to dislike paedophiles and who does not seem to be quite so ready to indulge law firms defrauding political donors out of millions of funds after inducing them into committing terrorist and other felonies. This fear is now moving toward panic levels with the firing of the paedophile law firms’ good friend at the FBI, James Comey, with AG Jeff Sessions’ concurring recommendation.

Bribery of key media has been a key role in these law firm crimes, as well as they key deception and hoaxing role of the paedophile-immersed chief lawyer of Google, David Drummond, who gives free web hosting to millionaire paedophiles who wish to use fake names, Drummond then placing these pro-paedophile sites at #1 in search results, whilst illegally censoring victims from replying, and also promoting and protecting Drummond’s paedophile partners amongst Wikipedia administrators. This has led to Drummond and Google becoming known as paedophile violators of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations charter.

Major key media involving in being bribed by paedophile law firms and their partners, are the same media involved in leading attacks on US President Donald Trump – the New York Times, the UK Guardian, and CNN, CNN’s book-publishing division marketing novels of a paedophile author, supported by CNN-created Fake News video newscasts.

In his final letter to FBI staff Comey boasts “I will be fine”, hinting how he can cash in at firms whose ugly paedophile crimes he indulged – perhaps at Ropes Gray or WilmerHale.

Court filing on crimes Comey indulged

A significant court filing was made in Westminster Magistrates Court UK in 2016, detailing some of the paedophile crimes in the US which James Comey was indulging, crimes which including funding for the bribery of two US federal judges by Britain’s Pearson plc media company, supplying bribery, extortion and terrorism funding to Ropes Gray, WilmerHale and various other US parties.

Matters discussed in that court document, include the bribery of the paedophile media now involved in the anti-Trump, pro-Comey media blasts, the role of the paedophile-supporting chief lawyer of Google, David Drummond, and much other background. Links to that court filing are below.

Danger and threats to US public officials, even AG Jeff Sessions himself

As is clear in the DOJ files on the paedophile crimes Comey was indulging, there is a history of escalation in the crimes, a willingness by WilmerHale, Ropes Gray and others, to commit even more brutal terrorist acts to cover up for their earlier crimes. Instead of backing off or apologising to victims, their paedophile terrorist group has the instinct to double down and escalate, warning they will ‘F-ck you up, slander you, kill you.’

Joan Ann Lukey of Ropes Gray Boston, took great pleasure in making a laughing menace of murder of Boston federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz, recalling how two other female prosecutors who investigated crimes of Bush-Clinton political donors had wound up dead. ‘Same thing’s gonna happen to you, motherf-cker!’

James Comey knew well that he had enough evidence to imprison Joan Ann Lukey for the rest of her life for the multiple terrorist felonies and defrauding of client funds she has been running out of Boston law offices, but chose to indulge her and the menace to murder a US Attorney, along with her planting tens of thousands of words of lies on the internet, bribing the Boston Globe and New York Times staff, etc.

There is clearly a willingness to kill on the part of this crime group, and more honest and courageous groups within the FBI and DOJ would like to shut them down, But before they go down, this group would not hesitate to murder FBI agents or murder Attorney General Sessions himself with funds supplied by the UK’s Pearson, if they felt able to succeed at it.

Ropes Gray and WilmerHale have a sales pitch to Attorney General Sessions, trading on the old stand-bys: ‘Isn’t it better to just hide how law firms like us bribe federal judges in the United States? Isn’t it better if that does not become well-known? After all, we pushed the people we defrauded into paying millions to the Clintons and the Bushes. Wouldn’t you like a share of the bribes we are paying, too, Mr Sessions?’

From DOJ Files – Quotes from the Comey-protected paedophile and terrorist crew

‘It’s all really simple. You pay millions to bribe US Presidents, and you get to bribe the federal judges … There is no f-cking ‘US Constitution’ … The ‘Constitution’ belongs to people like me, who own the f-cking judges!’

‘Everything we do is ‘legal’ because we’re bribing American judges, that makes anything f-cking legal … Bribed American judges, motherf-cker, that’s the game we play. What game are you playing, motherf-cker? … Bribed American judges and Google, What the f-ck are you going to do about it?’

‘So you have evidence, motherf-cker? We’ll have some of the judges I’m bribing take a look at your evidence and f-cking bury it, and that’ll take care of your evidence, motherf-cker!’

‘Any lawyer tries to f-ck with my sh-t in America, I’ll have my judges fix his f-ckin’ ass, He’ll hear me say, that’s the last day you practice law, motherf-cker!’

‘Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia! … I love planting sh-t on Wikipedia and watching the whole world lick up my sh-t … copied 100,000 times all over the internet!’

‘Keep your mouth shut you stupid f-cker, can have you totally destroyed on Google! … The best part of banning someone is totally slandering the motherf-cker … I love being able to tell people I hate, You are totally slandered, motherf-cker, and there is f-cking nothing you can do about it!’

Bribery of Harvard University, intimidation of Harvard Law School professors

There are large Department of Justice files enabling Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring a string of felony indictments later this year, in the major Pearson paedophile scheme with the Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, which involve threatening to kill a Harvard graduate who is an award-winning former US Department of Justice employee, a formerly nationally-known anti-corruption book author, and a major witness regarding these crimes to DOJ and to European governments and EU Commission. Some FBI agents, suppressed by Comey, greatly respect this Harvard graduate, who risked his own life to defend the US Constitution against the Comey-indulged paedophile group.

The Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms have joined in threatening to murder this Harvard graduate, stalking him with harassing e-mails and computer viruses and tens of thousands of words of defamation, and making criminal arrangements with their paedophile partner at Google to block his self-defence against lies and hoaxes.

But a major concern of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been the possibility that a group of Harvard Law School professors organise to defend this Harvard alumni, given the professors could also earn some millions in fees for representing the victim of terrorist crimes by these law firms and their paedophile group. At Boston law offices, these lawyers discuss that a single Harvard law professor could be undermined and murdered as necessary, but that a group of Harvard law faculty might overwhelm matters and spur DOJ indictments, prison terms and other serious consequences for Ropes Gray and WilmerHale.

The Pearson paedophile scheme with Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been significantly supported by two Harvard faculty, one a lover of a paedophile in these law firms’ blackmail trap, the other the notorious Cass Sunstein closely associated with Hillary Clinton, Cass Sunstein publishing propaganda for paedophile Wikipedia criminals and US paedophile intel agents, and apparently using his role at the Obama White House to benefit the paedophile group. Ironically, Sunstein knows his victim very personally, as they lived in Currier House Harvard at the same time as Harvard undergraduates.

By way of large-scale bribery, million-dollar paedophile-tied donations were made to Harvard University, as an attempt to turn Harvard administrators into agents of the paedophile scheme threatening to murder Harvard Law professors if any of them would speak out to defend the human rights of one of the bravest of Harvard alumni.

The Comey gang attack on President Trump and the Edward Snowden hoaxers

Although the general public is not aware, every major government knows what Russia’s President Putin hints about his guest, that ‘Edward Snowden’ is in fact a massive hoax run by USA intel agency rogue schemers, Snowden never having ‘stolen’ any documents, but in fact being an agent of blackmail and deception of the world.

The files and intel agency reports proving this beyond any shadow of a doubt, are well-masked by Google and major media. The files tell how, laughably, Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend and biographer at the Washington Post; how Snowden avoids the paedophile evidence regarding the same US judge group who would ‘put Snowden on trial’, etc. Excerpts from the European intel agency files on the Snowden fraud can be found here.

Very absurdly, this proven liar and hoaxer Edward Snowden, who at times openly promotes paedophile media (who sold the Snowden story) and other paedophile organisations, has now tweeted propaganda in favour of paedophile-enabler James Comey, in a direct assault to undermine the Trump presidency.

What makes this astonishing is the fact that Snowden himself is a CIA asset, and thus CIA director Mike Pompeo should be ensuring that Snowden is not undermining President Trump whilst he is doing all his other hoax activities. If the US administration is not willing to openly admit that Snowden was a CIA fraud all along, the Snowden hoax should be wound down quickly in one of the ways clearly available.

Court filings and links

Here is the UK court filing material, archived on the web in this page amongst others. For a summary overview of Comey-indulged crimes well-established in DOJ files, scroll down in this long filing to the heading:

Details & origin of the Pearson-Google bribery terrorism scheme


Significant for the background, is the report at European police agencies and governments, on the operations of paedophiles amongst the highest levels of Wikipedia administrators, and involved with the crimes protected by James Comey. This report was originally written for the police of Finland but has since become standard gov’t reference regarding crimes conducted through Wikipedia, operated by paedophile personalities tied to rogue lawless elements in intel agencies. The report discusses the ’20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception’ used by paedophiles and much else.

This material has become very significant to governments around the world, being part of the EU actions against Google Inc / Alphabet, actions by China and Turkey re Google and Wikipedia, etc

EU police file on Wikipedia, the fraudulent ‘encyclopaedia’ run by paedophiles:


Contact for more information

This file has been prepared amongst members of the international Jewish community supporting Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs, Witness to the European Commission and EU governments on US legal & media corruption, in Brussels, Belgium, represented and protected by the law office of Georges-Henri Beauthier, Brussels.

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May 7

Pedo Files: United Nations PeaceKeepers Exposed

As we continue our Operation Purge: to expose and destroy a child trafficking rings, we will also continue to show you the information we find and the research we do. Knowledge is free. We have a sweet tooth for the United Nations, so it only felt right to begin our searches there. (For all sources see here.) We have begun our investigation into the United Nations Peace Keepers, known for their child sex rings and trafficking deeds across the world.

The United Nations Peace Keepers work with DynCorp, the Clinton Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and many more, to funnel children into the United States and Canada and Europe for the elite to feed on. The total number of personnel serving currently in these so called ”Peace Keeping” operations, is 107,622. India is one of the largest contingents of Peace Keeper troops. It has 8,102 of the 107,622 Peace Keepers in uniform. Another of the largest contributors of uniformed personnel to the UN, is Pakistan which has more than 8,750 in United Nations operations. Bangladesh has over 9,000 personnel.

United Nations Peace Keepers use candy and food to lure children to them, in order to rape them. The children cannot say no to food because they are starving. The children are typically in refugee camps, due to poverty, violence and disease. War created by the elites to carry out these acts, without anyone looking. While the world watches Isis and worries about the fake immigration crisis formed and carried out by the CIA, the same people get away with kidnapping children, murdering families who speak out or try to fight, murdering researchers who go to find these trafficking rings to bring them to an end.

Those who fight for freedom, those who fight for truth, are silenced. Just like the innocent unspoken. So the world continues to ignore these children. They are those without a voice. Those without a defender. Those who will never be heard or seen. The innocence destroyed.

In Operation Purge we will give those children a voice and, with your help, we will give them freedom too. The Peace Keepers prey upon the weak, for they are cowards. They must destroy everything innocent. Beware those who come in the name of Peace. Peace will never be given by those who do so.

The United Nations Peace Keepers have stated their excuses for their actions. They have said: ”That is what happens in war”. We strongly disagree. That is not what happens in war. People do not do these acts simply because they have a weapon in their hands. The negative frequency that comes of doing the acts these people do, go against our natural frequency. Raping, murdering and kidnapping and selling children are NOT normal human acts. This is NOT a product of war. It is a product of the individual DECISION to perform these acts. An individual CHOICE. Free will that we all have. They decide to rape children. They choose to sell them, to murder their families, to keep everyone silent. But let us not waste time explaining it. We will show you.

One girl’s testimony is as follows:

This child was 14. This perfect, beautiful, child was raped by 11 Peace Keepers, sent from the United Nations to help the struggling and dying people. This starving, innocent, child had to have sex with the soldiers every day in exchange for money, in exchange for cookies, and in exchange for juice. Do you have something to drink right now or do you have to be fucked first?

”I did not even have breasts,” said a girl who was forced to have sex with an estimated 50 Peace Keepers, over a period of 3 years, between the ages of 12 and 15. One of them paid her 75 cents. He must be uncomfortable being a pedophile and child rapist. Money fixes everything, it seems.

Another boy was 15 when he was first sexually abused by UN Peace Keepers. Over the next 3 years he was forced to have sex with over 100 Sri Lankan Peace Keepers on average 4 times per day. Think about that. Imagine what it must be like. THAT is real.

One boy confessed to being raped by more than 20 Sri Lankan Peace Keepers. Most would remove their name tags before taking him to United Nations military trucks where he gave them oral sex or was sodomized by them. 114 UN Peace Keepers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, are known to be involved in child trafficking, including involvement with the Clinton sex rings. These pedophiles were from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uruguay and Sri Lanka, according to UN data and interviews, (if anyone could trust that nonsense) no one was imprisoned. No one ever is. After all, who believes children…right? No one protects them either, so what are they to do? How can we expect them to have a hope?

UN Peace Keepers from Sri Lanka are also documented as involved in the sexual abuse and exploitation of Haitians working with the Clinton Foundation. This is not some small-time, once-in-a-while, operation. This is everyday. Hidden well, because those who are running the trafficking rings are the same ones in control of the judges, the media, the governments, the banks, all working together. So they run rampant, devouring all they see.

An 11 year-old boy was gang-raped by a group of Uruguayan UN Peace Keepers. They filmed their actions on a cell phone. The video ended up going viral but despite this important piece of evidence NONE of the child rapists went to trial in Haiti and only 4 of the 5 were convicted of private violence in Uruguay, a minor charge. Officials state the video ”was a prank gone wrong”. How quick we are to deny what we do not wish to see. To stay comfortable in our complacency, allowing this to continue, while we sit on our asses, stuffing our faces with food and our minds with more TV programming. Another pedophile ring is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, run by the UN. Police Officers in Bosnia were caught trafficking young women from Eastern Europe, which we discussed earlier.

However it is in such poverty, mothers become willingly to sell their children and do these things to feed themselves. What type of humanity causes these things? Only the elite, who use their money and power to control and destroy us on every level, to break us all down, to extinguish hope, life, and above all, truth.

The UN is also involved with child sexual abuse and rape in the Central African Republic and the list goes on and on. Before we continue, we will note that the numbers of children trafficked into sex cannot be found or estimated with any accuracy. Many like to make charts and statistics so it does not look so bad. If people think the majority of children are sold into work/slavery, emotions subside and people are alright with it. They do not think these children, all of them, are sex slaves. They are all raped. They are all property and are used as such. Keep your eyes open. Keep that in mind as we continue. The numbers here can only be taken as SMALL estimations, at best. Also we have exposed the United Nations and what they believe and do, previously. We strongly recommend if you do not know what the United Nations is, and what it does, that you take the time to read and know your enemy.

Victims have been given deadly cholera strains, when being sexually abused. One specific strain has been linked to Napoli’s Peace Keepers, who killed approximately 10,000 people. Of course, we can track diseases, and who they kill, because they are manufactured to target specific DNA and genetic codings. Then they are planted on those it is to affect. This is not a new tactic. They have been doing it since they created the black plague. But do not be so naive as to think these things are not connected: the famines, the diseases, the trafficking. The people put into power, all used by the elite who control the United Nations and as we have exposed to you before, they are alchemists. They study black magic and worship Fear and Suffering and Death because they are Luciferians. If you do not understand the mentality of the occult and learn. They are the dark side, saying they are the light and playing you all for fools. They are the wolves in sheepskin. It is the mentality that you are controlled by and programmed into. You do not even know that your mind is programmed in a cult and most of you are foolishly proclaiming you have no belief at all! But not in the occult mind, where everything is opposite. Not in the elite, where they live by oath. Think.

Traffickers of peace

They all live by the same oath. This is not hidden, but you have been programmed to deny truth and to hide it from your conscious mind; to automatically look away from certain things; you have been programmed to deny – with everything in you. Deny.

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres, stated:
”Let us declare in one voice, we will not tolerate anyone committing or conning sexual exploitation and abuse. We will not let any one cover up these crimes with the UN flag.”

Of course, there is only one voice in the United Nations saying this, and it is his own, because he is a poster child: a speaker to the masses, only there to keep you distracted from what they do. This is not new and the United Nations has been exposed with running sex rings for many decades. Still no one has done anything, until now. Maybe it is just our lucky day.

We are not afraid of truth nor do we shrink away when we must hackt on it. From the legal perspective, which is under their control, ”the UN has no jurisdiction over Peace keepers”, so the organization can not exactly put them on trial. Convenient, is it not?

peace truth

United Nations promises again, just like last decade, they would not condone child trafficking or sexual exploitation of anyone. It is not children alone who are sold, bought, raped, kidnapped and murdered by this group. Regardless, they do nothing to stop it. They do all they can to spread it.

100 girls in the Central African Republic were sexually assaulted by international Peace Keepers. At least 3 of them were tied up, undressed, and forced to have sex with a dog, by a French military commander in 2014. Malida Joseph, who was raped by one Peace Keeper and narrowly escaped being gang-raped, in Cite-Soleil said,

”I would like to see my attacker face to face and tell him how he destroyed my life.”

Like others, she never reported the crime. ”They will look at this as one big joke,” she said, ”as far as the UN goes, they came here to protect us, but all they have brought is destruction.” Madeline Reece the former top UN Human Rights official in Bosnia, states, ”There is no mechanism to call Peace Keepers to account, to the code.” In an article on UN Peace Keeper Criminal Conduct, she has stated that ”without an enforceable code of conduct, immunity often means impunity.”

The victims exposed in the Bosnian Peace Keepers human trafficking in the 1990’s and 2000’s, is much like that of the Central African Republic. Whistleblower Katherine Kovacs, who worked for DynCorp (an organization with many fingers in the child sex trafficking rings), did much research and raising awareness on this issue before. In one of the reports, she states:

”Covert and now overt attempts to remove, terminate and discredit those who blow the whistle on their deeds. The terms ”cover-up” and ”whistleblower” are common within the walls of the United Nations and Peace keeping missions. I became aware of the sexual abuse in CAR last year, while doing some consulting with international experts related to “Code Blue Campaign”, to consider the best way to expose and disrupt the continued practice of the UN. What used to be complicity by the UN by turning a blind eye has grown into a one-eyed monster, blatantly impeding proper investigations and prosecution of crimes committed by peace keepers. The smoke screen still lies with blaming the member states and claiming the UN has no control over disciplinary measures or prosecutions of peace keepers from contributing states. To some extent this is true.

There were many cases, but they were never prosecuted: Young girls from Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and other Eastern European countries being brought in to service the UN and military bases as sex-slaves. The cases involved the officers from many foreign countries, including the USA, Pakistan, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, government contractors, and local organized criminals. The human rights investigators were never allowed to fully investigate, the suspects were immediately removed from the mission or transferred to other missions. The young women were simply sent back to their home countries.”

In July 1999, the Kosovo Protection Force entered Kosovo, the war-torn province of Serbia, in order to force some protection on the ethnic Albanians. More than 20,000 the United Nations troops were on the ground, within days of the passage of the authorizing UN Security Council resolution. Within months, the human rights community drew attention to the establishment and intensification of human sex trafficking into Kosovo. In August 2004, Amnesty International (also exposed for trafficking) reported that young women from Eastern Europe were being abducted, drugged, sold into human trafficking rings in Kosovo.

It is easy to follow the trail of the Peace Keepers and their trafficking, since their creation, and upon their invasion of countries. They are doing exactly what they get paid to do. After all, if they were not executing their duties fully, as they are to be carried out, if they were not doing their jobs, there would be no Peace Keepers. There would be none of it. The issue the public has with it, is that they have no idea what the truth is. They have no thought. They have no common sense to see through the deception or even know what it is. Those who get paid, get paid because they do their job. Whether their job is raping children, kidnapping and selling them, raping the children who come from that same life, whatever their job is, they are doing it. All while being supported by you. You donate to charities. You support the organizations. You even send yourselves and your children to join the troops. You call these people heroes. People who rape and sell children. Countless people have exposed these things before. People pay no attention.

Ted Gunderson, a former FBI special agent, uncovered years worth of information on high-level pedophilia, sexual abuse, and satanic rituals performed by the elite. This case became known as the Franklin Files. This also exposed the Child Protection Services’ involvement, and their extensive child trafficking business. Former US Representative Cynthia McKinney also knew about the government’s involvement in human trafficking (as everyone in any leading position does). In 2005, she grilled Donald Rumsfeld on military contractor, DynCorp’s, child trafficking business of selling women and children. Most recent exposure came from WikiLeaks’ release of tens of thousands of emails from the former White House chief of staff, under Bill Clinton, John Podesta, who also served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. These emails showed John Podesta was a part of these child trafficking rings, satanic rituals, and much more. As it came out a decade ago, the Clintons, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and many, many, more are involved in the child sex trafficking ring called the Lolita Express. The ring was named after the plane, owned by Jeff Epstein, used to transport children to rape parties. Pizzagate, which is the name given to the child trafficking ring exposed from the POTUS’ emails, is a large operation but hardly the only one, and definitely not the first.

This has been uncovered through history for thousands of years. The difference is that today, most of you are comfortable pretending it does not exist and in generations before, it was not tolerated.

In June, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announced the creation of a so-called ”external”, independent, review panel. The Trinity of reviewers are Marie Deschamps of Canada, Hassan Jallow of Gambia, and Yasmin Louise Sooka of South Africa. And we have our starting place. The lucky three. They will attempt to examine the United Nations’ handling of allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse.

This marks the first time the UN has commissioned such a review. We will be keeping a very close watch on them. You can see the multitude of whistleblowers and supporters who have addressed this issue before, in court. Using the same system that is there to hide these things: the justice system. It is a joke. It protects the criminal ruling class, who ARE the United Nations, who ARE the child traffickers. These people control the courts. That is the only way to get away with murder.

Every day while these systems are still allowed to remain active, so will their decimation of us all. Until the last human Falls. It is simple. All it takes for it to continue and grow as it has, is for people to do nothing. NOT for good people to do nothing. In a world as rotten as we have allowed this one to become, there is no such thing as a good person. But there are those who stand for what is right and there are cowards, who will never amount to anything other than to disgrace the rest of their species.

Those attacked and destroyed by them, see you give your money and support to these pedophiles. If you did not support the United Nations, the Peace Keepers would not be flooding in to destroy a country’s families and lives. The innocent would not be raped daily. They would not have been taken from their home and sold. They would not have been murdered. But while you continue to allow it, to support the ”good” cause, your ”heroes”, YOU allow it to continue. YOU support that. YOU support the elite pedophiles. YOU support them kidnapping your children. YOU support them raping your children.

YOU support them and all they do, because of your complacency.

YOU allow it all to continue, every moment of the day. If you did not, you would DO something to stop it. How can we help, when none come forward? WE will go to them. WE are going to dig out the traffickers. WE will find them out. WE will go to them, delete their businesses, save the children, and all those involved, and destroy the elite. There is no way of knowing the hundreds of thousands and millions of people, humans, made to suffer from this. The victims are silenced and nothing ever happens to pedophiles…until WE look for them and find them.

You have a decision to make. Time is up. What side are you on? Will you join us and stop this from continuing? Will you save children’s lives and the lives of countless others? Will you do what is right? Or are you just another empty coward… The same as the Peace Keepers who only prey on the weak and innocent.

If you are not afraid to do what is right, join us.

If you are,

Expect us.


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February 8

Pedo Files: The Pope

Many of you may know of our favorite nemesis: the Pope.

…but after this…you will know more:

A brief article about Jorge.
More on the Dirty War.
Files on Dirty War.

There are believed to be six million Freemasons in the world today – including two million in the United States.


The UN plan for Jerusalem, 1947

“As far back as the eighth century a.d., emissaries were sent to Jerusalem by Emperor Charlemagne to negotiate an agreement with the Muslim Caliph Haroun al-Raschid. The result was that Jerusalem became a protectorate of the Holy Roman Empire. “

More Vatican-Jerusalem History Here

And Here!!

pope pius

As President Trump will today confront the CIA-led “Deep State” coup against his Freemason forces attempting to retake control of a “ravaged America” and though the outcome of this war remains uncertain, this report concludes, Pope Frances and his demonic globalist allies may, indeed, have met their match—and unlike what occurred at dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307, when these modern Freemasons “Brothers of Solomon” (known in the West as the Knights Templar) were eradicated by the Roman Catholic Church, it may not be as easy this time around.  –More Here– and Here.

pedo pope

Court of Records Reports: 1. and 2.

“The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy.  Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry.  Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judge to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation).”  More Here.

pope pedophilia

Roman Catholic Satanic Vatican.

More Satanic Vatican.

Pope Blesses Statue of Another Pagan Idol.

The Pedos Who Rule Us…


Canada’s Missing Children.

A bit on the Black Pope.

Pedophilia Agenda.

More Pedos in Argentina.

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