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Rulers of New World Orders Past

As you all now know a rough outline of the elite’s history, we thought it may be fun to dive into the genealogy of our rulers again, this time focusing on some rulers of the New World Orders of the past.

As we typically do, we will go back to the Tribe of Naphtali. The land given to the tribe was called the Garden of Palestine, named thus as it was beautiful and the soil was rich. The Tribe of Naphtali was greatly reduced by the Syrians, whom they fought constantly. If one wonders how deserts become deserts, it is due to death. Because of the wars with Syria, the land was destroyed and became a desert and the people were all but demolished. Naphtali had four sons. Jahzeel also known as Yetser or Yachtseel. Guni, Jezer, and Shillem. Naphtali was buried in Egypt where he died and where many of the Asher and Naphtali relocated to, becoming Pharaohs. When they left the area of Israel a large number relocated in Rome, in an attempt to take control of the empire.


We have discussed how the Naphtali tribe was part of a three family tribe called the Tribe of Dan. When the tribe of Dan was traveling the world in the trade business, some of the Naphtali and Asher tribes stayed in Egypt becoming the Pharaohs who enslave the then called Isrealites. Naphtalis have always had a problem with the tribe of Judah. The real Juden, not the Ashkenazi Jew which the Naphtalis have since named themselves. The difference between blood Jude and religion: what we know is a tool used to cover the elite and control the masses. The religious Jew which doesn’t necessarily have blood attachment to the tribe of Judah, at least not today. We can see through history the tribes and their generational blood feud. The Naphtalis have enslaved and murdered the Judeans and warred on them since the beginning. Judaeans were slaves in Egypt, slaves to Rome, slaves to Babylon, slaves of Germany and so on through every Naphtali controlled land. Violence, hatred, greed, murder. Nothing good ever comes from them.

After much traveling and a series of splits from the tribe of Dan, many went back to Egypt and Palestine areas to settle. There the Naphtali tribe paired up with Zebulon tribe. Zeb was the 6th son of Leah, Joseph’s wife.  Enan was the first named leader after Naphtali. His son Ahira ben Enan was the Prince of the tribe in Sinai. Jumping ahead a few generations to the mid 1200’s BC, we see the tribe still in Kadesh, still trying to regain it’s previous land.

Barak the son of Abinoam was assigned to be the military leader by Deborah, the superior governing voice. Deborah ordered Barak to destroy their enemies and take back Mount Tabor, what we call Mount Hermon today. At the time Sisera and the Canaanites inhabited the land. Barak was given ten thousand men but he refused to fight unless Deborah was with him. He pursued the chariots and the forces to Harosheth, and all the army of Sisera was destroyed by the sword. Not a single man was left. Sisera fled into a tent, exhausted. The woman there took a tent peg and hammered it through his head, killing him.

An excerpt of the song sung after this so called victory states: “Rise up, rise up, O Barak, Take your captives, O son of Abinoam! And with Barak, the men of Naphtali. Into the valley they streamed after him.”

The Barak of the BC and the Barrack of today both played their parts to destroy the inhabitants of the middle east for greed and lust, using their main ruling centers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Israel to snuff out the rest. These blood feuds go back a long time. Nothing changes but the education and awareness of the people, or lack there of. Back then, Barak overthrew the city to the foundation, and was the commander of the Israelites for forty years.

Naphtali’s land was in Palestine. What we today incorrectly call Northern Israel. Back in those times there was so much violence and bloodshed the tribes, which were now nations, decided to make safe zones. A sanctuary city where anyone could run to for safety and protection and where no crimes were allowed to be committed. They set apart the city of Kedesh in Galilee in the country of Naphtali. Shechem in Ephraim. Kiriath Arba, which is Hebron in the country of Judah. Hebron is the most ancient of all the cities of Canaan. It was as old, if not older, than Damascus, and was built seven years before Zoar in Egypt. This is where David was crowned king of Israel. Across the Jordan, east of Jericho, they designated Bezer from the tribe of Reuben. Ramoth in Gilead from the tribe of Gad. And Golan in Bashan from the tribe of Manasseh. Golan formed the most northerly Refuge-Sanctuary on the east side of Jordan, as Kedesh did on the west.tribes genealogy location

Besides the Sea of Galilee, the other lake on the borders of Naphtali lands is called Merom, also known as Bakrat el-Huleh or as the Babylonian Talmudists call it, the sea of Semechon. This is a place that has gone by many names and had a temple of the golden calf which the waters ran beneath. It is situated in the southern part of a valley formed by the two branches of Mount Hermon. Near the upper end of this, the three streams which form the Jordan unite. These three streams then flow through Palestine connecting the three seas: Merom, Galilee, and the Dead Sea. On the west side of the Jordan above the lake, a marsh extends up north as far as the junction of these streams, or even farther; while on the eastern side the land is tilled almost down to the lake.

In 732 BC King Pekah allied with Rezin, king of Aram and threatened Jerusalem. King Ahaz of Judah, appealed to Tiglath-Pileser the third, the king of Assyria, for help. After receiving tribute from Ahaz, Tiglath sacked Damascus and Israel, annexing Aram and a large part of Israel, including all the land of Naphtali. The remnant of the tribe that inhabited this area was all but destroyed once again.

Much has taken place in the area of the lake of Merom over our history. Besides what we have already discussed, Joshua and Jabin the king of Hazor fought at this point, in the plain of Asor. Again in 66 AD the Galileans revolted against the Romans who occupied and ruled the Global Government at that time. If we jump ahead in history we come to the crusaders who occupied this area for some time as well.

The Whole Works.

Josephus Timeline.

A town now called Safed sits on the heights due North of the Sea of Galilee, and is often spoken of as the “city set on a hill.” When the Templar Knights came to take the land for the Vatican they fortified the city as part of their Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was built in the form of a horseshoe, open to the North, round the Castle Hill, the ruins are there still. King Fulk also known as the Count of Anjou was of Salic or French royal descent and married the Countess of Main, Lady Ermengarde de la Fleche. Their daughter married William, the son of King Henry the first, of England. William died in the White Ship wreck of November 1120. Fulks son Geoffrey was married to King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda, better known as Empress Maude. After his wife died, Fulk was chosen for the Crusades to take Jerusalem. Both the French and English royal families knew his wealth, connections and influence was a threat to them. The French Baldwin family ruled the area at that time and daughter Mellsende had been raised to be queen of the region. Baldwin decided, along with King Louis of France, that Fulk should be married into the ruling line so as not to cause any disruptions. The couple were joint rulers as contingency. Fulk brought the Kingdom of Jerusalem to its largest territorial extent before he died in 1131.fulk genealogy of the elite

If we follow his genealogy back we go through William Longsword, count of Normandy and descendant of the famous Viking Rollo from the Norse region. Rollo and his vikings settled in Normandy where he became the first ruler of Normandy, France. If we continue in Fulk’s family tree we come to Robert the second, Archbishop Rouen Devereux. He was the great grandson of Rollo. Robert’s nephew became a Duke and was very hard to keep in line, their disagreements lead to Robert being banished. Robert excommunicated his nephew, which resulted in him being unbanished. When he returned to rebuild the churches and abbeys in the area. The family line continues back to Norway.

Though we have only touched on the French and English blood relationships we must keep moving and see what has happened during this time?

Remember we mentioned previously how the tribe of Naphtali had split several times by this point, and that one very large line had long since settled in and developed and ruled Rome, as it still does today. Another Naphtali line had broken off with the collective Dan tribe after Troy and half went to Britain where it remains to this day. Some of the Dan tribe went with them to defeat the giants causing trouble in the area. The rest of the Dans went to Danmark an settled into farm life. The other half of the Naphtali tribe left after the battle of Troy, went to the area named Pannonia, the region from today’s Germany across and up through Russo-Asia. Another area, of Pannonia they inhabited was called Illyricum, covering the area below and east of Pannonia. Just as there are many small countries in the eastern Asian region today, so there were a great many tribes back then. There were so many nomadic tribes, families, in this region. They slaughtered each other because of their blood purity. They changed their names and locations often. They married into tribe leadership positions in order to obtain the tribe through marriage, as they do today. For many hundreds of years these so called barbaric tribes perfected the laws and systems the elite use to control governments, populations, religions and currency today.

family bloodlinesThe rulers of today can be traced back through genealogy, to these bloodlines, to these tribes, which can in turn be traced back to the tribe Naphtali as we have already detailed in our document EL: the Bloodlines and in its video series All in the Family. The French, what were then called Salics we know came from the Ashkenazi region, from the tribes who came out of the woods of Pannonia one day, with the sole purpose of taking control of Rome. Their capture of France destroyed a large portion of the Roman Empire and they began to call themselves Fraunk-men, Frenchmen, meaning Free Men. The tribe then formed the military and allied itself with Rome. While the Roman elite thought that being allied together would establish peace and control over this group, the Free Men wanted Rome. They infiltrated the Senate and military. The rest followed quickly. We can still see these 2 distinct separations in the ruling families today. What we know as the Banking families of freemen and the Papal families of Jesuits. Both hands of the same tribe. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have some tribe Rulers to look at yet before we get to Rome.

The first known Illyrian king was Bardylis, but first we must know more. Back to the time of the great divide. The remnants of the tribe of Dan and the tribe of Naphtali who had sailed the seas together and seen many lands parted ways after the battle of Troy, a city in current day Turkey. The Royal House of Troy was divided into two bloodlines: the House of Dardanoi, and the House of Troy. These two families ruled what was called Troad, or Ilium, known as Troy, where Achilles was buried. Dardanos, one of the sons of Illyrius was the ancestor of the Dardanoi. Their trade routes and territories from Turkey through to Maldova can be followed through the remnants archaeology has uncovered, not to mention historical documentation. house of troy genealogy

King Bardylis succeeded in bringing various tribes into a single organization. A New World Order. Under Bardylis leadership the Dardani defeated the Greek Macedonians and Molossians several times. They were strong enough to rule Macedonia through a puppet king in 392 BC. This nation loved war. In one battle 15,000 men were slaughtered, giving more land to the kingdom. In 359 BC Bardylis’ army killed 4,000 men and he killed the king of Macedonia himself. King Phillip II of Macedon, now Greece, married for a truce to end the constant onslaught from the tribes. When he was a child he had been held hostage in Illyria under Bardylis. He then became deeply and forever involved in the Sacred Band of Thebes. This was a troop of select soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army.

Phillip was involved in the Third Sacred War which had begun in Greece in 356 BC. He invaded Thessaly, defeating 7,000 Phocians. Philip returned to Thessaly the next summer with an army of 20,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry including all Thessalian troops. In the Battle of Crocus Field 6,000 Phocians fell, while 3,000 were taken as prisoners and later drowned. In order to concentrate on securing his crown, Philip reaffirmed the treaty the Dardanians had imposed on Macedonia by force of arms and sealed the alliance by his marriage of Audata, the niece or possibly granddaughter of Bardyllis. Philip later became the father of Alexander the Great. Though there was continuous Dardanian dominance and expansion and many battles that took place, the Battle of Erigon Valley was the last. The Illyrians numbered 10,000 infantry and 500 cavalry while Phillip had 10,000 infantry and 600 cavalry. Diodorus Siculus writes this of the event.

“And at first for a long while the battle was evenly poised because of the exceeding gallantry displayed on both sides, and as many were slain and still more wounded, the fortune of battle vacillated first one way then the other, being constantly swayed by the valorous deeds of the combatants; but later as the horsemen pressed on from the flank and rear and Philip with the flower of his troops fought with true heroism, the mass of the Illyrians was compelled to take hastily to flight. When the pursuit had been kept up for a considerable distance and many had been slain in their flight, Philip recalled the Macedonians with the trumpet and erecting a trophy of victory buried his own dead, while the Illyrians, having sent ambassadors and withdrawn from all the Macedonian cities, obtained peace. But more than seven thousand Illyrians were slain in this battle.”

7,000 died, including King Bardyllis who was over 90 years of age. After this victory for Philip, one by one he united the states of Greece under one government. He then turned his sight to Sparta. He sent Sparta several messages stating:  “If I win this war, you will be slaves forever.” and “You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.” To both accounts, the Spartans’ reply was one word: “If”.

Phillip never attacked Sparta, nor did his son. In 334 BC, Cleitus the son of Bardylis, the Dardani, in alliance with other Illyrian tribes attacked Macedonia, ruled by Alexander the Great. From this point on, the many defeats the Illyrians has suffered depleted their numbers to the point that their power simply died off in time. This we can find has happened to many of the tribes and nations of that time. Every tribe was warring the one next to it fueled by greed to occupy and destroy. Both sides wanting it all. Nothing has changed. History always repeats, because those who control it only have one script. You can find the repeats happen about every 500 years and every 1000 years as well as the more short term scripts which loop around every 100 years.

As we mentioned before in this area were a great many tribes over this time. Pannonian tribes as well as the Illyrians, explicitly list the number of Decuriae in their tribe. The Decuriae were the natives controlled by the Romans. We have seen this technique used often by the elite, such as in the death camps of Germany where they often used privileged prisoners to control and punish other prisoners. In this time, around 30 BC, the many tribes were warring constantly with the Roman Empire and to the Asian side tribes had formed dynasties and Emperors. 200 years away from building the Great Wall of China. But that’s for another time. The kingdom of Illyria grew considerably in the 200’s BC, occupying modern Croatia and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

Monunius was a descendant of Barylis whom we discussed earlier. He ruled the Dardarians in Illyria. He had an alliance with Pyrrhus, king of the Molossians and one of the strongest opponent of Rome. Monunius is recorded to be the first Illyrian ruler to make his own silver coin mint. Coins had been made for quite some time by the tribes, but he was the first to make a mint. They were minted in Durres, which is today’s Albania. It is thought that he was buried in the royal toms of Selca e Poshtme, where a helmet was found with his name engraved in it. Around 300 BC, the Illyrians, being skilled masons like the Romans, cut monumental tombs into the rock around the Perlion acropolis, some had the Greek Ionic columns.

Pannonia and Upper Moesia.

Let us look at Queen Teuta. In 231 BC she ruled the Ardiaean kingdom after the death of her husband King Agron, she warred with Rome and was regent to her stepson Pinnes. King Agron died after a victorious battle which secured his kingdom. He drank and celebrated until the tissue swelled so much around his lungs that he died. His wife took over as his son and air was too young to rule.

Queen Teuta was an advocate for the right to piracy. As the Illyrian region raided Romes ships and shores in the Adriatic Sea, tensions rose. Gaius and Lucius Coruncanius were sent from the Roman Senate to reason with the Queen. At the time Teuta was engaged in besieging Issa, the last town in Phonecia to subdue. During the siege she met with the ambassadors. Apparently because they were rude to her, she sent some men to kill them on their way back to Rome. Rome was shocked. The pirates of Queen Teuta were no competition for the Roman Navy. After a few years of war, Teuta asked for peace. The Roman Republic was beginning to grow in strength and force.

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Gentius was king of the Ardiaei in 181 BC. The region was along the Adriatic Sea and he was the last ruler. He grew jealous of his brother Plator as he was set to marry Etuta, the daughter of the Dardanian king Monunius the second. This would have made him powerful, and for that he was killed by Gentius, and Etuta became his wife. They had two sons, Scerdilaides and Pleuratus. This secured his power and the peace between the Ardiaei and Dardani. Unlike his father, Gentius decided to break peace with Rome, and unite Illyria. The land of Queen Teuta was under the control of the Romans, so Gentius moved on to Pharos, in today’s Croatia, to gather the remaining Illyrian loyal populations. Illyrian strength was in their ships and Gentius continued in the tradition of piracy. Perseus of Macedon had recaptured several Roman outposts in Roman occupied Illyria which controlled the route leading west to the Ardiaei. Perseus sent a party to Gentius to discuss Perseus’ successes against Rome and to tell him they had no money. No alliance was accepted until Macedonia was invaded by Rome in 168 BC. King Perseus was forced to offer land to Gentius, if only to keep ships pointing at Rome. In what is now Montenegro, Gentius took the oath of king.

Many battles ensued between the kings of Macedonia and the Romans. During this time, in order to solidify control of the Illyrian lands again, he established a single tax over all the subjects. He did this simply by taking royal control of the monetary workshops or mints in the two cities where he resided. At this time Gentius was issuing bronze coins. Gentius built up a fleet of 270 lembi and an army of 15,000 men. His friends, Pereus and the ruler of Rhodes were ready for war and soon after, the third Illyrian War began. It was a messy war, with many of the Illyrians who had been under Roman rule before, simply not fighting the Romans in battle. After only thirty days, Gentius surrendered to Romes Anicius. Anicius gave him a full dinner before arresting him. Those who did not fight Romans were pardoned. Those who had been enemies, their cities, buildings and public institutions were burned and thoroughly looted. Those spared retained their previous titles and positions, with officials elected every year, and paid Rome only half the taxes that they had previously paid to Gentius.

Bato belonged to the indigenous Daesitiates tribe also called Dalmatian located in the Bosnian region. He was born into a prominent military and political family of his tribe. Tiberius was a Roman military commander put in charge of keeping the Imperial frontier secured from the tribes in what was then called Illyricum. The Roman Empire also controlled the Germanic areas and Celtic areas to the north of their empire in the same manner. Many of the Germanic and Celtic tribes accepted Roman trade and rules for gold. At that time the tribes had been in an almost continuous guerrilla war amongst themselves and mostly against the Romans. Tiberius was ruthless to the tribes, going into their lands and taking the children, selling them as slaves to Rome. During this time his bloodlust was already obvious. Batos decided they had the numbers to rebel. He was defeated. However, in Pannonia and Illyricum, the Breuci and other tribes also rebelled. The leader of the Breuci, was also named Bato. In 6 AD the two Batos and another leader of the Breuci we have touched on earlier, Pinnes, became an allied force against the Roman Empire. They joined forces and hid in the mountains of Pannonia. Many wars ensued. They were defeated again by the King of Thrace. They both survived and continued to invade Macedonia. The fighting back and forth lead to a planned attack by the Romans on the Marcomanni tribe. Emperor Augustus mobilized Romes Illyrian auxiliary forces. Though Rome failed to have victory against the Batos, Bato the Breuci was disliked by Balto the Dalmatian because of the Breucian tribes taking hostages from other tribes. Bato the Breuci was trapped and killed. The alliance then failed and Balto fled to a fortress in Pannonia, near Salonae called Andetrium. Governor Severus found him, chased him down and finally Balto surrendered. When Tiberius asked him why he revolted he replied: “You Romans are to blame for this; for you send as guardians of your flocks, not dogs or shepherds, but wolves.” Bato spent the rest of his life in the Italian town of Ravenna.

Though there is far more going on in the tribes during this time, we must continue on and save something for next time. We have seen the rulers of the Naphtali area in Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Britain, to the Illyrian tribes and France. Now we will follow them around to the Naphtali main hub. To Rome!

Some More History:

Roman Empire.

Historiae romanae Libri XLVI

The Medallic History of Imperial Rome

We mentioned Tiberius before, who defeated the Illyrian alliance. So let us begin here on the Roman side. His biological father was Tiberius Claudius Nero and mother Livia Drusilla. Tiberius Nero had fought against Octavian Augustus to protect Julius Caesar from his assassins. Keep in mind that Caesar and Augustus are titles, not names. The family fled Rome for some time and lived in Greece. After peace was established and they returned to Rome, Livia met Octavian. Octavian Augustus decided he was in love with his mortal enemies wife, even though she was pregnant with their second child. Octavian divorced his wife and forced Tiberius Nero to divorce Livia, and even had Tiberius Nero give her away in the wedding to Octavian. Their child, still a young boy, named Tiberius, was reluctantly adopted as son of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus. Though Octavian and Livia tried to have an heir, what they conceived died. Livia had a statue made of him, as Cupid, which was placed in the temple of the Capitoline Venus. A replica was also placed in Augustus’ bedroom.

Tiberius, grew up in the palace, with all privileges and experiences, but was not liked by Augustus. Tiberius and his first wife, Vipsania Agrippina had only one son, Nero Claudius Drusus, also known as Drusus the second, and Drusus Julius Caesar. As Tiberius’ son was not of both Claudian and Julian bloodlines, his right to be heir was removed by Augustus. Then Augustus had forced adopted Tiberius to divorce his wife and marry Augustus’ daughter Julia and adopt Germanicus, who was Augustus’ grandson-in-law, as heir. When Tiberius lost interest in Julia, he was exiled for some time. It was not in exile that he became corrupted, but in exile his perversions were allowed to grow unchecked.

By 14 AD Octavian Augustus had died without a blood heir, and Tiberius was Emperor of Rome. Tiberius had always been known as a ruthless military leader, and this continued on. He abolished Egyptian and Jewish religious groups in Rome, and banished astrologers. He consolidated the Praetorians for efficiency, crushed city riots, and abolished the right of sanctuary.  While Tiberius had no respect for nor much attraction to women, as is common with this type of perversion, he was ready to hop on men and boys from any given angle. During a ceremony he rushed one man out, along with his brother and a flute player in the temple and raped them all. When they complained about it, their legs were broken like many before and after them. His sexual perversions and insatiable appetite even led a noble woman to kill herself.

In the eighteenth year of Tiberius’ reign, Christ was crucified in Judea. Shortly after his death, the Roman Governor at that time, Pontius Pilate, wrote to Tiberius an account of his crucifixion, resurrection and miracles. Upon receiving this letter Tiberius made a report of the whole to the senate, desiring that Christ might be accounted a god by the Romans. The Senate refused, as they were displeased and embarrassed that the proposal had not come from them first.

Tiberius’ only son, Drusus was given many accommodations and positions in military and politics and married his cousin Little Livia. Tiberius’ adopted son Germanicus, had always been loved by Augustus and became a much loved military leader just like his father. The people praised him as though he were a god. Syria, Judea and many other districts of the Roman Empire were all on Germanicus’ side, should he ever think of challenging Tiberius. Now that Augustus was dead Germanicus was not favorite to anyone with power, and every victory he had in battle and every celebration the public threw for him, only made Tiberius hate him more. When the people first heard Germanicus was ill, the entire country was in shock and sadness. Upon hearing the news of his recovery, there was a stampede to the Capitol to pay their vows. Tiberius was woken from his sleep by the crowds rejoicing in united song, singing: “Safe is Rome, safe too our country, for Germanicus is safe.”

During this time, Livia, Drusus’ wife, was in a relationship with Tiberius’ right hand man, Sejanus. Sejanus was one of Tiberius’ lovers and in charge of removing threats to Tiberius. Tiberius sent Cneius Piso to govern Syria, to oppose Germanicus and excite hatred of him without raising suspicion. Piso attacked Germanicus in every way he could and Germanicus remained unaffected. This only put fuel on the fire. Eventually Tiberius had enough and dark spots appeared all over Germanicus’ body, a side effect of poisoning. Germanicus died foaming at the mouth. We have seen this in several whistle-blower deaths called suicides, it is one favorite method for the elite. The public grief could be checked neither by any consolation nor edict, and it continued even during the festal days of the month of December. Piso was framed for the murder and killed himself. Drusus was then taken under Tiberius’ wing and often spoke for Tiberius in public affairs while Tiberius retreated to his perversions. Tiberius changed laws as he saw fit, and interpreted them to mean what he wanted them to, at the time it pleased him. Morality no longer had a definition. A law was in place at that time that any injurious attempt against the Emperor was seen as treason. Tiberius used this to mean whatever he wished. This control and fear grew until society grew suspicious of each other and trust and friendship were only in dreams. Drusus was poisoned to death a few years later, by Sejanus. The Jews began to revolt under Pontius Pilate’s rule. An amphitheatre fell, killing 50,000 people. His empire was a disaster, but this was of no concern to Tiberius.

He retreated to his palace in Capri, to be left to his twisted practices was his fascination of mind control, pedophilia and humiliation. He had little boys and girls stand in what were dubbed nooks of venery, made up as Pans and nymphs, in outside bowers and grottoes, for sexual assistance to anyone in the garden. People openly called this the old goat’s garden. He had an entire library of pedophilic paraphernalia. Today people are shocked about the Lolita Express of Boys Town or the Franklin Files, but pedophilia and ruling have gone hand in hand through history.

Tiberius trained little boys, whom he termed tiddlers, to crawl between his thighs when he went swimming and tease him with licks and nibbles. Unweaned babies he would put to his organ as though to the breast. We have discussed what this type of sexual programming does to the young minds of even babies. Many adults even today use the excuse that if a child does not cry or bleed, then you have done them no harm. Sexual acts are not always damaging physically but they are always damaging mentally, regardless of age. People are quick to find any excuse to make their evil acceptable. To make you tolerate it, as if they were born that way. He adapted rooms to suit his libidinous exercises. Sejanus always continued to be as close as possible to the throne. He had secret spies and informers placed in all parts of the city, to convert the most harmless actions into subjects of offense. Every action became liable to forced interpretations. Sejanus, still intent on killing off the rest of the bloodline, declared Germanicus’ sons Nero and Drusus, enemies to the state. They starved to death in prison, while Agrippina, their mother, was sent into banishment. In this time many many people were put to death, and imprisoned both by Sejanus and his SS and Tiberius and his activities. Sejanus was constantly working to make himself Emperor of Rome and with Tiberius occupied on his island, he was able to all but call himself the Emperor. Just when the Senate thought it was too much, Tiberius ordered Sejanus to be imprisoned. The Senate was too overjoyed and took the opportunity to execute him instead. After which his entire family and extended family were murdered. The wife of Piso was put to death, and a great many others. Anyone with connection or friendship with Sejanus was killed, regardless of wealth or station. Tiberius, covered in ulcers, bald and bent from age at 67 years old, grew tired of the justice system and ordered anyone accused should be put to death without further examination. He left the ruling to his Lieutenants and Mesia was siezed by the Dacians and Sarmatians, Gaul by the Germans and Armenia by Parthia. Tiberius remained wholly consumed by his perversions. As he aged, Germanicus’ son, Gaius Caligula, had grown in his reputation. It was said he was a serpent that would sting the empire, and a Phaeton that would set the world in a flame. Caligula was adopted by uncle Tiberius and raised as heir to Rome. Let us continue with Caligula’s story now.

When Caligula’s father Germanicus died, Emperor Tiberius summoned him to live at the sex palace in Capri. Caligula was sick and weak, and still young when he was adopted by Tiberius and had grown up among the army his father had lead. As Germanicus’ son, he was favored by the people. He, knowing what Tiberius did to his family, hated Tiberius and at long last, Tiberius died. Everyone was relieved to be rid of the evil Emperor and though his grandson Gemellus was rightful blood heir, Caligula was nominated and declared Emperor by the Senate. The joy the people felt for this election was not confined to the Roman Empire, and victims without number were sacrificed upon the occasion. Caligula knew how to play the crowd, and threw a huge illustrious funeral for Tiberius. After that he ran to the islands of Pandataria and Pontia, to remove the ashes of his mother and brothers, exposing himself to the danger of tempestuous weather, just to give a luster to his piety. Advertising is everything. Upon his return, he ordered funerals for the ashes and ordered the month of September to be called Germanicus, in memory of his father. When Caligula fell sick, a multitude crowded all night long around his palace, and some even devoted themselves to death, in case he recovered. He continued to retrieve and honor the other family members who had been murdered by Tiberius, and burned all informants and conspirators. He did what we call draining the swamp according to Trump. He flushed out the old leaders and brought back the institutions Augustus had set in place. Pontius Pilate was banished to Gaul and the knights were strictly inspected. Many people were banished and killed, as must happen when one side takes over, the other side must be erased. As jealousy increased, Caligula called in the death vows and many more people, including Tiberius’ grandson Gemellus, were murdered. He became extremely vain and ordered the heads of all statues of Jupiter to be removed and replaced with his head. He would sit in temples of the gods, be they male or female, taking their place and forcing all to worship him. He then built a temple for himself, wherein he was the god, and soon after made himself a priest of his own temple. He often courted the moon, inviting it to come to bed with him, and embrace. He frequently had whispered conversations with the statues of Jupiter.caligula

He committed incest with his three sisters, prostituting Livia and Agrippina to his perverted companions. After which, he banished them as adulteresses and conspirators against his person. His third sister, Drusilla, he took from her husband Longinus, and kept her as his wife. Caligula appointed her as heiress of his empire and fortune and after she died, he made her a goddess and all were forced to worship her. After attending a wedding, he commanded the wife be brought to him, as his. After a few days he became bored of her and when she went back to her husband Caligula banished her. This happened to a few women. Milonia, being not young nor beautiful, held his attention more than others, due to her sexual perversions. People were killed by Caligula for wearing a color that attracted more attention than his, or for having nice hair, or for being too tall. Caligula was ruled by his jealousy, vanity and envy. His horse stables were made of marble and ivory. His horse was also made a Senator. He had jewels that would dissolve in his food, and serve pure gold to his guests instead of food. His ships were just as extravagant as the rest of his things but his crowning engineering feat was the floating bridge at Puteoli. When this bridge was built, 3 miles long, he then had houses built on it to accommodate him and his guests, equipped with pipes running fresh water to them.  During the large celebration upon the building of the bridge, Caligula road chariots up and down it.

After the next day, much feasting and drinking was continuing and Caligula ordered many of his attendants to be thrown into the sea, as well as a ship filled with spectators to be sunk. All who tried to climb back onto the bridge were forced back into the water to drown.

After these few years of obscene spending, Caligula had spent all the money the Roman Empire had. Taxes were raised and all who had named Caligula their heir were poisoned so he could collect their wealth. He started a brothel in his palace as well as gaming homes. Once his daughter arrived, he killed knights and other noblemen for their money. He killed most of the Senate and cited them to appear as suicides. Those who he owed money too often found themselves as food for Caligula’s wild animals. His fascination with torture then grew. He would direct every movement of the torture and make jokes and rate the performances of the victims as and after they died. He enjoyed eating and having the relatives present. His corruption was so unbearable that before his fourth year as Emperor, he was stabbed to death by a group of conspirators, one of whom shouted, “Think on this.” His wife was then also stabbed to death and his daughters head was smashed against the wall until she was no more.

More here.

Though there is much more to tell, let us skip ahead a couple hundred years to Constantine the Great in 300 AD. He ruled during the time Christianity had grown and become the dominant religion in the Roman Empire and the Elite’s power began to fall in the minds of the public. Knowing the impact an idea can have and how fragile control truly is, Constantine began a corporate takeover of Imperial Roman Empire, and renamed it the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Another one of the elite’s brilliant name changes in history. This single moment, this one change, still holds a vast amount of control over the peoples minds all across the world, thinking the Roman Empire, the New World Order died when it is alive and well, and has continued to grow and grow. We have already discussed how the Vatican has control over every government in the world today, and now that the elite changed their main throne of power from a government to a religion, the process began, and in another hundred years the Roman Empire had been destroyed. We all know how the elite work slowly to achieve their goals, taking time keeps the public unaware because the masses are trained to be short term actors and thinkers. The powers were slowly dissolved from the Government and given to the Roman Catholic Church. But let us finish with what Constantine did to get this started.Chair

The Roman Emperor, also called Caesar, was renamed Roman Pope. Senators were called Cardinals, therefore the Roman College of Senators was renamed the College of Cardinals and the Magistrate of College of Senators was renamed the Dean of College of Cardinals. Roman Governors were renamed Archbishops. The Imperial Chair of Jupiter where Caesar sat was renamed and is still called the Throne of St. Peter, trying to cover itself in Christian terms. 

Let us discuss this Catholic is Christian deception again. Why the Throne of St. Peter, a heretic whom the Roman Empire only a hundred years earlier had crucified for being a follower of Christ? When the Elite have to save face, when their corruption has become too exposed, they must change face. Change name, change president, change king, change location, change the outside appearance so they can continue thriving under our noses. They often use the most popular movement of the people, infect it and attempt to destroy it. When they can’t destroy it, then they simply take the name. We have seen this in Anonymous and have explained how it happens extensively. You can’t kill an idea, especially when the idea is truth which frees the people of all elite controls, mental, physical and spiritual.

About 300 years before the followers of Christ began to sweep across the Roman Empire, after a man called Christ was crucified for being a heretic, a political dissident, in Rome’s state of Israel. He spent his adult life creating mayhem for the elites who had a solid grasp on the Judaic religious sects at that time and used that religion to control the people and make profit from them. He exposed the religious as well as the political leaders and sects to the citizens and He destroyed the markets and buildings the elite had corrupted. He taught what humanity was supposed to be, without this corruption. How we can all be free from the elite’s control. All those who attempt to be free are silenced by the elite, sooner or later. Crucifixion was used long before the Roman, Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, and has always been a favorite method of the elites. After this, two of His followers, Peter and Paul, traveled the Roman Empire for a while, teaching people about this and starting communities and churches. One of their friends, Linus was the first bishop of their church in Rome. As the message spread, and people realized their enslavement and became freed, Rome began to have issues with them. Rome attempted to hold back this uprising by crucifying any who claimed to follow Christ. The Romans labeled them Christians, using them for human sacrifices in the Olympic Games, but this only made the message spread bringing even more up within the Roman Empire. Slowly each of Christ’s followers were murdered as well. Peter was crucified, Paul was beheaded and so was Linus. Much bloodshed happened during the hundred years we skipped over in this video.

Back to our timeline, Rome had now realized it must adapt, change, rename itself. Shed its skin, so to speak, in order to survive. Since the idea could not be destroyed they must control it, turning it into a religion and a government. Something to be imposed on, altered and used for profit and indoctrination. So now they call the Imperial Chair of Jupiter, their real god, the Throne of St. Peter, to blend itself into and thereby corrupt a movement into a religion in order to control. Of course there is also big profit for them as always. Peter is now named a saint as it his friend Linus. Linus has also been named a Pope by the Catholic Church. What they can not control in life, they twist after death. We have previously discussed at length the reality of the Vatican, and have detailed the Luciferian agenda of it since its creation, so we will not go into that here. The Vatican, the Catholic Church calls itself Christian like the Ashkenazi elite call themselves Jews, the continuation of Babylon, the Roman Empire, is now called the Vatican. Another one of their saints is Astius who was killed in 98 AD for worshiping a god Dionysius. Just as they made anything a god in the old days, now they make anyone a saint. Roman Calendar and Holy Days of the gods was renamed the Calendar Holidays of the Saints. The legal act of creating a god of a living or dead human, as was done to most of the Caesars in this time, as they do today. The Apotheosis of the Gods was renamed the Canonization of the Saints. Praying to a dead human god was renamed Praying to a saint. Why did they start using the term Saint? Because Christ used that term, like he used church, Omnipotent and other terms. Jews and Romans and Buddhists had temples, not churches. Untwisting the truth from the elites histories is like pulling apart a thread strand by strand. Keep the lie close to the truth, hardly able to be seen, and let it grow. They cannot create, but they can twist, lie, pervert, corrupt and deceive.

To continue with the name and title changes Constantine implemented, the Vestal Virgins were then named Nuns. And Pontifex Maximus was the high priest of College of Senators Pontiff or “high priest ” was the same term used before Babylon for the pagan religious orders. They were priests of Zues, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Jupiter, Baal, Dionysys, Pythia and so on, as they are to this day. If you recall, we continue to repeat this fact. The elite are masters of deception and all they have to do is change the name of something and you believe it is either something new, or different or whatever it is they wish you to think. That is what occult means, hidden. Hidden from you, by the elite. That is why everything the elite have touched is consumed by illusion, filled with their symbolism, their codes, their colors, their lyrics, and their agenda. This has been going on for thousands of years. If anything, they have perfected their craft. Pontifex Maximus was changed to Supreme Pontiff of College of Cardinals.

By 337 AD, Constantine finalized the elites agenda for his rule which was to secure the Roman Empire, by ending crucifixion of Christians. Because of these changes even Christians today believe he was himself a Christian, Catholic is even now recognized as a Christian sect. Even when you look up things regarding the Roman Catholic Church or Vatican, they call themselves Christian. Therein lies this great deception. Any observation proves otherwise. From here the Catholic, meaning Universal, church simply sent out what it called missionaries and later on they formed the Knights groups to be their military front in the crusades. Taking back land and gold for Rome. We have discussed previously also, how the Catholic church went country to country forcing the ruler to accept the church. In other words, to accept the leadership and control of the Roman Empire. More recently, when Japan would not accept Roman rule the Vatican sent USA to bomb them at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As we have previously discussed the Jesuit priests were sure to be there, in their bunker, only to come out pronouncing Mary saved them. Once again, creating a false flag to fool the people into accepting Rome.

Just as they changed Caesar to Pope, to keep their genealogy hidden, they took Christians they had previously murdered and called them saints, besides sainting whomever they pleased just as they made anyone they pleased a god in the Roman Empire. Same idols, same extravagance, same rituals, same occult practices, same pedophilia, same bloodlust. Nothing has changed but the terms, and because of the misuse of terms by the elite their definitions are changed. By the time the British Empire had accepted Catholic rule, forming the second City-State in London, much had changed. King James had asked his elite rulers to publish the letters of the followers of Christ and include them with the Torah in one published book. This would help him regain control of his population, offering them this would fool the public into thinking their ruler allowed freedoms they had not had previously. One small act, and the ignorant masses grovel at your feet. The Catholic Church put together a group and went through every word of the disciples letters, numbering them and altering them as needed and printing King James’ Version. The elite had by now taken over the printing presses that had been invented, using this new form of control as they do. As more versions came out and more were published, more alterations were made. As usual, the elite work slowly and over time, so you do not grow suspicious or even notice. Now with every version that comes out the letters and original texts are more and more altered and even in most cases completely deleted. If you want truth you must, as always, go to the real source.

Today we can see the Roman Empire controls almost every government today. The few not under its power are bombed by the military arm of the elite, the USA, and the people are slaughtered, oil is stolen, and gold is made until the government surrenders. Not to Imperial control, meaning dynasty or monarch rule, which the Roman Empire had been until then, but Universal, meaning omnipresent, as gods. Onmipresent, like the creator whom Christ described. The elite have to take everything that is not theirs and twist it until you believe it is.

When Constantine died, his son Constantine the second became emperor jointly with his brothers Constantius the second and Constans, with the Empire divided between them and their cousins, Dalmatius and Hannibalianus. During this time tensions rose between the brothers and their cousins, ending in a family slaughter. The three brothers then gathered together in Pannonia and there, on 9 September 337, divided the Roman world among themselves. Constantine received Gaul, Britannia, Mauretania and Hispania. Constantius received the eastern provinces, including Constantinople, Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Cyrenaica. Constans, initially under the supervision of Constantine II, received Italy, Africa, Illyricum, Pannonia, Macedonia, and Achaea. Constans desired to rule freely, but Constantine knew the corruption which grew in his brothers blood. Constans ambushed Constantine, killing him in 340 AD near Aquileia and becoming ruler of two thirds of the empire.

Ten years later, Constans was assassinated by usurper Magnentius. The last remaining son of Constantine the Great, Constantius II, gathered the loyalty of many other rulers, and placed his cousin as ruler of the eastern empire. Constantius then marched against Magnentius in one of the largest and bloodiest battles ever between two Roman armies called the Battle of Mursa Major. A series of wars occurred between them all across the empire, until finally Magnentius killed himself in 353. By this time the empire was so large and had so many divisions it was falling apart right and left. One group would rise up to take over and after that one was squashed another would rise. This continued for many years and little by little lands were lost. By 361 AD Constantius had become so ill, he knew he would die. The most recent and largest rival who he was going to fight was Julian. Before dying of fever, he named Julian his successor.

While he was ruler he passed many edicts to continue the work his father had begun. Constantius attempted to mold the Christian church to follow his views, convening several Christian councils. The most notable of these were the Council of Rimini and its twin at Seleucia. The theologians whose advice he took were ultimately discredited and at that time he was seen as one who imposed his will on the now controlled religion. Constantius ordered the death penalty for those performing pagan sacrifices, which were animal and human, and banned sacrifices altogether. He ordered the closing of pagan temples and passed edicts against soothsayers and magicians. Then he continued passing laws for the other religions of the empire, the Christians and the Jews. Christians were exempt from compulsory public service for the clergy, and for the sons of clergy. Tax exemptions were put in place for clergy and their servants, and later for their family. Bishops were exempted from being tried in secular courts and Christian prostitutes were only able to be bought by Christians. Meanwhile the Jewish related laws were, that weaving women who moved from working for the government to working for Jews must go back to working for the government. Jews may not marry Christian women. Jews may not attempt to convert Christian women. Any non-Jewish slave bought by a Jew will be confiscated by the state. If a Jew attempts to circumcise a non-Jewish slave, the slave will be freed and the Jew shall face capital punishment. Any Christian slaves owned by a Jew will be taken away and freed. A person who is proven to have converted from Christianity to Judaism shall have their property confiscated by the state. Meanwhile years before the Jews had made their own laws against Christian interactions and thus the mind control and division of humanity continued. The last man to hold the title of Emperor of Rome bore the same name as the first, Romulus. Romulus’ father served in Attila the Huns court and hailed from Pannonia. He abdicated the throne in 476 leaving behind no monuments, nor made any decisions during his proxy reign.

The elite always work in layers, over time. One ruler passes these laws and the next comes and furthers them on the other side. One ruler says they are one thing while they are all on the same side, working to fulfill the exact same agenda. To keep you enslaved to them. Controlled on every front. Kept blind so you do not see the cages you are in, so you never see the truth. So you are never fully free…

Thus, the New World Order Continues…genealogy rome

July 24

Kingdom Come

Today we come to you with an update on World War III. We explained to you previously how Trump would set up Jerusalem as the new capitol of Israel. So this has happened now and several other countries have illegally moved their embassy’s to Jerusalem as well. Paraguay is the third country, after the US and Guatemala, to illegally move its embassy to Jerusalem. The Czech Republic is considering it as well. It seems to be a common misunderstanding that Jerusalem belongs to the state of Israel. Not to mention that Israel is a legitimate country. It is simply another proxy of the Crown, like the USA. It is another one of the elites illusions to keep you believing a lie. Just look at it.

Balfour Declaration: Creation of Zionist Israel:

But I digress.

Through elitist puppets like Albert Pike who on August 15, 1871 detailed the plans for the next 3 world wars which would lead to the formation of the one world government, we know what is going on today has been long planned for. When Jerusalem is overtaken by war the plan will be complete. Pikes writings are not the only ones that detail world war 3, or the building of the third temple. A great many prophecies are taking place and being fulfilled by this as well as the elites agendas. In order to establish global peace the elite will create the temple in Jerusalem. In order for this 3rd world war to come, the sides must be drawn. As Pike has written, the sides will be Zionists verses Muslims. The two most radicalized and militant religious governments the elite have made in all of history. Let us take a look at them forming now.

In response to this action, Palestinian diplomats have called on Arab nations to cut ties with countries that move their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem. The Arab League consists of 22 nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

These include: Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

As the Palestinians and many others have loudly stated, moving the embassy to Jerusalem is an act of war. Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari stated:

“The U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem represents a step of war and provokes feelings of Arabs and Muslims everywhere.”

Son of a Dog:

We know the Muslim countries are easily provoked as their religion, which is their government, is extremely militant, but their anger towards the USA and Israel is justified due to Zionist warmongering and blood-lust. This is the Zionist Muslim conflict. Both sides have been generation-ally programmed for this war. Both lack the comprehension of the value of human life. Both political religions have been created by the Jesuit Vatican.

The Muslims have been kept impoverished, uneducated, divided amongst themselves and violently against all outsiders, and programmed like this for generations. The same is found in the Zionist Societies. We have already detailed the elites formation of the Muslim nations and religion previously, so we will continue. Now they have been activated, thanks to the help of the Bush and Obama administrations who were there specifically to set up this war. While the American government makes sure to place puppets in middle eastern countries to control the governments, the CIA has set up a multitude of violent groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood to activate the minds already programmed by their political religion to carry out the qurans true teachings and destroy all who are not Muslim. All who are not Muslim. As they are commanded. Specifically Christians have been fleeing from these countries in increasing amounts, as they and their families are slaughtered once word gets out they are not muslim. Their anger is ignited by the bloodbath they are forced to live in thanks to the continuous bombing and destruction of their countries by the US Israel Zionist Military arm of the elite. President Erdogan stated this:

“The US leadership has punished the Palestinians, whereas Israel, which violates international law, has been rewarded.”“We will not allow today to be the day the Muslim world loses Jerusalem.” 

Meanwhile, Trump was celebrating in Jerusalem with Netanyahu, congratulating themselves on a so called “historical day of triumph for peace”. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law is senior adviser leading the Israeli- Palestinian peace effort. Father and Son, taking over Jerusalem. America should be proud. Israel has become more prosperous and is stronger than it has been at any time in history. Fulfilling yet more prophecies, leading us down the path to world war 3. While they preached peace an idf killed 16 and injured 600 people and later on over 58 people were murdered right on the other side of the illegally occupied Golan Heights.  More than 2,700 Palestinian demonstrators were injured. We see clearly the Zionist side and mentality there, they require death. They build walls, illegally occupy other countries, traffic drugs and humans and organs for profit. If you look, its impossible not to see. The elite are smart, but they are creatures of habit. They follow the same scripts and plans.  That is why History is destined to repeat itself. Those in control of the history always do. Trump is simply a mirror of Netanyahu who is a mirror of Trumps ancestor, Adolf Hitler. Another reason he was put in presidency was to merge USA into Israel. This has been a success, which Netanyahu has celebrated by vowing to destroy the Democratic party in USA.

The Koch Brothers have been working with their Israel Lobby counterparts to make their first in history mega-million dollar investment in Israel. They have announced they will pledge $400 million to protect President Trump’s Republic Party in the upcoming 2018 midterm US Congressional elections. Israel and USA commit countless war crimes and crimes against humanity every day. Yet they are never held accountable. Not in court nor by the people. Trump is once again proven to be the pro Israel Zionist puppet simply put in the position he is in to destroy the world with war and to raise the elites perverted world peace.

Meanwhile Israel continues to bomb The Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria as the proxy war in the middle east continues. Israel has flown into Iran air space to do surveillance operations on the population. 7 Active F-35 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force have conducted a number of missions in Syria and the Lebanon-Syria border. Israel has admitted to over 100 of it’s attacks on Syria including the destruction of the Syrian nuclear reactor in in 2007. The latest Israel attacks in Golan Heights left Iran munitions storage in Damascus destroyed by 60 rockets with a few dozen casualties. Recently a cease fire was drawn up. However, much like the USA, Israel ignored it and launched an attack in Aleppo near a Syrian Airport which continued off and on for some time. Putin does not want to create more war on the people of his ally Syria, but has instructed Iran to leave.

And Yes, Trump continues to state the American message that Middle east is bad, especially Iran followed by the Nazi imperialistic mantra that he is making America Great.

America the Great..Again?:

The people who have been forced from their homes and their countries and cultures into entirely different ones because of the inexhaustible bombing from Israel and USA, have flooded Europe to a point that each country is having difficulty holding onto their own culture, laws, language, government, education, and workforce. This planned migrant crisis was designed to specifically cripple the entire continent from within. It has all but succeeded. The damage is done and it is only a matter of time now. As always, the point of any war is to create the distraction.

The real game is played for Gold, Oil, Drugs, Organs and Children. When one of the elite’s week night parties requires over 1,000 children, they have to be able to feed the demand. 1,000 is a small party but they have been known to use so few in one night. Different rituals require different amounts. On the organ side of things, Dr. Hussein Nofal of the Medical Forensics department in Damascus estimates that at least 18,000 Syrians have had organs removed during the war thus far. Since the outbreak of war in 2012, 6.5 million people have been displaced within Syria and another 4.8 million have become refugees forced to flee to other countries. With another 386,000 estimated dead, that’s 11.7 out of 22 million humans in Syria who have violently lost their lives or homes. Israel is number one when it comes to organ trafficking, as it is legal and encouraged. Israeli healthcare system subsidizes transplant holidays up to $80,000 in reimbursement for organ recipients traveling abroad for transplants plus Insurance carriers pay 100% of the bill.

While it is bombing and shooting civilians in Syria, Palestine and along the Gaza strip, Israel who is an illegal occupier, is also funneling oil from that area, with the help of the USA. The Cheneys, Murdochs, and Rothschilds have been illegally digging for oil in Syria.

The Zionist alliance is obvious and the propaganda war against Russia has even worked to pull Scandinavian and European countries away from their ally and protector. USA only knows how to make and sell 3 things: War, Fear and Death.

The wars forced on Syria and Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Lybia by USA and the attacks on Turkey and other Russian allies have be done to poke the bear. Let’s review. In 2003 the United States illegally invaded the Republic of Iraq after it announced it would stop selling its oil for US Dollars. In 2011 the US waged another illegal war of destruction of Libya after it announced it would be selling its oil for gold, that would have devastated the US Dollar. Let’s not forget in 2008 Iran announced that it, too, would no longer sell its oil for US Dollars, and in knowing the deadly wrath the US would bring upon them for doing so, accelerated their already existing nuclear program to build an atomic bomb to protect themselves. This venture came to an end in July 2015 when Iran agreed to the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that halted their atomic bomb work in exchange for the ending of Western sanctions. This agreement, Iran upheld while Trump entered office and withdrew from the agreement. Ever working for peace.

Sanctions are restrictions the USA puts on other countries it doesn’t approve of or trust. Iran is now under the full economic protection of both Russia and China. The trade war between USA and China is also putting obvious strain on the worlds economy. These tensions on every country’s economy leads to violent protests, homelessness, starvation, and more. These increasing needs and perceived needs the people will continue to have will force the masses into accepting whatever the elite have in store to offer us next. And the band plays on.  Trump has also succeeded in damaging relations with Europe further after he imposed tariff hikes on steel and aluminum from the EU as well as Canada and Mexico. But we have known this was coming and exposed it in previous videos detailing the collapse of the economies of the world. So, on with the war it is creating.

Russia has now stated that if any of its allies are further attacked, it will be taken as attack on Russia. We see many countries preparing for war.

Still the Zionists march on to accomplish their long time plan to destroy the middle east and retake the entire Canaan land, as we have before discussed at length. We see false flags everywhere such as two ships of Turkey and Greece colliding in the , bringing more tension within NATO. In order for the one government, all others must crumble. EU and NATO are in progress. 

In a few years the elites problem with the Caucasian ethnicity will be over, because everyone will have allowed them to destroy what makes humans all unique and beautiful. Our differences. An artist would never paint with only one color. The elite are not artists, nor can they fathom the beauty humanity is, when it is left unaltered and un-perverted by them. The migrant invasion has helped to destroy the future of the Caucasian ethnicity, the predominant ethnicity, in Europe.  Coupled with the fact Caucasians do not reproduce as much as African and middle eastern ethnic groups do. This has largely to do with the governmental and religious structures of those cultures. White genocide has started up again in Africa and is yet another elite agenda to further destroy the Caucasian ethnicity. 400 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa over the past 12 months. Russia has offered 15,000 of them sanctuary.

The continuous media back and forth from Russia to USA is yet another distraction bringing fake war into reality through mind control. First the USA assassinated Russian diplomats, then Russia exposes the American government’s plan to manufacture the need for an attack on Damascus, which will happen in the future. The push is for Nuclear Weapons and as we have exposed before, they do not exist and are nothing more than fear porn. You are easily controlled by paranoia.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.

Another false flag is the North Korea proxy war. On that side of things we see Israel is assisting, using the excuse that North Korea might transfer its nuclear weapons technology to Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has prepared to personally command the Israeli Naval attacks on North Korea and moved all security cabinet meetings from the prime minister’s office to a high-tech underground secure bunker in Jerusalem which hosts his nation’s National Crisis Management Center. This past November, 2017, Israel learned of a North Korea-Iran military alliance when French warships patrolling the Arabian Sea seized Iranian ships smuggling North Korean weapons into Somalia. This led to January’s event where an Israeli Naval submarine torpedoed an Iranian oil tanker named Sanchi in the East China Sea after it had left North Korean waters. The attack killed all 32 crew-members. There is no honor in war, only pointless deaths. Meanwhile in the propaganda, North Korea talks peace with South Korea and the world.

We calculated that the temple would not be built until after bombs began to fall on Jerusalem. It seems the wait for World War 3 is now over.

Bombs fall on Jerusalem:

So let us look at the next phase of the elites plan. The temple. The symbol of global peace and elite power. The stairway to heaven, tower of babel, uniting the long lost roman empire once again. Creating another one of the elites political religious government systems. One that will be more devastating than the rest, thanks to technology.

Recently Israel has put Trumps face on top of King Cyrus’ face on a coin made for the temple. This may not seem too important to those unaware of how the elite work and what symbols mean. However, this is truly a bold statement equating Freemason child-raping and Luciferian ritual child sacrificer President Trump to the King of Persia, Cyrus. This coin was made by the Sanhedrin who after releasing the coin to the public proceeded to hold a Paschal Sacrifice as well as Passover Celebrations including sacrificing a lamb in the Temple area. These rituals are more symbolic than anything, which makes them equally noteworthy.

The Sanhedrin is the religious Council of Jewish Pharisees in Jerusalem. The original Sanhedrin condemned Jesus Christ to be crucified. As we have many elite sects such as the Freemasons, Illuminati, ninth circle, and so many other groups which the elite use to control the governments of the world, the Sanhedrin were an elite infected and manipulated sect of the day. The Sanhedrin has requested both Trump and Putin be involved in rebuilding the temple. Apparently they are in charge of the demolition teams. Meanwhile Trump, who is not a citizen of Israel, nor a leader of Israel has been assumed by Israel to be its shining white knight of salvation.

Rabbi Berger has stated that Trump is the representative of the descendants Edom that will perform that final historic reparation for his entire nation by building the Temple. 


Trumps third year will prove revealing for those with eyes to see, and the events seem as though they will begin to really kick off after September. King Cyrus built the second Temple in Jerusalem in the 3rd year of his reign. The temple was opened on the 3rd day in the month of Ader, which is around the month of March in the Gregorian calendar. In those days the Judeans had been slaves, and King Cyrus freed them and called them from all the surrounding lands, where they had been dispersed, to come back to their land. He also gave them all the gold and silver and more from Solomons Temple, the first Temple, in order for them to build a second Temple. Trump is being equated to Cyrus as if illegally moving an embassy to Jerusalem has freed the Jews of today from some imaginary enslavement. Remember it is the zionists who are pulling the strings here. They hide behind the jews and like Obama did in the USA to create race wars, so the elite create the jewish hate, meanwhile calling themselves Jews so anyone who ever speaks out is instantly labelled an anti-semite. It is all very clever. But back to our history, heads of several tribes returned to assist, as a Jewish temple has a great deal of specifics which must be met and overseen. The history of this goes back to the days of the tribes, we have discussed before. To sum up, the tribe of Levi were the priests, in charge of the temple and all duties associated to it. In order for the temple to be built, for it to be legitimate, the priests and so forth must come from their associated bloodlines and they must be pure.

In the time of Cyrus, as they were building the temple of Jerusalem. They were scouting out and finding the priests and others who would work there. A great problem arose when they realized then, that the bloodlines had all been diluted and intermixed, thanks to their displacement from their countries. As we discussed the blood issues extensively in our document and video series on EL: the Bloodlines, and the series on DNA, so we will leave it at that and move on.

The problem and tragedy was there were no true priests left, therefore there could be no legitimate physical temple, which in their minds meant that the laws of the Torah regarding the physical temple could not be fulfilled. The prophecies regarding the third temple is often taken under the elite’s view of it. Since they control the churches and publishing, they control and dictate the mainstream understanding. They are deceivers.

Prophecy is not manifested just physically, it is a 7D process. In prophecy, Israel is not a physical country, and Jerusalem is not just an earthly city, just like the temple is not just a building. There are always multiple meanings to every sign and symbol, especially in prophecy and a great many details that must be carried out to the letter in order to be fulfilled. The elite know this well and have all of these agendas and plans, every detail set carefully in order to alter prophecy for their own profit. As they have control over printing, media, education, religion, and more, it has been easy for them to control you. They tell you what something means, and the lack of spiritual and mental education keeps everyone following along.

There are always multiple meanings to every sign and symbol, especially in prophecy and a great many details that must be carried out to the letter in order to be fulfilled. The elite know this well and have all of these agendas and plans, every detail set carefully in order to alter prophecy for their own profit. As they have control over printing, media, education, religion, and more, it has been easy for them to control you. They tell you what something means, and the lack of spiritual and mental education keeps everyone following along.

Temple Updates:

So where would the temple be built? The true location of the original temple has been hidden from us as usual. Solomon built the temple on the threshing floor David bought. The Dome of the rock is the highest point of the temple mount and threshing floors were never built on hills, but in curved valleys. Under the dome of the Rock, was where the Fortress of Antonia stood. In 135 AD, Hadrian filled in about 50 feet of earth over top of where the temple stood and enlarged the temple mount and built a temple of Jupiter where we see the Dome of the rock today. In 325 AD Contanstine tore down the Temple of Jupiter and assumed Hadrian built the temple of Jupiter on top of the spot where the temple of Solomon once stood. Assumptions. Constantine built an octagon church on the site. In 700 AD the Muslims found the foundations of Constanine’s octagon church and built the dome of the Rock. However, the foundation walls of what we call today the traditional Temple Mount would not, in all likelihood, be included in the manifest of any destroyed edifices because it was Roman-owned and would be considered separate from Jerusalem.  So the Roman elites who destroyed the original temple and buried it also hid it further by building their own temples in the same area. That is how you erase history and fool the world.

Flavius Josephus wrote that the entirety of the temple was indeed in total ruin and destruction after 70 AD. He went on to say that if he had not personally been in Jerusalem during the war and witnessed the demolition by Titus of the temple that took place there, he wouldn’t have believed it ever existed.  Other historians from that time agree in the fulfillment of the prophecy that the temple would be utterly destroyed. So the wall the Jews pray to is a Roman Fortress symbolizing their past slavery. Archaeology and eye-witness evidence suggests that the temple was destroyed so severely that what was left of it was dust.

Dome of the Rock:

In May, American envoy to Israel David Friedman posed next to a poster of Jerusalem’s skyline with a computer-generated rendition of the Third Jewish Temple placed over Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site. Though called a cheap political act by staff members, we know how the elite work to put it in our faces in such a way that the masses will not pay attention.

It’s all about the ritual and ceremony to the elite, and keeping you deceived. This keeps the masses blind to reality and truth. The elite believe that with their technology they will be able to stop what comes after the New World Order is formed. They believe they will have the one world order, the third temple will rise and unite the world under them, under Rome. The elite will rule the world, not as divided countries but as a whole and as rulers of the whole world, they will be as gods. At least in their minds. They think that by planning and physically fulfilling prophecies that they can also change them. This is how their pride works. History has proven they do not succeed when the people rise and what we know of future events after their government power forms…well…you won’t want to miss it, and you absolutely won’t want to be empty handed.

We are anxious for September, one of the elites big ritual sacrifice months. We see a great many events happen in Septembers so keep you eyes open. On the other hand we will also likely see some historical natural disasters, as are typical every so often. Hurricane season is starting up and already hundreds of people have died in China and Japan due to typhoons. Earthquakes are ever on the rise as an earthquake is expected to hit Israel again at any time and tremors have already been felt. This earthquake is reported will be the greatest earthquake the world has ever experienced, so don’t forget to stand in a secure doorway.

So let us continue deeper, as we enjoy doing. As you all know well enough by now, every road leads to Rome. The temple in Jerusalem is a big deal to those who will rule from it. Though we have discussed Romes interest in Jerusalem at length before, we will catch you up on the news regarding this New World Order most of us will be subjected to in our lifetimes.


The Ottoman and Roman Empires go way back but the open communication between them has not happened in a while. Erdogan’s visit to Pope Francis is the first visit of head of state from Ankara to the Vatican for 59 years. The last was Celal Bayar, received by John XXII, who had been nuncio to Turkey between 1934 and 1943.  The public statement from them about the meeting is that they agree the situation in the Middle East and the need to “promote peace and stability in the region through dialogue and negotiation, with respect for human rights and international law”. Once again they show they believe war is peace. The Vatican desires war and supports the Palestinian-Turkey-Muslim side in order to tear Jerusalem from the grasp of the Zionist side. Remember we discussed the changing of the hands, and how each side works in previous videos. We can see it very clearly today, clearer than in any other time in history thanks to the amount of information we are able to see.

President Erdogan gave Pope Francis a medallion of an Angel upon his visit. Palestinian leader once gave Pope Francis a set of pearl-white Stations of the Cross, the pontiff had them installed in the chapel of the Vatican hall where the Synod of Bishops meets. We have talked before about the extravagant gifts given to the Vatican through history by leaders of countries. Francis told Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian leader Abu Mazen during a peace meeting at the Vatican in 2014: “All of this takes courage, it takes strength and tenacity.” The Pope is well versed in symbolism, as one can see from his photo ops.

The Vatican has, since the fall of the Roman Empire, has had it’s eye on Jerusalem and has worked diligently to win it back. Without control of the two cities of the World, the Vatican can not become the World Government again. Through the United Nations the Vatican has attempted to make the Holy City a Sovereign Sate, just like the Holy See. An Order was set up in the 1300’s specifically to work towards this through mind control, which always leads us down the road of the Elite.

The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is a sect much like the Templar Knights. This Vatican, or Holy See owned group is in place to help the work and institutions of the Vatican in the Holy Land. The Order focuses primarily on education, being involved in schools, seminaries, and centers that provide health and social services. It also has a collaboration in place with the Congregation for the Oriental Churches to support larger projects throughout the Middle Eastern area.

Msgr. Simon Kassas, chargé d’affaires of the Vatican’s mission to the United Nations, said the Vatican believes Jerusalem needs an “internationally guaranteed” special status, in order to ensure freedom of religion for the city’s inhabitants, “as well as secure, free and unhindered access to the holy places by the faithful of all religions and nationalities.” 1947 and 1948 U.N. resolutions called for a special international status for Jerusalem. Jerusalem was envisioned as a “corpus separatum” (“separated body”), though that plan was never implemented on the ground.

Vatican and Jerusalem:

We see in this one example how the leaders of USA are used to dictate the leaders of other countries. Since the early 1900’s the USA has controlled every leader in the middle eastern countries. Just remember in the recent past when the USA sent assassins to Turkey to kill the president since he wasn’t going along with NATO plans. Remember Ghaddafi and all the rest, CIA agents put in place as puppet rulers to keep you under the illusion that there are separate countries. Meanwhile it is just a chess game for the elite to play in order to slowly twist the peoples minds into accepting the one world government again. The world is a stage and until you see it, you will continue to be a puppet playing your prescript-ed part. What they call living the dream.

On the day the embassy was moved to Jerusalem, the holy land, and 58 people were murdered when Gaza was attacked, the Pope in his typical eloquence, said “War is called war, violence is called violence.” Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic, the Vatican’s observer at U.N. agencies in Geneva, urged people on both sides May 18 to let “wisdom and prudence prevail.” Jurkovic quoted the pope, telling the U.N. panel:

“All those involved in the recent deplorable actions must recall, well beyond the question of borders, the ‘unique identity of Jerusalem, which is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, in which the holy places are venerated by the respective religions, and which has a special vocation for peace.”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, took part in the 66th Bilderberg Conference this year. This is the first time a high-ranking Vatican official has physically taken part in the Bilderberg. This year’s meeting discussed populism in Europe, challenges of inequality, the future of work, artificial intelligence, free trade, U.S. global leadership, Russia, quantum computing, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the post-truth world, and other current events.

Vatican at Bilderberg:

As the impact of the Vatican attending is self evident, we will continue on.

It is all coming together for the Elite. Naturally, the New World Order will have One leader, One Government, One Currency, and One Religion. Like the Roman Empire before, it must once again control all trade in the world. No problem, it is already in place.

The Vatican’s one world religion agenda has grown to such levels, and the deception has gotten so thick, that people today actually think the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions can coexist, and even further from the truth, that they are the same. As we have discussed before, the Torah was used by the Vatican to write the Qu’ran which is why there are similarities. However, the Christian religion builds from the old testament Jewish religion with the new testament, while the Jewish religion rejects the new testament and the bases of the Christian religion entirely, and will not accept it. Though the Christian and Jewish religions do not include hatred of others the Muslim and Zionist religions are violent, racist, and will kill any opposition to their laws. The Christians and Jews and Muslims are the same only in that they have all been divided and watered down so much they hardly know what it is they profess to believe and that is why so many go along with what their leaders tell them. Pope Francis has done well in his work to deceive and manipulate in order to bring all religions together as one. We have already exposed the Sunday law which is another agenda to bring this Global, Hive minded, One World about. The elite are calling this Unity. It won’t be long now until the Sunday Law is in place which means the New World Order is here. As with all great things, it starts out small.

Sunday Law:

They will, do and can push anything on you. All it takes it time and advertising. Enough repetition and you follow right along. It is so easy to lead sheep. The elite are liars and we already know they change the meanings of words, besides word opposites and now religions and governments. We know when they claim peace the reality is only war, they are using the term love to unify all religions now. Their love only brings death. Do not be deceived by the coming religion. There is only one truth. Not many paths to suit your personal desires, but one truth, as it is. Whether you like it or not. Whether it is desirable to you or not, which it won’t be thanks to the elite’s grip on your being. Truth requires you to throw away your pride. It is not about you. It is far bigger than that, and few can fully comprehend let alone act accordingly.

Do not fall for their false love and false peace. Do not fall for their same old tired lies just because they are re-branded and regurgitated back to you. Be more than you allow yourself to be with your so very limited thinking. You are limitless, if you choose to be free.

Peace can not be made, it is something that is received through love. The world will never be at peace, especially by force. It depends on each of us individually. It requires us to love. Truly love.

That is the only way to receive peace. That is the real third temple. It is Love. It is the true unity of the human race. Through love all enemies are defeated because they are dissolved. We are positive beings. Be Positive. Be Human. Stop allowing them to deceive you. Stop feeding the perversion of negativity they flood you with. Stop allowing them to continue on. Stand firm.

jerusalem is a lie

The elite only have enemies. The elite only see war. The elite only know hate. They live on fear.

The New World Order is here.

Expect it.

Go Deeper:

Do Not Forget To Love:

We are positive beings, stop feeding the perversion of negativity and be human again.

October 12

There Will Be Blood Part 3

See Part 1 and Part 2

We bring you, at long last, the core point of our years of research, the climax of all of the messages. We have given you the answer to what are the elite, and subsequently, what is their final goal. We wrote EL: the Bloodlines, after many thousands of hours of research of the elite. Their genealogy is documented and detailed in a timeline, including key events. This was the goal of the document and of our messages: Hopefully enabling you to understand and see the elite more clearly, to reveal to you the how, why, what, when, and where of the elite, their DNA. their beliefs, their agendas. YOU do not have to believe it, the point is that the elite do and this is what drives them in their goals! Open your mind enough so you can understand this truth. We will stick many of the details in the history of the elite, as there simply is not enough time in a video.

So we will take a quick look at the 300s AD, when a small group of about 300 to 500 Salics (as they were called once they established their first territory outside of Pannonia), which were a very secluded tribe of the elite at that time, came out of their normal territory. Known as the Rhineland, speaking a language no one knew, they had a government system that hadn’t been used for over 1000 years. The bloodline held onto their original beliefs and government. The Salics had one plan one immediate goal to infect every ruler of every land with their blood so they began creating the Merovigian Dynasty.

So the DNA spread. The elite regained control of every government in place, over the next few generations. Once they had married into rulers, they kept it in the family. This is just one example of how the DNA has been spread through the world today.

They are called Blue Bloods, as the color of their blood is more blue-toned because of the high copper content in the DNA. Very metallic. Their blood type is RhD negative and not a pure human blood antigen, nor found naturally in any other species. RH was named after the Rhesus monkey, the type of monkey typically used in lab experiments, and sent to space in 1939. You see, a woman’s blood was being tested, to find out what was creating so many stillbirths. The antigens in the blood specimen were tested and incorrectly labeled at the lab (which was also doing tests on the rhesus monkey). By the time the mistake was discovered: that the mothers antibodies were produced against a different antigen than the rhesus monkey it was named after – the Rhesus blood group terminology was already being widely used.

When we look closer we see more the mutation. The negative blood type creates a cannibalistic gene, which literally eats the DNA of the offspring created with any other type of blood. This is why so many of the elites offspring die. They must have the correct female blood that carries the Rh negative in the correct male gene who can survive the process. If they do not match that the pair just right, this one will die. Many of the elites’ offspring end up with serious mental or health issues, not to mention most of them die – if not before birth, shortly after. One need only look at their genealogies. Once again, almost everyone contains the Rh protein in their blood, not everyone with Rh negative is elite or negatively aligned in luciferianism.

We only discuss the Elite here and the factors, genetic, social and spiritual, that play into their agendas.


Blood group antigens are either sugars or proteins. They are attached to various components in the red blood cell membrane. The antigens of the ABO blood groups are sugars, in contrast, the antigens of the Rh blood group are proteins. The main two blood groups are called ABO (types with A, B, AB and O) and RH (with RHD positive or RHD negative blood types).  The RhD gene encodes the D antigen, which is a large protein on the red blood cell membrane. Some people have a version of the gene that does not produce D antigen, and therefore the RhD protein is absent from their red blood cells.

All things with DNA have a detectable frequency, a personal emitter. The elite track people based on their emissions of frequencies. People with Rh positive blood have an antigen that produces antibodies which ward off disease. Rh negative people don’t have this particular antigen. The proteins in RHD are grouped together in fives and sixes. This makes the cells much larger and more bulky, also making it difficult for them to move as normal cell structures do – further causing issues with this breed. 1% of the antigens in Rh negative blood are not found in any other earth species. They cannot receive blood from anyone who is not a Rh negative. Women are the more common carriers of Rh negative. Rh negative cells cannot be cloned.

blood dna

Hemolytic disease is the allergic reaction that occurs when a Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive child. Her negative antigens produce antibodies to destroy the positive antigen, the same way that a virus would, thereby destroying the offspring. This same problem occurs in mules, which are a hybrid of a horse and donkey, which is why no mule (or other hybrid produced) can procreate. Nowhere in true nature does this occur. This fact alone points to the genetic tampering and altering of humans. Hemolytic disease would not occur in humans, if we were all of the same species.

Rh negative blood is rare. Only 15% of the population of the world has Rh negative blood, which is a lot as the elite (the upper families) are only 8,000 or so total. Keep in mind that it is they, we discuss here.

Cloning and genetic alteration has happened to humanity before, so, naturally, many still contain the mix. 85% of humans, in fact, have Rh positive factor in their blood. As we all contain DNA passed to us from our families genealogy, nothing is so black and white. In a world so filled with lies, everything is complex.

The Rh blood has spread across the world, has mixed, and the genes have been diluted. This is why the pure breeding is so special to the bloodline of EL, to try to save what they haven’t perfected, in hopes it will be as it once was. Once they have complete their life’s work: bringing their masters back to full power. The elite believe the Fallen ones (the aliens) are their Creators, when in reality they are the Destroyers of humanity.

We traced this blood type back to a few women who were impregnated by non-human beings.are you genetically modified? After being kidnapped and taken to Atlantis, these women inhabited Atlantis while the beings engineered their genetically altered race. After Atlantis was destroyed, the offspring who survived still carried the gene: the DNA of two separate species. The survivors traveled to the areas we now call Peru, Turkey, and the Himalayas. The tribes in Turkey, which was known as Mesopotamia at the time, were inter-mixed with the tribes in Canaan, creating the elite bloodline families. One of Canaan’s main cities was Jerusalem. The gene was passed through the bloodlines, as the family’s grew and the tribes moved from location to location. They created civilizations aimed at bringing Atlantis days back: Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Rome.

Mother is the carrier and with that we can begin to understand the importance of the female deity to the elite: the mother goddess, Diana, Isis, Mary, the life giver, Gaia. Most of the elites societies, thousands of years ago, were ruled by the Queen. The Queen has higher power, secretly, than the male. Just like in chess. Females are superior – in the elite mind – as they carry the blood. The women are kept hidden and every marriage (in an elite family) is predetermined, as the elite work with the public figure and the hidden figure to control a country. The public see one narrative while the real agendas are carried out by the one standing behind the one who speaks.

If you look into history, archeology, and personal documents of people and read from historians of ancient times, you will find similar issues across the world. Every civilization had an infestation problem. Giants and half human-animal beings, human hybrids, nymphs and shape-shifters were once commonplace. Humans traveled high and low to destroy the creatures of their time. So much is hidden from you so you will not see what the elite truly are, so you will not know their history, so you cannot see truth. Instead they feed you with stories of little, green men. They tell you in movies propaganda so you will not believe the truth, to keep you blind. Let your mind be open. Connect the dots and see the links. There is nothing new, it has all happened before.

blood dna aryan demons dna blood genetic tampering genetic manipulation by demons  bloodAgain, it is imperative for the women with this blood type to be perfectly matched with men of a compatible blood type in order to have maximum chances of having offspring that will survive through birth, and even further selections must be made in order to have a functioning, lasting product after birth: most will be handicapped in some severe way. Due to this, the purity of the blood is paramount. It must be pure. Even with precautions, the risk is high for death at, during, before and shortly after, birth typically until the eighth or ninth year. With so many medical issues and deaths, one would have to find a way to keep it hidden. This is why the families own their own medical centers and create their own homes for their mentally and physically deformed offspring.

The DuPont’s are one well-known elite family who owned many barricaded and walled off facilities they send their unwanted to, as well as cemeteries hospitals which nicely double as MKULTRA experimentation areas. Everything they would need. It is far too easy.

The Rh negative people are typically watched heavily. They have the blood the elite want. The elites have always researched this area, which was able to advance quickly in Nazi Germany. The Nazis believed that Rh negative was proof of their origin, from their ancient Nordic gods called Aryans. They believed their Creators came from the Aldebaran star system. We exposed this system in the Aldobrandini family video. You can find the same beliefs in the elite civilizations across the world.

Josef Mengele was interested in the co-relation of blood types to psychic abilities. Blood type B apparently has more psychics than other blood types. People who have true psychic abilities have have had energy fields of 500 CPS or higher. This is in contrast with most brain activity, which lies in the 0 CPS to 100 CPS range. The heart operates at up to 250 CPS and the resonant frequency for a nervous 360 CPS. The high CPS energy field is a tip-off that the person is psychic, or at least someone of great interest, to be used by the elite. The elite are identifying everyone in the world with special blood and abilities. People are uploading their DNA into databases in every country, welcoming in the elites reaping. Psychics are often brought into intelligence agencies to be under the watch of the elite. Most are simply monitored and gang stalked. Some, who are threats to them, are killed and others receive mind control.

They have been a identifying people with psychic abilities and then trying to track and control them. These people are tested and, many times, experimented on by government organizations, because the blood type allows special connection to the spiritual realm. Typically Rh negative people have special skills: high IQ, extremely skilled (many times in art or music), colder body temperature (due to the altered frequency). They are true Oracle’s, not the five-dollar scammers you see at the beach.

The elite have been called reptilians. Keywords spread by controlled opposition David Icke, whose script it was to bring in that terminology. As usual, there is truth mixed into the propaganda. Putin once commented about the Queen of UK shape-shifting in front of him. This is no surprise for people aware of the blood she carries. RhO negative. Not to mention that she told the world straight out that she was not human. One’s carrying a certain DNA, are more easily able to be vessels for the ones they serve. Human avatars allowing themselves to be infected with another life-form: golems. It should be noted that while this blood type enables certain gifts, as with anything, a gift in the hands of the corrupted elite will not be used for good.

Reptilians is a term which is highly misleading, it is unlikely the elite will break open for a large lizard to emerge. However, they are human shells. It is what is living inside that can affect the outward appearances, as it is in an environment that is not made for. The human body cannot contain them comfortably and so they are able to show through from time to time. (Scales on the skin, eyes changing, teeth changing, voice changes.) The ones the elite serve are often assimilated to reptiles: Draco, Medusa, ShiShimara, Maruk, Anunnaki and other terms used, are Nephilim, Rephium, Annakim. As always the elite use multiple terms for the same thing. It all leads back to the ones they serve, the great dragon, the serpent of old, the fallen ones, aliens, Elohim, the Sons of God, all led to the same thing. The elite are Masters of Deception, but the ones they serve and allow to infect and perfected the concept. What the elite do is child’s play compared to them.

Today transgenic experiments are becoming more well-known and open, especially in United States, Britain and Australia, where animal eggs are being used to create hybrid human embryos from which ”stem cell lines can be produced for medical research”. A team of Newcastle and Durham Universities in the UK, recently announced plans to create hybrid rabbit and human embryos as well as other Chmura embryos, mixing human than cow genes. The same researchers have already managed to reanimate tissue from dead human cells. Necromancing. A School in Cleveland was awarded a $3,000 grant in April 2006, from the National Institutes of Health, to develop guidelines for the use of human subjects, and could be the next frontier in medical technology. Genetic enhancement. The time is late.

Let us not be deceived any longer. The elite, like the ones they worship, can create nothing. They can only twist, corrupt, and deceive – whatever the advertising they give you. Remember what they swore to, and what they live by.jesuit oath

That is what they live by, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Knights Malta, Jesuit and all the other clubs of the elite. The high ranking members, which are the only ones who know anything of the real agenda, swear they’re free will away, to bring about the agenda of the ones they serve. To do it by any means necessary, to play both sides, how do they complete the agenda of the ones they serve? By building building a tower, a stairway, a portal, to bring the Masters through the veil which separates and protects us – for the time being.

While not all beings foreign to us are corrupted the ones who control the elite the ones the elite have been working generations in millenia to bring back to total rule over this world they are the corrupted ones the deceivers speaking lies showing you one thing while doing another talking at peace while creating wars to destroy history commit genocide and cover their tracks they sell you lies only to kill you.

They hate you because of this.

The elite carry out the agenda, creating frequency-changing technologies, like CERN, to tear the veil, to give the others unchain access to you. That is why gathering and logging all of your data is important – owning all of your DNA.

This is why they traffic and torture and sacrifice humans while keeping the other beings and clothing centers and experimentations in their secret places: underground cities, bases, Antarctica, places you are not allowed to see, hear of, or know about.

This is why truth is hidden from you. They swear oaths and give away their free will. They thrive on fear, greed, violence: negative frequencies.

This is the bloodline of EL.

The end goal, the main agenda to bring the bloodline full circle, the family reunion IS coming soon.

Expect It.

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September 11

Do Not Be Deceived: A Tale of Two Cities

In this Tale of Two Cities we have for you today, we will look very briefly at the many things going on in Jerusalem and Rome. Previously, we have exposed and explained the agenda of the elite to bring World War III: the war between Muslims and Jews, the invasion and overthrow of Jerusalem, in order to relocate the ruler of the Global Community (the One World Order) to Jerusalem.

jerusalem rome vatican

As we have discussed and explained this war agenda in great detail previously, we will merely brush over the whole picture so you can see the elites hands working now and discuss what is to follow. The false peace upon the rise of the one world leader. Please see our Do Not Be Deceived series and stay tuned for more information on this. Know how the elite work. Problem, Reaction, Solution. The problems are rising up, the reaction will be Wars, and the Vatican as always will hand us the solution: Unity and Peace (false peace).

Remember it is called DECEPTION because YOU WILL believe it – if you do not open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Be vigilant.

So let us begin in Jerusalem.

Syrian chemical weapons facilities continue to be attacked by Israel. Syria has issued a warning. This is no surprise as we see many countries uniting to confront Israel, because of its constant bombing of innocent people. Israel continues to target and bomb condos in Lebanon, as well as causing endless violence against Palestine. Israeli police are now evicting Palestinians from Jerusalem!

An estimated 40% of Palestinian children detained by Israeli police are raped.

This should be no surprise, as the elite’s Talmud teaches that raping a child is NOT a crime. In fact, it goes further to state ”if a child is 3 years old or younger it does NO damage”. At least the Muslims marry their children.

We see the elite mind in these occult religions. It is clear.

The Israeli Defense Force has conducted its largest war preparations in the first week of September. The preparations are for war with Hezbollah. Protests and riots due to Israel forcing metal detectors to be placed in mosques is just one more thing to accelerate the agitation. Of course, we cannot rule out that these could all well be paid protests and riots, just as they are in every other country. The people are kept poor and ignorant and angry through divisions and militant police. They are upset at their government. This is the same in many dozens of countries. This has all increased quickly over the last few years. We can easily see the elites agendas carried out. The masses feed into their hands.

Jerusalem is at war. War is the Reaction to the elites’ designed Problem. Meanwhile, Rome is prepared for the Solution: the alien deception which will finalize the One World Order, bringing everyone under their one and only religion. No longer will people be divided into the different religious cults that the elite have made, by dividing the occult, making you believe it is correct. The elite will be free to announce, at long last, that there is only ONE RELGION: the worship of Lucifer.

As we have already discussed the Third Temple before, we will lightly touch on it here. The importance of Jerusalem to the elite can be seen throughout history. The two cities Rome and Jerusalem both have incredibly deep meaning and value to the elite. Currently, the elite rule from Rome but when they were the global government a couple of thousand years ago, their cherished city was Jerusalem.

In the mid 1990’s a statement was made by Pope John Paul II, during an interview broadcast in Italian, over a Polish radio station, regarding the Vaticanan’s ultimate goal of ”transferring its headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem”. In 2013 this happened.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, and Ettore Balestrero, Undersecretary of the Holy See for the relations with States, sealed the deal and handed Jerusalem to Rome.

As history continues to repeat, Rome has taken the city again and plans to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. But first, Jerusalem must fall in the public eye. (Because everything is done on a time frame, only for your perception and acceptance.) There must be devastation. The people must beg for unity and peace. Jerusalem is the place the elite intend to rule from and they have already prepared for the move. Jerusalem will be the throne for the One World Leader, called the Antichrist, meaning the one in the place of Christ. This will be built.

Unity of religions.. This must take place for the New World Order. This, as you can see, will create the One Global Religion, the elite’s agendas all fold into each other. This is well underway. The temple has already been built, but is waiting to be assembled. First, Jerusalem must fall. It must be destroyed to be rebuilt. Even the Levi priests, of the Levi bloodline, have been brought together to be prepared. It is all prepared, down to the garments encrusted with rare jewels and golden cups bowls and other ornaments.

But what about this final deception Rome has planned? One way Israel is preparing for the final deception, which is the alien agenda, is through using Project Blue Beam. The testing and conditioning for this has been going on for a long time and will, like everything, only increase. We can hear these sounds of trumpets and see these sights in many countries across the world. Preparing the ignorant masses for signs and wonders, which will be so shocking that people will follow and believe… simply because their uneducated minds (and unprotected souls) will be unable to comprehend what they have never been told about: Aliens, UFOs.

This is no secret. The elite may have seemed that way to the masses who never look. Numerous documents, most of which were written before the last 500 years (when censorship began to skyrocket) detail and expose them. (This is why you are not taught about true history or real science.) We have discussed this upcoming deception before, but it is beginning to come about now and many are ALREADY deceived!!!  Simply because the propaganda makes it ”sound nice”, as propaganda always does, does not make it TRUTH.

Beware the one who comes in Peace. Look deeper. In order to bring in a One World government, to have what the elite call peace, every country must be thoroughly collapsed – which we see happening now in various ways: hurricanes, wars, floods, earthquakes, currency collapses and more. This will escalate to a rapid climax, as the ”Hand of Chaos” closes.

We see CERN and HAARP working overtime. CERN, which is controlled by the Vatican, continues the elites push to break the separation of spiritual and physical worlds: tearing the veil. Because they work towards this and are getting close, the UFO and alien agendas are coming up more and more and becoming mainstream, conditioning people’s minds for the Deception, so the masses will believe the lie that the ones we will see, must be worshiped. They will be seen as gods or ancestors or creators, believing the lie that they will come in peace and unify us haarp jerusalem rome

jerusalem romeThose who are not prepared will fall for this and believe. Having been brainwashing into the mindset that human state is weak and pathetic. These that they call aliens are the ones the elite worship: Lucifer and the fallen ones, demons. They will finally be able to break into our plane once again, thanks to the help of CERN and so many other projects that have been working to tear the veil that keeps us separated and unable to see the spiritual world, without seeking. Those without the Armor of Truth will be destroyed. They will be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

You do not have to believe it, for it to be real. Truth is Truth and Facts are Facts. They do NOT change to make us feel better. More often than not, it causes great distress. For that is the effect of Deception. Please enjoy the Age of Deceit Documentary here.

We can find many documents exposing what governments and the Vatican call ”aliens”, ”extra-terrestrials”. Enjoy the Documents  included which expose the plans for false flags: political and public propaganda, to shape the image and idea of the elite’s in the public mind. This was easily done through comics, movies and more.  Where do the ideas and movies come from? Experience. Like everything else.

NASA has stated, ”There is no question that there are extra-terrestrial beings and they are out there and if we will, we can contact them. No doubt.”

The Clinton Podesta emails touched on the subject as well. The Jesuit priests who have come forward to disclose the truth about it all, have been silenced, as we see happen to most who try to expose truth. Dr. Guy Consolmagno, Jesuit Vatican astronomer, stated he would baptize extra-terrestrials and even claimed Jesus was a star child of an alien race!

We have exposed how the elite have created religions to mirror THEIR occult beliefs and mindset. For those who are unaware of the Vatican’s Lucifer project, let us find out what it is…

All they do, they do to keep you from Truth. Consolmagno believes aliens will be man’s Saviour. Since he is a Luciferian, this only makes sense. The elite believe Lucifer is the savior, the SUN, the light. You must KNOW the occult mind.

Light means dark and good is evil. It is based on Deception. Know your enemy. Just like in every secret society (Freemason, Jesuit, and the rest) only the ones in the Upper high levels know Exactly what is going on. That means ALL high-level government and religious and scientific leaders KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING and what they are doing.

In 1969, NASA passed a federal regulation dealing with extra-terrestrial exposure. The Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law offers a legal precedent for the detention and indefinite imprisonment of ANY individual who comes into contact with extra-terrestrials.

There is no such thing as an UN Identified object… flying or otherwise. There is nothing new and everything has been exposed for thousands of years. They simply keep it from you! That is not the same as it being unknown. YOUR ability to get knowledge is censored and will only become more so as the masses feed the system and beg for more ”security”, relying on the government, the mass media, the propaganda and lies created by the elite to tell you what ”you need to know” and keep you happy and safe. After all, these things were only made for Your benefit… To GIVE to YOU. Like Facebook, just made and given to you for free, so you can have FUN and be HAPPY. That is the only purpose the elite have.

Hopefully you can see the idiotic delusion that is.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to learn and research and find Truth. Do not be fooled by the propaganda and movies. See the signs. Read between the lies. The elite are bloodline, dedicated, Luciferians. Of course they have contact with Lucifer and demons!!! Of course they can not openly tell you they have communication with Lucifer and the fallen ones!! But they can make movies about ”aliens”, release certain government documents at strategic times, give you little by little leading you into how to view them, manipulating Your mind so when they are finally able to tear the veil you will be helplessly ignorant, unable to think for yourself. If you are still convinced aliens will be peaceful and good…look deeper and see truth.rome jersalem elite control

It is a common belief that the Vatican and many leaders of the world are controlled by extra-terrestrials, which is of course True, as they are Luciferians. If this topic shocks you, YOU need to wake up and do more research. This isn’t anything new! But it is kept hidden from you and due to your mental programming. 57 of the demon races are KNOWN to governments. How many do you know???

How have the elite kept their plan of deception intact and progressing for so long? Because their control center: The Vatican, has ALWAYS confiscated and hidden history.

This should be obvious to you now…NOTHING has changed in 5,000 years!

The elite continued to make war, to destroy truth and occupy territories, keeping the plunder and leaving you with nothing but twisted deceptions and propaganda. Keeping archeology and ancient documents from you, translating them incorrectly, knowing YOU believe all they give you, to control your view of reality, to control your mind. They rewrite history. They can create nothing, they can only deceive and twist Truth. They are deceivers. This may make finding truth seem a huge task, which is why, since we have followed and exposed the elite more than most through history, we hope you will use the resources we have put out for you freely, to help light YOUR path… while there is still time.

Truth is rarely fun, rarely makes one feel nice or pleasant. Truth creates issues because it forces responsibility which means there are Consequences. WE are accountable. WE must act. The weak people of today can not handle responsibility. They must push it off to others, to governments, to save them from responsibility. If we are to win and delete the elite, we must be human again. Powerful and Strong and Focused. We must take a stand. Open your mind. Why do you believe what you believe and disregard all else?? Do the research to conclusion. Go further. Find truth. You will never know it if you do not seek. No one can tell you what truth is because you will not listen or believe it anyway. Even the videos and proofs we put out to you are a pointless and worthless, unless YOU do more.

You must break down your own barriers and find it for yourself. We can only give you an open door. YOU must walk through it yourself.

The Vatican, Rome, the stronghold of the elite, has been behind Every war, Every crusade, Every genocide in history. The bloody puppet Pope and his controllers have murdered and deceived humanity for all of history, so it continues today.

Know your enemy.

The Eye of the Elite is Rome, and its gaze is on Jerusalem.

Stay vigilant as things will now become interesting.

It is time.

Expect it.

American Documentary about Our Times and creating the NWO:

Discussion about CERN, the Portal and the Vatican:

September 2

North Korea False Flag

Donald Trump and Kim Jung un would be delighted to just keep trading insults at each other for the indefinite future-even as North Korea launches the occasional ballistic missile-but US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has said “enough is enough.”

US views this war as a “means to bring Americans back to God”, as stated by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington D.C. Since America does nothing without the bidding of Israel, what is Israel interested in? Aside from the war agenda, Israel it seems is in it for the untouched gold mines. Rich in resources rotting in North Korea. Nazis will always have their gold. Worthless as it is. Like Russia, North Korea has had sanctions imposed on it, which have crippled the economy for many decades now. Israel trades with North Korea despite sanctions and has even sent gifts of gold to them in the past, much to the United Nations dismay. The elite always take care of their own and Israel will always do what it “wants”. Now Israel’s propaganda about North Korea has led to a warning to Israel from Kim Jung un to “think twice about the consequences to be entailed by its smear campaign against the DPRK to cover up the crimes of occupying Arab territories and disturbing peace process in the Middle East.” The next coming planned war of the elite is the destruction of Jerusalem by a Muslim force. North Korea like Russia is one of the largest weapons suppliers for the Muslim world including Hamass. We are seeing the start of the Last War.

This war will play out as planned-as it always does. Unless the people stood up for once, but the elite know as do we-the brainwashed masses enjoy their blood baths. We can easily find Israels boisterous war babbling on many news platforms now. If Iran does not “Stop it”, then Israel will bomb the crap out of Syria. Ritual Human Sacrifice is the Elite’s way of life. It is planned to the date. The duration of the war is known by them just as is the money they will get for it. Israel knows it’s lap dog America will bomb anything that attempts to breathe freely and follow any command given. According to America since they are the self appointed global police-Liberating everyone from a free and peaceful life. It is all about the censorship. Always is. They must control your mind, life, money, future…all they can which is ONLY what YOU ALLOW.

North Korean official KCNA news agency denounced Washington and Seoul as “warmongers” and said the drills are proof of their intention to invade the North. It also branded its enemies as “war maniacs” and “dull immature infants.”north korea

“We solemnly warn not only the US and puppet group, but also satellites, including the UK and Australia, which are taking advantage of the present war maneuvers against the north, that they would face a miserable end if they join in play with fire by tiger moths of war.”

On April 19, 2017, US Freemason elite puppet Vice-president Mike Pence with impeccable record of an ardent support for the Zionist entity, threatenedNorth Korea with war saying: The United States of America will always seek peace but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.”

trumpWe don’t know what’s most insanely hilarious with that comment…Trump as some white knight or him saying America seeks peace. Both are the largest lies he could put together. Israel simply says what it always does-that the USA will handle it.

But I digress…Let’s look at Korea and get some perspective.

Korea is a protectorate of Japan. In 1945 during The Potsdam Conference Korea was divided into two, at the 38th Parallel, North Korea for the communists and South Korea for all others. Koreans were not involved in this decision as the UK, USA and Soviet Union took care of it. (Typical of all situations.) Once again we see clearly the elites links.

Josef Stalin, Freemason extraordinaire, using Soviet Union soldier Kim il Sung who was stationed in Manchuria as the new poster child puppet ruler. north koreaSo the Kim Cult family was created by them and placed in the spotlight of propaganda to once again rewrite history in a false narrative, keeping the perpetrators of the control system protected. With the north taken care of, the Japanese gave the south to USA. It is yet another American Colony under the control of the Rothschilds in London who own them all. That is the world stage. Countries ruled by puppets under control of the Rothschilds and banking families who are in turn controlled by the upper elite through the Vatican. The public faces you are allowed to see and hear about are always only puppets-nothing more.

The Republic of Korea was recognized in 1948 by the United Nations as the only valid government in Korea. Denmark and Portugal have diplomatic relations with North Korea. United Kingdom did not engage in a war with the Republic of North Korea because they do not admit that there is such a State.

However Harold Elletson stated, “When change comes in North Korea, it will come quickly and the shock of it will send more than just ripples across south-east Asia. The international community must ensure that it is ready for the change and is capable of responding with initiatives that are both effective and sustainable. We must not allow ourselves to be caught off guard, or to be overwhelmed by the sudden but foreseeable collapse of a communist dictatorship. north koreaThe world needs a clear plan for managing change in Korea, and Great Britain—with all its experience, contacts and commitments—has an important role to play in developing it.” We see now the elite have had the solution laid out decades ago. They always create a problem-Wait for you to have a reaction-Then give you their preplanned solution. Keeping you locked in their grip. So we see the typical elite war: The Russian backed North chased the South further down, helped as usual by the American soldiers under UN authority. The Americans ordered women and children in South Korea to relocate to other towns, only for them to be slaughtered as the American Military had planned the ambush and genocide. That’s the America the world knows and hates. Meanwhile if you say it often enough it must be true so the American public continues to chant it is the “Greatest country in the world”. The Korean war in 1950 was nothing more than the Russian elite hand of order funneling death, violence and hate into the American elite hand of chaos. A low estimate of 1.2 million people were slaughtered-all for profit and depopulation. These are the games the elite play, both hands working together-Against you.north korea

One article in the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, dated June 7, 1937, three days after the skirmish, says: “A little more than 100 men lead by communist bandit Choe Hyon attacked Pochonbo.” “Kim Il-sung’s legitimacy came from propaganda that he fought against Japan, symbolised by the Battle of Pochonbo,” Mr Kato said. “Schools in North Korea teach children that the battle was a glorious victory against Japan lead by Kim Il-sung.” Cult mindset shown by brainwashed North Koreans is no different than that seen in Catholics regarding the Pope, Americans regarding Hollywood and Political movements, or any cult following (surely you remember the Jonestown experiment). All cults are the same. Propaganda increases the star quality.     kim jung ill

Kim Jung Il was also born in Russia. He made sure his children had schooling in top western schools, were fluent in many languages, trained according to the elite control.

Kim Jung un attended the private Liebefeld Steinhölzli school near Berne, Switzerland where he was nurtured by the CIA. Like his fathers before him, he is a Freemason and just another puppet under their rule.

kim jung un north koreaThe elite control North Korea through the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD). OGD first deputy directors Kim Kyong Ok, Cho Yon Jun, Hwang Pyong So, and Ministry of State Security (MSS) director Kim Won Hong, are those who control Kim Jung un. All policy proposals by Party, military or government institutions are being routed through the OGD Central Party Headquarters No.1. The General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army has been a sub-branch of the OGD since 1992. Ri Yong Nam, who is the son of deceased OGD first deputy director Ri Jae Gang and served as the party secretary of the North Korean embassy in Moscow, has been recalled to Pyongyang. It is thought that he will follow in the family line and take on significant responsibilities in the OGD. Pak Tae Song and Ri Jong Chan, who were very close to OGD first deputy director Kim Kyong Ok in the days of Ri Jae Gang’s leadership of the OGD, may join Ri Yong Nam in similar roles. But let us not forget to look for Kim Jung Un’s older brother Kim Chong Chul.

kim jong un north koreaThese are the ones who pull puppet Kims strings. This is why it was necessary to purge 200 officials and Kim’s uncle who had the strongest influence on him-keeping him unable to be fully and totally controlled by the elite powers. Executing a purge of 200 officials while drunk are not the actions of a person in control of his leadership-that is how a person forced to purge reacts. Weak men are easily used. The facade of Kim Jong-un’s absolute legitimacy was ruined in the eyes of North Koreans by the process of the purge.

The propaganda around North Korea-like Russia, China, Middle East-coming from America is not only false and hypocritical, but causes irreparable damage to all other countries view on US and the propaganda they spew out.America considers every other country a testing zone. Whether for weapons, food, or mind control. Since the early 1950s numerous operations have been carried out by CIA and MOSSAD in North Korea and Asia. Operation BLUEBIRD-ARTICHOKE the American Nazi SS and Naval mind control and interrogation tools developed out of Project CHATTER were in full effect and expanded in the U.S. North Korean aggression.

The fear of nuclear war propaganda didn’t sell using Russia-as the big bear did not bite. But it will sell coming from the censored North Korean country. We all know how the elite work. If you reject their idea the first time, they will repeat it until you give in. Even though it has been long proven that Nuclear bombs do not and never can exist, this will not stop them by calling whatever they want a nuclear bomb-or whatever other sort of bomb they decide to imagine. But to stop it, one would have to stop listening to propaganda and start using facts. We have seen this all before with Russia: The provoking and aggressive military activity towards the county that has done nothing to USA, meanwhile the false flags continue. Unless someone besides the USA is doing it-it is not aggression. They are quick to point the finger to deny responsibility themselves. If USA attacks first it is called “preventative war”. Think about those 2 words. Why does America live on contradictions? That’s right…because the uneducated public can’t tell. Those who commit mass genocide to occupy other countries to force their own indoctrination on the people as America has done since it’s so called birth-makes it nothing more than Crusaders on a holy war Jihad. Being the military arm of the elite run by Rome through Israel, we expect nothing less. They are no different than the Knight clans created by Rome hundreds of years ago. Nothing changes. The same script repeats and repeats.

Nuke Hoax aka FEAR PORN:

So now North Korean Foreign Ministry has issued a war statement against the American’s saying: “we will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions”. The US is right now prepared to attack North Korea on command, but you must believe the propaganda and live in fear. After all…North Korea has atomic weapons floating around our heads in space! Run for your lives! Don’t see the lies! When no enemy exists the US government creates its own.

North Korea is a weapons manufacturing reliant country just like USA, Israel, Russia, and others. Like Israel and USA it stands unchecked. The little money left in North Korea after the last two dictatorships is still enough to buy and make weapons and sell to Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Syria and others. This self sustaining military production system works and thrives as the rest of the countries productions die. There is no food or housing for people but they have weapons. We are talking about North Korea here-though the same can be said about USA and other countries.

An Intelligence Brief from 2013 explains how the USA is supporting North Korea. “It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea. “The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.”The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials. “The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.” Israel and America give weapons and money to North Korea. In 2000, a Swiss company called ABB sold nuclear reactors to North Korea. From 1990-2001, Donald Rumsfeld served on the board of ABB.

In February 2017, the White House proposed a nearly 10 percent increase in defense spending to $603 billion for fiscal 2018. America still holds the highest Military budget in the world.


As the money flows the bombs fly. This is the art of the deal. This is how the elite play the game on the world stage with their puppet princes and politicians.

So What is the real agenda behind this North Korean False Flag War? Simple.The elite must have their last war: Muslims overtaking Jerusalem in order for the Phoenix to rise – Order out of Chaos. Which means a new everything. The first major hang up in the New World Global Government is there must be ONE currency. ONE religion. ONE government. So this False Flag attempt may be the way to bring it all about.

As tensions rise so does Bitcoin. The elite make wars to make money and the Rothschilds Bank of London which owns Gas, Etherium and other crypto currencies, will be cashing in big on this one. As the elites continue to collapse economies by destroying currencies across the world, so this next false war will collapse what little is left standing. Just by sending troops to Korea-ALL of the allies of America will lose their economies and will be unable to recover. The elite will watch it all crash and burn as they make profits off the digital currencies they are funneling people into using right now. This sudden increase of crypto currency will make it unreliable and it will collapse-leaving everyone with no alternative but what the elite offer.

We have not even talked about the human trafficking for organs that is done by Israel and others in North Korea. State law enforcement investigative officials from Tallahassee, DC, the FBI and the U.S. Customs Department discovered that The Finders Cult had international connections for satanic ritualistic abuse of children in Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, pizzagate“Europe” and the Bahamas-not to mention the abductions of South Korean and Japanese children by North Korea in order to create spies. As we know full well, anything the CIA is involved in deals in heroin. North Korea is makes and exports heroin for the CIA. We can see the elite hands working in North Korea-as they do everywhere. child trafficking north korea

Just as in the UK, USA, Russia, South Korea and other countries, they use symbolic posts or appointed as proxies in the surface manifestations creating the illusion of actual power structure. Just as in the rest of the world, North Koreans are being disillusioned and seeing the reality of the puppet government. This has created a significant revival of Christ believers in North Korea. This is also typical in repressive countries.

north korea vatican podesta

People always seek truth. They always want truth. It is easy to find it when you know the lies. We have seen this time and time again in history. As people wake up and follow Truth, the elite must react-and they will as they always do. They will eliminate the opposition of peace.

What is planned for this September 11, one of the elite’s special ritual days? With this in mind we look to Israel and Rome, for all roads lead to Rome-to the Elite-through Jerusalem. They are the upper elites central locations. North Korea is just part of the game. Israel, UK, China, Russia, USA are all joint oligarchies in the game together. All playing cat and mouse with you.

Will you allow it?

Bilderberg 2017:

July 16

George Soros’ Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF Loans

This article we have copied from as many articles and websites of this sort tend to go missing online. You may also enjoy our Soros Archives, or Clinton Email Archive, or other articles on the topic. Much love to Cyber Berkut and all of the hard work that went into this. We love you very much.

We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did!

12.07.2017 г. Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF loans
The Ukrainian investigation case connected to commercial banks that laundered IMF’s money from the National Bank of Ukraine is still going on. According to the investigation, such banks as Tavrika, Pivdenkom Bank, Avtokraz Bank, CityCommerce Bank, Finrost Bank, Terra Bank, Kyivska Rus Bank, Vernum Bank, Credit Dnepr Bank, Delta Bank were involved in the criminal scheme. Funds were transferred through Austrian Meinl Bank AG.

We, CyberBerkut, decided to contribute to the investigation.

Having examined the materials published on the Internet we focused on two financial organizations named Credit Dnepr Bank and Delta Bank. In comparison with other banks these two financial organizations offshored much more money. These banks are closely related to Victor Pinchuk – one of the richest Ukrainian bankers. He is also a son-in-law of former Ukraine’s President Leonid Kuchma. As it turns out, the offshore organizations that received IMF’s money such as Melfa Group LTD (Belize), Tandice Limited (Cyprus), Tosalan Traiding Limited (Cyprus), Agalusko Investment Limited (Cyprus), Winten Trading LTD (Cyprus), Silisten Trading Limited, Nasterno Commercial Limited, are also connected to this gentleman. Moreover, most of money went to the account of his main money-laundering machine – the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

So, we decided to track down the stolen funds.

We’ve hacked Thomas Weihe’s email. This man is the Head of the Board of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. As you can see from his correspondence the oligarch’s foundation is closely cooperating with the Clinton Foundation. And it is worth to mention that Pinchuk and his wife often meet with former American president’s family members. Mr.Weihe regularly communicates with the Clinton Foundation representatives and constantly arranges meetings between the Pinchuks and the Clintons. Here are some Mr Weihe’s emails.

Full emails archives can be found by clicking the link.
In addition, over the past 5 years the Victor Pinchuk Foundation transferred to the Clinton Foundation from 10 to 25 million dollars. The largest tranches from the Pinchuk Foundation to the Clinton Foundation were held in 2015 and 2016. And by a “fortune chance”, Hillary Clinton fought for the Oval at the exact same time.
Below you can see the financing scheme of H.Clinton’s election campaign using IMF’s loans that were intended for Ukraine.

We would also like to remind you that the former Ukrainian Finance Minister N.Yaresko was an American businesswoman, the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine N.Gontareva worked in foreign banks for a long time. Coming back to the Credit Dnepr Bank which belongs to V.Pinchuk it is worth to mention that his supervisory board includes former IMF managing director D.Strauss-Kahn who probably still has influence on the international credit organization.
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

george soros imf clinton
13.01.2017 The United States to Manufacture False Evidence of Russian Involvement in Cyber Attacks
Our whistleblowers gave us information that Russia was going to face great provocation. The Americans intend to manufacture false evidence of the Russian security services’ involvement in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential elections 2016.
We cover the names of the provocation facilitators in order not to expose our sources. It is worth saying, a famous American politician and major financier took part in the plot.

clinton soros imf

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!
04.11.2016 Department of State Secret Operation in Ukraine
We, CyberBerkut, keep our activity in closed computer networks of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Today, we gained access to some internal documents of the Presidential Administration related to the visit of its former leader Boris Lozhkin to the USA in June 2016.
Among other documents we paid attention to the collection of damaging documents concerning Paul Manafort, the American political consultant, who was an adviser on the Ukrainian presidential campaign of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions.

The results of our investigation on the basis of the received documents surprised us by its extent of national betrayal of the Kiev junta. As it turns out, now the whole state machine and the entire administrative system of Ukraine are working for its overseas bosses and patrons.
As we have discovered, the documents were handed over to Boris Lozhkin during his meeting with Evan Ryan, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, in Washington. They were only a part of a larger campaign of the US State Department to discredit Manafort who held at that time the post of Donald Trump’s campaign chief.
Taking into consideration nearly a decade of Manafort’s work as the political adviser in Ukraine, supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Department of State decided to use their power. They set a task to the Ukrainian leadership to find some dirt on Manafort and make it public.
The wishes of their bosses were transmitted to Kiev via Valery Chaly, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Washington who previously was the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.
At that time, the SBU had already had the records of Party of Regions at their disposal. Paul Manafort, the adviser of Yanukovych, and many other well-known Ukrainian politicians were mentioned there.
The whole operation was designed to leak this information to the media. Viktor Trepak, the former first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, while leaving the intelligence agency incidentally picked up a pack of documents and somehow miraculously escaped prosecution. Then he gave these documents for the analysis both to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Serhiy Leshchenko, the Ukrainian MP, who had long been known as an American agent of influence.
At the same time, the Department of State sent instructions to the US Embassy in Ukraine and personally to the ambassador Jeffrey Payette to supervise the operation. Shari Bistransky, the US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer, became responsible for the communication with the chief “investigator” Sergei Leshchenko as usual.
The scheme of the Manafort campaign is as follows:

george soros imf

Moreover, in order to dispel any doubt we attach a kind of profile on the notorious traitor Serhiy Leshchenko that describes his activities for the benefit of Washington in detail.

Download a profile.

As a result, the leaks led to the Manafort resignation from the post of Trump election campaign chief in mid-August.
Anyway, we see that the authorities in Kiev are ready to perform any deeds at Washington’s whistle. And it does not matter for them that their obedience can backfire their own people. The main idea is to please the overseas bosses.
It should be noted that this information operation was the final chord for Payette, who moved to Greece at the end of August and Lozhkina who triumphantly left the Presidential Administration in late August. As for Leshchenko, who bought a luxury apartment in the center of Kiev in the late August as well, this campaign became a kind of a career promotion. In October 2016, he had the honor to personally meet Victoria Nuland.
Finally, we publish other Presidential Administration documents related to Lozhkin’s trip to the United States.
In addition to official meetings and events, the Head of the Presidential Administration was trying to arrange meetings with giants of the IT-market Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, as well as popular film director Steven Spielberg.

hillary clinton


Apart from that, Boris Lozhkin’s visit to the United States coincided with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. Ukraine received an invitation to participate from the U.S. National Security Council, but the government didn’t find a suitable candidate.
george soros imf

At the same time during the Lozhkin’s trip the U.S. Congress sent a formal letter to President Obama urging him to visit Ukraine in July 2016. However, this wish remained unfulfilled.
hillary clinton

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

22.10.2016 г. CyberBerkut hacked NED: US is preparing a color revolution in Russia
according to Ukrainian model.

We, CyberBerkut, gained access to closed messages of National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
In 2013 in Ukraine started revolution, which cracked the country, divided families and ignited civil war. As known, one of the main sponsors of that bloody show was National Endowment for Democracy financed by US Congress. “Thanks” to its money many young Ukrainians came to the streets and started riots.
Then Americans used a common plan: first heated up the population by materials in the media they financed and then started to openly “pump” money into street riots. Now, the same focus they are trying to do with Russia. And one of the main role here belongs to journalist David Satter.
According to our information, Satter works for American special services and has close ties with international fraudster William Browder. Satter lived in Moscow for quite a long period of time and cooperated with such editions as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Radio Liberty. But in 2013 he was refused to prolong his Russian visa. Since then he started to actively support Russian oppositional media.hillary clinton imf

As it became known from NED materials, Mr. Satter provides quite a wide range of services. If you study all the reports it will become clear that almost each anti-Russian propaganda material published by Radio Liberty and a number of Russian “liberal” media is prepared under Satter’s supervision.
In just 10 months of 2016 Mr. Satter ordered 24 articles and investigations in such media as RBC, Vedomosti and Radio Liberty. For example, Sergei Dibrov’s “A Black Day in the History of Odessa” which insults the memory of people who were killed in Odessa trade union building. Another six articles are being in the “pipeline” or are ready to be published.
The main goal of this “journalism” is to discredit the Russian Federation’s heads, members of their families and close friends. Most often materials ordered by Satter are about Vladimir Putin, Sergei Chemezov, Dmitry Rogozin, Sergei Shoigu, Vorobiev father and son, Rotenberg brothers and other famous Russians.

clinton clinton clinton

Another report sent by Mr. Satter to NED

satter ned hillary clinton clinton
It should be noticed that invoices with detailed description of his services Mr. Satter sends to NED. In one of them, “our” consultant even noticed that he spent $11.50 on telephone.

According to reports we’ve got David Satter is a chain-link between NED, Radio Liberty and Russian oppositional media. NED materials show that Washington is ready to do everything to shatter political situation in Russia and organize the same chaos that we witnessed here in Ukraine in 2013.
To prevent this, we publish this and a number of other NED documents and hope they will somehow help some people see the real world.

clinton clinton clinton clinton

Download all documents
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

July 10

India and the Elites Agenda

Greetings World,

Today we will discuss India, and the Elite’s agendas being carried out there! As we look into countries across the world, we notice certain countries used for very specific operations: some are human trafficking pools, while others trafficking destinations, while others are depopulated, or severely indoctrinated and on and on it goes. India sticks out to us today as one of the hot-spots for technology they plan to use in their New World Oder.  Before we give it all away…let’s take a look!

We will begin in 3400 BC when opium was cultivated in Southwest Asia. Sumerians was the name the elite tribe went by at this time also known as Pannonians. Illyrians. Draco. Damatian. Naphtali and more. They called opium Hul Gil. which means “joy plant”. Its cultivation spread along the Silk Road: the routes from the Mediterranean. Turkey. Greece. Asia and finally to China. The Elite’s changed their names as often as their camping locations within their borders. They are restless people. They continued in their trade of opium as well as oil with the Asher-Kedar tribes in Egypt and beyond as they were and still are their best sources of wealth. They traded and shipped their opium out of is what we now call the Golden Triangle (which is still the same opium business. same routine. same profit today). The Golden Triangle produces an unmeasurable amount of opium. Most of what is grown and harvested is never distributed. Simply put. there is too much opium to go around. The average Golden Triangle manager makes $5 Billion per year. This is one fifth of sales income. Think about that a moment. Owned by the British Crown Colony (now London). Hong Kong is still the main money-transfer station with banks and organizations including Jardine Matheson. Charterhouse Japhet. Swire.

But back to BC. The Indus Valley civilization in India was at its peak during 2300-1700 BC, but was around long before that. Occupying the entire area of India and portions of Pakistan. The only explanation why the civilization was lost according to archaeologists and historians state a massive flood. Though as usual scientists rather explain that there is no explanation since they are not allowed by the elite to acknowledge the existence of a floor. They explain it as such: Tectonic plates were thrust upwards allowing water and flooding to take place. Before the civilization was erased most every ancient civilization has the same excuse for disappearing. But before it died. like most. it was a highly advanced culture with a language that is still being decoded. Sir John Marshall states that the wheeled vehicle seems to have originated in central Asia. This as we have exposed before in our documents was where the tribes of the elite were centered before they grew and split and spread.

After this civilization was wiped out by catastrophe. The Aryans came from central Asia and entered India through Afghanistan after 1500 BC. Mostly a farming and nomadic culture. by 600 BC the land was highly cultivated also growing newly introduced rice. The Aryan tribes became priests and rulers and so the class system began. Also named caste system by the Portugese. this is a segregation system based on bloodline. There are 3.000 castes and 25.000 subcastes in India. each related to a specific occupation. Caste not only dictates one’s occupation. but dietary habits and interaction with members of other castes as well. The third eye dot one typically associates with Indian women comes from this as well. The husband of the woman would force the jewel of his station into her forehead with his fist as a permanent piercing on their wedding day. This labeled her as property and identified which class she was in. The peasants have always been taxed and persecuted in order to support the lavish lifestyle of luxury for the nobles and elites.

Wheeled Vehicles of Indus Valley.


The caste system in India is an important part of ancient Hindu tradition and dates back to 1200 BC. The term caste was first used by Portuguese travelers who came to India in the 16th century. Caste comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word “casta” which means “race”. “breed”. or “lineage”. Many Indians use the term “jati”. These different castes fall under four basic varnas:

1.) Brahmins–priests & teachers

2.) Kshatryas–warriors & rulers

3.) Vaishyas— farmers. traders & merchants

4.) Shudras—laborers

Hinduism was the main religion in the area. This focuses on the worship of the cow. As we have discussed many times before, the horned animal represents Lucifer. The Hindu belief is one of karma, which is a yin yang effect. The center of the Hegelian dialectic which the elite still use to control us all today: Action. Effect. Fate. Problem. Reaction. Solution. The reincarnation idea called rebirth, a soul leaving the body and infecting another host. This happens in every occult teaching and is possession.

In Hinduism there exists four castes arranged in a hierarchy. Anyone who does not belong to one of these castes is an outcast. The religious word for caste is ‘Varna’. Each Varna has certain duties and rights. Each Varna members have to work in certain occupation which only that Varna members are allowed. Each Varna has certain type of diet. The highest Varna is of the Brahman. Members of this class are priests and the educated people of the society. The Varna after them in hierarchy is Kshatria. The members of this class are the rulers and aristocrats of the society. After them are the Vaisia. Members of this class are the landlords and businessmen of the society. After them in hierarchy are the Sudra. Members of this class are the peasants and working class of the society who work in non-polluting jobs. The caste hierarchy ends here. Below these castes are the outcasts who are untouchable to the four castes. These untouchables worked in degrading jobs like cleaning. sewage etc. But more on them in a moment.

The first three castes had social and economical rights which the Sudra and the untouchables did not have. The first three castes are also seen as ‘twice born’. The intention in these two births is to the natural birth and to the ceremonial entrance to the society at a much later age.

Each Varna and also the untouchables are divided into many communities. These communities are called Jat or Jati. For example the Brahmans have Jats called Gaur. Konkanash. Sarasvat. Iyer and others. The outcasts have Jats like Mahar. Dhed. Mala. Madiga and others. It is all about division. Divide and conquer. The Sudra is the largest Varna and it has the largest number of communities. Each Jat is limited to professions worthy of their Varna. Each Jat is limited to the Varna diet. Each Jat members are allowed to marry only with their Jat members. People are born into their Jat and it cannot be changed.

This is the how the caste system is supposed to be in its religious form. But in reality it is much more complicated and different from its religious form.

Jat is determined by birth and it cannot be changed. In the beginning the caste system was not a strict system and people could move from one Varna to another. Indologists give different dates to this period of change. Some claim the change occurred around 500 BC and others claim 500 AD Until then. communities and even singular person moved from one Varna to another Varna. because of their desire to adopt different occupations.

The Untouchable label in the caste system is one of the cruelest features of the caste system. It is seen by many as one of the strongest racist phenomenon in the world.

In the Indian society people who worked in unclean occupations were seen as polluting peoples and were therefore considered as untouchables. The untouchables had almost no rights in the society. In different parts of India they were treated in different ways. In some regions the attitude towards the untouchables was harsh and strict. In other regions it was less strict.india caste

In regions where the attitude was less strict the untouchables were seen as polluting people and their dwellings were at a distance from the settlements of the four Varna communities. The untouchables were not allowed to touch people from the four Varnas. They were not allowed to enter houses of the higher Varnas. They were not allowed to enter the temples. They were not allowed to use the same wells used by the Varnas. In public occasions they were compelled to sit at a distance from the four Varnas. Complete segregation. In regions where the attitude towards the untouchables were more severe. not only touching them was seen polluting. but also even a contact with their shadow was seen as polluting.

If. because of any reason. there was a contact between an untouchable and a member of the Varnas. the Varna member became defiled and had to immerse or wash himself with water to be purified. In strict societies. especially among the ‘Twice Born’ (the three top Varnas) the touched ‘Twice Born’ also had to pass through some religious ceremonies to purify himself from the pollution. If the untouchable entered a house and touched things of a Varna member. the Varna members used to wash or clean the places where the untouchable touched and stepped.

In some incidences the untouchables who associated with the Varna members were beaten and even murdered for that reason. Some higher hierarchy Jats also had servants whose job was to go or walk before the high Jats members and announce their coming to the streets and to see to it that the streets would be clear of untouchable people.

The orthodox Hindus treated anyone who worked in any kind of polluting job as untouchable and did not have any contact with them. According to orthodox rules any one who does not belong to the four Varnas. meaning foreigners. are untouchables.

Around 563 BC we see Gautama Buddha the founder of Buddhism is born. Though many say there are up to six Buddhas. There was only ever one born who was the real human Buddha who. claiming to be nothing more than a seeker of truth. repackaged and renamed Hinduism. Immortalizing himself in a cult religion and selling it as a peaceful way of life with no gods to speak of. Buddhists worship the idol of Buddha. This metal replica of a mentally incompetent human being. Buddhism eliminates the human of self and reality leaving a weak shell willing to go along with anything blindly so long as it does not upset the nerves (live to not be triggered) which is simply put: The process of silencing free will in our minds. It is easy to sound smart and to make yourself seem better than others. Deception is more appealing than reality. That we are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. That leaves us all with only one conclusion. There should be no religions as they are created by the elite rulers all of whom should be deleted.

Buddha was born to the king of Kapilavastu in the foothills of the Himalayas. His mother having died while Buddha was very young left him to be raised by his aunt. He was raised alone and extremely sheltered with no outside influences by order of his father. He grew up in the appropriate conditions. controlled. He married a princess and they had a son. The story goes that Buddha felt caged in his riches and power like so many of the elite poster children we see he leaves his life of comfort to be poor and suffer. He met an un-named monk and from there we have the typical story of all people who give their life to a closed cult lifestyle:

  • Torturing himself as the monks, priests and Jesuits do to this day
  • Starving himself as they all do to this day.
  • Having visions, hallucinations because of this lifestyle, just as St. Francis Assisi, Joseph Smith, Charles Darwin, Charles Russell, and so many other pawns used to create more fake religions based on Luciferian occult.

All these things practiced by the Magi, the Zoroastrians, the elite through history, most of those who live behind walls in cults shut off from the world, kept in a strict and controlled mindset and lifestyle: The Catholic priests and nuns, the Buddhist monks and the Dalai Lama, they live by oath. Controlled by the elite. They prey on children, mind control, creating the next generation of closed minded religious soldiers. They practice Luciferianism and rituals including human sacrifice and child rape. How virtuous indeed it is to sell your soul to one they call god?

buddha india

As stated in 1868 and remains true today. “The papal church. Supreme in Europe. Was based on ignorance. And could only be maintained while ignorance continued. The whole efforts of the clergy therefore. Have been and are directed to this one end. To keep the world in their leading strings. By crushing out the mind of the world.”

After leading many hermits through life, Buddha died telling his disciples to “realize your own self. The truth is in your heart that will lead you to heaven.” Strange thing for someone who did not believe in heaven to say. but most false prophets renounce all they do when they die. After the damage is done and the masses have been deceived. Buddha did not leave writings. His students and disciples wrote things down after he died. Even the monks wrote a book in three parts. They started telling of other Buddhas, created many other divisions of Buddhism through that. The main stream story is as expected filled with the stench and symbolism of the elite. When Alexander the Great conquered the area a couple hundred years after and roman influence had infected everything. We can find the details of Buddhas birth and life have been copied and taken from various Hindu and Roman stories of various idols. Now we have Buddhism throughout Asia and the world and everyone following a different version- just as the Roman Church did with the Bible. Turn it into a religion and divide it up into cults. Most monks today particularly in Thailand where it is a national religion still chant in Buddhas language called Pali, similar to Sanskrit.
Like most involved in a religion, the majority of people who call themselves Hindus or Buddhists (like most members of a religious sect) know little of the history or depth of what they are involved in. People rarely look into things deep enough to know what they give their lives and souls to so those who know the truth behind these cults as we expose a bit here are those in top leading positions. the leaders and devoted. but the fact still remains: All of these fake religions based on the same Luciferian principles make all those people already under the one world new world order religion. Do not be deceived. Know your enemy.

So Alexander the Great comes after Buddha has left. Rome destroyed the Persian Empire and penetrated the far North-west of India before his death in 317 BC. In 322 BC. Chandragupta Maurya became king of the powerful state of Magadha in the North of India.

The next greatest Mauryan ruler was Ashoka. He led the empire to take over almost all of what is now modern India. He conquered Kalinga modern day Orissa and after the battle of Kalinga and embraced Buddhism. Despite his conversion to Buddhism. Mauryan rule was authoritarian and punishments for wrongdoers were severe. Asoka decreed the Buddhist principles of right conduct should be engraved in stone pillars or on rocks throughout his kingdom to teach the people how to live. The Ashoka pillar at Sarnath is India’s national emblem while the Dharma Chakra on the pillar adorns the country’s national flag. After his death, the Mauryan Empire suffered an economic and political instability.

Around 185 BC some Greek rulers including King Demetrius followed by King Menander invaded India. No development took place. Nomads from Central Asia conquered Bactria around 120 BC. One of the tribes. the Kushanas. turned to Northern India and conquered territories in India.

Saint Thomas arrived in India in 52 AD and the followers of Christ began. Naturally the elite being Zoroastrians at the time had landed in Gujarat around 7 AD. Guru Nanak laid the foundation of Sikhism in Punjab in the 15th century and Islam which came from the Zoroasters was brought to India by Arab traders and later on by Muslim rulers.

The Kushan Empire reached its peak under King Kanishka. During his reign Northern India was prosperous and did much trade with the Roman Empire but it all crumbled away after he died.

In the 300s The Gupta Empire led by Chandragupta followed by his son stabilized India and began trade with China and other kingdoms in Asia. Mathematics, astronomy, medicine and literature expanded for a couple hundred years.

After it started to crumble again King Harshavardhana took over in 606. When he died his empire broke up, the next dynasties expanded India to include Sri Lanka and Maldives. Ganges and Andaman islands. Trade between the Arab nations and Asian territories grew.

Turkish Ruler Mahmud 971-1030 conquered Afghanistan then went to India conquered Punjab and the Delhi Sultanate began.

1237 we see the Mongols led by Batu crossing the Urals from Asia into Russia. Prior to the thirteenth century Russia was ruled by the Pannonians who found the Kievan state. They took over Kiev and made a new state on the Volga River and ruled there for 200 years.

In 1290 the New Emperor of Delhi in India, Alauddin Khalji, murdered his uncle Jalaluddin Firoze to gain the throne. All religious lands were confiscated and marriages between noble families were sanctioned by the King. The Emperor also introduced market and price control for most essential products including food and cloth, among many other restrictions. Thus the Emperor enforced a highly centralized system of government.

In the next dynasty we see Muhammad Tughluq who introduced token currency and moved the capital from Delhi to Devagiri.

In 1498 when Timurlane, a descendant of Genghis Khan who created the Mongol Empire, sacked Delhi and massacred most of the inhabitants. You will notice many descendants of Khan in Indian rulers. At around the same time, another empire arose in the South – the Vijayangar. The Vijayanagar Empire is named after its capital city. The rulers of Vijayanager gradually consolidated their empire reaching a peak in the 1500s.india sultan

The last Lodhi Sultan, Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated and killed by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in 1526. With the fall of the Lodhis, the Sultanate of Delhi also ended.

Zahir ud Din (aka Babur. the tiger) was born 1529 descendant of Changez Khan. From 1504 he was ruler of part of what is now Afghanistan. From the Turks he had learned to use cannons. Guns helped him defeat the Indian kings who were still using traditional methods of warfare. Babur first raided India in 1517 and in 1525 he invaded. In 1526 he crushed the army of Ibrahim Lodi at the battle of Panipat. Other Indian rulers now united against Babur but they were crushed at the battle of Khanau in 1527.

Zahirs grandson Akbar was a Muslim. however he was tolerant in matters of religion. He abolished a tax levied on non-Muslims. Persian literature flourished in India during his reign.

So it continued without many significant hiccups.

In 1627 Shah Jahan became ruler. He is famous for building the Taj Mahal, a memorial to his queen Mumatz Mahal. Work began on it in 1631 and it took 22 years to build.

The next ruler Aurangzeb expanded the empire and banned repair of Hindu temples. banned religious buildings from being built unless they were Muslim. He introduced a religious tax as well. His son who died in 1712 was the last Mughal emperor.

east india trading coThe Rothschilds formed the British East India Company in 1600 to trade with India. In 1639 they established a trading base in India in what is now Chennai. by sending out sea pirates in ships masked as “merchants”. The pirates began landing on the shores of India and started setting up armed forts at various places. The gold of India was stolen and taken to London.

Britain started their drug agenda in 1715, followed by China in 1813 and the US shortly after, kicking it up in gear since the 60’s. Today we call it the TPP. The funds gained by such trade were used to further the Jesuit order and the Roman Catholic Church. The VOC was the first international corporation with shares. It expanded their international drug cartel by shutting down anything outside the agreement. It created the commercialization of poppy harvesting for opium trade to China and Europe.

The French moved in to sections of India as Britain expanded there also. Eventually tensions between the two for power over the lands grew. During a seven year war between France and Britain the Bengal ruler ended with Britain gaining India which it began colonizing. In 1803 the British took Agra and Delhi, at that time Delhi was still ruled by the last Mughal emperor. 1835 English was made the official language in India.

The British now had more Indian military personnel than British military. In 1857 the soldiers of India rose up against the British. The soldiers in Madras and Bombay were loyal to Britainso the British regained control by 1858. To appease the Indian people who did not want British control, the British told them no longer were they owned by the East India Company but the crown which is the Corporation of London owned by the Rothschilds. The British also created an Indian National Congress and a Muslim League, most members were British as they had to be appointed by government. British rule created a total destruction of the society that used to be bringing in trains and communications technologies. Britain turned India into a factory.

In 1862 Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar of the Mughal Dynasty died in exile in Burma.

In 2009 a powerful trust founded by Mohammed Shahid Khan and Professor Aslam Pervez among other influential Muslim academics, businessmen and one of India’s leading Urdu poets have joined forces to establish how many Mughals remain and seek the return of the last emperor.

The People of India were in a frustrated state and in 1919 armed British soldiers murdered 350 unarmed people who had formed a rally. Enter Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a devoted Jain follower. MK Gandhi slept naked with young girls including nieces, typical pedo elite scum. He worked for Britain in London during World War I and was Sergeant Major by 1916 after begging to be put in war against the Zulu. ghandi india

As a lawyer in South Africa he watched riots and became influential in military and political matters. He learned the art of deception and hid well under the cover of non violence and his ability to speak well and manipulate emotions. So in 1920 this lawyer launched a non-co-operation campaign against the British. In 1930 the Dandi March began to end the government’s monopoly of salt production. Gandhi led a march to the sea to collect salt. Gandhi and tens of thousands of others were arrested, when released the next year the people were allowed to make their own salt. Many such arrests and protests were done in Gandhi’s name. This helped subdue the population and kept everyone subdued with the illusion that peace can be a weapon against those who do not want it. William Francis Doherty, a white American, was murdered by Gandhi’s followers and was quickly covered up by Gandhi himself. He described Africans as one degree removed from animals.

ghandi pedo ring india
By 1940 in India the British policy of divide and conquer led to the demand of a separate Muslim state. The British responded by imprisoning National Congress leaders and other freedom fighters.

In 1946 the Viceroy appointed an interim cabinet with Jawaharlal Nehru as prime minister. but by then the leader of Muslim League. M A Jinnah had declared a ‘day of action’ on 16 August 1946. The declaration led to unprecedented violence between Hindus and Muslims in Calcutta. Soon after. Viceroy Mountbatten agreed to the formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Manuben Gandhi had come in 1942 under house arrest to look after Gandhi’s dying wife. In 1946 age 77. Gandhi received his 17 year old grand niece as his mistress and MK slave. According to her diaries Gandhi who was referred to as mother. experimented on her sexually. He supervised her education. her food. dress. rest. and sleep. For closer supervision and guidance. he made her sleep in the same bed with him. She was his personal attendant massaging and bathing him and cooking for him.

India and Pakistan Independence:

India and Pakistan became “independent”, as dominions under Britain on 15th August 1947. but violence continued to break out in areas mixing Muslims and Hindus. Almost half a million people died in the violence. In 1948 Gandhi was shot three times and killed by a militant Hindu RSS member named Nathuram Godse. We have all seen the JFK patsy type assassinations before so this seems no different. Since the partition of British India in 1947 and creation of modern states of India and Pakistan. the two South Asian countries have been involved in four wars. including one undeclared war. and many border skirmishes and military stand-offs. (Indo-Pakistani War: 1947. 1965. 1971. 1999)

The Kashmir issue has been the main cause of all major conflicts between the two countries with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 where conflict originated due to turmoil in erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The Partition of British India came about in the aftermath of World War II, when both Great Britain and British India were dealing with the economic stresses caused by the war and its demobilization. It was the intention of those who wished for a Muslim state to come from British India to have a clean partition between independent and equal “Pakistan” and “Hindustan” once independence came.

India developed nuclear weapons in breach of non-proliferation commitments. It is increasing the size of its nuclear arsenal and enhancing its delivery capabilities 110–120 warheads. Pakistan is making substantial improvements to its nuclear arsenal and associated infrastructure. It has also increased the size of its nuclear arsenal in recent years 120–130 warheads.


India-Pakistan Relations: A 50-Year History

By Donald Johnson

“Shortly after 3:45 PM on May 11. 1998 at Pokhran. a desert site in the Indian state of Rajisthan. groups of local Bishnoi herders—whose customs forbid killing animals or cutting trees—heard a huge explosion. and watched in amazement as an enormous dust cloud floated in the sky. What the Indian farmers did not realize, but the diplomats in Washington and around the world soon grasped the fact that India had just joined the United States. Russia. England. France and China as the newest member of the nuclear club. On that warm May afternoon. Indian nuclear scientists successfully exploded three atomic devices amounting to about six times the destructive power of the American bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The next day. as the world tried to absorb the frightening news. India ignited two more nuclear explosions.

Even as ninety percent of Indians applauded then-Prime Minister Vajpayee’s decision to go nuclear. Then-U.S. President Clinton immediately reacted to the explosions with shock and criticized India’s nuclear testing. The American President argued that India’s actions violated the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty endorsed by 149 nations and the 1970 non-proliferation treaty signed by 185 nations. Despite the fact that neither India nor Pakistan has signed the treaties. the President. citing the 1994 Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Act. immediately called for economic sanctions against India including cutting off $40 million in economic and military aid. and all American bank loans. The President also asked the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to cancel all new loans which could cost India around $14.5 billion worth of public projects. including a major modernization of India’s often failing electrical system. Moreover. Japan and other industrial nations soon followed the U.S. example and froze on-going projects in India worth over a billion dollars in aid.

Pakistan Responds:

As the five nuclear powers, all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. discussed ways to punish India as well as ways to prevent Pakistan from testing its own nuclear devices. the leaders of Pakistan were busily moving forward with their own nuclear plans.

On May 28th. Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan’s prime minister at that time. announced that following India’s lead. Pakistan had successfully exploded five “nuclear devices.” Not content to equal India’s five tests. Pakistan proceeded on May 30th to explode yet a sixth device and at the same time the Prime Minister announced that his government would soon be able to launch nuclear war heads on missiles.

Both President Clinton and a majority of the world community condemned Pakistan’s nuclear testing. although China was much less harsh in its criticism of Pakistan its close ally. Following the sanctions policy after India’s tests the United States, Japan, Britain, Canada and Germany ended their aid to Pakistan and asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to place a moratorium on loans to Pakistan. However, despite President Clinton’s wish to impose a world-wide system of economic sanctions on India and Pakistan, a vast majority of western nations have refused to join the effort.

The Story Behind the Headlines:

Despite the seeming suddenness of India’s and Pakistan’s decisions to test nuclear devices and in so doing seek to join the other five world nuclear nations. the headlines following the explosions “heard round the world.” had a fifty-year history.

Since their independence as new nations in 1947. India and Pakistan have followed a path of mutual animosity. Pakistan was created as a national homeland for the Muslim-majority areas of the subcontinent. while India proposed to become a secular nation that included about 85 percent Hindus. but also more than ten percent Muslims as well as large numbers of Sikhs. Christians and members of other religions.

Soon after the partition of the sub-continent into the two nations about 17 million people fled their homes and journeyed to either Pakistan or India. In one of the largest exchanges of populations in history. Violence soon broke out with Muslims on one side and Sikhs and Hindus on the other. The resulting blood shed in the Punjab and West Bengal regions left more than one million people dead in its wake.

In the midst of this refugee movement and open violence, the governments of India and Pakistan hastily tried to divide the assets of British India between the two new countries. From weapons and money down to paper clips and archaeological treasures, all had to be divided.

The British had left behind, besides about half of the subcontinent that it directly governed, some 562 independent or “princely” states. The provision was that each state could remain independent, join Pakistan or accede to India. A violent competition soon resulted as the two new nations sought to win to their own nations the largest and most strategically located states, such as Hyderabad and Kashmir. Because Kashmir was more than 70% Muslim. Pakistan insisted that a vote be taken in the state. However, India argued, since the Maharaja of Kashmir was Hindu, he had right to take the state into India. Even as independence was being celebrated. India and Pakistan began a covert war in Kashmir and the struggle for that state still goes on today.

In 1947, 1965 and 1971 India and Pakistan fought wars that did not change the status of Kashmir. but did result in the 1971 further partition of West and East Pakistan into the two nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Not only did the architects of Indian foreign policy fear Pakistan. but in 1962. after China’s sudden invasion of northeast India. they suddenly realized the ancient protection of the Himalayan Mountains had vanished. India now would have to build sufficient military power to protect itself from both Pakistan and China. the largest country in the world and a major military power armed with nuclear weapons.

Soon after the China war of 1962, Indian scientists began developing its nuclear capability. Under Indira Gandhi’s Prime Ministership in 1974, India successfully exploded a nuclear device. announcing to the world its scientific capacity to develop nuclear bombs.

Because of the strong world opinion against nuclear testing, India did not undertake additional nuclear testing until May 1998. However, this fourteen-year moratorium on nuclear testing did not mean Indian scientists and political leaders were not planning to join the nuclear club.

India in the 1990s: the Moratorium Ends

Although Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi reversed his mother’s policy of nuclear development, when a new prime minister Narasimha Rao assumed power in 1991, India resumed its plans for nuclear development and in December 1995. Rao was ready to authorize a nuclear test–only to be discovered by CIA spy satellite and discouraged by President Clinton from going forward with the tests. With the election of the Hindu Nationalist, Bharata Janata Party in 1998, Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee ordered Indian scientists to proceed with plans for testing as soon as possible. This lead to the series of detonations in May, and the subsequent quick response by Pakistan.

Foreign Policy Relations

The United States has treaties which provide nuclear umbrella to Japan and NATO nations. At present, the United States has cordial relations with China. American policy is worked out in tension between those who insist on expanded human rights in China, and those who favor opening markets and investments in China and downplaying human rights issues. The United States was closely allied with Pakistan until end of Cold War. Pakistan provided bases for U-2 flights and conduit for arms to Afghanistan rebels. The United States provided most of Pakistani military aid from 1954 to the 1980s. China is now the major military supplier to Pakistan. The United States has maintained cool relations with India because of its refusal to join the west during the Cold War, its pursuit of a non-alignment foreign policy and for its tight controls on American investment and business enterprise in India.

China is the premier military power in Asia and considers Pakistan its oldest and most powerful Asian ally. China continues to occupy areas inside of India’s borders as a result of the Indo-China war of 1962. China has nuclear-armed missiles positioned against India along the Himalayan border and in Tibet, in addition to being Pakistan’s main military weapons provider.

Russia has had close relations with India since Indira Gandhi became prime minister in 1966. Russia provides most of India’s military sales. After the demise of the Soviet Empire, Russia is unable to provide economic or military aid to India.

India has pursued a policy of non-alignment with Soviet Union and United States since its independence. India’s planned economy was not open to U.S. investment until change of policy toward free market in 1991. India would not accept American military aid or join alliances, thus alienating U.S. leaders and majority of Americans. Under President Kennedy, the United States supported India in its war with China. Under Nixon, the United States supported Pakistan in 1971 in the war that led to creation of Bangladesh (the former East Pakistan). America sent a nuclear-armed aircraft carrier to Bay of Bengal, which helped motivate India to go nuclear. Now that Russia is weak. India feels isolated and alone in world community. India has felt that the United States has also been hostile to India and that we now are promoting China as the major power in all of Asia. Pakistani testing of Gauri missile on April 6th, 1998 was a major factor in India’s decision to undertake nuclear testing. India will suffer from the end of economic aid. but its leaders have calculated that that the nation can survive the sanctions.

Pakistan relied on its close alliance with the United States from 1954 through the 1980s. During the 1990s, leaders looked more to China for support and military technology and hardware; China is currently a major supplier of these components to Pakistan. The Pakistani foreign minister traveled to China for consultations ten days before Pakistan conducted nuclear tests. Pakistan will suffer far more than India as a result of economic sanctions by world community. Loss of aid will result in undermining of currency. great increase in debt and increase in poverty.

In the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan in early 2002, U.S. relations with Pakistan and its leader. President General Pervez Musharraf. improved. which further aggravated India-Pakistan relations. While economic sanctions were lifted, Pakistani militants staged several attacks and bombings; in one occasion, targeted Indian and Kashmiri legislatures. The United States feared possible nuclear retaliation and advised Americans to evacuate both South Asian countries.

Today, U.S. relations with India and Pakistan are strong. In March 2006, when U.S. President George W. Bush visited South Asia, he remarked that we “are now united by opportunities that can lift our people.” In India, he commented that “The United States and India, separated by half the globe, are closer than ever before, and the partnership between our free nations has the power to transform the world.”

Today India with the population of around 1.5 billion people is 14% Muslim and 79% Hindu. Muslims have been attacked because of their consumption of beef as the religious propaganda has been increased thanks to Modi and people have become agitated. To Hindus the Bull is still considered sacred. Over 1000 people have been killed because of anti-Muslim riots.

Let us look at the leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born 17 September 1950. Since he was 8 years old he was indoctrinated in the exclusively male organization dedicated to propagating the political ideology of Hindutva called RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). The group inspired by the German and Italian fascist parties promotes an exclusionary ‘Hindutva’ ideology envisioning a Hindu India in which non-Hindus are second class citizens. He has a militaristic and aggressive conception of Hindu masculinity. Sexualised violence and the control of women are central aspects in the construction of this masculinity and the Sangh Parivar ideology he was raised in.

In 1992 Modi was involved in a bloody attack that destroyed a mosque. In 2002 Modi was involved with anti-Muslim violence which left over 2000 people were killed. During this time the group also started systematically raping. torturing and murdering Muslim women and girls. Women and young girls were gang-raped. paraded naked in public, had instruments inserted into their bodies, were subjected to sexual assaults, had their breasts cut off, their vagina’s and wombs sliced open and were beaten up with rods and pipes. Pregnant women were cut open and fetuses hung up on three-pronged trishuls (tridents-the 3 pronged staff of Lucifer-that serves a symbolic Hindu religious function). In one case, several eyewitnesses testified that a pregnant woman was raped, tortured and her womb then slit open with a sword to disgorge the fetus which was then hacked to pieces and burned with the mother. In another case a 3 year old girl was raped and killed in front of her mother. This is hardly a complete list of what this man has done, but we must continue.

When he was 16 he severed contact with his family. Though married at the age of 18, he has next to no contact with his wife. They have never consummated their marriage. He is the second most followed world leader on Twitter. His polls were obviously controlled as the Rothschild voting machines showed large numbers of Muslims backing his party. A Hindu nationalist (a militant right wing culture organization) who wants to put the Hinduism into the Indian constitution, he is a fascist and like every puppet. he rose quickly through the ranks of his club to where he is today. Gang rape is wide spread as it is seen as proving the masculinity of the Hindu man.

During Obama’s visit to India in January 2015 with India’s Modi, two goals were met. First, to pull India out of BRICS and secondly, to use India as a test case for global demonetization. Following the orders of the elite Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans. The anti cash partnership called operation “Catalyst: Inclusive Cashless Payment Partnership“ was created. Modi forced everyone to turn in 500 and 1000 rupee notes by the end of 2016. Modi only allowed people with bank accounts to replace a maximum of 4500 rupees of notes for cash. Anything more than that has to be deposited, thus forcing people to either pay taxes or render their private savings. some for countless generations, absolutely worthless and anyone retaining 250,000 rupees (approximately $3.500) will be criminally prosecuted. Houses have been raided and jewelry and gold have been confiscated. 600 million don’t even have a bank account and 300 million people don’t have government identification. Don’t think this will not happen in your country soon. India will see massive depopulation in the next couple of years as many are already starving and sick.

None of Modi’s claimed ambitions are possible without heavy British involvement.

Sir James Bevan states: “I expect to see India do internationally over the coming years is what my country also does – pursue action with the rest of the international community to advance our collective interests and make this a better world for all. We in Britain think India is and will be a responsible player on the world stage – a force for good. for stability and prosperity. That why my government is and will remain a strong supporter of India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council.”

Turkish President Erdogan made a speech during his visit to India noting how the poor East is catching up with the rich West and emphasizing that eastern and southern counties must have equal representation in all institutions. especially the United Nations. Erdogan’s statements in India. condemning Western colonialism and India’s emergence under the leadership of philosophers and politicians like Mahatma Gandhi. give important clues about the new world order.

He stated that the European and American-centric political and economic order that was established after World War II no longer meets the needs of humanity today. Stating these things about the New World Order in India is interesting to say the least.

Converting the entire world economy to solely digital transactions is not just about extracting more tax revenue from the ruled populations; it’s about knowledge and power. It’s about surveillance on an extraordinary scale. The one world orders cashless agenda is about acquiring the capacity to monitor literally every single financial transaction that takes place on the planet.

Below are quotes from some of the major political figures and leaders in 1998 garnered from a variety of sources.

Indian Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee

The [non proliferation] treaties are discriminatory and hypocritical. Our hope is that those nations that want to continue their nuclear monopoly will accept that the same rules should apply to all. (Boston Globe. May 29. 1998)

Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes

China is India’s number-one threat. It is encircling India with missile and naval deployments of suspicious intent. (TIME Magazine. May 25. 1998)

Bal Thackeray. Nationalist Leader from Bombay

We have to prove that we are not eunuchs. (TIME. Ibid.)

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Today we have evened the score with India….I would like to again assure all countries that our nuclear weapons systems are meant only for self-defense…. (New York Times. May 30. 1998)

Chinese official statements

Having signed the nuclear Test Ban treaty in 1995. we have been consistently opposed to nuclear tests. We knew there was a great possibility that Pakistan would follow [India’s testing] because of the internal pressure its leaders face. But this is a rather difficult situation for China. We have a friendship with Pakistan. but we still have a strong stance against nuclear proliferation. (TIME. Ibid.)

The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan

This [India’s and Pakistan’s nuclear tests] is a step backward. The world needs fewer nuclear powers. not more of them. But the problem goes beyond India–I’m calling on India and Pakistan to sign the nuclear test-ban treaty before this problem spins out of control. (TIME. Ibid.)

Russian President Boris Yeltsin

India is frankly a close friend of ours. and we enjoy very good relations. Their testing of a nuclear weapon was a great surprise. And when my visit to India takes place this year. I will do my utmost to somehow settle this problem. (TIME. Ibid.)

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

The recent testing by India and Pakistan bring the world closer to a nuclear confrontation than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. (Boston Globe. May. 1998)

U.S. President Clinton

To try to manifest your greatness by detonating atomic bombs when everybody else is trying to leave the nuclear age behind is just wrong. India and Pakistan must give up their arms race–a self-defeating cycle of escalation. (New York Times. May 13. 1998)

Former head of the International Energy Agency Hans Blix

India is a great civilization. but that is not enough. They do not feel that they were treated as though they were in the same league [as the permanent five nations on the U.N. Security Council]. One could ask if the outside world could have satisfied India’s wish to be considered a great power in a different manner. Are nuclear bombs the only way to assert greatness? (May 1998)

Facts: Nations with Nuclear Weapons

The following nations possess nuclear weapons and have carried out tests and have missiles to deliver nuclear warheads.

United States (pop. about 268 million). 1.030 tests since 1944. Now has 12.070 nuclear warheads. Missiles with range of 8.100 miles can reach anywhere in the world.

Britain (pop. about 59.1 million). 45 tests since 1952. Has 380 warheads. Missiles have range of 7.500 miles.

France (pop. about 58.8 million). 21 tests since 1961. most recent tests 1995. 1996. Now has 500 warheads. Missile range 3.300 miles.

Russia (pop. about 146.9 million). 715 tests since 1945. Has 22.500 warheads. Missile range 6.800 miles.

China (pop. about 1 billion. 300 million). 45 tests since 1964. Has 450 warheads. Missile range 6.800 miles. Has nuclear armed missiles directed at Indian cities in Tibet and Himalayan border.

Israel (pop about 6 million). no tests. but has more than a hundred warheads. Missile range 930 miles. Also has agreements with India.

India (pop. about 988.7 million). six tests since 1974. Has about 65 warheads. Missiles named Prithvi has range of 1.550 miles. Presently developing Agni missile similar to Pakistan Gauri missile.

Pakistan. (pop about 141.9 million). began nuclear program in 1972. Now has about 15-25 warheads. Missile range 930 miles. Has received technology and missiles from China.

More Facts and Stats

Percentage of national spending on defense: Pakistan 25%. India 14%

Size of armed forces: Pakistan 600.000; India 1.2 million. China over 2 million.

Size of Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests

India. May 11th – 25-30 kilotons of TNT. Magnitude of 5.3 on seismometer

Pakistan. May 28 – 8-15 kilotons of TNT. Magnitude of 4.8 on seismometer


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June 19

The Truth About Your Reality

The speech below is on recorded by Myron Fagan, in 1967.  In this speech he exposes the CFR, Bavarian Illuminati, the Protocols of Zion, and internationalist politics as faces of a single grand “Luciferian” conspiracy, directed by the Rothschild family.  In our document EL: The Bloodlines, we have exposed it further still.  This speech is something that should be mandatory listening in all schools. If only the world would start to listen. The truth about your reality would be clear.

See the transcript Here.

Jesuit and Illuminati Rituals Explained:

Steps to Form a New World Order:

1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920:s and 30:s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a “church” body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own creation, as mentioned above.

4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski’s Red Terror look like children at play.

5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and to end the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society“. Excepted are the computer- and service industries. US industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labor is available. As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. Unemployables in the US, in the wake of industrial destruction, will either become opium-heroin and/or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination of the “excess population” process we know of today as Global 2000.

6. To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an “art-form”, which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. To cause. by means of A) limited wars in the advanced countries, B) by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, the death of three billion people by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters”. The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year of 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy“.

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first enclosed in 1980.

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s servant Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s chosen people”, and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem Fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out mind control experiments of the Jim Jones and “Son of Sam” type. It is worth noting that the late Khomeini was a creation of British Military Intelligence Div. 6, MI6. This detailed work spelled out the step-by-step process which the US Government implemented to put Khomeini in power.

15. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with the “Jesuit Liberation Theology”, that brought an end to the Somoza Family rule in Nicaragua, and which today is destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war”. Costa Rica and Honduras are also embroiled in revolutionary activities, instigated by the Jesuits. One very active entity engaged in the so-called liberation theology, is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll’s so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago. The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the Government of El Salvador. The US press and the new media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation possessed by the Salvadorian Government, which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and placed a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Moçambique, Angola and South Africa.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.

17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the US.

18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the UN. illuminati

19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus [Al-queda, ISIS, ISIL, etc.] and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi, who persuaded the Italian and US Governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnapers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, Dozier was placed under strict orders not to talk what happened to him. Should he ever break that silence, he will no doubt be made “a horrible example of”, in the manner in which Henry Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

21. To take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. By 1993, the full force effect of this policy is becoming apparent, and will be even more destructive as primary and secondary schools begin to teach “Outcome Based Education” (OBE).

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May 16

Pedo Files: James Comey

As Anonymous continues exposing child trafficking rings with #OpPurge, we will also continue to expose the pedos we find. James Comey is one of the members of the Clinton Pedophile Ring. Comey played his part well, helping shield Hillary Clinton from the spot light as much as possible. One can guess how she thanked him. The Pizzagate ordeal is NOT FAKE. However, it IS A DISTRACTION. It is made to keep you from finding the kingpin of the child trafficking ring the Clintons are so deeply involved in. It is easy to distract the masses with a pizza shop and a false flag shooting played out using a DynCorp associate. DynCorp is well known for its involvement not only in the Clinton Mafia but specifically in their trafficking schemes. Be distracted no longer. Pizzagate is real, as we have exposed in many previous articles. The emails from Clintons servers prove all of this as well. That is how it all began.  Do you not find it interesting that a nobody like John Podesta was kept in the spotlight along with the main stream hollywood-ized satanist poster child Marina Abramovic? Of course the ones who run this show want you to be conditioned to what they do by calling it art and throwing it in your faces-notice how quickly even musicians have begun to plaster this bullshit all over their music videos. Wake up… THAT was the point.

  1. Get you used to it all-pedophelia, satanism, and the truth of what they do.
  2. Keep you distracted and entertained enough NOT to CARE.
  3. Keep you from seeing the magicians hand-how the trick is played and the illusion carried out.

james comey

So who did you all look away from when Alephantis came into the spotlight, or Abramovic, or Huma Abedin, or Weiner? You looked away from the kingpin. You looked away from the point. The Clinton-Podesta Pedophile ring and trafficking emails point to another, who tries so desperately to have the privacy he takes from us all. The man who has more “power” than any government and more “power” than the lower elite families such as Rothschilds, Windsors, DuPonts. Don’t worry… We won’t make you wait for the name. That man, mentioned in the Clinton Emails but kept protected from the spotlight…as Andrew Breitbart knew and was murdered because of…is Eric Emerson Schmidt. We will do more on him in future posts as we continue our research on his child trafficking ring. Until that time, we hope this insider information on the Pedophile FreeMason James Comey Former FBI Director will enlighten you.


DOJ Dossier Memo – James Comey hid crimes of paedophile law firms defrauding client millions


Dismissal of FBI Director James Comey escalates concern at large paedophile law firms defrauding millions in client funds, whom Comey was protecting, in donor blackmail schemes tying into Hillary Clinton family and also Bush family ‘foundations’; threats to FBI agents, DOJ staff, US lawyers if they challenge crimes indulged by Comey

Media campaign against President Trump over Comey firing, heavily led by media who earned paedophile bribery cash, now fearing criminal indictment under new US Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III … US Dept of Justice files show paedophile and terrorism cash buying ‘Fake News’ at New York Times, UK Guardian; pro-Comey, anti-Trump attacks from rogue US intel tied to Edward Snowden hoaxes

FBI Comey role re bribing 2 federal judges; channelling funds from foreign child rape and terrorist groups; ‘pay us or we kill you’ extortion; selling ‘comfort letters’ to paedophiles; false evidence and perjury in USA federal courts; fraudulent documents claiming that witness journalist ‘agreed’ to lifelong ban of his own freedom of speech and press; Comey indulging racist hate of ‘n-ggers’ and dissident ‘kike Jew f-ckers’; paedophile, bribery and terrorist acts violating laws in at least six countries

Paedophile-supporting top lawyer of Google, David Drummond, aiding paedophile criminals at Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, in scheme centred in office of Joan Ann Lukey in Boston … Paedophile teams dominated Wikipedia / Google, helping paedophiles and terrorists in marketing and defaming witnesses to their crimes

Comey’s allies at Google mask his misconduct

It is significantly due to James Comey’s own malfeasance in office, that Comey’s involvement in major international criminal acts is not better known, given that Comey’s paedophile network whom he supported, included above all, the key internet control figure of David Drummond of Google Inc / Alphabet, making bribery payments to US federal judge Norman Moon, who issued ‘court orders to Google’ to hide from Google search the crimes of the whole paedophile group, including crimes of Google and Judge Moon themselves.

Blackmail of political donors at law firms where Comey can cash his earned bribes

It is long understood amongst the oligarchy of US politics, that major political donors reap some ‘tickets’ to avoid prosecution, and that US law firms and judges assist in punching those tickets. However, much to the horror of higher-integrity FBI agents, Comey indulged a radical extension of ‘political donors’ privilege’ by some corrupt large ‘high-powered’ law firms, such as Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, which involved blackmailing those political donors themselves after lawyers advised and recommended and pushed clients into committing major criminal acts, including terrorism, paedophile-related extortion, and more. After the political donor to Clinton or Bush joins in the criminal acts advised by the lawyers, the donor is in a life-long blackmail trap where they must forever pay legal fees, Clinton donations, etc., to avoid prosecution.

The success of these blackmail-trap crimes by US law firms, was based on two supports, both indulged by Comey – (1) The fact that the in-effect blackmailed political donor, was also advised to escalate ‘donations’ of millions to Clinton or Bush and their ‘foundations’, making the Clinton – Bush – Obama governments likely to grant non-prosecution favours; and (2) The fact that the paedophile law firms also bribed USA federal judges as part of the crime process, enabling the law firms to trade on the traditional US Dept of Justice reluctance to expose that US judges are being bribed.

In the eyes of some at FBI and DOJ, over-whelmed by the politically-dominant Comey and others, this whole law-firm game of tricking and inducing major felonies by political donors, then extorting millions of legal fees from those donors for years, marketed as ‘protection’ of these wealthy felons, with a pyramid of profits on a base of ongoing US federal judge bribery, was too much. In the eyes of more honest FBI and DOJ staff, this is out of control, becoming a major assault on the Constitution of the United States, and causing increasing harm to the leverage of the US legal system as the Comey-protected crimes become increasingly known to world governments and corporations.

There has been significant fear at the paedophile law firms of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale since President Trump’s victory, fear that increased with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, an AG who seems to dislike paedophiles and who does not seem to be quite so ready to indulge law firms defrauding political donors out of millions of funds after inducing them into committing terrorist and other felonies. This fear is now moving toward panic levels with the firing of the paedophile law firms’ good friend at the FBI, James Comey, with AG Jeff Sessions’ concurring recommendation.

Bribery of key media has been a key role in these law firm crimes, as well as they key deception and hoaxing role of the paedophile-immersed chief lawyer of Google, David Drummond, who gives free web hosting to millionaire paedophiles who wish to use fake names, Drummond then placing these pro-paedophile sites at #1 in search results, whilst illegally censoring victims from replying, and also promoting and protecting Drummond’s paedophile partners amongst Wikipedia administrators. This has led to Drummond and Google becoming known as paedophile violators of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations charter.

Major key media involving in being bribed by paedophile law firms and their partners, are the same media involved in leading attacks on US President Donald Trump – the New York Times, the UK Guardian, and CNN, CNN’s book-publishing division marketing novels of a paedophile author, supported by CNN-created Fake News video newscasts.

In his final letter to FBI staff Comey boasts “I will be fine”, hinting how he can cash in at firms whose ugly paedophile crimes he indulged – perhaps at Ropes Gray or WilmerHale.

Court filing on crimes Comey indulged

A significant court filing was made in Westminster Magistrates Court UK in 2016, detailing some of the paedophile crimes in the US which James Comey was indulging, crimes which including funding for the bribery of two US federal judges by Britain’s Pearson plc media company, supplying bribery, extortion and terrorism funding to Ropes Gray, WilmerHale and various other US parties.

Matters discussed in that court document, include the bribery of the paedophile media now involved in the anti-Trump, pro-Comey media blasts, the role of the paedophile-supporting chief lawyer of Google, David Drummond, and much other background. Links to that court filing are below.

Danger and threats to US public officials, even AG Jeff Sessions himself

As is clear in the DOJ files on the paedophile crimes Comey was indulging, there is a history of escalation in the crimes, a willingness by WilmerHale, Ropes Gray and others, to commit even more brutal terrorist acts to cover up for their earlier crimes. Instead of backing off or apologising to victims, their paedophile terrorist group has the instinct to double down and escalate, warning they will ‘F-ck you up, slander you, kill you.’

Joan Ann Lukey of Ropes Gray Boston, took great pleasure in making a laughing menace of murder of Boston federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz, recalling how two other female prosecutors who investigated crimes of Bush-Clinton political donors had wound up dead. ‘Same thing’s gonna happen to you, motherf-cker!’

James Comey knew well that he had enough evidence to imprison Joan Ann Lukey for the rest of her life for the multiple terrorist felonies and defrauding of client funds she has been running out of Boston law offices, but chose to indulge her and the menace to murder a US Attorney, along with her planting tens of thousands of words of lies on the internet, bribing the Boston Globe and New York Times staff, etc.

There is clearly a willingness to kill on the part of this crime group, and more honest and courageous groups within the FBI and DOJ would like to shut them down, But before they go down, this group would not hesitate to murder FBI agents or murder Attorney General Sessions himself with funds supplied by the UK’s Pearson, if they felt able to succeed at it.

Ropes Gray and WilmerHale have a sales pitch to Attorney General Sessions, trading on the old stand-bys: ‘Isn’t it better to just hide how law firms like us bribe federal judges in the United States? Isn’t it better if that does not become well-known? After all, we pushed the people we defrauded into paying millions to the Clintons and the Bushes. Wouldn’t you like a share of the bribes we are paying, too, Mr Sessions?’

From DOJ Files – Quotes from the Comey-protected paedophile and terrorist crew

‘It’s all really simple. You pay millions to bribe US Presidents, and you get to bribe the federal judges … There is no f-cking ‘US Constitution’ … The ‘Constitution’ belongs to people like me, who own the f-cking judges!’

‘Everything we do is ‘legal’ because we’re bribing American judges, that makes anything f-cking legal … Bribed American judges, motherf-cker, that’s the game we play. What game are you playing, motherf-cker? … Bribed American judges and Google, What the f-ck are you going to do about it?’

‘So you have evidence, motherf-cker? We’ll have some of the judges I’m bribing take a look at your evidence and f-cking bury it, and that’ll take care of your evidence, motherf-cker!’

‘Any lawyer tries to f-ck with my sh-t in America, I’ll have my judges fix his f-ckin’ ass, He’ll hear me say, that’s the last day you practice law, motherf-cker!’

‘Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia! … I love planting sh-t on Wikipedia and watching the whole world lick up my sh-t … copied 100,000 times all over the internet!’

‘Keep your mouth shut you stupid f-cker, can have you totally destroyed on Google! … The best part of banning someone is totally slandering the motherf-cker … I love being able to tell people I hate, You are totally slandered, motherf-cker, and there is f-cking nothing you can do about it!’

Bribery of Harvard University, intimidation of Harvard Law School professors

There are large Department of Justice files enabling Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring a string of felony indictments later this year, in the major Pearson paedophile scheme with the Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, which involve threatening to kill a Harvard graduate who is an award-winning former US Department of Justice employee, a formerly nationally-known anti-corruption book author, and a major witness regarding these crimes to DOJ and to European governments and EU Commission. Some FBI agents, suppressed by Comey, greatly respect this Harvard graduate, who risked his own life to defend the US Constitution against the Comey-indulged paedophile group.

The Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms have joined in threatening to murder this Harvard graduate, stalking him with harassing e-mails and computer viruses and tens of thousands of words of defamation, and making criminal arrangements with their paedophile partner at Google to block his self-defence against lies and hoaxes.

But a major concern of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been the possibility that a group of Harvard Law School professors organise to defend this Harvard alumni, given the professors could also earn some millions in fees for representing the victim of terrorist crimes by these law firms and their paedophile group. At Boston law offices, these lawyers discuss that a single Harvard law professor could be undermined and murdered as necessary, but that a group of Harvard law faculty might overwhelm matters and spur DOJ indictments, prison terms and other serious consequences for Ropes Gray and WilmerHale.

The Pearson paedophile scheme with Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been significantly supported by two Harvard faculty, one a lover of a paedophile in these law firms’ blackmail trap, the other the notorious Cass Sunstein closely associated with Hillary Clinton, Cass Sunstein publishing propaganda for paedophile Wikipedia criminals and US paedophile intel agents, and apparently using his role at the Obama White House to benefit the paedophile group. Ironically, Sunstein knows his victim very personally, as they lived in Currier House Harvard at the same time as Harvard undergraduates.

By way of large-scale bribery, million-dollar paedophile-tied donations were made to Harvard University, as an attempt to turn Harvard administrators into agents of the paedophile scheme threatening to murder Harvard Law professors if any of them would speak out to defend the human rights of one of the bravest of Harvard alumni.

The Comey gang attack on President Trump and the Edward Snowden hoaxers

Although the general public is not aware, every major government knows what Russia’s President Putin hints about his guest, that ‘Edward Snowden’ is in fact a massive hoax run by USA intel agency rogue schemers, Snowden never having ‘stolen’ any documents, but in fact being an agent of blackmail and deception of the world.

The files and intel agency reports proving this beyond any shadow of a doubt, are well-masked by Google and major media. The files tell how, laughably, Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend and biographer at the Washington Post; how Snowden avoids the paedophile evidence regarding the same US judge group who would ‘put Snowden on trial’, etc. Excerpts from the European intel agency files on the Snowden fraud can be found here.

Very absurdly, this proven liar and hoaxer Edward Snowden, who at times openly promotes paedophile media (who sold the Snowden story) and other paedophile organisations, has now tweeted propaganda in favour of paedophile-enabler James Comey, in a direct assault to undermine the Trump presidency.

What makes this astonishing is the fact that Snowden himself is a CIA asset, and thus CIA director Mike Pompeo should be ensuring that Snowden is not undermining President Trump whilst he is doing all his other hoax activities. If the US administration is not willing to openly admit that Snowden was a CIA fraud all along, the Snowden hoax should be wound down quickly in one of the ways clearly available.

Court filings and links

Here is the UK court filing material, archived on the web in this page amongst others. For a summary overview of Comey-indulged crimes well-established in DOJ files, scroll down in this long filing to the heading:

Details & origin of the Pearson-Google bribery terrorism scheme

Significant for the background, is the report at European police agencies and governments, on the operations of paedophiles amongst the highest levels of Wikipedia administrators, and involved with the crimes protected by James Comey. This report was originally written for the police of Finland but has since become standard gov’t reference regarding crimes conducted through Wikipedia, operated by paedophile personalities tied to rogue lawless elements in intel agencies. The report discusses the ’20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception’ used by paedophiles and much else.

This material has become very significant to governments around the world, being part of the EU actions against Google Inc / Alphabet, actions by China and Turkey re Google and Wikipedia, etc

EU police file on Wikipedia, the fraudulent ‘encyclopaedia’ run by paedophiles:

Contact for more information

This file has been prepared amongst members of the international Jewish community supporting Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs, Witness to the European Commission and EU governments on US legal & media corruption, in Brussels, Belgium, represented and protected by the law office of Georges-Henri Beauthier, Brussels.

April 18

False Flag for Syrian Government Coup

We have discussed several false flags carried out by the CIA and other groups. False flags are always filled with symbolism, gematria, and obvious flaws.  Unlike a Hoax, a false flag is a government planned event that often ends in the deaths of it’s own citizens. The event is called “false” because it is propaganda, a scripted situation which is there to deceive you and make you look in a certain direction so you do not see what they do not want you to see.

Today, we see yet another false flag attack by the USA in the middle east.  We were not going to do an article about it because it is so obvious…but we must keep in mind the reason these happen is for a certain agenda.  We have seen these same exact false flags carried out in many other middle eastern countries.  Countries who’s government leaders had to be replaced with puppets of the US Government.  The late Syrian chemical attack the American government planned and carried out on the civilians of a non-violent country should come as no surprise…though no less devastating.

ff vs hoax

How long will we allow it?  Now we are all at war as Trump calls to increase NATO-calling on every country occupied by NATO to produce special forces units which will break most of the member countries economies.   As planned, and as we exposed to you last year, the currency collapse is right on schedule and Trump (as expected) will be the tool.  NATO will be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone, shall we say.  1. Financial collapse worldwide  2. War with Russia leading to a call for peace and a “savior”.

We have seen how NATO has created the war in Ukraine.  Since that attempt has not worked to get Russia into war they increased the middle east genocide with ISIS.  ISIS, as many of you know, is an arm of the CIA and around to keep the middle east in turmoil.  ISIS is there to help the elite destroy and cover up history.  That is why they always attack historically significant and valuable locations, not to mention schools, and primarily christians.  This is why the real attacks that happen in smaller cities in Syria like Mosul, which are majority christian, are not mentioned in news and are attacked the heaviest.  syria false flag

This is how the elite have done this through history.  They send the crusaders in to destroy history so they can once again rewrite it with lies.  They control the media so they can tell you what they want you to think and feel and never look to find truth.  The House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) was created by the CIA.  The family is allowed to rule as long as they keep the surrounding countries under constant attack.  Yemen, one of the least reported on countries attacked constantly by Saud and the CIA, is rich with…you guessed it…oil!  Not to mention a more direct route to much more oil…and so on.. Well Yemen will not be taken over by the US so it is resigned to its population being slaughtered by the dozens each day, children and adults unable to go to school, if one were still standing, unable to get food or housing, unable to do anything but simply survive.

Lybia was taken the same way and controlled by the CIA through Gaddafi.  When he stopped playing along he was extinguished.  Now the eye is on Syria and once again the CIA is at war with Assad, but this time the son of the previous Assad the US bombed to shit a decade or so ago.

So as the CIA has created every war America has ever been involved in…using this same script…Gold Oil Drugs. we will see history repeat yet again. But I digress…

NATOs failure to bring Russia to war, the bombings in Syria increased and now the propaganda is so obvious it is a wonder why military personnel are still wearing the uniform?  Of course we would wonder that, if we did not already know full well they care not for human life and are more heavily brainwashed and controlled than even the masses. They care nothing for you…or your freedom.

The video and pictures of the attack should be enough for even a blind man to see how fake it all is… wearing dust masks in a chemical emergency? No gloves? The same fake body dummies?!  Why can’t they at least use a camera from this century when they fake the news reports?   It’s so exhausting to point these things out every single time… but we must apparently.

Oh…and then there is this:

Anti-Assad “reporter” Feras Karam tweeted about the gas attack in Syria 24 hours before it happened.
Tweet says: “Tomorrow a media campaign will begin to cover intense air raids on the Hama countryside and use of chlorine against civilians.”

The UN has been called out in Russian news and others, to bring in experts to assess the truth of the situation.  I suppose they forgot, the UN is only there to ensure the New World Order and one of the steps to this is the death of the middle east and especially Syria.  It only takes a look into history to see why Syria is so important.  Besides being the place Jesus was conceived, Paul and others performed miracles of healing, prophesy and raising people from the dead.  The records of this still exist and the proof and archaeological evidences, not to mention the countless documents which the Syrians have always kept away from the elites destructive hands.  The middle east countries including Syria will have to be taken over, as we discussed previously as well, the elite will create the old land of Canaan: the promised land.  That is a large area and Syria stands in the center.  After the war destroys what is left of it, the elite will take it over entirely, build the third temple (whatever they will call it) and crown the prince of peace, the false king of the world who will bring more devastation than one can easily imagine.

But that would prove something most people are brainwashed to reject-the truth.  SO we will move on, nothing to see here.

So the CIA who work for the Vatican have been planning this for a very long time…the Vatican has been planning it since before CIA was created. The elite do not mind waiting, even generations if needed, to fulfill the agenda.

The UN which has already been discredited as well as its white helmets who rape, murder and traffic children and women from the middle east, fight with ISIS and other gangs and much more…some would call these the hounds of hell.  Perhaps it’s just all of the constant mentions of demons said by the mainstream news and politicians now that is conditioning you more to the reality: they are conditioning you for what will come next, after the peace.united nations false flag

The White Helmets have filmed propaganda videos in places like Egypt and Morocco using actors, smoke machines, fake blood and bodies.

What should give you all a huge tip of their fraudulence is that George Clooney did a documentary on the White Helmets which of course was awarded a Hollywood Oscar.  As we know, being an elite, his pre-arranged wife Amal Clooney, is strongly tied to not only the Muslim Brotherhood and various political groups in the middle east, but also connected with Israeli intelligence.  Nothing…NOTHING is coincidence or accident.  It is ALL planned and played out according to the script.

For more of the history of Syria today go here.

Russia has continuously pointed out the lies of the west, given proofs and challenged them for facts which are never given.  So Trump decided over a piece of delicious chocolate cake that he would drop 59 bombs on Syria, targeting an abandoned airfield.  The bombs don’t even make holes in the ground, only small black spots.  23 of the bombs were dropped.  Not 59.  But it was likely another arms swap for ISIS.  Surely they will turn up in the middle east somewhere before too long.   Trump enjoyed his cake while people were slaughtered and the American military and brainwashed public cheered for another ritual killing.  Even MSNBC’s Brian Williams disgustingly squealing that Trump’s cruise missile strike was “beautifulTrump the totalitarian is here.

Since the attack, the Russian Federation and US Aerospace Forces in Syria are now operating under rules of engagement allowing them to “attack at will” any American and/or NATO air or ground target they “feel/decide” threatens them without their first having to submit to higher command authority.

So the latest Syrian false flag and the constant and blatant lies of the American government and media has lead to Russia to concede to war. The USA got what it asked for.  It provoked and provoked and now Russia will strike and strike hard.  We have already seen the creation of Russias sky terror Lucifer, Son of Satan, and the newly revealed “Father of all Bombs” in response to American instigation. There are many more advanced and sophisticated weapons on Russias side.

Could Putin be the false prince of peace we have warned you about?   He will have to be someone with military power, well liked, well spoken…someone the masses will love. He will take control of the middle east and bring in peace.  He will be made the world ruler.

Time will tell…

false flag spotted