May 18

The Merge: Banks and Blood

As we discovered in EL: The Bloodlines, there are two distinct levels of the elite, and in those levels many families exist, each with their own hierarchy.  Today, we see some of them merging.

The upper elite, or Papal Bloodlines, are called such because these bloodlines WERE the Popes of the first Vatican, the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Caesars of the Roman Empire, and the Sultans and Emperors of ancient societies including Maya, Sumeria, Persia et al.  They control of the Company of Jesus as the High Grey Council of Ten, pulling the strings of the Jesuit Superior General, The Black Pope, controller of the White Pope who controls the banks and governments of the world. These families have grown and moved and merged and renamed themselves, to hide themselves. They continue to build and destroy in order to expand and build again.  They write what you believe is history, science, religion. They do everything to keep truth hidden from you. All Truth. Their goal: Global Power, Global Government.

When the last Caesar fell, it was because the new system was to be put in place. More secure than the last. The Vatican was born and the new Caesar was called Pontifex Maximus. The White Pope. The Pope was selected by the culmination of the upper elite families, who would now unify their control. Today, many more changes have occurred and no longer is the White Pope of much significance outside of public propaganda. Today, he is no longer of a bloodline, but the best formed minion for the upper elite’s plans. The elite’s have crawled up 2 more layers into the shadows. The Jesuits were created to further secure the upper families secrecy and control.  This enabled the White Pope to be nothing but another easily manipulated puppet. The Black Pope was put above the White, as the hidden higher authority. They are both directed by the Grey Pope who IS of one of the upper bloodlines. The most powerful man in the world, as he has very few masters.

Knowing these families, we know there are no coincidences in or outside of the home. Every marriage, every action is calculated and approved by those in uppermost levels. While all upper families are involved in controlling the Jesuit Order, the two who were used in the creating and establishing the Jesuit Order, on paper, were from the Farnese and Aldobrandini families.

Everything you know has been formed for you to know, by these families. To keep you from ever knowing the truth about the world you live in. We see these places as separate continents, separate countries and governments. Until you can see the world as it is, as the elite do, you will be deceived. We discussed this at length in EL and suggest you read the chapter again, or watch the video version, to refresh your memory, as we will only summarize here.

The Aldobrandini line was merged long ago with many powerful families, including D’Este, Pamphili, DaVinci, and the House of Bonaparte.  US President George Washington, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince Albert II all come from the Aldobrandini line as well.  Zoroaster (628 BC aka Zarathustra meaning `Golden Star’ or `Possessing Divine Knowledge’) was also an Aldobrandini. We can clearly see the control that the Islamic religions alone, have formed over so much of the world today.

This is Aldobrandini control. They went on from controlling East Asia to taking hold of Africa and then Rome. After merging with the families who had taken over the European and Northern-East Asian territories, after the destruction of the old Roman Empire, they continued on. Latin (Roman) America was invaded, by their blood who ruled Spain at the time. Then the northern Americas were taken and more Asher bloodlines were eliminated, thanks to the elite’s lead man Columbus (who worked for the Medici family).

These people, the Black Nobility, Papal Bloodlines, Upper Elite, are those whose paintings and statues you pay to see in museums. A Halo (Corona) is depicted on the head of the elite-the real people the paintings are of. The famous artists and scientists and philosophers you all know today, are only famous because they are of these bloodlines themselves, or are controlled by them for the purpose of being a public Star. Nothing has changed in all the history of this earth and time.

Kubrik, brought to you by Aldobrand-Rothschild (Like Sylvester Stallone and others):

In 1638, Donna Olimpia Aldobrandini, sole heir to the Aldobrandini fortune, married Prince Paolo Borghese, merging the banking families of Rome. The Borghese are part owners of the Vatican and Camillo Borghese, AKA Pope Paul V, created the Bank of the Holy Spirit in 1605 and the bank was merged into Unicredit.  In 2018-2019, Unicredit shares dropped by 30%. Like all Italian banks, it too has struggled, because of the ever increasing instability of the region. The bank has been working to expand outside of Italy, to avoid total collapse. Other Italian companies, including Fiat Chrysler and Mediaset, have moved or are in the process of moving their legal headquarters to the Netherlands, as part of the collective shift away from Italy. A great many Italian…organizations…have moved to Israel. We also see in most of the elite families today the push to announce their Jewishness, and support for Israel. As we already exposed in EL, they are not Jews. They are Khazar, from Magog, and further back from the line of Cain, through Naphtali, NOT JUDAH.  Not Hebrew. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. UniCredit is working to be relocated to Germany. In 2019, UniCredit was hacked and the data of 3 million accounts was leaked. The bank started the first global exchange-traded fund in partnership with Axiom AI.

The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), which is an “Independent Intergovernmental Organization”, holds it’s HQ in the Villa Aldobrandini in Rome, only a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum. Its purpose is to study needs and methods for modernizing, harmonizing and coordinating private and, in particular, commercial law, as between States and groups of States and to Formulate Uniform Law, principles and rules to achieve those objectives. Are you noticing the use of UNI (universal, united)

The Aldobrandinis are ALSO part owners of the Apulian Mafia also called the Sacra Corona Unita (Holy Crown United), which has operations in USA, Spain, Albania, Germany and the UK. Centered out of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, Italy, this mafia sect is owned by the Brindisi branch of the Aldobrandini family and is involved in cigarette smuggling, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, extortion, political corruption, prostitution, and more. Sacra Corona was formed as a branch of the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia, which is among the richest and most powerful international crime group in the world. In 2008, their income was estimated at around 55 billion USD. Sacra Corona has extensive alliances with other international organizations including the Russian and Albanian mafias, Colombian drug cartels, Chinese Triads, and Japanese Yakuza.

There are several levels to the hierarchy, as one would expect. Upon initiation into Sacra Corona the new member is baptized. Once an initiate has killed 3 people for the gang, he is promoted to the next level and is given a gun. The member is now also given a cyanide pill, some cotton (which is considered a sacred symbol), a lemon (to treat wounds), a needle to stick in his right index finger, like most mafia rituals we have seen, a handkerchief (which represents purity of spirit), and a small welcome gift of some sort. The next level, one is able to work to become management of the sect. There are an estimated 2,000 members. Membership is for life. If one fails the organization, he must kill himself with the gun, not the cyanide pill.

The Aldobrandini’s headed the Cult of Hades in Ancient Rome and many others.

The Cult of Mithras was one of their military religious branches modeled from their Persian gods of Zoroastrianism, which the Aldobrandini’s began shortly before Mithras. Mithra was the Zoroastrian god of Covenant, Light, and Oath as well as an All-Seeing protector of Truth, and the Guardian of Cattle, the Harvest, and of the Waters. We notice the same basic structure of most Cults.

The degrees of initiations are: Corax (Raven), Nymphus (Bridegroom), Miles (Soldier), Leo (Lion), Perses (Persian), Heliodromus (Courier of the Sun), and Pater (Father). Each respective grade was protected by Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun, and Saturn. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those “united by the handshake”, and swore oaths of duty and secrecy. The cult kept their groups no larger than 12. The Cult met in a mithraeum, an underground vaulted grotto with complex astronomical and planetary symbolism. The small space of the cavern, the cult practices, and the ritual meal were modeled on the original space and deeds of Mithras: the sacrifice of a bull, whose blood would flow into a pit below where the initiate lay, followed by the eating of the bulls flesh. The descent into the pit was regarded as symbolic burial, from which the initiate would emerge reborn, purified of all his crimes and regarded as the equal of a god. The exact same ritual is done in many of their cults including Skull and Bones where the initiate must lie naked in a coffin or shallow grave and be burried. Since we have discussed the bull/Taurus symbolism at length in EL, we will not linger on that here. Haoma, a hallucinogenic drink used by Zoroastrian and Hindu priests, was ingested. Before approaching the altar to make an offering to Mithras, participants must purge themselves by repeating purification rituals and self-flagellation (which can be seen in most elite religions). Portraits show that initiates were tattooed or branded on the forehead or hand.

One statue found in many mithraeum is a lion-headed man coiled 7 times by a snake. 7 levels of initiation. This symbolism has been used in many Occult rituals we experience today. The ArcelorMittal Orbit, a ride in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park mirrors the sculpture featuring the same 7 coils in the central serpent. Their position, slope angle and spacing on the pillar itself is also nearly identical.


This symbolism represents the stairway to heaven. It was used as the yin and yang, in Asia, in Greece the spiral represented infinity and in Celtic areas it represented the stages of life: birth, development and expansion. The Occult meaning of the spiral is that it represents Lucifer’s path that can be climbed in stages to reach God. This is also advertised under the keyword “enlightenment”. The spiral also represents a vortex, such as CERN and is 666.

666 luciThe elite, like their masters, are always working to not only keep you from God, but to physically reach Him themselves, in order to destroy Him too.

The Cult of Mithras worshiped the Sun and Sunday was particularly sacred, as it still is to them today. Today we see most Mithras rituals and symbolism used by the Freemasons who began towards the “end” of the Mithrian Cults. With the elite there is no end or beginning, only the next phase of the agenda. That is all.

Every Mithraeum contains multiple altars where, on many, animal remains have been found. Find more detail Here.

The Engravement on the Aldobrandini Mithra Shrine states:


Which translates to:

God of the Ancient Religion,
In Concealed Shape/Form and Liquid Veil, (a head covering)
Produced Using Marble,
Thronos (along with) Every Adornment,
All Expense Belonging to Him Who Alone Constructed,
Father Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius
Ordained by the Sun.
Both 68 Feet Stalls and Marble Statue/Block are His Own Property.

You have to love how they carved the entire last line, in stone, simply to reword what was already engraved…

Below a small bust of Sol (the Sun/Zeus/Lucifer) is written:


This inscription, put up by all priests of Mithras in Ostia and Portus, name Sextus Pompeius Maximus the “father of the fathers”. The All-Father. The Pope. He was the leader of the cult of Mithras in Ostia.

These pompous bastards always have to put their labels on everything. This makes them easy to find in history, if you know how to look.

Water, Mirrors, Black Screen, As Above so Below, The Deep, Reflections, Portals, the distorted are very popular symbols of Occult. You can see this and more repeated and repeated in their villas, palaces and paintings. Throno is a constellation worshiped by the upper elite. It is depicted by the elite through art and written about by ancestor Pliny the Elder. The Farnese Atlas also contains Throno: called the Throne of Ceasar/Zeus.

Naturally NASA won’t be telling you about these “stars”…if any.

aldebaran lucifer

So let’s talk about these stars. The Aldobrandini family was exposed extensively in EL, and is named for a lead star (Aldebaran) in the constellation Taurus. The Bull’s EYE. Their name means To Follow Down. You will recall in previous articles we have discussed the Fallen who came, kidnapped and experimented on human women and formed bloodlines. The upper elite have no secrets to their origin. You have all simply been so programmed by them to deny it as fantastic or fake, so they can run free. Not you. Aldebaran was a fallen angel, who kidnapped and raped an Assyrian Queen, using the form of a Bull (Taurus/Anu).

The Fallen and Mt. Hermon:

aldobrandini stars and stripes

These are the Aldobrandini’s. Their coat of arms contains 6 Stars with 8 points divided by a track-lined stripe, which also makes an 8 pointed star.  They are the Stars and Stripes, all of their movements can also be found through this symbolism as well as their crescent moon. What’s on your flag?  The colors and logos of your masters.




It’s all a joke to them. They shove it in your face and what do you do? You believe them. You panic. You OBEY.

Before it was known as the Star of Babylon, or Ishtar of the Sumerian Empire, it was Anu, the divine personification of the sky, and Inanna, female god of sex, war, justice, and political power. The Cult of Inanna was quite large back in the Mesopotamian day throughout the Canaanites (elite bloodlines we know today), spreading as Isis to the Egyptian Empire (where they bcame Pharoahs) and continuing under many different names through history.

aldobrandini cult

To no one’s surprise, androgynous and hermaphroditic men were heavily involved in the cult. The male priests took female names and lived as homosexuals. Rituals to worship Inanna/Ishtar involved men dressing as women, dancing war dances, homosexual orgies. Inanna was the changer of Men to Women. We see her influence wide-spread and growing today. Sadly this will have to be another article topic as it is a big one to tackle, given the extent of mind control. But rest assured…we will bite the big gay bullet soon. Sex rituals took place between kings and priestesses. The eight-pointed star is also shown alongside the crescent moon, which was the symbol of Sin in Sumeria (called Nanna… i-nanna). In the story, Inanna begs her brother to take her to the underworld so she may eat the fruit that grows on a tree there. This fruit will reveal to her all the secrets of sex. In Ishtar’s story there is not only a tree but a snake and a Bull as well. The more the merrier!

“I am Inanna, Queen of Heaven, On my way to the EAST.”

As we can see, the Aldobrandini’s have shaped many civilizations through their cults and religions. Today they also head a branch of the Jesuits inner cult known as the Ninth Circle. Pope Francis is a member of this cult, as well as Queen Elizabeth, Jeffery Epstein and many, many others. The Ninth Circle cult is a group most known for ritual human sacrifices, pedophilia and cannibalism. Human trafficking supplies Elite rituals. Human sacrifice. Nothing has changed in all of history.

4 different types. Frozen lake with distorted bodies in various forms. Satan, a fallen angel, resides here. 3 heads. chews on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius.

The Ninth Circle Cult has been taken to court by many witnesses, and still nothing happens. Children are sacrificed in Roman Catholic Cathedrals by Cardinals, Bishops, Princes and Queens. They are sacrificed in orphanages and catacombs.

In 2008 a child mass grave site and child human remains were uncovered at the Mohawk School.

“According to the two witnesses all nine Ninth Circle Satanic Cult participants repeatedly raped, then murdered, disemboweled and dismembered the child, consumed her blood, burned the corpse and buried her remains directly west of the Mohawk School building.” – Kevin Annett

On Feb. 28, 2013, six international Common Law Court judges found 30 global elites guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 native children of those residential schools.  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were found guilty of kidnapping and murder of 10 children. on Oct. 10, 1964 they were seen leaving a picnic with the 10 child residents of the Kamloops Indian School in British Columbia. The children were never seen again.

Vancouver Cult Watch:

Three additional eyewitnesses confirmed child murders done during 1996 and 2000 in Oudergem, Belgium and Zwolle, Holland. One witness described “a Catholic prelate” at a 2004 murder of three teenage juveniles near Zwolle, Holland. “A criminal syndicate called ‘The Octopus’ provides the children by taking them from juvenile detention centers.”  We discussed this Here.

Regarding the mass grave of murdered children found in Tuam Ireland, Ireland’s police force Garda testified before the ICLCJ Court stating,

“The forensic people have told us that the configuration of the remains and evidence of continual decapitation and dismemberment resemble the usual signs of ritualistic murder.” We discussed this Here.

The Bodies of Over 800 Children Found At Catholic Orphanage:

In 2014, five Judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels judged evidence on over 50,000 missing Canadian, US, Argentine and European children who were victims of an international child sacrificial cult referred to as the Ninth Circle. Over 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada and all have been refused excavation by the Canadian Government, Crown of England and Roman Catholic Church. Dead and mutilated children were found in cold room containers by ITCCS teams and local police, after they disrupted Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice rites at Catholic facilities in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France and Lucerne Switzerland on April 30. There were 8 children rescued, all under age 6, and 19 cult members arrested.  One document obtained during the investigation was called The Magisterial Privilege (which we have not been able to find though it was claimed to have been filed into the ICLCJ Court record…) states that prior to taking office each new Pope participated in killing infants and drinking their blood. We know the elite, so we already know this is true, whether it’s in a record or not.

“Forensic remains, evidence and records of murdered children evidently were ordered destroyed by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby,” – Kevin Annett of the ITCCS.

This is how it always goes. The elite make laws that keep you trapped and them free. Evidence, not witnesses, not survivors. The list goes on and on, the slaughter of innocence for Luciferian perversions continues every day, en mass.  How many hundreds of thousands of children must be harvested by them each year before people decide to stand up against them? It will continue because no one cares enough to act. Everyone believes in the elite’s systems. People do not wish to be free.

“During some renovations to a room annexed to the Apostolic Nunciature in Italy, situated in Rome, Via Po n.27, some human bone fragments were found.”

Peter Alexander Chernoff confessed to the Police he had kidnapped 10 year old Kevin Collins, and supplied him to a cult within the Bohemian Grove to be sacrificed. He testified that the Satanic ritual involved 9 participants and 9 knives. Kevin Collins was snatched off the streets of San Francisco and sacrificed as he lay on the table. As Kevin lay on the table the NINE blades were brought up through him.  The murderers were: Willy Brown, Arlin Spector, Barney Frank, Roger Mahoney (LA cardinal), Pope Ratzinger, Robert Bird, George Bush Senior, Warren Buffert and the Master of Ceremonies who was Michael Aquino.

Others who have been identified, as participants in the Ninth Circle Cult sacrifices, in court by eyewitnesses include:
Popes Francis, John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger; the UK’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and High Court Justice Judge Fulford; in the Netherlands: Dutch and Belgian cardinals and royals including Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, Queen Beatrix, her father and vice-Roy, Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army force and the present under secretary of the Raad van State; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen of the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and UK.

The Ninth Circle Cult has been linked to Luciferian genocide of children in Brussels, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Rome, Paris, London, Washington DC, Geneva, Montreal, Tara, and a great many other places.

Pope sacrificing children underneath the Vatican:

Svali Describes Witnessed Child Sacrifice In The Vatican:

The elite push to make their corruptions normal and accepted by open society again. We have seen exponential Luciferian activity increases over the past 10 years alone.  Now, in Tokyo, Japan a restaurant named: The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin, which means “Edible Brother”, is a Cannibalism Promotion Tool, serving human flesh. Remember back when Hillary Clinton was found to have a hole in her tongue caused by her cannibalism, we discussed the horrendous effects that happen from this practice.  The British company “” boasts about their “exclusive real human leather products” online;

“All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen, with YEARS of experience in handling the finest leather known – human leather.”

We see it more and more in movies and TV shows, programming you to feel Cannibalism is normal and acceptable. Just like you openly accept rampant sex, feminism, abortion (another Luciferian Ritual), pedophilia, and trans/homosexualism. This is occult. The Un-natural.


Mother of Darkness Cult and the Satanic Triangle:

If you want fame or fortune in this world, you have to pay for it with souls of the innocent..the saints. This is what it takes to be a Star, like the elite.

These are the children of Cain. They have always been focused on the extermination of ALL of those who are not.

elite exposed

The Rothschilds:

Unlike the Aldobrandini’s and other upper elite families, the Rothschild’s, being a lower family are not as censored in their information. The lower families are there to catch the public attention.  Their names are supposed to be known and easy to find.  They keep you distracted from the upper, real ruling families. So we will not waste much time on the Rothschilds, though they are the most powerful of the lower bloodlines. All they are involved in is easy to find but we must remember, their money, their power, is not their own.  A brief summary should suffice.

The Rothschilds have been intimately involved in controlling Enemy No.1 of the elite, primarily the Hebrews and the Children of Israel through all of history.  As Babylonians and later as Egyptians, they enslaved the Jew; as Romans they enslaved and murdered them. They took over the Jewish religion recreating the Babylonian Talmud, and pushing Kabbalah Occult, steering the Jews further away from truth and freedom, away from Torah. As the Vatican, they enacted numerous crusades to exterminate them, first as Muslims and then as Christians, for a short time before they changed back to more obedient Muslims; as Germans and Russians, they exterminated them, then they became Jews themselves. If u cant beat them, join them. But they didn’t, they made Zionism, to further divide and conquer the real Jew and anyone who follows Torah: The Law.

The Zionist Rothschild’s created a physical state of Israel, causing further deception and perverting more truths. Now the “Jews” control the world. Simply repeating history as it has been repeated for thousands of years. Rothschilds Israel slaughters all who live in the true Semitic Hebrew land of Palestine. Meanwhile, Baron Edmond Rothschilds built the first pipeline from the RED Sea to the Mediterranean, to bring oil from Iran to Israel. He also founded Israel General Bank. Oil and Gold.

Israel Bombs Children:

Why You’re kept from Truth:

Why are the real Jews so hated by the Nazi Roman elite who call themselves Jews? Why are you brainwashed and programmed to hate Truth and be violently opposed to it?  The elite have been murdering all who stand against them, and expose Truth, through all of history. The Truth we have told you about, in previous articles, and continue to point to in exposing the enemy. Everything the elite do is done in deception, to keep YOU from seeing the Truth. All one has to do is read the Jesuit Oath to understand the elite beliefs. It is not vital one understands the occult, as it is more beneficial to know the TRUTH. Once you know that, the elite become unambivalent…

rothschild luci

Everyone knows the Rothschild’s control all Central Banks in the world. These banks are controlled by the Bank of International Settlements.  The BIS’s founding members were the central (Rothschild) banks of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and a consortium of Japanese banks. This Bank made by Central Bankers for Central Banks, helped rebuild Germany. During the war, the BIS became a de-facto arm of the Reichsbank, laundering Nazi gold and carrying out foreign exchange deals for Nazi Germany. Bankers have no political side, the only side they have is money. That is all that matters to them. Whether they need war to extract it, genocide to accumulate it, or disease to siphon it. With Bankers, it’s not about humanity, or conscience, because neither are able to exist in a golden cage. The Economic Consultative Committee holds the monthly G-10 meeting on a Sunday at 7 pm. The 18 members are from all areas of the world and discuss, plan and carry out the Global Economy Agenda.


“Like many of those working for the UN or the IMF, some of the staff of the BIS, especially senior management, are driven by a sense of mission, that they are working for a higher, even celestial purpose and so are immune from normal considerations of accountability and transparency.

The Vatican Treasury holds the imperial wealth of Rome. Imperial wealth grows in proportion to its victories in war, as the Jesuit empowerment Regimini militantis ecclesiae implies, the Church-at-War is more necessary than the Church-at-Peace. The Rothschild family is subtly titled ” guardians of the papal treasure ” in the Jewish Encyclopedia. Papal being Upper bloodlines.  They protect wealth, as money-handling intermediaries for the upper elite. This is only as it should be, as the Caesarean Guards of the treasury carried red shields. However the reason Amschel changed their name from Bauer to Rothschild (red shield) was to honor the symbol he hung proudly outside of his German home: a Red 6 pointed Star/Hexagram which signifies 666. The very same star they forced real Jews to wear.


The London Rothschilds of the 17-1800’s used opium to trade with China, instead of their Silver standard, which the Rothschild’s successfully collapsed by 1936. By 1800 the Rothschilds were known as the only power in Europe. While flooding China with opium, causing millions to become addicted and die, the Rothschild’s depleted the wealth from the region, like so many other regions of the world.

During the Napoleonic War (1815) the Rothschilds were trafficking money for the British government. Gold and silver coins from across the world poured into England on Rothschild ships, to pay British soldiers’ wages. Nathan Rothschild kept a sample coin from each of these shipments, which have been preserved.  44,000 people died in 9 hours, while Nathan sat on a hill, watching.

Before the Rothschilds changed their name from Bauer, they controlled many cults with their group of lower elite families including The Round Table, The Freemason, Templar, Alta Vendita, and more. They were one of the original 6 creators of the Illuminati. The Council of 13, or Grand Druid Council, take orders from the Rothschilds. For those who don’t know, the Grand Druid Council instructs all religious teaching and education. In other words: Every pastor, priest, minister, mosque, church, or any religious organization is taught, controlled and expanded according to the Rothschilds. Freedom of Faith only exists to those who do not get involved in religious groups. There is a huge difference between faith and religion, naturally. The elite control religions, because they can’t control faith. Out of the Rosicrucian cults, the Rothschilds Golden Dawn was born with the help of public personality William Wynn Westcott who was also in the inner circle of Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.  The Golden Dawn cult rituals included Ceremonial Magic, Kabbalah, inner alchemy, Tarot, Enochian Magic, astrology, divination, and Egyptian Magic. Typical elite HogWash. Aleister Crowley was a member of the cult, among many others. For much more detail on the Golden Dawn and other cults see Here. Same same…

cube-el-luciferIn 1830, the Rothschilds created the Mormon cult, promoting polygamy and old Egyptian ideologies. Shortly after the Rothschild s formed the B’nai B’rith cult.

In 1848, Rothschild descendant Karl Marx is used as a poster child for Communism, the perfect Anti-Thesis to Capitalism’s Thesis System. Communism is then used by the Rothschilds as a form of government in the Red States until it grows so large, it is then updated with occult and renamed to New Age. We are all programmed to be good Communists today, in news and school and everything in between. We no longer recognize it for what it is. “Change” and “Sustainability” are communist ideologies based on Luciferian philosophies. The Rothschilds Sculpt the Future Foundation “promotes positive environmental CHANGE towards global SUSTAINABILITY by supporting creative, innovative, and SUSTAINABLE action.”

Order out of Chaos.

Know Your Enemy and Stop Falling for the Obvious BS. (Climate CHANGE…pfft)

Vatican’s Climate Change Agenda:

In 1865, the Rothschilds formed the Salvation Army under the guise of Christianity. Later, they did the same with the Russell family and formed the Jehovah’s Witness Cult. Anything to keep Truth seekers deceived and divided.

In 1888, the Rothschilds chose Ghandi to be their next puppet and teamed him up with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Annie


Besant, member of Theosophical Society of Adyar Madras and Indian National Congress. Besant ran female Freemason cults in the area. The Theosophical Society was given it’s headquarters in India by the Rothschilds. (HQ sign) —>

In 9 years flat Madame Blavatsky would bamboozle this planet with occult and spirituality, and lay the foundation for Nazi Aryan Pride, from which the Jewish state of Israel would be born.”

Thanks to Rothschild-Blavatsky’s Gandhi, 111,000 Indian soldiers died for England in WWI, sent to fight in the most dangerous sectors of war. These death were recorded as English deaths, with no memorials. Again, in WWII, the Rothschilds profited from the deaths of 243,000 Indian soldiers, killed by Rothschild descendant Adolf Hitler. Hitler was also a member of Blavatsky’s cults as well as the Rothschild created Thule Society, one of their Aryan Occult groups.

Through history, when the people no longer stand for what the elite do, and rise against them, the elite families flee. They always flee to the New World: UNIted States of America. Always. And American’s wonder why there is nothing but Jesuits and Freemasons running around?  That’s what the country was made for.

This script is repeated for every war in the last 300 years. The Rothschilds buy their bread with your blood.

Artists Santiago Borja, Eva Rothschild and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster were selected to be part of the creation team to renovate the Sonneveld House in Netherlands as an observatory devoted to Helena Blavatsky.

In 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as ‘Yale in China.’ It has since been shown that ‘Yale in China’ was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen. Yale’s Mao Zedong was then put in place by the Rothschilds. Even after the Boxer Rebellion attempted to destroy the Jesuits and push them out of China, once again, Macau remains the operating base for the Jesuit operations in China.  Henry Breakspear, the Grey Pope, head of the upper elites, selected by the upper families, lives in Macau.

Are you starting to get it? History repeats and there is NOTHING new.

History…you would have to know to understand, but of course, they keep history hidden under labels they program you to hate.

The Rothschilds control the Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Research is structured around five programmes: energy, environment and resources; global economy and finance; global health security; international law; and international security; as well as six regional programmes, covering Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Eurasia, and the US and Americas.

Naturally, through all of history the families (Rothschilds included but not alone) have always kept close watch on their enemies. They keep them close, study them, and work meticulously to dissect and destroy every cell, every idea, every fact about them. The elite play BOTH SIDES (of EVERYTHING).



The merging of the Aldobrandini and Rothschild bloodlines in the 1970’s, is something to take note of, as it is happening throughout the family.  The blood is what matters.  That is what has meaning.  The woman is the one who carries the blood, the status, the power – to the elite – because it was from the women of the Fallen that they were engineered. The UnHoly Mother.

The Brandolini family is a Venetian branch of Aldobrandini. Marie Brandolini (died 2013) was the daughter of French Béatrice de Rothschild, aunt of David Rene de Rothschild. Marie (Rothschild) married Count Brandino Brandini Brandini-d’Adda who is the head of the family and it’s activities including Sacra Corona Unita. We see the French Rothschild’s are merging with all aspects of the Aldobrandini family in this current generation. Their son Marcantonio, has taken over his mother’s business affairs.  Guido, the eldest, currently works at Rothschild & Co in the UK.  We will have to wait for their third son, Gioacchino, to grow into his position yet.

More Here!

The Aldobrandini Tazze, which were owned by the Aldobrandini’s throughout their numerous merges, were split up, sold around and are now part of the Waddesdon Rothschild Collection in UK.  A ‘tazza’ is a shallow, ornamental food platter, mounted on a foot. The Aldobrandini Tazze are silver and depict the lives of The Twelve Caesars of Rome, such as ancestor Nero playing his lyre as Rome and it’s citizens burn.

Francesco Aldobrandini died in 2001 leaving Princess Olimpia Anna Liliana Aldobrandini as his only heir. Francesco’s brother, Prince Camillo Aldobrandini’s living descendants are Paola who is married to Noble Federico Arcelli and Don (Lord) Clemente Federico. Clemente appears to be involved in Agriculture though much is unable to be found online about these people as they control the content of the internet and make certain their names are deleted from many things.

Paola’s husband is a Knight “jure sanguinis” of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and Knight of Grace and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Angelo Federico was adviser to the vice president of European Investment Bank, adviser and member of the executive board of the World Bank. He was also an adviser in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), part of the World Bank Group. Member of the Consultative Committee on the European Constitution in Italy’s Ministry of EU Affairs, the list goes on and on in the banking industry. Whatever qualified him for giving so much advice no one will ever know. With the elite families all you need is blood. You may see his CV Here.  Their two girls are Maria Camilla Lavinia and Francesca Stefanina.

Francesco’s other brother is Don Giovanni Ferdinando Amerigo Aldobrandini whose children are Pietro and Lorenzo. Giovanni teaches History of Political Doctrines in the LUISS Department of Political Science and writes books. Previously, he taught at Sapienza, Rome and is a “fellow” of London School of Economics and St. John’s College, University of Cambridge.  Though we know all of the members of these families are involved in multiple cults including the Knights of Malta, there is not much more to find online about them.

Princess Olympia Anne Aldobrandini (aged 18) was married, in 1974, to Baron David Rene de Rothschild (aged 31), who was the head of the French Rothschild family and NM Rothschild & Sons.  David, who was preparing to marry someone else, was married to 18 year old Olympia.  She was 13 years younger than the 31 year old.  The London (aka New Venice) and Venetian Banking Cartels and Mafias were United.

They have 4 children: Lavinia Anne Alix de Rothschild, Stéphanie Anne Marie, Louise Lili Béatrice de Rothschild and Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild, married to Olivia Bordeaux-Groult.

Stephanie Anne Marie is married to Augustin Marie Bruno Édouard Charles Liffort de Buffevent. Augustin worked at Rothschild Co for several months, but now is director of Faure le Page. The company boasts of it’s being sustained through seven generations of the same family who supplied France with weapons for both sides of every revolution and war. Some of their most beloved pieces of weaponry include Napoleon’s sabre  (remember he was Aldobrandini) and King Louis XVI’s hunting-pieces. So while Rothschilds were running gold, the LePage’s were running bullets. Like the Rothschilds, Pierre Le Page was born in Normandy (as were his children). He was handed the arms business by Pigny, whose relatives have been involved in designing and building Rothschild estates.

Little Alexandre, son and heir to the Rothschild Empire, graduated from the Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur, and worked at Bear Stearns Investment Banking in New York and Bank of America in London. In 2008, he focused primarily on the establishment and business development of the Merchant Banking platform within the Group, subsequently running Paris Orléans Proprietary Investments, and heading the Japan office. He also worked for Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-British conglomerate incorporated in Bermuda. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Group Executive Committee. He is General Partner of Rothschild & Cie Banque and Rothschild & Cie in Paris. On 17 April 2018, Rothschild & Co announced that Alexandre de Rothschild was now Executive Chairman of Rothschild & Co, succeeding his father.  He is also head of Rothschild Proprietary Investment. Alexander was married in 2009 to Olivia Elise Urquhart Bordeaux-Groult.

The heir of the Aldobrandini AND Rothschild empires is a Roman Catholic, Aryan, Aldobrandini– under the public label of Rothschild. As the Rothschild s continue to marry, we must see if there is an Aldobrandini-Rothschild bloodline merge going on in this generation. Already we have seen 2.

If the upper elite families continue merging with the lower elite families in THIS Generation, then it is an obvious agenda to reform the Original Tribe, bringing ALL Black Blood back into one Line.

Their Next Order will be like all of the ones before it. You know what they were like. So you already know what to expect. You already see it in place. Occult rituals: abortion, gender changes, homosexuality, sun/star worship, pedophilia, over-medication. Occult Philosophies: now called New Age, Progressive, Liberal. Hive Mind Kontrol deleting humanity.

Occult Rituals:




I recognize no authority on this earth, as all authorities are Lucifer’s Followers. Their laws are used to limit and control us, not them. They are above the law they set out. Therefore, so am I. So are you. I am Anarchy. I am Free. I will not be controlled by Luciferians.

Will You?





Understand Your Enemy:

Huxley exposes NWO in 1950’s:

To Help you Keep an eye on them, (keeping in mind marriages to the upper bloodlines are the only merges of consequence)
Living Rothschild Dynasty and Title Heirs:


Head of British Line: Son of Jacob: Nathaniel Rothschild married to Loretta Basey whose father is the Brexit Party Treasurer
Son of Evelyn: Anthony James Rothschild married to Tania Strecker
– Ronald De Rothschild
Son of Evelyn: David Mayer Rothschild


Son of Edmond de Rothschild: Benjamin married to Ariane Langner


Head of French Line: Son of Guy: David Rene Rothschild married to Olympia Aldobrandini
– Son and Heir Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild, married Olivia Bordeaux-Groult
Son of Amschel: James Amschel Victor Rothschild married to Nicky Hilton
Son and Heir of Elie Robert: Nathaniel Robert Rothschild married to Nili Limon
Son of Alain: Éric de Rothschild married to Maria-Beatrice Caracciolo Di Forino
– James Alain Robert Alessandro de Rothschild
– Pietro Noé Gennaro de Rothschild
Son of Alain: Robert de Rothschild married to Debra Elisa Cohen
Son of Guy: Édouard de Rothschild married to Arielle Marie Mallard
– David Raoul Guy de Rothschild
– Ferdinand Eduard Robert de Rothschild
Son of David Lionel: Leopold James de Rothschild
Son of David Lionel: Amschel Nathaniel de Rothschild
Son of Robert James: Jacob Alain de Rothschild

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April 27

Superiorly General

Greetings World,

We have exposed Pope Francis extensively over the last few years, as well as the inner workings of both lower and upper elite families. The upper elite families rule the world through the Jesuits. The elite are setting up their Global Government. Jerusalem and Rome have always been the two control points of the world, and as these diseases and disasters increase, as they must, and countries are forced into chaos, until the Global Government is formed. Then the elite will finally have their Holy Roman Empire back.

Alessandro Farnese, AKA Pope Paul III, officially authorized the Jesuits on September 27, 1540. The Jesuits are a military order. They are Human TraffickersThey are Assassins.  They are Pedophiles.  They are Mystics (New Agers). They are sodomites (ass fuckers). They are Luciferians.

pope lucifer

Between 1555 and 1931 the Society Of Jesus (the Jesuits) was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states, and cities, for engaging in political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection. And still the world forgets and is controlled by them in all facets of life. Please read this pdf for details we will not repeat here.

Today there are a known 16,740 Jesuits worldwide, including around 12,000 priests and 1,300 “brothers”.

The Jesuit Order Full Documentary:

The Jesuit Black Pope is almost the “most powerful puppet on Earth”. (Both Black and White are non-bloodline puppets, ruled by the Grey Pope who is a bloodline upper elite.)  The Black Pope rules over Maritime Laws (business), controls the banking system (lower elite families), and the SS (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard, Mossad, CSIS, DGSE, FSB). The Jesuits control all governments, education systems, religions and carry out the agendas they are given.  The educational system is used by them to collect and train agents. The White Pope (the public figure) Francis, has inspired Jesuit education, especially Jesuit higher education, to go further in a direction we have already taken.  Your education is controlled by the elite. All it is are Luciferian ideas and theories brought to you by elite puppets.  This is what determines if we “graduate” and are enlightened enough to be part of society…their society. Follow orders and stay in conformity to the mentality of that society.

jesuits generalWe have broken the hierarchy of the elite bloodlines down many times before, but just to sum up and refresh your memories on their clubs:  The Sacred Constantinian Military Order of St George manages the Italian division of Jesuits or Society of Jesus. The Order of the Garter manages Freemasons through the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland. They use Freemasons for infiltrating all aspects of society. Freemasons serve their Grand Masters which serve the Grand Masters of the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland which work under the British Crown (the Rothschilds of London).  As always, those on the lower levels of the elite’s hierarchy are those you are allowed to see, and those you often hear about. Leaders are puppets of the Jesuits.

CIA Officer E. Howard Hunt on Jesuits:

Let’s look at the Black Pope of today and what he has been doing, under the command of the upper families.

sosa general

As we already know, Superior General Arturo Sosa Abascal, the Black Pope, was selected October 15, 2016.  He is a part of the Arcana Arcanorum controlled by the upper Bloodlines within the I-Mori (these are the Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini, Somaglia and Breakspear families). Their command center is within the Borgo Santo Spirito, which is missile protected.

Arturo Sosa Abascal is from a prominent family in Caracas. His father, Arturo Sosa, was a professor of Economic Theory at the Central University of Venezuela and president of the Finalven Financial Company and vice president of the National Banking Council. He became a member of the Social Christian Government Board that formed after the fall of the dictatorship of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958, and worked as the Minister of Finance between 1982 and 1984, during the administration of president Luis Herrera Campins. The rich had bloated their pockets and the economy on oil until there was nothing but an economic collapse. Arturo Sosa was in charge of refinancing its $9.6 billion short-term foreign debt. President Herrera Campins is widely criticized for having increased the Government bureaucracy by 50%. Carlos Andres Perez was then made president and launched a programme with IMF loan. Riots, martial law and general strike follow, with hundreds killed in street violence.  In 1992, Colonel Hugo Chavez and supporters make two coup attempts. Around 120 people were murdered in suppression of coups, and Chavez jailed for two years before being pardoned and becoming the next leader.

Now that we know a bit of background on Venezuela, let’s run through a quick timeline of the educational years of Superior General Sosa…

In 1966, Sosa joined the Jesuits. In 1975, he met Superior General (Black Pope) Pedro Arrupe. In 1977, he was ordained by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He has a degree in political science from Universidad Central de Venezuela, and a doctorate in philosophy from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, where he was a member of the founding council. In 1978, he became a professor at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, where he taught at the seminar on History of Political Ideas in Venezuela.

In this year, Pope Paul VI died, in the beginning of August; his successor John Paul I ran the church for only 33 days before being assassinated by the Jesuits, and on October 16, John Paul II took over the government. Completing the trinity of Popes for that year.

In the years of 1979-1996, Sosa was the Director of the SIC Magazine, Director of the Gumilla Center and Research Coordinator of the Rómulo Betancourt Foundation and a full-time researcher at the Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Political Science of the Central University of Venezuela for two years.

Sosa participated in the 33rd General Congregation of the Society (1983) where he was the youngest delegate. This is where he began his close relationship with Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis). Both are Marxists who believe in dictatorships and have both supported them in their own countries (among a great many other things). Marxists (extreme Communists) refer to socialism as the first, necessary phase on the way from capitalism to communism. Marx was an MI6 puppet. One of the favored elite children whose Luciferian training is used in public education today. If you want to control the world, you must control the minds of those who inhabit it.  Jesuits control all education–for generations.

Pope Francis was asked in an interview: “So you yearn for a society where equality dominates. This, as you know, is the programme of Marxist socialism and then of communism. Are you therefore thinking of a Marxist type of society?”   To which Francis replied, “It has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians.” (Christians being a keyword he uses to hide himself, like Jew.)

The elite have always been Dictatorial and Tyrannical in their beliefs and hierarchical structures. The Vatican (the elite) have always supplied, supported and advanced dictators of the world.  Dictators are kept in power, not taken from it. We can see countries across the world being conformed to the New World Order government style, especially after the recent lock-downs. In 1989, Arturo Sosa signed a letter welcoming Cuban President Fidel Castro to Venezuela.  He was involved with many Castro followers as he was one himself…if that is not evident already.  The letter begins:
“We… wish to publicly express our respect for what you, as the main leader of the Cuban Revolution, have achieved for the dignity of your people and therefore for all Latin America.”

It goes on to say that “only ideological blindness can deny the place the process you represent occupies in the history of the liberation of our peoples.

Over these years, Sosa worked tirelessly building “comunidades cristianas de base” (Basic “Christian” Communities) which were committed to building Socialist societies in Latin America and Venezuela. As Marx taught: praxis is the birth place of theory, and theory is built in order to guide practice, so his disciple Sosa has been dedicated to rewriting the Catholic (what he calls Christian) Magisterium. Tell a lie often enough people believe it as truth. This is what the Jesuits do. Sosa believes in Marxist Liberation theology, which proposes a political salvation, adopts materialism and atheism. The results of this structure can be seen in Venezuela: death. While working for the SIC Magazine Sosa put out a great many articles pushing the theories he believes in and pushes today: re-interpretting Christianity from a Marxist viewpoint to Divide and Conquer those who would seek real truth. Marxism cancels out Christianity so both can not exist in the same belief system, just like any other religion.  One can not be both.

“Sosa was an active promoter and defender of the 1992 coup d’état. Without losing his independence, he was linked to various groups on the far left. He did grassroots work in neighborhoods, wrote pamphlets, and strongly opposed the economic reform that Social Democrat President Carlos Andrés Pérez promoted.” -former Democratic Action Party senator.

“Both Sosa and José Virtuoso –current rector of the UCAB- are political scientists and were close in the postgraduate courses of the UCV and the Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB) to circles affected by insurrectional movements, who were interrogated and detained in 1989 and 1992 by the Disip (former political police) and the DIM (Directorate of Military Intelligence).” – states Aveledo Coll.

Just as we saw Pope Francis doing in Argentina, Sosa did in Venezuela: Working the line between the coup military on behalf of the Venezuelan Catholic Church, as a Jesuit, and in charge of “ensuring respect for Human Rights”. These people’s histories are so repetitive, they always follow the same script.

From 1982 – 1996 Arturo Sosa was a professor at the School of Political and Administrative Studies at the Chair of History of Political Ideas of Venezuela, at the Central University of Venezuela. Sosa attended the 34th General Congregation in 1995, where he came to know Superior General Adolfo Nicolás.  From 1985 – 1994, he served as a teacher in the chair of Analysis Socio-Political of Venezuela in the course of Command and General Staff in the Superior School of the Air Force. Until 1996, he was the coordinator for the social apostolate of the Jesuits in Venezuela and director of the Centro Gumilla (a school for research and social engagement of the Jesuits). In 1996, he was made the Superior of the Society and Vice Chancellor-President of the Foundation Council.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the General Preparatory Council of the Society of Jesus. In 1999, he was quoted by the school’s magazine stating:
“The personal leadership that Hugo Chávez Frías has exercised in recent months, has served as a retaining wall for the strong and growing currents driving anomie and anarchy in Venezuelan society.” (Translation: Dictators are good!)

On April 11, 2002, while a coup d’état was in progress, Chavez revealed that the first call he made was to Sosa:
“First I invoke God, I was saying on the phone to Father Arturo Sosa, to God and to all the saints, father, let’s send the blessing and all the saints, so that nothing serious is going to happen here.” – Chavez on television. Sosa was in-fact incarcerated in 1989 and 1992 by Venezuela’s military intelligence agency because of his involvement with the military coup of Chavez.

In 2004, Sosa became a professor at Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, DC and was made rector of the Jesuit University in Táchira. In 2006, he was the Professor of the Chair of Venezuelan Political Thought at the Catholic University of Táchira.  In 2013, Sosa, who was now president of the Catholic University in Tachira, Venezuela, presented a lecture called “Political Implications of a Humanizing Globalization.” For more of Sosa’s education please read this thorough background

From 2014-2016, he was a member of the Curia of the Society of Jesus and worked with the international houses for Jesuits, in Rome. He worked between various colleges, including the Pontifical Gregorian University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Pontifical Istituto Orientale and the Vatican Observatory intimately with the Superior General Aldofo Nicolas (Black Pope). He then began publicly distancing himself from the Chavez group.

“Fifteen years of Chavista government have failed to establish the foundations of a new political legitimacy…I refer to this regime as a system of domination, not as a legitimate system.” – Sosa in Medellin, Colombia, August 2014. Upon hearing this, the Provincial Secretary of the Society of Jesus in Venezuela, Francisco Javier Dupla exclaimed his hopes that Sosa will bring to the entire congregation the “style of government” that he displayed on his land – Military Dictatorship.

superior general

At the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, Sosa was made Superior General of the Jesuits. The title of the First Plenary Assembly under General Sosa was “Rowing into the Deep”. (Remember what Deep/Dark meaning and their symbolism?…not encouraging.) During his first Mass as superior general, the next day, he reflected on seeking to do not only the improbable but the impossible, because “nothing is impossible TO God”.  Equating himself as God, therefore nothing is impossible for Sosa.  The Bible says All things are possible THROUGH CHRIST.  He further stated, “To seek the impossible is a Christian mission and a way of expressing one’s faith.” Another warped deception. Words have meaning, and if you don’t understand where Luciferians are coming from, you will be deceived by their lies.

new age old occult

Arturo Sosa Abascal made statements in an interview with Giuseppe Rusconi published February 18, 2017 on the blog Rossoporpora. Abascal’s comments are directed at Christ Jesus’ words, in which He reveals the sacred pact of marriage, as quoted in Matthew 19:5-6 and 8, He states:
“For this reason shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and the two shall be one flesh. Therefore they are no more two, but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. It was because of your hardness of heart that Moses permitted you to divorce your wives; but it was not this way from the beginning.”

Sosa states:
“What is known is that the words of Jesus must be contextualized. (Translation: Jesus Words and the Word of God have no absolute meaning and therefore no power as truth.) This attests that the word is relative, the Gospel is written by human beings. (Translation: The Bible is not the Word of God, as every Christian believes. His statements are worded to cause doubt.) Discernment leads to a decision: one must not only evaluate, but decide. The Church has always reiterated the priority of personal conscience. (Translation: Whatever you want the words of Jesus to mean, that’s what they mean. There is no right and wrong, just do what thou wilt Luciferian Doctrine as expressed to the public by puppet elite Crowley.) Doctrine does not replace discernment, nor does it the Holy Spirit. (Translation: Your personal opinion is the only thing that matters. Doctrine doesn’t have meaning. God has no worth.  The Holy Spirit God promises to all who believe, as a guide and protector of the soul, has no value.)”

general truth

The elite’s have been working for many decades bringing the New Age (New Aeon) philosophy into mainstream mentalities. This is why the perversion of society through the sexualization of children and acceptance and promotion of pedophilia has been established.  Luciferianism must be normalized and thanks to the progress they have been able to make in every country of the world over the last 2 generations, they have already succeeded. People are so uneducated they have no idea what Luciferianism/Occult is!!  Marriage, which is a Christian establishment, was first perverted in our current age, by Luciferians when divorce was widely accepted. This left the sacred act of sex and the sacred bond of family cheapened and meaningless. This causes irreversible damage to the children involved who are forever stunted in relationship skills and mental development. This is why relationships leave people used and abused instead of loved and protected for life as intended. This is why people feel empty and insecure, hoping from one meaningless encounter to the next just to get the fast-fleeting simulation of “love” which the elite have twisted to mean physical lust and nothing more.  When you don’t even know the true meaning of something as basic as love, how can you ever expect to have it?  Love is self sacrificing, loyal, patient, kind, understanding, unquenchable, unconditional, confident, committed and secure. It is the only security human beings can have. That is why the elite have worked so diligently to destroy it. To keep truth from you. We are supposed to be human beings. Not parasites.

The family structure (and thereby all relationship structures) is void because it has been inverted. Trust is unable to be formed, let alone stability.  This is self evident with the spread of propaganda about Gender Confusion…the keywords alone make one who understands logic want to blow their brains out.   There is nothing to be confused about, but that is the point.  People do not know the definitions of terms used.  Ignorance is your fault, no one elses.  The elite, Luciferian education is so thick today that frequency, humanity and natural order have all been inverted.  This is what we call education.  Jesuits control all education.

In the Jesuit’s controlled education system we are taught theories and fables, not skills and knowledge we need as humans.  We no longer learn morals, relationship skills, responsibility, mastery of a talent, endurance, commitment, loyalty…you know…real human characteristics. But that’s the point. To keep you stunted and inhuman.  The world has been controlled for so long by Luciferian Pedophiles that we already accept their beliefs. Humans don’t even know what being human means…the responsibilities and powers we share. Free will requires a free mind.

Let’s look back…

When the Christian faith began to rise, after the resurrection of Jesus, the Roman Empire slaughtered as many as they could.  It continued to spread and grow as the Roman Empire began to crumble and fall.  When the Roman Empire resurrected itself as the Vatican, it was led by the same Caesars of Rome, and tirelessly worked to control and divide Christianity in various ways… as we have already discussed all of this in detail before we will continue on now. Suffice it to say, the Roman’s Religion of Christianity is controlled by the Jesuit education system, and used in an inverted way that is opposite of the true faith. Christian is a very broad term now, thanks to the misuse of it. Catholics equate themselves with Christians now. Publicly, this is the distorted understanding. A blatant lie.  Sosa professes to be an general of the Society of Jesus himself, and a Catholic in one breath, while declaring neither has any worth or truth in the next.  Through Roman Catholic Canon Law, the Vatican believes (publicly) that the Pope has been vested with 2 powers: Spiritual and Temporal (political). The Pope lost his temporal power of ruling countries in 1517, because of the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was one very successful attempt to break true Christianity, and thereby all countries, governments and peoples, from the choke-hold of the Vatican. Thus the Jesuits were born to reinforce the power in 1534. The Council of Trent was then convened by Pope Paul III three separate times from 1545 – 1563. It declared a formal curse on Protestants, with the intent to return the world to the “Dark Ages” under the dictatorship of the Pope. The Jesuits began infiltrating missionaries and churches, as well as gaining powerful positions as confessors to kings. They used their confessions as blackmail to aristocracy, and this is how they took power of leaders. They took their oaths to the Superior General not the Pope. The Spanish Catholic forces took possession of the baton, shown below, after they extinguished the Protestant revolt headed by William of Orange at the Battle of Mookerheide in 1574. Pope Clement XIV signed a decree in 1773 and banished the Jesuits, taking and/or destroying all their assets in every nation. Every country adopted it except for Russia, where Orthodox Christianity opposed the Vatican’s jurisdiction. The Jesuits continued to meet in Russia and had the Pope poisoned for his banishing them. They instigated the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, just as we see them doing today. Pope Pius VII reinstated the Jesuit Order in 1814. So then Europe was at peace.  The USA is the only nation in the world formed under the “heretical” Protestant values of Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, and Freedom of conscience in an attempt to keep Jesuit control of the people contained.  This didn’t work for more than a handful of years.  This years American Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, has two honorary degrees from Jesuit colleges and is a ruthless pedophile and top authority within the political faction of the Jesuits inside the United States….just like his predecessors.

jesuit general

Having been degraded and uneducated as a race, for so long, has made our will powers and morals weak, pitiful and in most cases nonexistent. Truth is hard. Life is work. Especially hard work if you intend to be a complete human being with a soul and a pure and healthy body and mind.  You are programmed and have been for generations now, to reject truth, to especially hate the elite’s enemy: Christians and anything having to do with the positive frequency of your soul.  Movies, TV, Music, School and even the church itself have all been warped and controlled by the elite to build these automatic barriers within you: mind control. The point is not to educate you, but to leave you blind, lied to, and mentally hindered from being able to activate your soul. We have discussed this in depth many many times before, for those who understand what we really write about. Most of you think we discuss human people, human events, which is all that your brainwashing can allow you to comprehend. We can only show you the door, but you have to know what a door is.

Later that same year, Sosa stated that Christians, the mortal enemy of Catholics and all Luciferian religions, have “formed symbolic figures such as the devil to express evil”.

“It is hard to imagine a more convenient ideology for anyone who prefers to “go with the flow” rather than swim against the currents of this world. But as G. K. Chesterton pointed out, it is only the dead who do nothing but drift downstream…The truths that God revealed to us through His Words do not vary, and neither does God Himself.”Dr. Jeff Mirus. 

catholic jesuit

“You must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds; they are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart; they have become callous and have given themselves up to licentiousness, greedy to practice every kind of uncleanness. You did not so learn Christ!—assuming that you have heard about him and were taught in him, as the truth is in Jesus. Put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new nature, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” – Paul Ephesians 4:17-24

Sosa professes to be an officer of the Catholic Church, which has always upheld the strict protocols. The bible that the Catholic Church uses is not open for public snooping, not for the free mind, but it is guarded and ruled by the same Roman Rituals that it was first formed with. All of this goes against the Christian belief.

Continuing to unite religions under the One Religion of the New World Order: Luciferianism, Sosa spoke with Buddhist monks in Cambodia in July 2017.  He visited the oldest Buddhist temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia and meditated with the monks in front of the idol of Buddha. In his speech he did not mention God or the Bible as is customary for a Jesuit speech to contain, but rather continued to degrade what he represents (publicly) to his usual relativism, indifference, and agnosticism. His speech had nothing to do with the soul but only to do with the flesh. He praised Pope Francis more than his god. See full speech and more background of the warping of Buddhism and Catholicism here.

buddhist jesuit general New world order

Buddhists don’t baptize. They don’t believe in God. Baptism is a strictly Christian belief, as stated by Jesus. Not to mention the obvious: A trained Catholic priest would politely but firmly, reject any invitation to attend a “religious ceremony” of a non-Catholic nature. Even if one was operating on the pretext of attempting to convert people to the Catholic faith, one would NOT attend these ceremonies and would absolutely not be in a picture participating in a ritual. See Canon 1325 § 3, Canon 1258 and Canon 731, § 2.

But the New World Order can hold only one religion. So all of the divisions the elite have created and controlled over the centuries must now be brought together, no matter how completely opposite they are and ridiculous it is. Indifference is the best way to nullify a belief.


“We need to assimilate the entire preferences in all its complexity. Each preference includes at least three complementary dimensions…We are not working for the poor. We are working with them in their style of life and we work for “social justice”, for change. We (Jesuits) need to change economical political and social policies AND causes.Arturo Sosa

After the Jesuit-backed migrant invasion of Europe, the Jesuit Black Pope immediately spoke out to shame European countries into accepting floods of Islamic migrants, consequently destroying the nations.

“No country has the right to turn away migrants! The goods of the land are for everyone.” – Arturo Sosa

Translation: No country is an independent authority for it’s own preservation. No countries citizens, economy or culture is worth sustaining. It must all be destroyed. It has all gone as planned. Those who do not remember Jesuit Albert Pike’s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, here is a relevant excerpt:

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.  – on Albert Pike and Three World Wars

“The future of Europe depends heavily on the workforce that comes from other countries. For this, a common strategy must be planned. Migrants are a source of wealth: to escape from wars and famines are men and women who have the desire to work “. – Sosa states about the Jesuit planned migrant invasion.

The migrant flood included Jesuit Islamic State fighters, as well as jihadis from Boko Haram, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and so forth. Every countries economy has taken a huge economic hit from this event alone. Germany now has 75% of immigrants on long-term unemployment and life on benefits, Switzerland over 80% of Somali migrants are on welfare. There was already a job problem in Europe before this, but such was the design. Now that the Corona panic has bridged the separation of these false flags and hoaxes by country, they have international global reach. These diseases, economic collapses, militaristic lock-downs will continue and only increase GLOBALLY.

In 2018, Arturo Sosa Abascal became the new president of the Union of Superiors General.

jesuit general

On July 8, 2019, the Pope appointed him for five years as a member of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and for the Societies of Apostolic Life. Pope Francis had a special meeting with Arturo Sosa which concluded with The Universal Apostolic Preferences. These 36 rules, called preferences, are to give “a horizon, a point of reference to the whole Society of Jesus. They capture our imaginations and awaken our desires. They unite us in our mission. The new Preferences are four areas vital for our world today. The Society of Jesus will pay special attention to them in the next ten years.”

In August, 2019, Sosa once again stated that the devil is not real, and this time he went even further to claim that the devil can not possess a human vessel:
“The devil exists as the personification of evil in different structures, but NOT in persons, because he is not a person, he is a way of ACTING evil. Symbols are part of reality, and the devil exists as a symbolic reality, not as a personal reality.”

So Sosa is the devil? Since he ACTS evil? There is no evil, only an action. Like being a pedophile, is sold to us today as being an uncontrollable action, nothing more, so it’s not a big deal. Pedos just can’t help destroying people’s lives, bodies and minds. Consent….not self control…right?  Nothing to see here. But meanwhile, back in reality…

lucifer nwo


In the Roman Catholic Church, that is heresy and carries with it an automatic excommunication (see Canon 2314). in any other decade he would have been. But the point is to create doubt and diminish belief and further deaden the soul of the individual and the whole of humanity.


Thankfully one group had enough mentality to come back at Sosa for his statements. The International Association of Exorcists responded stating:

“In the face of these serious and confusing statements, which have already been expressed in the past by Father Sosa Abascal at the supplement of El Mundo, some doctrinal clarification in the light of the magisterium, even of the current Pontiff, is necessary… The real existence of the devil, as a personal subject who thinks and acts and has made the choice of rebellion against God, is a truth of faith that has always been part of Christian doctrine. This truth is confirmed by a document of the Congregation of the faith, published by “L’Osservatore Romano” on June 26, 1975. The text examines in a detailed way the declaration of the Lateran Council IV.”

They continue on to discuss Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et exultate written in March 19, 2018 which states:

“We therefore do not think that it (the devil) is a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure or an idea. This deception leads us to drop our guard, to neglect us and to remain more exposed. If this truth is denied, one easily falls under the devil’s clutches, who “like a roaring lion goes around looking for someone to devour”.

As an International Exorcist Association, we like to end by reporting what was stated by the Italian Episcopal Conference at n.5 of the Presentation of the Italian version of the new Rite of Exorcisms, promulgated by the Holy See on 22 November 1998 (De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam):

The disciple of Christ, in the light of the Gospel and of the teaching of the Church, believes that the Evil One and the demons exist and act in the personal and community history of men. Indeed, the Gospel describes the work of Jesus as a struggle against Satan (see Mark 1: 23-28; 32-34; 39; 3, 22-30 and passim). Even the life of his disciples entails a battle that “is not against creatures made of flesh and blood, but against the Principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of evil (Ephesians 6:12)

The Catechism of the Catholics (of which Sosa is a trained representative of the highest position) states that Angels are spiritual, non-corporeal beings and “Satan was at first a good angel, made by God: ‘The devil and the other demons were indeed created naturally good by God, but they became evil by their own doing.’”

In September, Sosa commented on the political battle within the Vatican:
“Francis is fighting against clericalism and this exercise of power, and proposes a synodal church. It is essential that this path continues, according to the will of the Church expressed clearly in the Second Vatican Council, of which Pope Francis is a legitimate and direct son.”  Sosa believes the synodal process introduced by Pope Francis “creates unity”, and that the church shows “true reform” the “closer it comes to the design of the Second Vatican Council.”  In reality the Church is being disassembled brick by brick, as is the purpose of the Second Vatican.  Sosa further commented that the axis of Jesuit vocations has shifted from Europe to Latin America and Africa, with a big number also emerging in India.

What is synodality?  Basically it is where all of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy and rules are up for interpretation as anyone sees fit, this eliminates authority and responsibility and accountability. Do What Thou Wilt.

In order for all religions to be one, they must all become of the same worth: valueless.

lucifer nwo general

In December of 2019, Sosa decided to attempt to patch up his remarks about the devil.  During an interview about six Jesuits and two employees who were killed in November 1989 by Salvadoran soldiers at the University of Central America in San Salvador, he stated:

“The power of the devil obviously still exists as a force that tries to ruin our efforts.”

Not so eloquent when he tries to justify himself. Typical. Pathetic.

new age is luciferianism

Progressive, Secular, New Age = Elite Belief System. It’s not hard to see the trends and see through the deception…if your pride will allow you to.  Those who do not understand the occult will fall for the “New Age” deception.  As the elite follow Lucifer, and therefore promote the new world religion of “New” Age occultism, we will see more and more that they will speak out to convince you that the devil is not real. If you believe he is not real then you are no longer a threat. Is it all starting to make sense?  Elite: Luciferians.  Enemies of Elite: Christians.  Elite do what they always do: infiltrate and take over to hide behind the name, just like they did with the Jews.  This is how you get rid of an enemy.  Cause everyone to hate them, for no known reason, and hide behind them in disguise. Why are they so scared of Christians?  That should be obvious…

The moral structure that makes us human beings has already been completely watered-down to nothing in society. This will only increase, as it must, to form the New World Order. Everyone who will remain alive in the completed New World Order WILL BE Luciferian. It is not a debate. That is what ALL of their agendas, and everything that they do is focused to bring you to. So naturally, as we are already at such a degraded state, the leaders will more and more not only use the keyword of “global government” but the “New Age” Occult as well.  This will all be accomplished by deceiving you into believing there is no God, because you are god.  The elite’s god is Lucifer, who they call Christ and Lord. Luciferians are masters of deception, it is not difficult to figure out but you must have an active brain.  The elite want you to believe that Lucifer’s enemy, Jesus, is not Truth and that His words have no value; that the devil is not real, and that you can not loose your soul.   You must use your mind, and your spirit. The things the elite have worked diligently to destroy in you…not just through your “education” or “religion” but through the very air you breath and the device you are reading this from now.  Everything the elite do is to damage and shut down your soul. Frequency. Truth.

“For the first time in the history of the Jesuit order, the process of discernment involves not only the Jesuits but also the women and men who are engaged with them, including non-Christians and the followers of other religions.” -Sosa

Translation: The Jesuit Order is expanding, harvesting as many as possible, especially the poor and vulnerable. The elite exploit each persons weakness. Those who are easily taken advantage of…beware.

Everything you learn in school, see on TV, what you call news, is ALL scripted and organized and carried out by Jesuits. Every war, every pandemic, every report written for the public, every “event”: political, religious or otherwise is orchestrated by the Jesuits. This is the alternate reality. This is the parallel universe. The Inverted, Perverted, and Everted Elite’s warped New Old World.

lucifer general

Arturo Sosa stresses the crucially important educational role Jesuits are playing and will continue to play through their schools and universities, and he envisaged greater networking in order to have “a global impact.”

The latest Jesuit global occult ritual pushed the new key-phrase “One World: Together At Home” under the guise of supporting healthcare workers in the fight against the Corona pandemic. Who was one of the highlighted “stars”? Lady Gaga: the “hermaphrodite” poster-child of Baphomet helping induce the mental disorders needed for the bright new world order. A decent list of Jesuit puppets and pawns can be seen here.

“We Jesuits are people of hope; we believe another world is possible.” -Sosa

The Event is Coming.
Expect it.


AI: The Plan to Invade Humanity

Occult and Sodomy AKA The reason “Aliens” Anal Probe AKA Trauma Programming

Play Pope

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September 15

Rulers of New World Orders Past

As you all now know a rough outline of the elite’s history, we thought it may be fun to dive into the genealogy of our rulers again, this time focusing on some rulers of the New World Orders of the past.

As we typically do, we will go back to the Tribe of Naphtali. The land given to the tribe was called the Garden of Palestine, named thus as it was beautiful and the soil was rich. The Tribe of Naphtali was greatly reduced by the Syrians, whom they fought constantly. If one wonders how deserts become deserts, it is due to death. Because of the wars with Syria, the land was destroyed and became a desert and the people were all but demolished. Naphtali had four sons. Jahzeel also known as Yetser or Yachtseel. Guni, Jezer, and Shillem. Naphtali was buried in Egypt where he died and where many of the Asher and Naphtali relocated to, becoming Pharaohs. When they left the area of Israel a large number relocated in Rome, in an attempt to take control of the empire.


We have discussed how the Naphtali tribe was part of a three family tribe called the Tribe of Dan. When the tribe of Dan was traveling the world in the trade business, some of the Naphtali and Asher tribes stayed in Egypt becoming the Pharaohs who enslave the then called Isrealites. Naphtalis have always had a problem with the tribe of Judah. The real Juden, not the Ashkenazi Jew which the Naphtalis have since named themselves. The difference between blood Jude and religion: what we know is a tool used to cover the elite and control the masses. The religious Jew which doesn’t necessarily have blood attachment to the tribe of Judah, at least not today. We can see through history the tribes and their generational blood feud. The Naphtalis have enslaved and murdered the Judeans and warred on them since the beginning. Judaeans were slaves in Egypt, slaves to Rome, slaves to Babylon, slaves of Germany and so on through every Naphtali controlled land. Violence, hatred, greed, murder. Nothing good ever comes from them.

After much traveling and a series of splits from the tribe of Dan, many went back to Egypt and Palestine areas to settle. There the Naphtali tribe paired up with Zebulon tribe. Zeb was the 6th son of Leah, Joseph’s wife.  Enan was the first named leader after Naphtali. His son Ahira ben Enan was the Prince of the tribe in Sinai. Jumping ahead a few generations to the mid 1200’s BC, we see the tribe still in Kadesh, still trying to regain it’s previous land.

Barak the son of Abinoam was assigned to be the military leader by Deborah, the superior governing voice. Deborah ordered Barak to destroy their enemies and take back Mount Tabor, what we call Mount Hermon today. At the time Sisera and the Canaanites inhabited the land. Barak was given ten thousand men but he refused to fight unless Deborah was with him. He pursued the chariots and the forces to Harosheth, and all the army of Sisera was destroyed by the sword. Not a single man was left. Sisera fled into a tent, exhausted. The woman there took a tent peg and hammered it through his head, killing him.

An excerpt of the song sung after this so called victory states: “Rise up, rise up, O Barak, Take your captives, O son of Abinoam! And with Barak, the men of Naphtali. Into the valley they streamed after him.”

The Barak of the BC and the Barrack of today both played their parts to destroy the inhabitants of the middle east for greed and lust, using their main ruling centers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Israel to snuff out the rest. These blood feuds go back a long time. Nothing changes but the education and awareness of the people, or lack there of. Back then, Barak overthrew the city to the foundation, and was the commander of the Israelites for forty years.

Naphtali’s land was in Palestine. What we today incorrectly call Northern Israel. Back in those times there was so much violence and bloodshed the tribes, which were now nations, decided to make safe zones. A sanctuary city where anyone could run to for safety and protection and where no crimes were allowed to be committed. They set apart the city of Kedesh in Galilee in the country of Naphtali. Shechem in Ephraim. Kiriath Arba, which is Hebron in the country of Judah. Hebron is the most ancient of all the cities of Canaan. It was as old, if not older, than Damascus, and was built seven years before Zoar in Egypt. This is where David was crowned king of Israel. Across the Jordan, east of Jericho, they designated Bezer from the tribe of Reuben. Ramoth in Gilead from the tribe of Gad. And Golan in Bashan from the tribe of Manasseh. Golan formed the most northerly Refuge-Sanctuary on the east side of Jordan, as Kedesh did on the west.tribes genealogy location

Besides the Sea of Galilee, the other lake on the borders of Naphtali lands is called Merom, also known as Bakrat el-Huleh or as the Babylonian Talmudists call it, the sea of Semechon. This is a place that has gone by many names and had a temple of the golden calf which the waters ran beneath. It is situated in the southern part of a valley formed by the two branches of Mount Hermon. Near the upper end of this, the three streams which form the Jordan unite. These three streams then flow through Palestine connecting the three seas: Merom, Galilee, and the Dead Sea. On the west side of the Jordan above the lake, a marsh extends up north as far as the junction of these streams, or even farther; while on the eastern side the land is tilled almost down to the lake.

In 732 BC King Pekah allied with Rezin, king of Aram and threatened Jerusalem. King Ahaz of Judah, appealed to Tiglath-Pileser the third, the king of Assyria, for help. After receiving tribute from Ahaz, Tiglath sacked Damascus and Israel, annexing Aram and a large part of Israel, including all the land of Naphtali. The remnant of the tribe that inhabited this area was all but destroyed once again.

Much has taken place in the area of the lake of Merom over our history. Besides what we have already discussed, Joshua and Jabin the king of Hazor fought at this point, in the plain of Asor. Again in 66 AD the Galileans revolted against the Romans who occupied and ruled the Global Government at that time. If we jump ahead in history we come to the crusaders who occupied this area for some time as well.

The Whole Works.

Josephus Timeline.

A town now called Safed sits on the heights due North of the Sea of Galilee, and is often spoken of as the “city set on a hill.” When the Templar Knights came to take the land for the Vatican they fortified the city as part of their Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was built in the form of a horseshoe, open to the North, round the Castle Hill, the ruins are there still. King Fulk also known as the Count of Anjou was of Salic or French royal descent and married the Countess of Main, Lady Ermengarde de la Fleche. Their daughter married William, the son of King Henry the first, of England. William died in the White Ship wreck of November 1120. Fulks son Geoffrey was married to King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda, better known as Empress Maude. After his wife died, Fulk was chosen for the Crusades to take Jerusalem. Both the French and English royal families knew his wealth, connections and influence was a threat to them. The French Baldwin family ruled the area at that time and daughter Mellsende had been raised to be queen of the region. Baldwin decided, along with King Louis of France, that Fulk should be married into the ruling line so as not to cause any disruptions. The couple were joint rulers as contingency. Fulk brought the Kingdom of Jerusalem to its largest territorial extent before he died in 1131.fulk genealogy of the elite

If we follow his genealogy back we go through William Longsword, count of Normandy and descendant of the famous Viking Rollo from the Norse region. Rollo and his vikings settled in Normandy where he became the first ruler of Normandy, France. If we continue in Fulk’s family tree we come to Robert the second, Archbishop Rouen Devereux. He was the great grandson of Rollo. Robert’s nephew became a Duke and was very hard to keep in line, their disagreements lead to Robert being banished. Robert excommunicated his nephew, which resulted in him being unbanished. When he returned to rebuild the churches and abbeys in the area. The family line continues back to Norway.

Though we have only touched on the French and English blood relationships we must keep moving and see what has happened during this time?

Remember we mentioned previously how the tribe of Naphtali had split several times by this point, and that one very large line had long since settled in and developed and ruled Rome, as it still does today. Another Naphtali line had broken off with the collective Dan tribe after Troy and half went to Britain where it remains to this day. Some of the Dan tribe went with them to defeat the giants causing trouble in the area. The rest of the Dans went to Danmark an settled into farm life. The other half of the Naphtali tribe left after the battle of Troy, went to the area named Pannonia, the region from today’s Germany across and up through Russo-Asia. Another area, of Pannonia they inhabited was called Illyricum, covering the area below and east of Pannonia. Just as there are many small countries in the eastern Asian region today, so there were a great many tribes back then. There were so many nomadic tribes, families, in this region. They slaughtered each other because of their blood purity. They changed their names and locations often. They married into tribe leadership positions in order to obtain the tribe through marriage, as they do today. For many hundreds of years these so called barbaric tribes perfected the laws and systems the elite use to control governments, populations, religions and currency today.

family bloodlinesThe rulers of today can be traced back through genealogy, to these bloodlines, to these tribes, which can in turn be traced back to the tribe Naphtali as we have already detailed in our document EL: the Bloodlines and in its video series All in the Family. The French, what were then called Salics we know came from the Ashkenazi region, from the tribes who came out of the woods of Pannonia one day, with the sole purpose of taking control of Rome. Their capture of France destroyed a large portion of the Roman Empire and they began to call themselves Fraunk-men, Frenchmen, meaning Free Men. The tribe then formed the military and allied itself with Rome. While the Roman elite thought that being allied together would establish peace and control over this group, the Free Men wanted Rome. They infiltrated the Senate and military. The rest followed quickly. We can still see these 2 distinct separations in the ruling families today. What we know as the Banking families of freemen and the Papal families of Jesuits. Both hands of the same tribe. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have some tribe Rulers to look at yet before we get to Rome.

The first known Illyrian king was Bardylis, but first we must know more. Back to the time of the great divide. The remnants of the tribe of Dan and the tribe of Naphtali who had sailed the seas together and seen many lands parted ways after the battle of Troy, a city in current day Turkey. The Royal House of Troy was divided into two bloodlines: the House of Dardanoi, and the House of Troy. These two families ruled what was called Troad, or Ilium, known as Troy, where Achilles was buried. Dardanos, one of the sons of Illyrius was the ancestor of the Dardanoi. Their trade routes and territories from Turkey through to Maldova can be followed through the remnants archaeology has uncovered, not to mention historical documentation. house of troy genealogy

King Bardylis succeeded in bringing various tribes into a single organization. A New World Order. Under Bardylis leadership the Dardani defeated the Greek Macedonians and Molossians several times. They were strong enough to rule Macedonia through a puppet king in 392 BC. This nation loved war. In one battle 15,000 men were slaughtered, giving more land to the kingdom. In 359 BC Bardylis’ army killed 4,000 men and he killed the king of Macedonia himself. King Phillip II of Macedon, now Greece, married for a truce to end the constant onslaught from the tribes. When he was a child he had been held hostage in Illyria under Bardylis. He then became deeply and forever involved in the Sacred Band of Thebes. This was a troop of select soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army.

Phillip was involved in the Third Sacred War which had begun in Greece in 356 BC. He invaded Thessaly, defeating 7,000 Phocians. Philip returned to Thessaly the next summer with an army of 20,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry including all Thessalian troops. In the Battle of Crocus Field 6,000 Phocians fell, while 3,000 were taken as prisoners and later drowned. In order to concentrate on securing his crown, Philip reaffirmed the treaty the Dardanians had imposed on Macedonia by force of arms and sealed the alliance by his marriage of Audata, the niece or possibly granddaughter of Bardyllis. Philip later became the father of Alexander the Great. Though there was continuous Dardanian dominance and expansion and many battles that took place, the Battle of Erigon Valley was the last. The Illyrians numbered 10,000 infantry and 500 cavalry while Phillip had 10,000 infantry and 600 cavalry. Diodorus Siculus writes this of the event.

“And at first for a long while the battle was evenly poised because of the exceeding gallantry displayed on both sides, and as many were slain and still more wounded, the fortune of battle vacillated first one way then the other, being constantly swayed by the valorous deeds of the combatants; but later as the horsemen pressed on from the flank and rear and Philip with the flower of his troops fought with true heroism, the mass of the Illyrians was compelled to take hastily to flight. When the pursuit had been kept up for a considerable distance and many had been slain in their flight, Philip recalled the Macedonians with the trumpet and erecting a trophy of victory buried his own dead, while the Illyrians, having sent ambassadors and withdrawn from all the Macedonian cities, obtained peace. But more than seven thousand Illyrians were slain in this battle.”

7,000 died, including King Bardyllis who was over 90 years of age. After this victory for Philip, one by one he united the states of Greece under one government. He then turned his sight to Sparta. He sent Sparta several messages stating:  “If I win this war, you will be slaves forever.” and “You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.” To both accounts, the Spartans’ reply was one word: “If”.

Phillip never attacked Sparta, nor did his son. In 334 BC, Cleitus the son of Bardylis, the Dardani, in alliance with other Illyrian tribes attacked Macedonia, ruled by Alexander the Great. From this point on, the many defeats the Illyrians has suffered depleted their numbers to the point that their power simply died off in time. This we can find has happened to many of the tribes and nations of that time. Every tribe was warring the one next to it fueled by greed to occupy and destroy. Both sides wanting it all. Nothing has changed. History always repeats, because those who control it only have one script. You can find the repeats happen about every 500 years and every 1000 years as well as the more short term scripts which loop around every 100 years.

As we mentioned before in this area were a great many tribes over this time. Pannonian tribes as well as the Illyrians, explicitly list the number of Decuriae in their tribe. The Decuriae were the natives controlled by the Romans. We have seen this technique used often by the elite, such as in the death camps of Germany where they often used privileged prisoners to control and punish other prisoners. In this time, around 30 BC, the many tribes were warring constantly with the Roman Empire and to the Asian side tribes had formed dynasties and Emperors. 200 years away from building the Great Wall of China. But that’s for another time. The kingdom of Illyria grew considerably in the 200’s BC, occupying modern Croatia and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

Monunius was a descendant of Barylis whom we discussed earlier. He ruled the Dardarians in Illyria. He had an alliance with Pyrrhus, king of the Molossians and one of the strongest opponent of Rome. Monunius is recorded to be the first Illyrian ruler to make his own silver coin mint. Coins had been made for quite some time by the tribes, but he was the first to make a mint. They were minted in Durres, which is today’s Albania. It is thought that he was buried in the royal toms of Selca e Poshtme, where a helmet was found with his name engraved in it. Around 300 BC, the Illyrians, being skilled masons like the Romans, cut monumental tombs into the rock around the Perlion acropolis, some had the Greek Ionic columns.

Pannonia and Upper Moesia.

Let us look at Queen Teuta. In 231 BC she ruled the Ardiaean kingdom after the death of her husband King Agron, she warred with Rome and was regent to her stepson Pinnes. King Agron died after a victorious battle which secured his kingdom. He drank and celebrated until the tissue swelled so much around his lungs that he died. His wife took over as his son and air was too young to rule.

Queen Teuta was an advocate for the right to piracy. As the Illyrian region raided Romes ships and shores in the Adriatic Sea, tensions rose. Gaius and Lucius Coruncanius were sent from the Roman Senate to reason with the Queen. At the time Teuta was engaged in besieging Issa, the last town in Phonecia to subdue. During the siege she met with the ambassadors. Apparently because they were rude to her, she sent some men to kill them on their way back to Rome. Rome was shocked. The pirates of Queen Teuta were no competition for the Roman Navy. After a few years of war, Teuta asked for peace. The Roman Republic was beginning to grow in strength and force.

More here.

Gentius was king of the Ardiaei in 181 BC. The region was along the Adriatic Sea and he was the last ruler. He grew jealous of his brother Plator as he was set to marry Etuta, the daughter of the Dardanian king Monunius the second. This would have made him powerful, and for that he was killed by Gentius, and Etuta became his wife. They had two sons, Scerdilaides and Pleuratus. This secured his power and the peace between the Ardiaei and Dardani. Unlike his father, Gentius decided to break peace with Rome, and unite Illyria. The land of Queen Teuta was under the control of the Romans, so Gentius moved on to Pharos, in today’s Croatia, to gather the remaining Illyrian loyal populations. Illyrian strength was in their ships and Gentius continued in the tradition of piracy. Perseus of Macedon had recaptured several Roman outposts in Roman occupied Illyria which controlled the route leading west to the Ardiaei. Perseus sent a party to Gentius to discuss Perseus’ successes against Rome and to tell him they had no money. No alliance was accepted until Macedonia was invaded by Rome in 168 BC. King Perseus was forced to offer land to Gentius, if only to keep ships pointing at Rome. In what is now Montenegro, Gentius took the oath of king.

Many battles ensued between the kings of Macedonia and the Romans. During this time, in order to solidify control of the Illyrian lands again, he established a single tax over all the subjects. He did this simply by taking royal control of the monetary workshops or mints in the two cities where he resided. At this time Gentius was issuing bronze coins. Gentius built up a fleet of 270 lembi and an army of 15,000 men. His friends, Pereus and the ruler of Rhodes were ready for war and soon after, the third Illyrian War began. It was a messy war, with many of the Illyrians who had been under Roman rule before, simply not fighting the Romans in battle. After only thirty days, Gentius surrendered to Romes Anicius. Anicius gave him a full dinner before arresting him. Those who did not fight Romans were pardoned. Those who had been enemies, their cities, buildings and public institutions were burned and thoroughly looted. Those spared retained their previous titles and positions, with officials elected every year, and paid Rome only half the taxes that they had previously paid to Gentius.

Bato belonged to the indigenous Daesitiates tribe also called Dalmatian located in the Bosnian region. He was born into a prominent military and political family of his tribe. Tiberius was a Roman military commander put in charge of keeping the Imperial frontier secured from the tribes in what was then called Illyricum. The Roman Empire also controlled the Germanic areas and Celtic areas to the north of their empire in the same manner. Many of the Germanic and Celtic tribes accepted Roman trade and rules for gold. At that time the tribes had been in an almost continuous guerrilla war amongst themselves and mostly against the Romans. Tiberius was ruthless to the tribes, going into their lands and taking the children, selling them as slaves to Rome. During this time his bloodlust was already obvious. Batos decided they had the numbers to rebel. He was defeated. However, in Pannonia and Illyricum, the Breuci and other tribes also rebelled. The leader of the Breuci, was also named Bato. In 6 AD the two Batos and another leader of the Breuci we have touched on earlier, Pinnes, became an allied force against the Roman Empire. They joined forces and hid in the mountains of Pannonia. Many wars ensued. They were defeated again by the King of Thrace. They both survived and continued to invade Macedonia. The fighting back and forth lead to a planned attack by the Romans on the Marcomanni tribe. Emperor Augustus mobilized Romes Illyrian auxiliary forces. Though Rome failed to have victory against the Batos, Bato the Breuci was disliked by Balto the Dalmatian because of the Breucian tribes taking hostages from other tribes. Bato the Breuci was trapped and killed. The alliance then failed and Balto fled to a fortress in Pannonia, near Salonae called Andetrium. Governor Severus found him, chased him down and finally Balto surrendered. When Tiberius asked him why he revolted he replied: “You Romans are to blame for this; for you send as guardians of your flocks, not dogs or shepherds, but wolves.” Bato spent the rest of his life in the Italian town of Ravenna.

Though there is far more going on in the tribes during this time, we must continue on and save something for next time. We have seen the rulers of the Naphtali area in Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Britain, to the Illyrian tribes and France. Now we will follow them around to the Naphtali main hub. To Rome!

Some More History:

Roman Empire.

Historiae romanae Libri XLVI

The Medallic History of Imperial Rome

We mentioned Tiberius before, who defeated the Illyrian alliance. So let us begin here on the Roman side. His biological father was Tiberius Claudius Nero and mother Livia Drusilla. Tiberius Nero had fought against Octavian Augustus to protect Julius Caesar from his assassins. Keep in mind that Caesar and Augustus are titles, not names. The family fled Rome for some time and lived in Greece. After peace was established and they returned to Rome, Livia met Octavian. Octavian Augustus decided he was in love with his mortal enemies wife, even though she was pregnant with their second child. Octavian divorced his wife and forced Tiberius Nero to divorce Livia, and even had Tiberius Nero give her away in the wedding to Octavian. Their child, still a young boy, named Tiberius, was reluctantly adopted as son of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus. Though Octavian and Livia tried to have an heir, what they conceived died. Livia had a statue made of him, as Cupid, which was placed in the temple of the Capitoline Venus. A replica was also placed in Augustus’ bedroom.

Tiberius, grew up in the palace, with all privileges and experiences, but was not liked by Augustus. Tiberius and his first wife, Vipsania Agrippina had only one son, Nero Claudius Drusus, also known as Drusus the second, and Drusus Julius Caesar. As Tiberius’ son was not of both Claudian and Julian bloodlines, his right to be heir was removed by Augustus. Then Augustus had forced adopted Tiberius to divorce his wife and marry Augustus’ daughter Julia and adopt Germanicus, who was Augustus’ grandson-in-law, as heir. When Tiberius lost interest in Julia, he was exiled for some time. It was not in exile that he became corrupted, but in exile his perversions were allowed to grow unchecked.

By 14 AD Octavian Augustus had died without a blood heir, and Tiberius was Emperor of Rome. Tiberius had always been known as a ruthless military leader, and this continued on. He abolished Egyptian and Jewish religious groups in Rome, and banished astrologers. He consolidated the Praetorians for efficiency, crushed city riots, and abolished the right of sanctuary.  While Tiberius had no respect for nor much attraction to women, as is common with this type of perversion, he was ready to hop on men and boys from any given angle. During a ceremony he rushed one man out, along with his brother and a flute player in the temple and raped them all. When they complained about it, their legs were broken like many before and after them. His sexual perversions and insatiable appetite even led a noble woman to kill herself.

In the eighteenth year of Tiberius’ reign, Christ was crucified in Judea. Shortly after his death, the Roman Governor at that time, Pontius Pilate, wrote to Tiberius an account of his crucifixion, resurrection and miracles. Upon receiving this letter Tiberius made a report of the whole to the senate, desiring that Christ might be accounted a god by the Romans. The Senate refused, as they were displeased and embarrassed that the proposal had not come from them first.

Tiberius’ only son, Drusus was given many accommodations and positions in military and politics and married his cousin Little Livia. Tiberius’ adopted son Germanicus, had always been loved by Augustus and became a much loved military leader just like his father. The people praised him as though he were a god. Syria, Judea and many other districts of the Roman Empire were all on Germanicus’ side, should he ever think of challenging Tiberius. Now that Augustus was dead Germanicus was not favorite to anyone with power, and every victory he had in battle and every celebration the public threw for him, only made Tiberius hate him more. When the people first heard Germanicus was ill, the entire country was in shock and sadness. Upon hearing the news of his recovery, there was a stampede to the Capitol to pay their vows. Tiberius was woken from his sleep by the crowds rejoicing in united song, singing: “Safe is Rome, safe too our country, for Germanicus is safe.”

During this time, Livia, Drusus’ wife, was in a relationship with Tiberius’ right hand man, Sejanus. Sejanus was one of Tiberius’ lovers and in charge of removing threats to Tiberius. Tiberius sent Cneius Piso to govern Syria, to oppose Germanicus and excite hatred of him without raising suspicion. Piso attacked Germanicus in every way he could and Germanicus remained unaffected. This only put fuel on the fire. Eventually Tiberius had enough and dark spots appeared all over Germanicus’ body, a side effect of poisoning. Germanicus died foaming at the mouth. We have seen this in several whistle-blower deaths called suicides, it is one favorite method for the elite. The public grief could be checked neither by any consolation nor edict, and it continued even during the festal days of the month of December. Piso was framed for the murder and killed himself. Drusus was then taken under Tiberius’ wing and often spoke for Tiberius in public affairs while Tiberius retreated to his perversions. Tiberius changed laws as he saw fit, and interpreted them to mean what he wanted them to, at the time it pleased him. Morality no longer had a definition. A law was in place at that time that any injurious attempt against the Emperor was seen as treason. Tiberius used this to mean whatever he wished. This control and fear grew until society grew suspicious of each other and trust and friendship were only in dreams. Drusus was poisoned to death a few years later, by Sejanus. The Jews began to revolt under Pontius Pilate’s rule. An amphitheatre fell, killing 50,000 people. His empire was a disaster, but this was of no concern to Tiberius.

He retreated to his palace in Capri, to be left to his twisted practices was his fascination of mind control, pedophilia and humiliation. He had little boys and girls stand in what were dubbed nooks of venery, made up as Pans and nymphs, in outside bowers and grottoes, for sexual assistance to anyone in the garden. People openly called this the old goat’s garden. He had an entire library of pedophilic paraphernalia. Today people are shocked about the Lolita Express of Boys Town or the Franklin Files, but pedophilia and ruling have gone hand in hand through history.

Tiberius trained little boys, whom he termed tiddlers, to crawl between his thighs when he went swimming and tease him with licks and nibbles. Unweaned babies he would put to his organ as though to the breast. We have discussed what this type of sexual programming does to the young minds of even babies. Many adults even today use the excuse that if a child does not cry or bleed, then you have done them no harm. Sexual acts are not always damaging physically but they are always damaging mentally, regardless of age. People are quick to find any excuse to make their evil acceptable. To make you tolerate it, as if they were born that way. He adapted rooms to suit his libidinous exercises. Sejanus always continued to be as close as possible to the throne. He had secret spies and informers placed in all parts of the city, to convert the most harmless actions into subjects of offense. Every action became liable to forced interpretations. Sejanus, still intent on killing off the rest of the bloodline, declared Germanicus’ sons Nero and Drusus, enemies to the state. They starved to death in prison, while Agrippina, their mother, was sent into banishment. In this time many many people were put to death, and imprisoned both by Sejanus and his SS and Tiberius and his activities. Sejanus was constantly working to make himself Emperor of Rome and with Tiberius occupied on his island, he was able to all but call himself the Emperor. Just when the Senate thought it was too much, Tiberius ordered Sejanus to be imprisoned. The Senate was too overjoyed and took the opportunity to execute him instead. After which his entire family and extended family were murdered. The wife of Piso was put to death, and a great many others. Anyone with connection or friendship with Sejanus was killed, regardless of wealth or station. Tiberius, covered in ulcers, bald and bent from age at 67 years old, grew tired of the justice system and ordered anyone accused should be put to death without further examination. He left the ruling to his Lieutenants and Mesia was siezed by the Dacians and Sarmatians, Gaul by the Germans and Armenia by Parthia. Tiberius remained wholly consumed by his perversions. As he aged, Germanicus’ son, Gaius Caligula, had grown in his reputation. It was said he was a serpent that would sting the empire, and a Phaeton that would set the world in a flame. Caligula was adopted by uncle Tiberius and raised as heir to Rome. Let us continue with Caligula’s story now.

When Caligula’s father Germanicus died, Emperor Tiberius summoned him to live at the sex palace in Capri. Caligula was sick and weak, and still young when he was adopted by Tiberius and had grown up among the army his father had lead. As Germanicus’ son, he was favored by the people. He, knowing what Tiberius did to his family, hated Tiberius and at long last, Tiberius died. Everyone was relieved to be rid of the evil Emperor and though his grandson Gemellus was rightful blood heir, Caligula was nominated and declared Emperor by the Senate. The joy the people felt for this election was not confined to the Roman Empire, and victims without number were sacrificed upon the occasion. Caligula knew how to play the crowd, and threw a huge illustrious funeral for Tiberius. After that he ran to the islands of Pandataria and Pontia, to remove the ashes of his mother and brothers, exposing himself to the danger of tempestuous weather, just to give a luster to his piety. Advertising is everything. Upon his return, he ordered funerals for the ashes and ordered the month of September to be called Germanicus, in memory of his father. When Caligula fell sick, a multitude crowded all night long around his palace, and some even devoted themselves to death, in case he recovered. He continued to retrieve and honor the other family members who had been murdered by Tiberius, and burned all informants and conspirators. He did what we call draining the swamp according to Trump. He flushed out the old leaders and brought back the institutions Augustus had set in place. Pontius Pilate was banished to Gaul and the knights were strictly inspected. Many people were banished and killed, as must happen when one side takes over, the other side must be erased. As jealousy increased, Caligula called in the death vows and many more people, including Tiberius’ grandson Gemellus, were murdered. He became extremely vain and ordered the heads of all statues of Jupiter to be removed and replaced with his head. He would sit in temples of the gods, be they male or female, taking their place and forcing all to worship him. He then built a temple for himself, wherein he was the god, and soon after made himself a priest of his own temple. He often courted the moon, inviting it to come to bed with him, and embrace. He frequently had whispered conversations with the statues of Jupiter.caligula

He committed incest with his three sisters, prostituting Livia and Agrippina to his perverted companions. After which, he banished them as adulteresses and conspirators against his person. His third sister, Drusilla, he took from her husband Longinus, and kept her as his wife. Caligula appointed her as heiress of his empire and fortune and after she died, he made her a goddess and all were forced to worship her. After attending a wedding, he commanded the wife be brought to him, as his. After a few days he became bored of her and when she went back to her husband Caligula banished her. This happened to a few women. Milonia, being not young nor beautiful, held his attention more than others, due to her sexual perversions. People were killed by Caligula for wearing a color that attracted more attention than his, or for having nice hair, or for being too tall. Caligula was ruled by his jealousy, vanity and envy. His horse stables were made of marble and ivory. His horse was also made a Senator. He had jewels that would dissolve in his food, and serve pure gold to his guests instead of food. His ships were just as extravagant as the rest of his things but his crowning engineering feat was the floating bridge at Puteoli. When this bridge was built, 3 miles long, he then had houses built on it to accommodate him and his guests, equipped with pipes running fresh water to them.  During the large celebration upon the building of the bridge, Caligula road chariots up and down it.

After the next day, much feasting and drinking was continuing and Caligula ordered many of his attendants to be thrown into the sea, as well as a ship filled with spectators to be sunk. All who tried to climb back onto the bridge were forced back into the water to drown.

After these few years of obscene spending, Caligula had spent all the money the Roman Empire had. Taxes were raised and all who had named Caligula their heir were poisoned so he could collect their wealth. He started a brothel in his palace as well as gaming homes. Once his daughter arrived, he killed knights and other noblemen for their money. He killed most of the Senate and cited them to appear as suicides. Those who he owed money too often found themselves as food for Caligula’s wild animals. His fascination with torture then grew. He would direct every movement of the torture and make jokes and rate the performances of the victims as and after they died. He enjoyed eating and having the relatives present. His corruption was so unbearable that before his fourth year as Emperor, he was stabbed to death by a group of conspirators, one of whom shouted, “Think on this.” His wife was then also stabbed to death and his daughters head was smashed against the wall until she was no more.

More here.

Though there is much more to tell, let us skip ahead a couple hundred years to Constantine the Great in 300 AD. He ruled during the time Christianity had grown and become the dominant religion in the Roman Empire and the Elite’s power began to fall in the minds of the public. Knowing the impact an idea can have and how fragile control truly is, Constantine began a corporate takeover of Imperial Roman Empire, and renamed it the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Another one of the elite’s brilliant name changes in history. This single moment, this one change, still holds a vast amount of control over the peoples minds all across the world, thinking the Roman Empire, the New World Order died when it is alive and well, and has continued to grow and grow. We have already discussed how the Vatican has control over every government in the world today, and now that the elite changed their main throne of power from a government to a religion, the process began, and in another hundred years the Roman Empire had been destroyed. We all know how the elite work slowly to achieve their goals, taking time keeps the public unaware because the masses are trained to be short term actors and thinkers. The powers were slowly dissolved from the Government and given to the Roman Catholic Church. But let us finish with what Constantine did to get this started.Chair

The Roman Emperor, also called Caesar, was renamed Roman Pope. Senators were called Cardinals, therefore the Roman College of Senators was renamed the College of Cardinals and the Magistrate of College of Senators was renamed the Dean of College of Cardinals. Roman Governors were renamed Archbishops. The Imperial Chair of Jupiter where Caesar sat was renamed and is still called the Throne of St. Peter, trying to cover itself in Christian terms. 

Let us discuss this Catholic is Christian deception again. Why the Throne of St. Peter, a heretic whom the Roman Empire only a hundred years earlier had crucified for being a follower of Christ? When the Elite have to save face, when their corruption has become too exposed, they must change face. Change name, change president, change king, change location, change the outside appearance so they can continue thriving under our noses. They often use the most popular movement of the people, infect it and attempt to destroy it. When they can’t destroy it, then they simply take the name. We have seen this in Anonymous and have explained how it happens extensively. You can’t kill an idea, especially when the idea is truth which frees the people of all elite controls, mental, physical and spiritual.

About 300 years before the followers of Christ began to sweep across the Roman Empire, after a man called Christ was crucified for being a heretic, a political dissident, in Rome’s state of Israel. He spent his adult life creating mayhem for the elites who had a solid grasp on the Judaic religious sects at that time and used that religion to control the people and make profit from them. He exposed the religious as well as the political leaders and sects to the citizens and He destroyed the markets and buildings the elite had corrupted. He taught what humanity was supposed to be, without this corruption. How we can all be free from the elite’s control. All those who attempt to be free are silenced by the elite, sooner or later. Crucifixion was used long before the Roman, Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, and has always been a favorite method of the elites. After this, two of His followers, Peter and Paul, traveled the Roman Empire for a while, teaching people about this and starting communities and churches. One of their friends, Linus was the first bishop of their church in Rome. As the message spread, and people realized their enslavement and became freed, Rome began to have issues with them. Rome attempted to hold back this uprising by crucifying any who claimed to follow Christ. The Romans labeled them Christians, using them for human sacrifices in the Olympic Games, but this only made the message spread bringing even more up within the Roman Empire. Slowly each of Christ’s followers were murdered as well. Peter was crucified, Paul was beheaded and so was Linus. Much bloodshed happened during the hundred years we skipped over in this video.

Back to our timeline, Rome had now realized it must adapt, change, rename itself. Shed its skin, so to speak, in order to survive. Since the idea could not be destroyed they must control it, turning it into a religion and a government. Something to be imposed on, altered and used for profit and indoctrination. So now they call the Imperial Chair of Jupiter, their real god, the Throne of St. Peter, to blend itself into and thereby corrupt a movement into a religion in order to control. Of course there is also big profit for them as always. Peter is now named a saint as it his friend Linus. Linus has also been named a Pope by the Catholic Church. What they can not control in life, they twist after death. We have previously discussed at length the reality of the Vatican, and have detailed the Luciferian agenda of it since its creation, so we will not go into that here. The Vatican, the Catholic Church calls itself Christian like the Ashkenazi elite call themselves Jews, the continuation of Babylon, the Roman Empire, is now called the Vatican. Another one of their saints is Astius who was killed in 98 AD for worshiping a god Dionysius. Just as they made anything a god in the old days, now they make anyone a saint. Roman Calendar and Holy Days of the gods was renamed the Calendar Holidays of the Saints. The legal act of creating a god of a living or dead human, as was done to most of the Caesars in this time, as they do today. The Apotheosis of the Gods was renamed the Canonization of the Saints. Praying to a dead human god was renamed Praying to a saint. Why did they start using the term Saint? Because Christ used that term, like he used church, Omnipotent and other terms. Jews and Romans and Buddhists had temples, not churches. Untwisting the truth from the elites histories is like pulling apart a thread strand by strand. Keep the lie close to the truth, hardly able to be seen, and let it grow. They cannot create, but they can twist, lie, pervert, corrupt and deceive.

To continue with the name and title changes Constantine implemented, the Vestal Virgins were then named Nuns. And Pontifex Maximus was the high priest of College of Senators Pontiff or “high priest ” was the same term used before Babylon for the pagan religious orders. They were priests of Zues, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Jupiter, Baal, Dionysys, Pythia and so on, as they are to this day. If you recall, we continue to repeat this fact. The elite are masters of deception and all they have to do is change the name of something and you believe it is either something new, or different or whatever it is they wish you to think. That is what occult means, hidden. Hidden from you, by the elite. That is why everything the elite have touched is consumed by illusion, filled with their symbolism, their codes, their colors, their lyrics, and their agenda. This has been going on for thousands of years. If anything, they have perfected their craft. Pontifex Maximus was changed to Supreme Pontiff of College of Cardinals.

By 337 AD, Constantine finalized the elites agenda for his rule which was to secure the Roman Empire, by ending crucifixion of Christians. Because of these changes even Christians today believe he was himself a Christian, Catholic is even now recognized as a Christian sect. Even when you look up things regarding the Roman Catholic Church or Vatican, they call themselves Christian. Therein lies this great deception. Any observation proves otherwise. From here the Catholic, meaning Universal, church simply sent out what it called missionaries and later on they formed the Knights groups to be their military front in the crusades. Taking back land and gold for Rome. We have discussed previously also, how the Catholic church went country to country forcing the ruler to accept the church. In other words, to accept the leadership and control of the Roman Empire. More recently, when Japan would not accept Roman rule the Vatican sent USA to bomb them at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As we have previously discussed the Jesuit priests were sure to be there, in their bunker, only to come out pronouncing Mary saved them. Once again, creating a false flag to fool the people into accepting Rome.

Just as they changed Caesar to Pope, to keep their genealogy hidden, they took Christians they had previously murdered and called them saints, besides sainting whomever they pleased just as they made anyone they pleased a god in the Roman Empire. Same idols, same extravagance, same rituals, same occult practices, same pedophilia, same bloodlust. Nothing has changed but the terms, and because of the misuse of terms by the elite their definitions are changed. By the time the British Empire had accepted Catholic rule, forming the second City-State in London, much had changed. King James had asked his elite rulers to publish the letters of the followers of Christ and include them with the Torah in one published book. This would help him regain control of his population, offering them this would fool the public into thinking their ruler allowed freedoms they had not had previously. One small act, and the ignorant masses grovel at your feet. The Catholic Church put together a group and went through every word of the disciples letters, numbering them and altering them as needed and printing King James’ Version. The elite had by now taken over the printing presses that had been invented, using this new form of control as they do. As more versions came out and more were published, more alterations were made. As usual, the elite work slowly and over time, so you do not grow suspicious or even notice. Now with every version that comes out the letters and original texts are more and more altered and even in most cases completely deleted. If you want truth you must, as always, go to the real source.

Today we can see the Roman Empire controls almost every government today. The few not under its power are bombed by the military arm of the elite, the USA, and the people are slaughtered, oil is stolen, and gold is made until the government surrenders. Not to Imperial control, meaning dynasty or monarch rule, which the Roman Empire had been until then, but Universal, meaning omnipresent, as gods. Onmipresent, like the creator whom Christ described. The elite have to take everything that is not theirs and twist it until you believe it is.

When Constantine died, his son Constantine the second became emperor jointly with his brothers Constantius the second and Constans, with the Empire divided between them and their cousins, Dalmatius and Hannibalianus. During this time tensions rose between the brothers and their cousins, ending in a family slaughter. The three brothers then gathered together in Pannonia and there, on 9 September 337, divided the Roman world among themselves. Constantine received Gaul, Britannia, Mauretania and Hispania. Constantius received the eastern provinces, including Constantinople, Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Cyrenaica. Constans, initially under the supervision of Constantine II, received Italy, Africa, Illyricum, Pannonia, Macedonia, and Achaea. Constans desired to rule freely, but Constantine knew the corruption which grew in his brothers blood. Constans ambushed Constantine, killing him in 340 AD near Aquileia and becoming ruler of two thirds of the empire.

Ten years later, Constans was assassinated by usurper Magnentius. The last remaining son of Constantine the Great, Constantius II, gathered the loyalty of many other rulers, and placed his cousin as ruler of the eastern empire. Constantius then marched against Magnentius in one of the largest and bloodiest battles ever between two Roman armies called the Battle of Mursa Major. A series of wars occurred between them all across the empire, until finally Magnentius killed himself in 353. By this time the empire was so large and had so many divisions it was falling apart right and left. One group would rise up to take over and after that one was squashed another would rise. This continued for many years and little by little lands were lost. By 361 AD Constantius had become so ill, he knew he would die. The most recent and largest rival who he was going to fight was Julian. Before dying of fever, he named Julian his successor.

While he was ruler he passed many edicts to continue the work his father had begun. Constantius attempted to mold the Christian church to follow his views, convening several Christian councils. The most notable of these were the Council of Rimini and its twin at Seleucia. The theologians whose advice he took were ultimately discredited and at that time he was seen as one who imposed his will on the now controlled religion. Constantius ordered the death penalty for those performing pagan sacrifices, which were animal and human, and banned sacrifices altogether. He ordered the closing of pagan temples and passed edicts against soothsayers and magicians. Then he continued passing laws for the other religions of the empire, the Christians and the Jews. Christians were exempt from compulsory public service for the clergy, and for the sons of clergy. Tax exemptions were put in place for clergy and their servants, and later for their family. Bishops were exempted from being tried in secular courts and Christian prostitutes were only able to be bought by Christians. Meanwhile the Jewish related laws were, that weaving women who moved from working for the government to working for Jews must go back to working for the government. Jews may not marry Christian women. Jews may not attempt to convert Christian women. Any non-Jewish slave bought by a Jew will be confiscated by the state. If a Jew attempts to circumcise a non-Jewish slave, the slave will be freed and the Jew shall face capital punishment. Any Christian slaves owned by a Jew will be taken away and freed. A person who is proven to have converted from Christianity to Judaism shall have their property confiscated by the state. Meanwhile years before the Jews had made their own laws against Christian interactions and thus the mind control and division of humanity continued. The last man to hold the title of Emperor of Rome bore the same name as the first, Romulus. Romulus’ father served in Attila the Huns court and hailed from Pannonia. He abdicated the throne in 476 leaving behind no monuments, nor made any decisions during his proxy reign.

The elite always work in layers, over time. One ruler passes these laws and the next comes and furthers them on the other side. One ruler says they are one thing while they are all on the same side, working to fulfill the exact same agenda. To keep you enslaved to them. Controlled on every front. Kept blind so you do not see the cages you are in, so you never see the truth. So you are never fully free…

Thus, the New World Order Continues…genealogy rome

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July 16

George Soros’ Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF Loans

This article we have copied from as many articles and websites of this sort tend to go missing online. You may also enjoy our Soros Archives, or Clinton Email Archive, or other articles on the topic. Much love to Cyber Berkut and all of the hard work that went into this. We love you very much.

We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did!

12.07.2017 г. Ukraine sponsored Hillary Clinton using IMF loans
The Ukrainian investigation case connected to commercial banks that laundered IMF’s money from the National Bank of Ukraine is still going on. According to the investigation, such banks as Tavrika, Pivdenkom Bank, Avtokraz Bank, CityCommerce Bank, Finrost Bank, Terra Bank, Kyivska Rus Bank, Vernum Bank, Credit Dnepr Bank, Delta Bank were involved in the criminal scheme. Funds were transferred through Austrian Meinl Bank AG.

We, CyberBerkut, decided to contribute to the investigation.

Having examined the materials published on the Internet we focused on two financial organizations named Credit Dnepr Bank and Delta Bank. In comparison with other banks these two financial organizations offshored much more money. These banks are closely related to Victor Pinchuk – one of the richest Ukrainian bankers. He is also a son-in-law of former Ukraine’s President Leonid Kuchma. As it turns out, the offshore organizations that received IMF’s money such as Melfa Group LTD (Belize), Tandice Limited (Cyprus), Tosalan Traiding Limited (Cyprus), Agalusko Investment Limited (Cyprus), Winten Trading LTD (Cyprus), Silisten Trading Limited, Nasterno Commercial Limited, are also connected to this gentleman. Moreover, most of money went to the account of his main money-laundering machine – the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

So, we decided to track down the stolen funds.

We’ve hacked Thomas Weihe’s email. This man is the Head of the Board of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. As you can see from his correspondence the oligarch’s foundation is closely cooperating with the Clinton Foundation. And it is worth to mention that Pinchuk and his wife often meet with former American president’s family members. Mr.Weihe regularly communicates with the Clinton Foundation representatives and constantly arranges meetings between the Pinchuks and the Clintons. Here are some Mr Weihe’s emails.

Full emails archives can be found by clicking the link.
In addition, over the past 5 years the Victor Pinchuk Foundation transferred to the Clinton Foundation from 10 to 25 million dollars. The largest tranches from the Pinchuk Foundation to the Clinton Foundation were held in 2015 and 2016. And by a “fortune chance”, Hillary Clinton fought for the Oval at the exact same time.
Below you can see the financing scheme of H.Clinton’s election campaign using IMF’s loans that were intended for Ukraine.

We would also like to remind you that the former Ukrainian Finance Minister N.Yaresko was an American businesswoman, the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine N.Gontareva worked in foreign banks for a long time. Coming back to the Credit Dnepr Bank which belongs to V.Pinchuk it is worth to mention that his supervisory board includes former IMF managing director D.Strauss-Kahn who probably still has influence on the international credit organization.
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

george soros imf clinton
13.01.2017 The United States to Manufacture False Evidence of Russian Involvement in Cyber Attacks
Our whistleblowers gave us information that Russia was going to face great provocation. The Americans intend to manufacture false evidence of the Russian security services’ involvement in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential elections 2016.
We cover the names of the provocation facilitators in order not to expose our sources. It is worth saying, a famous American politician and major financier took part in the plot.

clinton soros imf

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!
04.11.2016 Department of State Secret Operation in Ukraine
We, CyberBerkut, keep our activity in closed computer networks of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Today, we gained access to some internal documents of the Presidential Administration related to the visit of its former leader Boris Lozhkin to the USA in June 2016.
Among other documents we paid attention to the collection of damaging documents concerning Paul Manafort, the American political consultant, who was an adviser on the Ukrainian presidential campaign of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions.

The results of our investigation on the basis of the received documents surprised us by its extent of national betrayal of the Kiev junta. As it turns out, now the whole state machine and the entire administrative system of Ukraine are working for its overseas bosses and patrons.
As we have discovered, the documents were handed over to Boris Lozhkin during his meeting with Evan Ryan, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, in Washington. They were only a part of a larger campaign of the US State Department to discredit Manafort who held at that time the post of Donald Trump’s campaign chief.
Taking into consideration nearly a decade of Manafort’s work as the political adviser in Ukraine, supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Department of State decided to use their power. They set a task to the Ukrainian leadership to find some dirt on Manafort and make it public.
The wishes of their bosses were transmitted to Kiev via Valery Chaly, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Washington who previously was the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.
At that time, the SBU had already had the records of Party of Regions at their disposal. Paul Manafort, the adviser of Yanukovych, and many other well-known Ukrainian politicians were mentioned there.
The whole operation was designed to leak this information to the media. Viktor Trepak, the former first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, while leaving the intelligence agency incidentally picked up a pack of documents and somehow miraculously escaped prosecution. Then he gave these documents for the analysis both to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Serhiy Leshchenko, the Ukrainian MP, who had long been known as an American agent of influence.
At the same time, the Department of State sent instructions to the US Embassy in Ukraine and personally to the ambassador Jeffrey Payette to supervise the operation. Shari Bistransky, the US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer, became responsible for the communication with the chief “investigator” Sergei Leshchenko as usual.
The scheme of the Manafort campaign is as follows:

george soros imf

Moreover, in order to dispel any doubt we attach a kind of profile on the notorious traitor Serhiy Leshchenko that describes his activities for the benefit of Washington in detail.

Download a profile.

As a result, the leaks led to the Manafort resignation from the post of Trump election campaign chief in mid-August.
Anyway, we see that the authorities in Kiev are ready to perform any deeds at Washington’s whistle. And it does not matter for them that their obedience can backfire their own people. The main idea is to please the overseas bosses.
It should be noted that this information operation was the final chord for Payette, who moved to Greece at the end of August and Lozhkina who triumphantly left the Presidential Administration in late August. As for Leshchenko, who bought a luxury apartment in the center of Kiev in the late August as well, this campaign became a kind of a career promotion. In October 2016, he had the honor to personally meet Victoria Nuland.
Finally, we publish other Presidential Administration documents related to Lozhkin’s trip to the United States.
In addition to official meetings and events, the Head of the Presidential Administration was trying to arrange meetings with giants of the IT-market Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, as well as popular film director Steven Spielberg.

hillary clinton


Apart from that, Boris Lozhkin’s visit to the United States coincided with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. Ukraine received an invitation to participate from the U.S. National Security Council, but the government didn’t find a suitable candidate.
george soros imf

At the same time during the Lozhkin’s trip the U.S. Congress sent a formal letter to President Obama urging him to visit Ukraine in July 2016. However, this wish remained unfulfilled.
hillary clinton

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

22.10.2016 г. CyberBerkut hacked NED: US is preparing a color revolution in Russia
according to Ukrainian model.

We, CyberBerkut, gained access to closed messages of National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
In 2013 in Ukraine started revolution, which cracked the country, divided families and ignited civil war. As known, one of the main sponsors of that bloody show was National Endowment for Democracy financed by US Congress. “Thanks” to its money many young Ukrainians came to the streets and started riots.
Then Americans used a common plan: first heated up the population by materials in the media they financed and then started to openly “pump” money into street riots. Now, the same focus they are trying to do with Russia. And one of the main role here belongs to journalist David Satter.
According to our information, Satter works for American special services and has close ties with international fraudster William Browder. Satter lived in Moscow for quite a long period of time and cooperated with such editions as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Radio Liberty. But in 2013 he was refused to prolong his Russian visa. Since then he started to actively support Russian oppositional media.hillary clinton imf

As it became known from NED materials, Mr. Satter provides quite a wide range of services. If you study all the reports it will become clear that almost each anti-Russian propaganda material published by Radio Liberty and a number of Russian “liberal” media is prepared under Satter’s supervision.
In just 10 months of 2016 Mr. Satter ordered 24 articles and investigations in such media as RBC, Vedomosti and Radio Liberty. For example, Sergei Dibrov’s “A Black Day in the History of Odessa” which insults the memory of people who were killed in Odessa trade union building. Another six articles are being in the “pipeline” or are ready to be published.
The main goal of this “journalism” is to discredit the Russian Federation’s heads, members of their families and close friends. Most often materials ordered by Satter are about Vladimir Putin, Sergei Chemezov, Dmitry Rogozin, Sergei Shoigu, Vorobiev father and son, Rotenberg brothers and other famous Russians.

clinton clinton clinton

Another report sent by Mr. Satter to NED

satter ned hillary clinton clinton
It should be noticed that invoices with detailed description of his services Mr. Satter sends to NED. In one of them, “our” consultant even noticed that he spent $11.50 on telephone.

According to reports we’ve got David Satter is a chain-link between NED, Radio Liberty and Russian oppositional media. NED materials show that Washington is ready to do everything to shatter political situation in Russia and organize the same chaos that we witnessed here in Ukraine in 2013.
To prevent this, we publish this and a number of other NED documents and hope they will somehow help some people see the real world.

clinton clinton clinton clinton

Download all documents
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

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January 16

The United Nations Revealed

The United Nations works hand in hand with the Vatican to create the new world order.  That is their agenda.

“The scientific study of flags is called vexillology, and the practice of designing flags is called vexillography,” Pernefeldt added. “Both of these are an outcome of heraldry. In these practices there are different unofficial design rules/customs, about colors, placement, proportions, typography and aestethics in general. This proposal is accurate according to the regulations regarding flags.” More here.  Read between the lines. KNOW the symbols and what they mean. Use your head.  It is a white star on a blue background.

The United Nations, the New World Order government headquarters, built on land donated by 33rd degree Freemason and Chairman of CFR John D. Rockefeller, is represented by a logo/flag which clearly depicts a Flat Earth divided into 33 sections! There are 33 official degrees of Scottish-Rite Freemasonry, and the UN flag features a Flat-Earth divided into exactly 33 sections! An interesting forum about 33 and Freemasons here. “Student comes up with International Flag.”

1972 Treaty Grants the United Nations Control Over American Historical Landmarks

World Heritage List- UNESCO

Procedure of Selecting and Appointing the next UN Secretary-General

In this carefully documented study, William F. Jasper shows that, with the United Nations, the American people are being offered what amounts to poison disguised as candy.  From all directions we hear that global problems require global solutions which means, we are told, that America must surrender more authority to the United Nations. Mr. Jasper exposes that power grab, one of the greatest “trust me” schemes in all of history, as totally corrupt. Behind the humanitarian pretexts, he demonstrates a much more sinister agenda at work. In The United Nations Exposed, the author offers readers an incredible treasure of understanding of what is happening to America – how and by whom. A bit of History Here.

“The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in a child’s education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can prepare the child for membership … in the world society…. As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism.”

— United Nations Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 1949

flat earthunited nations flat earthunited nations flat earth

The United Nations is “…an organization created to ennoble mankind actually enables chaos and global discord. As disturbing as the picture painted by U.N. Me may be, Horowitz manages to keep us laughing throughout the film. And just when you’re left shaking your head at one outrage or another exposed in U.N. Me, Horowitz reliably enters with comic relief.” More here.

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The United Nations has been involved in countless scams…the horrors they have been allowed to get away with in poverty stricken countries is beyond nauseating.  One such scam is the Oil for Food…

“From its inception, the Oil-for-Food program was riddled with flaws and loopholes, opening the door for the grievous abuses that followed.  One of the major flaws was that Saddam Hussein was given the right to 1) select the parties who would buy the Iraqi oil, and 2) select the suppliers of the humanitarian aid.  Hussein was also allowed to set the price at which Iraqi oil would be sold. All the seeds for a giant scandal were put into place. Hussein had the ability to determine with whom to deal and set the official price of Iraqi oil. Furthermore, the rules did not force Hussein to deal directly with the end-users; instead, he was allowed to sell oil through middlemen. For political purposes, Hussein would sell the oil at a discount to the middlemen and they, in turn, sold it to the end-users at market prices. Nice work if you can get it! Another flaw in the program was that all deals were confidential between Hussein and the UN.  Under this arrangement, the UN was not to examine the contracts for Iraqi oil except between the Iraqi Oil Ministry and the first purchaser. The story is that the UN had no idea the middlemen were adding surcharges to the contracts awarded them by Saddam, and therefore they went totally unnoticed by the UN. In one alleged example, UN Oil-For-Food administrator Benon Sevan was granted an allocation of 7.3 million barrels of Iraqi oil, on which he could expect to make a $3.5 million profit.  Not a bad take for an international bureaucrat!  For a graphic representation of how the scam worked, click here.” More here.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Clinton administration Every child is our child.

— motto of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

“Strategically placed across the country from Elmondorf, Alaska to Avon Park, Florida, three of these “detention centers” are now operational in a slightly different guise, two others are on a stand-by basis, and the rest are ready and available with a minimum of preparation-and all that’s needed to fill these camps with thousands of Americans is for somebody to launch “Operation Dragnet”.
“It will be swift and legal. The law is already on the books. They represent every shade of political and social opinion from Right to Left and include a big span of middle-of-the-road citizens who have never committed an offense more heinous than having subscribed to an unapproved periodical. More here.

“We have meditations at the United Nations a couple of times a week. The meditation leader is Sri Chin, and this is what he said about this situation: “… The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God’s inner vision and outer manifestation. One day, the world will treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations as its very own with pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing, and all-fulfilling.” – Donald Keys, president of Planetary Citizens and author of Earth At Omega More here.united nations

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The United Nations is after your children, your home, your country, your laws, your freedom, your money, your mind, and your soul.

We will go into more in future posts and in our video archives.

Some Sources and Articles of Interest:

Security Council Selects new Secretary General

United Nations Treaty of Control  Over ALL American Historical Landmarks

Procedure of Selecting and Appointing the next UN Secretary-General

Did Israel Shell a UN School? The Truth Exposed

United Nations Taking Over US Park Police

Secretary General Hails Rockefeller

The Sponsorship of John D. Rockefeller saves Versailles

UN Security Council Resolution 487, Israel

The End Goal

united nations flat earthSome Noteworthy elitist People:

Rockefeller Foundations Richard Parsons

Frank J. Caufield (Director of USRF and TUSRIF)

Board Members of Federal Reserve

I.G: Farben

The Warburgs

Rockefeller Hughes Private Oil

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December 25

EL: The Bloodlines…All in the Family

EL: The Bloodlines

The elite claim to trace their families back to Cain.  We have taken that claim and proved it is true, and, in doing so…much, much more. There are very few books written with a time-line and history of the families and their genealogy, and the most detailed book on the families only traces the bloodline back to 1500.


Please enjoy EL: The Bloodlines (in video and pdf form): a d0x of the Elite families back to 4400 BC.

The document below was released on Dec. 25, 2015 at 12:00am.  The contents of this document are proven fact, the sources were available online at that time. Don’t take our word for it, prove it to yourself. Research! Learn! live! Let the truth set you free.

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the playlist!

First Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines

Second Half Video Version of EL: The Bloodlines

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Download [1.54 MB]

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