October 18

Climate Change Hoax


We have exposed many of the elite’s agendas, and as geoengineering continues to increase, the distraction (cover story) given to you by them is: Climate Change!  Who could have seen this coming.  Since before the United Nations Agenda 21, and Paris Accord, and the rest, they have been working with every government to depopulate and enforce the fascist New World Order upon us all.  Geoengineering has been going on in every country in the world for decades under many names, including Operation Cloverleaf.  Climate Change is a lie.  To those who are awake, it is a laughable cover story.  Created by the Club of Rome, Climate Change are the keywords specifically chosen for the reaction they instill. This charade had to be put in place as so many whistle blowers were coming forward and leaking so many damaging materials about global geoengineering and depopulation. The elite always steer focus with fancy words and smooth talk.

This lie is spread like every other one: scripted to the media, truth hidden from you, and the same story line of “you are bad” continues.  The hoax of Climate Change enables governments to enforce laws to further take away your independence and freedom as individual human beings.  The elite convince you through endless propaganda on Climate Change.  Claiming that fossil fuel emissions and cow farts are responsible for the damage they have done with their own agendas!!  The public is only responsible for having allowed itself to be so blind to reality for so long.

“Climate change is an engineering problem, and it has engineering solutions.”
-Former Secretary of State and Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson


geoengineering frequenciesThe elite have been spreading chemtrails into the atmosphere of our earth for a great many years now.  Chemtrails invade our bodies, our soil, our air, our water.  They also provide a layer in the sky that traps radiation between the earth and the chemtrails.  This way not only are we bombarded by wifi radiation from our phones and cell towers, but those waves are bounced back and forth and back again, totally engulfing us in DNA damaging frequencies.  The other side of the Geoengineering coin is HAARP, 5G, wi-fi, wireless radiation, and even GMOs and designer diseases. This is how the web works, multiple agendas (or operations) are woven into one giant integrated system of surveillance, command and control. Just as one small example, geoengineering (Climate Change) involves the spraying of chemtrails loaded with metal particulates, which 5G can use.  The geoengineering agenda is not complete without technology to control it.

The best weapon is one your enemy accepts freely without question.

As we have seen before, scientists and reporters and groups have been put together to support the propaganda. They have been switching from “We are all going to freeze”, to “We are all going to melt”, to “We are going to run into another planet” for ages.  When will the public catch on?  We have previously exposed how these actors (whether called scientists, researchers or doctors) are paid and put in place to read their scripts.  The public always believes what is put in their Television Programming, however ridiculous it is.


Whistle blowers (the people with legit info, like real scientists) always end up dead.  In order to find truth, one must look. The masses only look at propaganda. People no longer know how to research.  Conveniently Geoengineering is the elite’s solution to Climate Change!  After 5G succeeds, the Smart Cities will increase and spread…and it doesn’t take a scientist of any degree to figure out what that really means. As with everything, all you have to do is follow the money.

We live in a natural world, and it IS self-sustaining.  The elite work endlessly to destroy and depopulate this natural world.  They blame this destruction on you so they can continue to destroy you as well.  If the elite would leave this perfect earth alone and stop scraping oil, gold, lithium and other resources the earth needs to function…if humans were allowed to live naturally in this natural world…it would still be able to replenish itself and heal.  But so long as the elite control us all, they will do everything to destroy it, and you and convince you that you deserve it because it is your fault. Not their technology. Not their Artificiality.

See more on HAARP and Cern in our video archive.


We continue to buy devices made from human slavery and child labor and abuse.  We continue to allow the elite to control us and give them ever more control.  We call ourselves good…but good men do nothing.  We will allow them to continue putting 5G in, knowing it will further enslave us but this time…it will enslave us beyond a point of return.

We will be documenting it all the way to the end so stay tuned, and…

Expect More.


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