November 11

Extradition Cases

Over the years we have worked with Whistle-blower Dr. Les, and others, to help many of our fellow whistle-blowers to get their information out safely, or to help them receive a fair trial, or to be freed from illegal extradition. Some of our cases you can read about below:

kim extradition

We work to help Kim DotCom in our fight to save lives from the USA. More here.
kim extradite

We have helped to save Lauri Love from legal extradition to USA! After 2 years of court battles, Lauri Love is free.

Assange knows of the documents used to keep Love and others safe. As he is a government honey-pot, using Wikileaks to bait whistle-blowers and innocents, he continues to ignore the documents that would make it impossible for the criminal fascist corporation of America to continue murdering those who spread truth and fight for freedom. Still, we fought on… and naturally, WE WON!

love extradition

UK gov letter to stop extradition of UK hacker Lauri Love to USA


US gov brief on bribed US judges re UK hacker Lauri Love

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