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DDR: Still Alive: Jane Akre & Steve Wilson

Continuing the Series DDR: Still Alive

Original Post: December 26, 2016

Fox News Whistleblowers Jane Akre & Steve Wilson (rBST)


Steve Wilson: “One of the first stories that Jane came up with was the revelation that most of the milk in the state of Florida and throughout much of the country was adulterated with the effects of bovine growth hormone, the artificial hormone that farmers were injecting into their cows so they would produce more milk.”
Jane Akre: “The Federal government basically rubber stamped it before they put it on the market place, the longest test they did for human toxicity was 90 days on 30 rats… and then either Monsanto misreported the results to the FDA or the FDA didn’t bother to look in depth at Monsanto’s own studies.”
Steve Wilson: “The scientists within Health Canada looked very carefully at bovine growth hormone and came to very different conclusions than the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. did.”
ITN News, UK: “Monsanto’s engineered growth hormone did not comply with safety requirements, it could be absorbed by the body, and therefore did have implications for human health. Mysteriously that conclusion was deleted from the final published version of their report.“
Dr. Shiv Chopra, Health Canada Scientist: “We have been pressured and coursed to pass drugs of questionable safety, including the rBST. I personally was very concerned that theres a very serious problem of secrecy, conspiracy and things of that nature and something needs to be done.”
Fox News Exec [According to a Steve Wilson]: “We just paid 3 billion dollars for these television stations, we’ll tell you what the news is, the news is what we say it is.”
Jane Akre: “He was going to offer us the rest of our years salary if we agreed not to talk about what Monsanto had done, to not talk about the Fox corporate response in suppressing the story, and to not talk about the story. Not talk about [bovine growth hormone] again, anywhere…”
Steve Wilson: “it was; ok we can’t buy you out, we can’t shut you up, lets get the story on the air in a way that we can all agree it will go on the air, and we started rewriting and editing with their lawyers.”

Jane Akre: “Well during this 8 month re-review process,… they did things like for example they wanted to take out the word cancer [quoting the Fox lawyers]: “You don’t have to identify what the potential problem is, just say human health implications.” … Any criticism of Monsanto or it’s product they either removed it or minimized it,…”

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Documentary Featuring Jane Akre & Steve Wilson: THE CORPORATION


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