February 27

Peace Officers Exposed

Greetings World,

Bruce Burkett and the North Dakota Peace Officers Association, you have come to our attention.

In the Fascist Police State known as America, we have witnessed countless attacks on civilians by the corporate cops.
The business of protecting and serving the people who fund you is, of course, not profitable when you receive none of their tax monies.

However, your war mongering, mercenary ways have been noted. By us.  We are watching you. Just as you watch the citizens with your weaponized police drones, we are now watching you with our “Anon Drone”.  Just as you have no regard for the privacy of the citizens you have given an oath to protect, we have no regard for the privacy of the corrupt.

Instead of standing up for the citizens of your country, you have decided to be bought out by the commercial government and their bankers. You had your chance.

Bruce Burkett we have studied you and found you wanting.  You are a spineless, corrupt, war profiteer and now you are exposed.

You amended a house bill that would have made it possible for police to use drones only after obtaining a warrant to do so… as is in accordance with the Constitution your country is founded upon.  I didn’t know game warden’s did that!

Your amendment, which was passed, changed this to police only needing a warrant to use lethal force with drones.  They will be armed with , as you called it, less than lethal weapons (which have been proven to still be lethal).

peace by death drones

These weapons have been deployed on people without warning or target.  Even infants are identified as able to live through a dousing of pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas, sound cannons, and whatever else is deemed Non-Lethal.

As we have seen in the hundreds of thousands of deaths of American citizens in so called non-lethal altercations, it is clear you amended this bill in order to further the depopulation program under complete funding by the United States corporate government.  Just as a cop can say he didn’t know choking someone to death would kill them, you can now hide behind the excuse that you didn’t know shooting infants and children would murder them. All of the deaths by drones since 2015 and on are on your head. You alone are responsible.  The choices we make have consequences.  Their blood is yours.  You have turned killing babies into a video game you pay people to play.

No doubt you will never be tried for your crimes of treason against the citizens of America, but we will take care of you.  Don’t worry…
You will find we have the same compassion and mercy in this “less than lethal” attack on your North Dakota Peace Officers Association website.  The irony is not lost that you call yourself a peace officer.

Perhaps the attacks on the North Dakota Peace Officers Association website will keep the bill for drones being officially used to spy without warrants at bay for a while longer.

Unlikely. Without the citizens standing up against you.

The dox of Bruce Burkett
NDPOA.org – Down

House Bill

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