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Realization of Gamification

When everything is a game, the consequences never seem real. Competition is always harmful as it makes a divide in humanity. Poplar or unpopular, Winner or looser, whichever “side” you end up on it is about being better than everyone else. This mindset of competing damages our own integrity as well as hurts those around us. Those who involve themselves in competition focus on the self, and this debases them instead of elevating and improving them.

The ever increasing technology we use daily, and the mindset this gamification of activities help to intensify this programming and increases the traits obtained in competition. This mindset further distances one from reality, ethical beliefs, and all forms of social interactions. We see the devastating results of this today. Just try having a real discussion with someone. The parts of the mind gamification doesn’t use, go to sleep mode: logic, reason, responsibility, loyalty, humility, empathy, common sense, truthfulness and much more, all subdued and/or shut off completely. When everything is a game, there are no real consequences and therefore actions don’t matter. Nothing is real.

This leads to the inevitable, which is the reality we see in today’s generation: Reality doesn’t exist.

The name of the elite’s game is desensitization. The ultimate destroy and conquer method. The elite can do whatever they like, because humanity is already far too desensitized, however they will push it to the limit until every spark of it is controlled and warped. Since ethics and morals are already depleted during development, (thanks to generations growing up with social media, gaming, TV and movies) many government organizations recruit teen gamers and other young, ignorant internet users to serve as spies and snitches in various communities.

Evil only thrives when good men DO nothing. Since our thoughts control our actions, it is our thoughts, our minds, the elite are always so deeply focused on.

All they need do is continue to deaden the minds of the young through this voluntary programming; the job gets done for them by yourselves, and you even pay money for it.  Children are unprotected, and we are all engulfed in the degradation of humanity.

Remember it is the elite who believe in survival of the fittest.

It is the elite who are referred to as the “fittest”. After all, in reality, we are ALL equal.

Do not be deceived.

We hope you enjoy Face Like the Sun’s series on the Gamification of our Society.

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As machines take over our jobs, what will people do? It is likely, they will play games. Video games. This video discusses the implications and the philosophies behind the movement both from science fiction and fantasy, to the most influential academics.


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TRON, CARDANO and Darksiders: Genesis through the lens of gamification and Bible Prophecy.


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