August 8

So Starts the Planned Currency Collapse

We have exposed the currency collapse to you over the last couple of years.  We have explained how it would happen.  Now we see in the news, that Russia has created a digital currency of its own and will be pulling away from the Dollar. We have seen, across the world, how countries have increasingly abandoned the backless American fraudulent currency. We know the elites have planned to dissolve this currency for a long time, many decades. The ”hand of Chaos” is closing. Everything will be destroyed so the ”hand of Order” can be opened.  Everyone will be so hopeless. They will follow whomever tells them ”nice” things, instead of standing as humanity, taking care of each other. In this a coming hard time, we will look for some Rambo to save us, which will not happen. So the elite will deceive the people, and they will all fall into whatever system the elite have planned. People will accept a digital currency.

currency collapse leads to total control

They will all be fooled. So we see Trump, the American puppet, has put even more sanctions, without reason or cause, on Russia (as the elite planned). Trump, who did this on purpose, knows that Russia is the only main power left still holding the Dollars’ lifeline. By willingly and knowingly committing suicide on America, Trump has guaranteed the economic collapse of the world. This was his purpose as the elites president puppet. So with the increasing sanctions on the already crippled country of Russia, the Russian president puppet Putin, has no choice but to protect his people (which is his script: his agenda given to him by the elite). He created a Russian digital currency, which is backed by the Rothschilds (his masters), the Crown of London. This Bank of London backed Digital Currency we hope it is easy for you to see through: why Russia cannot back their own currency. (It is a farce.)

You must now have a Digital One which would be because of the ongoing and increasing sanctions the American government has put on Russia. It is all very simple and easy to fix, but that is not what the elite want nor is it what they would ever do. You think this is really going to be about taking care of the citizens? As they destroy the government, and economies of every country across the world? So the elite have had this in the making for decades now, to set up Russia as the Ultimate Enemy of America. To have Russia be the last remaining thread holding up the American economy. Everyone is kept distracted from this, the only real point. So Russia cuts the last string and America falls, taking with it Europe and more. Russia will be held responsible and the digital currency will be forced on us, as a ”last resort”. Given to us as the ”only resort” to save ourselves. This is a lie. There is no amount of paper or rocks or scissors that will save us from the elite.

We must decide. Are we going to take that or are we going to be human and DO something about it?

collapse and control

So do not be fooled by this. The currency will collapse and dissolve in America. The elite hope it will be violent. The currency will collapse in Europe. It is already violent and overrun by foreigners, thanks to the American carried out plan of migrant invasion. South America is already violent, starving, hoping for ANY relief. They will easily accept the digital currency, anything to eat again. So it is time you make your choice now. The time is coming. Will you continue to lay down? Will you accept the digital currencies? Will you accept the chips and the biometric, DNA, Facial, Retina, Fingerprint scanning, tracking, logging, watching, controlling, censoring of everything you do, by the elite? The time to decide is now, BEFORE it happens to you. All of you living and seeing this now, will be involved in this.

The messages we produce are not for our enjoyment, or need. It is for you. Because you must apply what we teach you, for Humanity to survive. Sadly, as has always been our downfall, we have free choice. We have free will, so no one can force you to Act on Truth and DO what is right. No one can force you to see and hear the Truth No one can force you to be part of the most astonishing events that have ever come, in human history and that will ever come again. The time is NOW. We cannot force you to stop wasting it all. The choice is yours. Do you not want to be certain it is the correct choice? Will you allow the Elite to control your mind through Artificial Intelligence (Alien Intelligence), through Digital Currency, by turning you into nothing more than a number, a cold, motionless, silent and controlled number? Look at your life, do you honestly believe that is all you deserve from this life here?? A house you must pour all of your money into, or a car. A job, taking you away from friends and family, from travel and experiences, from doing whatever it is YOUR purpose is. A job that will never repair you, for what it takes from you every day.

Look at your life. Why do you believe you do not deserve more? Why do you believe you are not worth more and more is possible?? Why do you believe others are allowed to treat you the way they do, manipulating and deceiving you, taking advantage of you?? Why do you believe this is what you deserve?

Do you not know your own worth?

Do you not understand what life means?

Do you not see you are so much more than that?

It only takes a small leap of faith. Stop throwing life away. Be free. This choice, unlike so many others that we allow the elite to dictate for us, is different. Choosing Digital Currency will alter life as we know it, in such a way that it will never be undone but will only lead DIRECTLY and quickly to the Destruction of US All.

In the end, after it all, the choice is always YOURS.

Expect it.

Crypto is NWO leading to Chips

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November 19

The Dollar is Dead

Many people in the world are oblivious to their currency’s collapse. The stresses they are consumed by, because of the drama they allow the elite to constantly stream through their lives, are overwhelming. I know, I know…the media does a good job filling your mind with propaganda, as well. That is why people like me get so pissed off watching the masses continuing in the endless cycle of illusion that we start writing about it to try to help you all see. Unfortunately I can’t stand behind you and force you to learn and read the links, and research on your own…each of us must find our truth and learn ourselves. Do not believe what someone tells you. Do your homework.

Since the Federal Reserve has begun to fail and Central banks around the world have already closed. It is only a matter of time before it hits the EU and USA.

Already Americans have seen how currency collapses have destroyed Venezuela, Greece and now that the Deutsch Bank has closed. Egypt has just been bailed out by IMF which will only make their collapse worse. EU has taken a huge hit and is falling as we speak. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Africa and the UK will all be devastated just as the USA will by the dollar collapse.

This is How the Cookie Crumbles: Financial Martial Law

Asia and Iran and Russia and others have seen this impending collapse and have dropped the use of the dollar. Not a huge surprise since America has been sanctioning those countries for decades. Why? Because as the self appointed world military police to keep us all under America’s Martial Law, has one purpose: to destroy. America destroys other countries with sanctions, starving the people, and businesses in order to kill off the population and destroy the countries America does not approve of. So Americans reading this…Why do you continue to allow it? What makes you think you have a right to force yourselves anywhere?

Most recently India is changing its currency. This means they do not trade with USA anymore. None of the aforementioned countries do. These are the places America gets its products. America does not produce its own. It can not support itself and Israel at over 100 million dead dollars a day. The USA supports Britain and the Vatican as well, where the taxes are funneled to. You think you pay taxes to the American Government?? There is no such thing!

The American COLONY of Britain was planned this way. The spending of the Government and the Military and all those spy programs and organizations they must have…the amount of debt America is in, leaves no room for anything but a total bankruptcy. Collapse. Then a rebuilding with what is left, if anything at all. China has already accepted one forth of American land in payment of their debt. This happened in 2014. Since they no longer use the dollar their ships come into American harbors filled with food, clothes, car parts, computer parts, and all other things used by the ever consuming nation. Because the dollar has no value these ships leave. They have been leaving the harbors full for the last 6 months. Makes it much easier to close big stores like Walmart when there aren’t going to be any products…it is all planned. It all links together. So they use the Walmart’s as planned for the purpose they were built- as holding facilities to sort and organize YOU into the FEMA camps after the collapse when martial law is put in place. This is the plan. This has been the plan for a long time.

Stop wasting time. The hour is late.

The American government began cutting disability and social security and retirement in 2015. They began with those who get small amounts of help from the Government. SO there are no big ripples. And as it has grown, now persons with serious disabilities have been cut, so they will suffer and die faster.  As the middle class is shrunk into a large lower class of poverty, the masses will be much easier to kill off. You will do it to yourselves because you feed the system.

Gold and silver and crypto currencies will not matter when the dollar officially collapses. The plan is One currency for the world. When the government decides to tell you that the dollar is dead no lump of cold rock or numbers in a system (which has created this problem) will save you.

Whistle blowers have leaked the documents on this time and time again. No one looks. So do not be afraid. Do not be shocked. This is not new. If you were not on candy crush and pokemon-go, you would know these things as the rest of the world does. Do your research and learn to survive. Stop being a slave to your government. Stop listening to your controlled media. Get a VPN and use another countries internet so you are not censored from the truth.

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The worst part of the collapse of the American dollar is not that no one will have anything, it will be that every American has guns and is violent. It will be a slaughter. Fish in a barrel. That is how the government has designed it. That is how the elite have planned this collapse to be. They want you all to kill yourselves. That is why they have so many protests and riots going on right now. It is planned. It will be messy. Unless the American citizens take up their responsibility to be free and act accordingly. Helping each other. Spreading peace and good will to all. Realizing there is no need for government. All humans need to survive is to work together. As equals.

As the Currency Collapse is one of the big agendas for the elite, we will keep you updated on it in future articles, and our video below.

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