August 8

So Starts the Planned Currency Collapse


We have exposed the currency collapse to you over the last couple of years.  We have explained how it would happen.  Now we see in the news, that Russia has created a digital currency of its own and will be pulling away from the Dollar. We have seen, across the world, how countries have increasingly abandoned the backless American fraudulent currency. Continue reading

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November 19

The Dollar is Dead

Many people in the world are oblivious to their currency’s collapse. The stresses they are consumed by, because of the drama they allow the elite to constantly stream through their lives, are overwhelming. I know, I know…the media does a good job filling your mind with propaganda, as well. That is why people like me get so pissed off watching the masses continuing in the endless cycle of illusion that we start writing about it to try to help you all see. Continue reading