September 2

North Korea False Flag

Donald Trump and Kim Jung un would be delighted to just keep trading insults at each other for the indefinite future-even as North Korea launches the occasional ballistic missile-but US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has said “enough is enough.”

US views this war as a “means to bring Americans back to God”, as stated by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington D.C. Since America does nothing without the bidding of Israel, what is Israel interested in? Aside from the war agenda, Israel it seems is in it for the untouched gold mines. Rich in resources rotting in North Korea. Nazis will always have their gold. Worthless as it is. Like Russia, North Korea has had sanctions imposed on it, which have crippled the economy for many decades now. Israel trades with North Korea despite sanctions and has even sent gifts of gold to them in the past, much to the United Nations dismay. The elite always take care of their own and Israel will always do what it “wants”. Now Israel’s propaganda about North Korea has led to a warning to Israel from Kim Jung un to “think twice about the consequences to be entailed by its smear campaign against the DPRK to cover up the crimes of occupying Arab territories and disturbing peace process in the Middle East.” The next coming planned war of the elite is the destruction of Jerusalem by a Muslim force. North Korea like Russia is one of the largest weapons suppliers for the Muslim world including Hamass. We are seeing the start of the Last War.

This war will play out as planned-as it always does. Unless the people stood up for once, but the elite know as do we-the brainwashed masses enjoy their blood baths. We can easily find Israels boisterous war babbling on many news platforms now. If Iran does not “Stop it”, then Israel will bomb the crap out of Syria. Ritual Human Sacrifice is the Elite’s way of life. It is planned to the date. The duration of the war is known by them just as is the money they will get for it. Israel knows it’s lap dog America will bomb anything that attempts to breathe freely and follow any command given. According to America since they are the self appointed global police-Liberating everyone from a free and peaceful life. It is all about the censorship. Always is. They must control your mind, life, money, future…all they can which is ONLY what YOU ALLOW.

North Korean official KCNA news agency denounced Washington and Seoul as “warmongers” and said the drills are proof of their intention to invade the North. It also branded its enemies as “war maniacs” and “dull immature infants.”north korea

“We solemnly warn not only the US and puppet group, but also satellites, including the UK and Australia, which are taking advantage of the present war maneuvers against the north, that they would face a miserable end if they join in play with fire by tiger moths of war.”

On April 19, 2017, US Freemason elite puppet Vice-president Mike Pence with impeccable record of an ardent support for the Zionist entity, threatenedNorth Korea with war saying: The United States of America will always seek peace but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.”

trumpWe don’t know what’s most insanely hilarious with that comment…Trump as some white knight or him saying America seeks peace. Both are the largest lies he could put together. Israel simply says what it always does-that the USA will handle it.

But I digress…Let’s look at Korea and get some perspective.

Korea is a protectorate of Japan. In 1945 during The Potsdam Conference Korea was divided into two, at the 38th Parallel, North Korea for the communists and South Korea for all others. Koreans were not involved in this decision as the UK, USA and Soviet Union took care of it. (Typical of all situations.) Once again we see clearly the elites links.

Josef Stalin, Freemason extraordinaire, using Soviet Union soldier Kim il Sung who was stationed in Manchuria as the new poster child puppet ruler. north koreaSo the Kim Cult family was created by them and placed in the spotlight of propaganda to once again rewrite history in a false narrative, keeping the perpetrators of the control system protected. With the north taken care of, the Japanese gave the south to USA. It is yet another American Colony under the control of the Rothschilds in London who own them all. That is the world stage. Countries ruled by puppets under control of the Rothschilds and banking families who are in turn controlled by the upper elite through the Vatican. The public faces you are allowed to see and hear about are always only puppets-nothing more.

The Republic of Korea was recognized in 1948 by the United Nations as the only valid government in Korea. Denmark and Portugal have diplomatic relations with North Korea. United Kingdom did not engage in a war with the Republic of North Korea because they do not admit that there is such a State.

However Harold Elletson stated, “When change comes in North Korea, it will come quickly and the shock of it will send more than just ripples across south-east Asia. The international community must ensure that it is ready for the change and is capable of responding with initiatives that are both effective and sustainable. We must not allow ourselves to be caught off guard, or to be overwhelmed by the sudden but foreseeable collapse of a communist dictatorship. north koreaThe world needs a clear plan for managing change in Korea, and Great Britain—with all its experience, contacts and commitments—has an important role to play in developing it.” We see now the elite have had the solution laid out decades ago. They always create a problem-Wait for you to have a reaction-Then give you their preplanned solution. Keeping you locked in their grip. So we see the typical elite war: The Russian backed North chased the South further down, helped as usual by the American soldiers under UN authority. The Americans ordered women and children in South Korea to relocate to other towns, only for them to be slaughtered as the American Military had planned the ambush and genocide. That’s the America the world knows and hates. Meanwhile if you say it often enough it must be true so the American public continues to chant it is the “Greatest country in the world”. The Korean war in 1950 was nothing more than the Russian elite hand of order funneling death, violence and hate into the American elite hand of chaos. A low estimate of 1.2 million people were slaughtered-all for profit and depopulation. These are the games the elite play, both hands working together-Against you.north korea

One article in the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, dated June 7, 1937, three days after the skirmish, says: “A little more than 100 men lead by communist bandit Choe Hyon attacked Pochonbo.” “Kim Il-sung’s legitimacy came from propaganda that he fought against Japan, symbolised by the Battle of Pochonbo,” Mr Kato said. “Schools in North Korea teach children that the battle was a glorious victory against Japan lead by Kim Il-sung.” Cult mindset shown by brainwashed North Koreans is no different than that seen in Catholics regarding the Pope, Americans regarding Hollywood and Political movements, or any cult following (surely you remember the Jonestown experiment). All cults are the same. Propaganda increases the star quality.     kim jung ill

Kim Jung Il was also born in Russia. He made sure his children had schooling in top western schools, were fluent in many languages, trained according to the elite control.

Kim Jung un attended the private Liebefeld Steinhölzli school near Berne, Switzerland where he was nurtured by the CIA. Like his fathers before him, he is a Freemason and just another puppet under their rule.

kim jung un north koreaThe elite control North Korea through the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD). OGD first deputy directors Kim Kyong Ok, Cho Yon Jun, Hwang Pyong So, and Ministry of State Security (MSS) director Kim Won Hong, are those who control Kim Jung un. All policy proposals by Party, military or government institutions are being routed through the OGD Central Party Headquarters No.1. The General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army has been a sub-branch of the OGD since 1992. Ri Yong Nam, who is the son of deceased OGD first deputy director Ri Jae Gang and served as the party secretary of the North Korean embassy in Moscow, has been recalled to Pyongyang. It is thought that he will follow in the family line and take on significant responsibilities in the OGD. Pak Tae Song and Ri Jong Chan, who were very close to OGD first deputy director Kim Kyong Ok in the days of Ri Jae Gang’s leadership of the OGD, may join Ri Yong Nam in similar roles. But let us not forget to look for Kim Jung Un’s older brother Kim Chong Chul.

kim jong un north koreaThese are the ones who pull puppet Kims strings. This is why it was necessary to purge 200 officials and Kim’s uncle who had the strongest influence on him-keeping him unable to be fully and totally controlled by the elite powers. Executing a purge of 200 officials while drunk are not the actions of a person in control of his leadership-that is how a person forced to purge reacts. Weak men are easily used. The facade of Kim Jong-un’s absolute legitimacy was ruined in the eyes of North Koreans by the process of the purge.

The propaganda around North Korea-like Russia, China, Middle East-coming from America is not only false and hypocritical, but causes irreparable damage to all other countries view on US and the propaganda they spew out.America considers every other country a testing zone. Whether for weapons, food, or mind control. Since the early 1950s numerous operations have been carried out by CIA and MOSSAD in North Korea and Asia. Operation BLUEBIRD-ARTICHOKE the American Nazi SS and Naval mind control and interrogation tools developed out of Project CHATTER were in full effect and expanded in the U.S. North Korean aggression.

The fear of nuclear war propaganda didn’t sell using Russia-as the big bear did not bite. But it will sell coming from the censored North Korean country. We all know how the elite work. If you reject their idea the first time, they will repeat it until you give in. Even though it has been long proven that Nuclear bombs do not and never can exist, this will not stop them by calling whatever they want a nuclear bomb-or whatever other sort of bomb they decide to imagine. But to stop it, one would have to stop listening to propaganda and start using facts. We have seen this all before with Russia: The provoking and aggressive military activity towards the county that has done nothing to USA, meanwhile the false flags continue. Unless someone besides the USA is doing it-it is not aggression. They are quick to point the finger to deny responsibility themselves. If USA attacks first it is called “preventative war”. Think about those 2 words. Why does America live on contradictions? That’s right…because the uneducated public can’t tell. Those who commit mass genocide to occupy other countries to force their own indoctrination on the people as America has done since it’s so called birth-makes it nothing more than Crusaders on a holy war Jihad. Being the military arm of the elite run by Rome through Israel, we expect nothing less. They are no different than the Knight clans created by Rome hundreds of years ago. Nothing changes. The same script repeats and repeats.

Nuke Hoax aka FEAR PORN:

So now North Korean Foreign Ministry has issued a war statement against the American’s saying: “we will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions”. The US is right now prepared to attack North Korea on command, but you must believe the propaganda and live in fear. After all…North Korea has atomic weapons floating around our heads in space! Run for your lives! Don’t see the lies! When no enemy exists the US government creates its own.

North Korea is a weapons manufacturing reliant country just like USA, Israel, Russia, and others. Like Israel and USA it stands unchecked. The little money left in North Korea after the last two dictatorships is still enough to buy and make weapons and sell to Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Syria and others. This self sustaining military production system works and thrives as the rest of the countries productions die. There is no food or housing for people but they have weapons. We are talking about North Korea here-though the same can be said about USA and other countries.

An Intelligence Brief from 2013 explains how the USA is supporting North Korea. “It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea. “The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.”The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials. “The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.” Israel and America give weapons and money to North Korea. In 2000, a Swiss company called ABB sold nuclear reactors to North Korea. From 1990-2001, Donald Rumsfeld served on the board of ABB.

In February 2017, the White House proposed a nearly 10 percent increase in defense spending to $603 billion for fiscal 2018. America still holds the highest Military budget in the world.


As the money flows the bombs fly. This is the art of the deal. This is how the elite play the game on the world stage with their puppet princes and politicians.

So What is the real agenda behind this North Korean False Flag War? Simple.The elite must have their last war: Muslims overtaking Jerusalem in order for the Phoenix to rise – Order out of Chaos. Which means a new everything. The first major hang up in the New World Global Government is there must be ONE currency. ONE religion. ONE government. So this False Flag attempt may be the way to bring it all about.

As tensions rise so does Bitcoin. The elite make wars to make money and the Rothschilds Bank of London which owns Gas, Etherium and other crypto currencies, will be cashing in big on this one. As the elites continue to collapse economies by destroying currencies across the world, so this next false war will collapse what little is left standing. Just by sending troops to Korea-ALL of the allies of America will lose their economies and will be unable to recover. The elite will watch it all crash and burn as they make profits off the digital currencies they are funneling people into using right now. This sudden increase of crypto currency will make it unreliable and it will collapse-leaving everyone with no alternative but what the elite offer.

We have not even talked about the human trafficking for organs that is done by Israel and others in North Korea. State law enforcement investigative officials from Tallahassee, DC, the FBI and the U.S. Customs Department discovered that The Finders Cult had international connections for satanic ritualistic abuse of children in Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, pizzagate“Europe” and the Bahamas-not to mention the abductions of South Korean and Japanese children by North Korea in order to create spies. As we know full well, anything the CIA is involved in deals in heroin. North Korea is makes and exports heroin for the CIA. We can see the elite hands working in North Korea-as they do everywhere. child trafficking north korea

Just as in the UK, USA, Russia, South Korea and other countries, they use symbolic posts or appointed as proxies in the surface manifestations creating the illusion of actual power structure. Just as in the rest of the world, North Koreans are being disillusioned and seeing the reality of the puppet government. This has created a significant revival of Christ believers in North Korea. This is also typical in repressive countries.

north korea vatican podesta

People always seek truth. They always want truth. It is easy to find it when you know the lies. We have seen this time and time again in history. As people wake up and follow Truth, the elite must react-and they will as they always do. They will eliminate the opposition of peace.

What is planned for this September 11, one of the elite’s special ritual days? With this in mind we look to Israel and Rome, for all roads lead to Rome-to the Elite-through Jerusalem. They are the upper elites central locations. North Korea is just part of the game. Israel, UK, China, Russia, USA are all joint oligarchies in the game together. All playing cat and mouse with you.

Will you allow it?

Bilderberg 2017:

December 17

Do Not Be Deceived: The Kings of the East are Rising

As we have done before, so we come to you again with a message of Warning, to help you see what you may be missing. The elite who rule us play both sides, and in recent videos and articles, we have been exposing this to you (as well as their future plans). There is a plan, nearly are fulfilled today, the Alliance of the Kings of the East. Those who will rise against Israel in the next war. So let us take a look briefly at some past events, regarding China and the USA.

China has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition of various kinds for years now, buying them from Russia. With the world’s largest population that will be a force to be reckoned with. Currently, it is securing the Spratly Islands. These strategically placed islands are a control point for all the oil trade in the area, as well as 50% of the world’s population. The trade from Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore can be controlled at this point. Not to mention the oil pockets under and around those islands…

China gained that land during World War II and the USA is trying to take it from them now. In 1997 China leased the vacant US Navy Pier, in California, to help speed their enormous imports into the USA. The balance of US payments with China shows a growing deficit of 50 billion dollars, which is expected to be 100 billion shortly. China is also attempting to gain the Panama Canal area, through long-term leases at each end. This would give them control of the shipping through the canal, another major trade route. This would easily lead to USA having to divide its military. However, that is assuming USA will still be a country.

In 2014, China became the dominant buyer of American investment green cards, as well as land purchases, in America. With America’s gigantic debt crisis, it has no choice but to be divided up and sold.  This has been happening in small amounts for many years, under the table of course. It is easy to keep many things silent when the media is entirely controlled. In small towns across the country, such as, Thomas, Alabama, they are literally giving land away to China for free. So they may ”build businesses” there so ”the citizens of America will have jobs”. The land this town gave away was worth 1.5 million dollars. One large company, Smithfield Foods, which holds 460 farms and contracts 2,100 others, holds facilities in 26 states, was bought by China for 4.7 billion dollars. war won through money

Since the American dollar is valueless, it is easy to print off any amount. Numbers. When it comes to dollar, amounts do not have a meaning, since the dollar has no value. So the 4.7 billion pieces of paper that China had to print off was a small price to pay, if that. As the USA tries to hide its currency and economic catastrophe, it will be divided and sold to China and other countries it owes an enormous debt to, because of its greed and selfishness. Americans will have to let go of their brainwashed mentalities, when they receive their Chinese owners. It would likely be better for the American people, as communist countries are known to at least give their citizens shelter and work and some food – that basic necessity not even the American fascists will allow. However, China is not likely to forget the rape, murder, and drugs the Western Military flooded them with, during the 20th century, destroying their preserved culture of thousands of years.

But keep in mind these countries are simply the elites other hand, they are also just as controlled mentally, educationally, financially, and militaristically, as the USA. The kings of the East are gathering.

elite always tell us their plans. war

We see Philippines currently pulling away from USA, and will move into alliance with the rest of Asia. North Korea, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, and Iran among many other countries, are forming an Alliance currently which will bring back the empires of over 3,000 years ago. They have already created the necessary currency changes, trade agreements, military alliances, and more with the other countries around the world. They require nothing from the outside world that has shut them out for so long. It is those outside of it who will need from them.

Really all that is needed now, to start the domino effect, to solidify the old empires is for Turkey to remove itself from NATO, officially. This will cause all of the other, old Soviet, countries to do the same and be able to return to the ancient Empire Rosh,  Russia, again.

empire rosh, war 3

One reason the USA has forced itself into Ukraine and has been occupying and controlling it for the last few years, is to prevent these countries from leaving the EU that has destroyed their economies and government structures. Since Turkey has now allied with Russia, and removed many NATO leaders, and other CIA/MOSSAD infections, Russia has managed to survive, through the numerous and heavy sanctions placed on it by the UN and America. ”Because it was once an enemy, in a previous government and ruling system.” But that’s just details, right? Let alone, the now constant USA government and media, blaming every event on Russia.

I suppose if it’s not Isis and it must be Russia. Russia is to blame, because it points out the idiocy of America and the blood lust, and corruption therein. Obama has put out several hits on Putin and, as we saw in the news, was almost successful once. The USA has declared war on Russia multiple times, in the last few months alone. Russia remains the logical and sober giant. When it attacks, it is well-planned and no one will know until they move.

The Russian territory and Chinese territories have been allies, for the most part, through history. In the BC years, there were many tribes (like the Khazars, Pannonians, and Mongols, Huns, the Thracians, all types of interwoven tribes) have filled the area for thousands of years. This territory was constantly invaded by the Roman Empire. The tribes were raped and murdered and made into slaves. The history is rich with blood, and alliances lost and gained, from both northern and southern regions. And China and Russia continue to have extensive military trade and other strong ties. Now including Iran in their military contracts. Russia just started more negotiations, to align with Japan, if only in trade. Russia has already obtained some surrounding Japanese seas.

Japan seems to have little choice, however, with the scripted politics that we have today, things take time. We see Russia’s economy rising now and prosperity returning, slowly but surely through the country, as it arms the world for war against the Elite Controlled Nations of Israel and America. Just recently, Russia has said it has ”had enough”. so what is the importance of this? Not only are these specific alliances and many other events fulfilling multiple prophecies thousands of years old and happening before our eyes, but the next part of the prophecy (which is yet to come – perhaps in a couple years) is interesting indeed.

After the alliances of the Kings of the East, they will all rise against Israel: the Middle East, Persian Empire, (Turkey, Russia, and all the previous Soviet countries) China, and all allies, will be ”like a cloud coming over Israel”. This is the warning. Should this happen, many terrors await us all.zion muslim world war

It will be a time of utter devastation, Jerusalem will fall, only to rise again with the force of the New World Order behind it. When Israel returns, it will rebuild its third temple: the temple they mean to make the Throne of the New World Leader, who will come forth claiming Peace. After the next war, when they bring back Peace, then all hell breaks loose.

Know the Signs and Symbols and Do Not be Deceived.

Do Not be Deceived by the Other Hand.

Do Not be Deceived by False Peace. 

Expect it.

United States of China:

Gog and Magog: Prophecy