October 26

Warning to Humanity

Warning: the one coming in the name of peace, is coming to destroy you all.

The NWO is going to be desired by us. We will beg for it. We will want peace, by the time the elite are done their wars, and then they will “give us peace” under their global government. If we were all under one law, then surely we would get along? No. This is the deception. It will not be peace but another illusion and many will be deceived. There will be many frauds coming-do not be deceived by peace.

We will give further details on the One World Religion Agenda as we continue. Keep in mind this is merely a different explanation of what has already been explained to us all before. This is not something new. Below are some messages to help you be alert to the upcoming deceptions.

The elite want to exterminate us. We are bugs to them. They must destroy the idea of individuality and humanity from us all. Make us believe we are nothing. Make us believe we are the reason the world is dying and everything is shit. Make us believe we are worthless and we will accept that everything else is better without us. Then we don’t complain when the depopulation tactics are put into action. They brainwash us through false flags and propaganda to pacify our human nature until we hopelessly submit. We are killed off by their medicine, and freely give our children to them, to be stripped off all they have. The elite who follow the Luciferian agenda. Not humans. We are supposed to be so much more than we allow ourselves. We instead act like infants our whole lives. Expecting everyone to do everything for us. We have disgraced our race. They know this and that is why they fuck with us. They know they can and we do nothing anymore.

They will also try to deceive us by telling us the aliens created us, so when they come with the holograms and hoaxes with them, many will believe the lies. We have been warned many false prophets will come. We have been conditioned for happy, fun ETs to come. We will gladly welcome them into our society and reality when we are deceived by the elite. We have grown up watching Artificial Intelligence, Men in Black, and ET. We are programmed already on exactly what to expect them to look like. Exactly what to expect them to be like. What they drive! haha… Really. We know these are the deceptions and lies they have given us to expect. SO we will be comfortable and blinded and tolerant. Then when these wonderful aliens come and tell us they are our creators, or they come in peace, whatever it is that will make the most believe in it -that is what will be told and the masses will be lost.

The do not like us. They do not come in peace. To them we are ants. They do not want to come talk to us or give us gifts. They want to spray us with poisons and step on us. They want us dead.



Just like with everything the elite do, they use many many terms to deceive us into thinking they are different when they all mean the same thing. Aliens and UFOs are just another way they can tell us about the fallen angels. Demons. Lucifer. So we never go the extra step to find our Creator or the Truth sent to us. The Creator’s Son became a perfect -uncorrupted- human, Jesus. He came here, through a Syrian virgin birth from the bloodline of David (not Solomon) because if he had been conceived naturally he would be just as corrupted as we are from birth. Our human species is so far from what we were created to be, how could anyone accept another corrupted human as their savior?

The prophesies have to be fulfilled in an exact way: as they are being fulfilled today. His prophesy-fulfilling death broke the illusion of the need for any religion or ruler and gave us all, as corrupted and evil as we are, the key to eternal life as we were created to have in paradise. Jesus exposed to us the truth about the fallen ones, the Demons and Lucifer’s plan. He pointed out to us who the puppets of the Demons are-the elite we are enslaved by to this day. The synagogue of Satan. We were told what to look for so we would not be deceived. When He defeated death He proved that Yahusha (Jesus), from the line of David, is Salvation.


We can not continue to be brain washed by the elite and we must be free when our eyes have been opened. The prophecy of long ago told us that One would come, in very specific detail. That is why, during that time, the elite puppet kings murdered every first born male child for a certain period of time–to be sure He was never born. They knew He would reveal them to the world and take the evil everyone through history would ever do, upon Himself at His death, and anyone who found Him, and saw the Truth, and believed He died to save them, would be saved and live forever, as the prophecy stated. We can not save ourselves. We are brain washed and corrupted from birth. Besides our mind corruption, our blood has long been sickened by the elite for over 5000 years.

When the fallen ones lived among us, they raped and corrupted men, women, children, animals and all things. That is why we have Rh in our blood among other things. The abominations born had blood of the fallen ones mixed with the blood of humans. We exposed this bloodline in our document EL: The Bloodlines-and continue to do so. As this abomination spread, many died because it is often incompatible. Species can not interbreed for a reason. It is easy to do genetics research into the blood and see the truth in that alone. The blood of Christ was perfect human blood-not our corrupted blood. His perfect blood and perfect human DNA is also proof He is the savior.

The Catholic Church has now renovated Christs tomb, to set it up as the throne for the ruler of the One World. Which is Lucifer. They have to take everything that could ever be traced to Jesus, and the truth and they must twist it so we are led astray. The Syrians kept the original texts and accounts of Jesus from the clutches of the elite for centuries, and they did not participate in His murder: which is why the sign put on the cross said: King of the Jews in mockery to His death in the languages of the area EXCEPT Syrian. Syria has always been a focus for the elite to destroy, because of this. Solomon, David’s son is cherished by the elite, like Nimrod because they were high level Luciferians. The star of David was used by Solomon because it is a symbol of the occult, Lucifer. It was never used by David as David was a believer in the Creator who’s son was Jesus, in human form.

One World Government under Lucifer is what the elite have been working for all of these years. Never have they been so close, as all of the world is infected by them. All one need do is look into the Vatican and Rome to see what lengthsprophecy the Church has gone to to erase all traces of the truth of the Creator and the Prophecies given to us. If we can see and know the Creator, our fear of Lucifer and our negative energy is taken away and replaced with our positive energy. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to access your spirit, so you can have the relationship with the Creator as He wants us to have with Him. It takes a lot of work. But when we know the Truth, we want to share it. We want to live in peace and help teach others how we can. This is nothing strange or foreign to us. It is our nature. We are not taught how to use our soul, only how to hide and kill it. The frequency to see these things clearly has been damaged in us all. As we wake up, and detox, and get rid of our brain washing, we will see more clearly. We can not be saved by something we do ourselves. We are not perfect. We can not do enough good things to get there. None of that can give us eternal life and salvation from Lucifer’s corruption. We must be humble and take down our pride. We can not be saved unless we know the truth of Salvation and accept that He is our savior who sacrificed himself for you. Because: Love.

People are so comfortable with the idea that the elite are the puppet masters of the world and control everything based on their evil agenda and code. We can accept and understand how they use pawns and puppets in politics, religion and banking. So why is the same idea so unable to be grasped by so many: That the elite themselves are puppets. That what they do and say shows us who they serve and worship leaving any logical mind with only one conclusion… There Is a Lucifer therefore there Is a Creator–which only further leads us to the conclusion that the Creator of us all wants us to be saved. When we know Truth, then we know we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We all understand the concept of consequences regardless of our age, country, belief or language. This is not foreign to anyone on earth. Because we were created, wired, made, to have a frequency that is incompatible with those things. That is why we were told not to do them by our Creator and again by Jesus. However, as we can see by His example, we are not supposed to take bullshit from people who want to control us! Even though we should treat everyone as we wish to be treated. There is a time and a way to do everything. Violence is not the answer to anything, if we give violence we will only get it in return. That does not mean we should not stand up for what is right and tolerate evil. We must expose evil and corruption to the world. Give it no place to hide. Know the symbols and signs they use. Make sure we are not deceived.

The teachings and commandments do not to keep us bound by a law or rule: we have free will and choice, which is why rules and laws have no power over us. That is how the Creator made us. Free. But he knows how weak and foolish we are and how easily deceived by Lucifer we are. Time and time and time again…year after year…empire after empire…war after war. So it has been explained to us all time and time again in the greatest detail and explanations people could think of. But most look at the work and effort and texts written to help us and foolishly ignore it entirely simply because it was written before you were born. We deliberately ignore truth. Each of us.

elite live by signsOf course the elite have separated documents out of the published Bible. Many of those answer questions raised by their omittance. Naturally they distort and twist translations as well, changing words like community to church, which changes the meanings of the texts entirely. The elite are deceivers. They do not want you to have the Truth.
If people could read the straight out truth, then the elite would lose all control over us. They can’t allow it so they must keep us blind. What better way to keep even Christians blind to the truth than to wrongly translate documents relating to the teachings of the truth? Because of this censorship, paired with the anti-christian propaganda we are fed at every turn, many are confused and turn away, rather than being able to find the truth that exists. When Jesus gives you salvation you are entrusted with the Holy Spirit of God, which enables your soul to better see Truth. For those who will see, Truth is always able to be found – no matter what the elite do Truth ALWAYS remains.

As Jesus pointed out to us numerous times, religions are run by Jesuits, the elite who worship Lucifer. We speak truth and we expose the Luciferian elite. They must keep their truth hidden. Keep it secret. So the masses never see the truth.

This website exposes the elite, who are controlled by the fallen. In every article you will find prophecies being fulfilled as we move closer to the end.

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  1. By Daveigh on

    Cozinhe -> cozinhar é uma tarefa saudável e também dersntseseaste. Cultive o hábito de cozinhar para a sua família, principalmente à noite, quando chega do trabalho. Você vai ter mais tempo e vai poder comer calmamente, o que naturalmente emagrece.

  2. By admin (Post author) on

    Gran consejo, y sencillo para todo el mundo. ¡¡Gracias!!

  3. By Barney Fife on

    Remember the story of Abigail and her cruel, mean husband, Nabal? David and his men had been guarding the man’s property and animals and when they asked for provisions he pretended he didn’t know them and denied them. David became angry and was going to kill Nabal, but Abigail took provisions to David and his men and begged David to not kill her husband. Then, God gave Nabal a stony heart and he died. The law was that when a woman divorced, she could not remarry until her husband died. Now, because God killed Nabal, Abigail was free to marry which she did; to David. God gave Israel a bill of divorcement which meant they could not marry God again until He died. When Jesus died on the cross, Israel can, once again, marry God. I love that ! ;0)

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